September Happiness Highlights

Happiness HighlightsSeptember 1: Ordered some bits and pieces from LUSH including a friend’s birthday present and a couple of bath bombs.

September 2: Friday nights and takeaways go so well together!

September 3: Bought such a lovely vase to put my twinkle lights in ✨

September 4: Tanya Burr lipgloss lovin’ ❤️

September 5: The LUSH order arrived and I was sent three samples as extras, what service!

September 6: Found and ordered the three Revlon lip butters I wanted! 


September 7: Had the loveliest afternoon, smiled so much 😊

September 8: Not that I’m complaining but Ellie Goulding’s music follows me everywhere. I will never get sick of her.

September 9: Rocking berry lips in spring, why not?!

September 10: Got all the jobs done that I set out to do.

September 11: So nice to have an early night (in bed before 11pm) and have a sleep in in the morning 😴

September 12: When you wake up and Adam Rickitt has liked one of your tweets ☺️

September 13: Some days are special and just for your enjoyment. Very vague I know, but I had such a wonderful day!

September 14: Bawse arrived today and it’s beautiful! ❤️


September 15: Finished work half an hour earlier than I thought.

September 16: Doing kind things for someone else always makes me smile.

September 17: Burger King for late lunch/dinner. The BBQ Rodeo burgers are SO GOOD!

September 18: Finally finished Me Before You after starting it a couple of months ago.

September 19: Trivial Pursuit = two of my favourite things rolled into one: board games and general knowledge.

September 20: Cuddles 💙

September 21: Received yet another compliment about how lovely my hair is. They never get old 😍

September 22: Bumping into people unexpectedly is cute/weird at the same time. Of all the places you could be, you’re both in the same one.

September 23: Today’s makeup was simple but pretty; bronze eyes, peachy blush and light pink lips.

September 24: Had a long phone call with my brother this afternoon. We always end up laughing our heads off 😂

September 25: Hopping into bed after a long day and knowing you don’t have to get up early the next morning 😏

September 26: Today was just an all round good day ft. cuddles and a bright pink drink.

September 27: Wore my Dannii For Target windbreaker for the first time alongside my Ellie Goulding concert makeup trial run 💗

September 28: Wrote my list of things to pack for Auckland, starting to get excited now!

September 29: Silver glitter nails are so glam 😍


September 30: I’m seeing Ellie Goulding tomorrow!!!

Let me know what made you happy in September!


10 thoughts on “September Happiness Highlights

  1. stashy says:

    I didn’t keep this project up for Sept… but I love that you did! 🙂
    LUSH doesn’t sound like they have great customer service – they also know that sampling is a great way to get people to fall in love with stuff (“first one’s free… but then you gotta pay”)
    11pm is an early night for you? That’s my bedtime every night! 😆
    Glitter nails are so fun. Your hair IS lovely! There, another compliment for you! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Chanelle says:

      It was my first LUSH experience. I have to be careful with what I use on my skin as it’s pretty sensitive, I actually haven’t tried out any of the things I bought yet lol! 11pm is kind of early, I can be a bit of a night owl and I like sleeping in, I’m trying to not got to bed so late haha. Thank you for the compliment about my hair 🙂


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