Week In Review: October 6 – October 12, 2014

I post an update here every Sunday giving an overview of my week. Accompanying photos from my Instagram are also included. Here’s the latest:

Pink nails and plannerI started the week off by painting my nails. I opted for a bright pink (Revlon #360 Bubblegum) then accented my index fingers with a simple glitter polish (OPI Pink, Yet Lavender from the Mariah Carey Collection). This photo also features my Hot Pink Filofax, I love how it matches my nails.


This image was taken on Friday. You can see how well my nails held up throughout the week.

This week I launched a new ‘Meet the Blogger’ section. To read about how you can feature on the blog and see my Meet the Blogger post click here and here.

On Friday I was very excited to see I had reached 100 followers, again a massive thank you! My current follower tally is 105. The blog has also had over 800 hits in four months so I’m really quite proud of what I’ve managed to achieve so far.

Over the weekend I completed my 30 day sit up challenge which I started after completing Jen Selter’s 30 day squat challenge last month. I ended up doing 140 sit ups, 7x as many as day one (20). In a weird way I enjoyed doing the challenges and plan to keep on doing a mixture of squats and sit ups through a regime of my own.

Shane Filan - My Side of LifeShane Filan released his autobiography ‘My Side of Life’ on Thursday (09/10/2014) and I ordered my copy today. I was reading the previews and it sounds like it’s going to be a thrilling read! I’m currently reading The Road Code so I need to get my butt in gear and finish that before Shane’s book arrives. I hate starting a new book without finishing the one I’m reading first.

Be sure to let me know what you achieved this week!

Chanelle x

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