Hey, It’s Okay… To Be Moody

Hello and welcome to the first Hey, It’s Okay… of 2018! These posts always prove to be popular and even though I don’t write them as often as I once did I still think of ideas for them and topics I feel strongly about.

I wanted to write this post now because I feel like it’s the right time. Recently I have started feeling a little disconnected and like I could just disappear into the background and no one would notice. I don’t mean that to sound attention seeking and I don’t expect to be the centre of attention but some days I go through each day never really having had a conversation or never getting out and doing something. This links back to my mood, it’s easy to get lonely when you don’t socialise or on days you feel tired. The strange thing is I hate being grumpy and feeling sorry for myself so I don’t tend to tell people how I’m really feeling. I pretend everything is fine when some days it’s not. The even stranger part is I love being goofy and laughing and I will always try to do that, even when I’m sad which I guess is a good sign.

We all experience different moods and emotions and many things can trigger those and set them off. I find my mood can switch easily, one minute I will be happy and then the next I am frustrated if my computer is running slow or the cat is scratching at the couch. I can be calm and logical but I can also be anxious and panicked. Overthinking can make me quite anal and I like order and routine and to do things a certain way because that’s how I know they work.

Another reason I wanted to share this post now is to voice some blogging concerns and how they are affecting my mood. I feel like I’m going through a phase where I want change which is kind of strange considering the statement I made in the previous paragraph about liking order and routine. Is blogging going through a quiet phase or is it on the decline? Over the four years I have written this blog many people have been and gone and I have wondered whether my time is up. I am not committing to stopping at this stage. Maybe a break is all I need or writing posts less often and as they come. I would have so much spare time if I didn’t blog and I’m not sure I’d know to fill it which is why I’m leaning towards the break rather than stopping completely.

I don’t just feel like change for the blog, I want change in other aspects of life too. I want a haircut and I am fairly certain I have settled on what I want. My hair is very thick so thinning out is a must but I wouldn’t go drastically shorter, I like my long hair. I also feel like I want to get out and explore. That’s very vague and even I don’t know what I mean or want to do but I’m at the point where new experiences intrigue me; trying things I haven’t before, going new places and adding more excitement into my day. I’m simple but I’m complex. I like to plan but I want to be more spontaneous, I’m quiet but my mind is loud – it’s a paradox. I’m not always sure what I want and that’s where confusion creeps in, not knowing leaves you anxious and susceptible to mood swings. If things go right you’re happy but if they don’t you’re upset.

We can also take on the emotions of those around us and if the people that mean the most are happy or unhappy we don’t always realise it affects us. We can’t be 100% happy all the time, life and people aren’t perfect. No one knows what the correct amount of happy is, it may well be different for all of us and as for what makes us happy that is up to each individual. Some people are lucky and know what they want and what makes them feel good inside. Others can be blinded by temporary fog and only have a few things figured out. They function and get through each day and try to make the best of what they’ve got.

Can you realate to these feelings? Do you experience moodiness?

I want everyone to share one thing that makes them happy in the comments!


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23 thoughts on “Hey, It’s Okay… To Be Moody

  1. Cat Forsley says:

    everyone does love xo
    You are not alone
    if i am moody – i stay off the int. – sensitive souls – Like You – Like myself
    can pick up on others energy very easily ……

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  2. Claire says:

    I love your Hey It’s okay series!
    And I’ve been feeling some very similar feelings recently too, I’m a bit bored of my life at the moment and just kind of what to evolve a bit more but keep being held back in various aspects of my life. Recently, I’ve felt like I’ve been very miserable and keep getting disappointed by various people and events, didn’t help that I was ill for almost a month and had no energy!
    I love reading your blog but if you need a little break to gather your thoughts and recharge your batteries, that’s okay!!
    Sending love and hope you’re okay!!

    Claire xxx

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    • Chanelle says:

      I am grateful for all the little things I do each day that make me happy and compared to some people I am lucky but that doesn’t mean I can’t experience these feelings and feel bogged down sometimes. I think if you want change it can be for good reasons, it shows you don’t give up easily. I am torn about the blogging break to be honest :/

      I love getting tagged in things or when something reminded someone of you! Xx


  3. ellisloublog says:

    Love this post! We can all be moody at times but it’s all about focusing on the things that make us happy to bring us out of it! It’s so nice to read posts where people are honest about their down days and their mood changes x

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    • Chanelle says:

      Thank you for reading! Exactly, even though this post has a negative message I still like to think it was written in a positive way and the outcomes it will bring are positive too. Honesty is the best policy!


  4. K.M. Sutton says:

    I LOVE this post and can completely relate to it! I have been blogging since I was ten (though it wasn’t serious back then) I have since had a dozen different blogs and gone through up and downs with all of them. Sometimes I have been super inspired other times not so much. But the most important lesson I learned, was to blog and write for myself and to do what I love, because that will come across ultimately as passionate and authentic. It is hard being positive all the time. But you also don’t have to be. It is okay. Huge hugs. I hope things get better! ❤

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    • Chanelle says:

      Blogging since you were ten, wow! I do love to write and I am passionate and authentic I just think it’s time for a short break maybe. Being positive it hard day in day out but like you say you don’t have to be. I’m sure things will get better x

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      • K.M. Sutton says:

        Haha Yup! 🙂 I am a veteran at it. Lol. Though my posts at ten are definitely cringe worthy now.
        Girl do whatever you need! I have definitely gone through phases where I have felt burnt out and needed a break. And no you definitely don’t have to be that is what all makes us human, knowing we all share similar struggles. They definitely will! Sending you huge hugs! ❤

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  5. danniijane says:

    I think all things are showing a decline. Like less hits/likes on blogs and Instagram etc. Don’t feel defeated by that, your blog is great💕 Take a break if you need to though. I get like that. A bit moody and restless at times. Especially at the moment. I’ve had a lot to sort, I finish my job soon, we was supposed to have moved which is why I left my job, etc. I just give me ‘me time’ and plan some nice activities that aren’t too stressful. Like going for food, a zoo etc xx

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    • Chanelle says:

      I don’t feel the decline on Instagram as much, some people microblog and uploading stories is becoming more popular. I am undecided about the break… I want it and feel like I need it but will people become forgetful and not bother reading my blog anymore? I always try to prioritise me time but maybe I don’t do it enough. Thanks for always commenting and reading and being an all round sweetheart 💗

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  6. lifeofangela says:

    I sometimes think the weather has an affect on these moods. I’ve been feeling similar with my blog, which is partly why I now only blog on weekdays rather than daily. That small step back has personally made me have so much more free time than previously. I used to focus on blog on weekends and after work, but now after work I just do whatever. Step back a bit if you want that break, or take a bigger break. Everyone will still be here when you return 🙂

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  7. Rachael - Helpless Whilst Drying says:

    I think letting yourself be moody if you need to be moody isn’t a bad thing – I’ve never seen someone who has tried to constantly supress their feelings come out the other side saying that they’re glad they did that, it’s one thing putting on a happy face but it’s another thing not letting yourself have emotions! If I don’t have one full on moody day a week (often evident in insta stories!) where I need to moan about everything I think I’d implode!

    I also think everyone goes in natural lust for change in blogging too, whether that’s content or the feeling that you need to change up your theme it can help inject some fresh eyes back into it again and a break can be good too! I’m finding myself taking more regular but shorter breaks at the moment and it’s helping me a lot not feel like burnout and gives me a bigger break away.

    Being moody is fine, change is fine and having a break are all fine – there will be plenty of people waiting when you come back if you do need to step back for a week or two!

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    • Chanelle says:

      Aww thank you for your lovely comment Rachael! Maybe I need to rant and be moody more evidently, maybe I hold it in sometimes?!

      How do you decide when you’re going to have regular, shorter breaks?

      I know loyal readers will stick around and that’s a nice feeling 🙂


      • Rachael - Helpless Whilst Drying says:

        Up until Christmas I always found that I made sure I made time for blogging but now I let it go – for example I didn’t check in on my blog at all between Thursday last week and late last night as I was away for the weekend – but I’m becoming an increasingly busy person at the moment with newish job with more responsibilities I’m finding myself having to step back a bit more.

        I hadn’t planned to stop completely over the weekend – but I found myself tired by the end of the weekend so I switched off from posting on instagram/scrolling through twitter and checking blog comments etc – I let myself leave it. I tend to let it fall more naturally now when I feel like I need to just let it go rather than planning a break in.

        My schedule for the past two years has pretty much been Monday-Friday and there’s now odd gaps of 1-2 days most weeks this year, and it’s not for a lack of ideas or things waiting it’s just for the need to recharge a bit!

        I’m an advocate of having a moan and letting it all out – I had a blog for a very short while at uni that was ‘Could Rant for England’ and was basically me moaning about things! There’s something very cathartic about it, and it’s not about being negative – it’s about letting that energy out for me!

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      • Chanelle says:

        Switching off in the digital world is hard but it is important to recharge.

        I feel the same about ranting, release the emotions instead of bottling them up!


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