Colourpop Strawberry Shake Palette – Review + 3 Looks

When the Strawberry Shake palette launched it flew under my radar and my initial thoughts were ‘it’s nice but I don’t need it.’ The more I saw the palette I realised I actually didn’t have shades like this already and the way all the shades work together is seamless. The versatility this little palette has is incredible, there’s mattes and shimmers, brights and neutrals, pinks, reds and even peachy tones. The strawberry theme appeals to me as strawberries are one of my favourite fruits and whilst I haven’t worn a lot of pink on my eyes in the past the pink tones Colourpop have used here are really lovely.

Colourpop also have the Ooh La La palette which is full of bright pinks and are the type of colours I love but a number of shades in that palette are similar to The Remix Palette by BH Cosmetics and Shaaanxo which I already own. I see myself reaching for Strawberry Shake a lot over summer and I know I will have fun creating both bold and wearable looks.

Strawberry Shake is comprised of three shimmers and six mattes. All of the nine shades are pigmented, blendable and long-wearing. The shadows aren’t powdery and I haven’t experienced any fallout or kickback. The shimmers are all super smooth (especially Delish) and none of the shades are patchy. This palette does come with an eye safe warning, three shades, My Milkshake, Take a Sip and Daiquiri, are pressed pigments and shouldn’t be used near the immediate eye area but I haven’t experienced any irritation or sensitivity.


My Milkshake – Vibrant berry pink. A nice mix between the lighter pinks and the red pinks in the palette. This makes a great transition shade.

Whipped – Rosy pink with silver and pink sheen. This type of shimmer shade applies best with a finger.

Woke – Baby pink. A nice soft neutral.

Paper Straw – Soft coral pink. The perfect base shadow colour.

Take a Sip – Vivid hot pink with gold and pink sparkle. The sparkle doesn’t translate onto the eyes. I need to play with this shade more to be honest.

Delish – Icy pink. This shade works as an inner corner highlight or a nice pop of shimmer when worn with a couple of the darker shades applied through the crease.

Berry Fine – Bright peach with golden flip. This is kind of like NARS Orgasm in eyeshadow form.

Daiquiri – True red. This shade isn’t as intimidating as I thought and pairs surprisingly well with the others. This looks nice along the lower lash line.

Shake It Up – Mauvey berry. A great shade to use all over the lid or more concentrated in the crease.

I have been putting the palette to the test for about a month now. Each combination I come up with I love and I really feel like this palette doesn’t have any bad shades, they’re all beautiful! Each shade works with the other eight and deciding on three looks for this post wasn’t easy.

Look #1

Woke is applied all over the lids as a base eyeshadow. I then go in with Shake It Up to darken the crease before Delish is applied over the lids to finish off.

Look #2

Paper Straw is used as a base shadow before going in with a mixture of My Milkshake and Daiquiri in the crease. My Milkshake is applied all through the crease whilst Daiquiri is concentrated on the outer half. Daiquiri is also applied to the lower lash line. Berry Fine is patted over the eyelid to tie in with the peachy tones of Paper Straw.

Look #3

Woke is applied as a base shade all over the lids. My Milkshake is used to deepen the crease followed by Take a Sip. Whipped is applied on top of Woke. Delish is applied as an inner corner highlight to finish off the look.

So, how does Strawberry Shake compare to the other nine pan palettes I have from Colourpop? This is definitely up there with Sol and I do prefer this over It’s My Pleasure. There is versatility with light and bright shades and two different finishes (shimmer and matte). The pigmented, blendable formula is a dream to work with. This palette is the guilt-free sweet treat you need!


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Instax Lovin’

Instax instant cameras have become very popular in the last couple of years and owning one is pretty much every little girl’s dream (and mine!) I bought a pink Instax Mini 8 one late Saturday in November last year and I have been in love with it ever since!

Why I Bought the Camera

As with most of my purchases, I thought to myself, “do I really need this?” and justified it by classing myself as a casual photographer. I had been considering investing in a fancy DSLR but while photography is something I enjoy, I don’t do it often and I’m no expert. I didn’t want to invest a chunk of money in a gadget I might not use regularly. I like the instant element and slightly retro feel. You only get one chance to take each picture which makes you think about lighting, composition and how the picture is going to turn out. You can’t go back and edit, you can only take more pictures which uses up more film. You begin to get selective because you don’t want to use film unnecessarily. I use this camera to create memories and capture important moments. I don’t use it every day, I tend to use it to take photos on special occasions and things I want to be reminded of.

Using the Instax Mini 8

On the whole, the camera is simple to use. The camera takes two AA batteries and comes with these and a wrist strap in the box. There is a manual but in all honesty, it’s not the most useful.


  • Lens: Where you look to take pictures.
  • Flash: The flash always goes off; something to be mindful of when thinking of lighting.
  • Picture Button: This button is molded to fit the shape of a finger.
  • Brightness Dial: The cameras feature five positions:

1. Indoors, night
2. Cloudy, shade
3. Sunny, slightly cloudy
4. Sunny and bright
5. Hi-key

  • Power Button: Located at the bottom of the brightness dial. When the camera is powered on the shutter pops out. To turn off the camera, gently push the shutter back in.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Once a 10 pack of film has been inserted, don’t open the back of the camera as you will expose the unused film and you will be unable to use it.
  2. To diffuse the flash and give pictures a softer effect try placing some yellow masking tape over the flash.
  3. When taking a photo tilt the camera to the right slightly and up. The centre of the lens is not the centre of the image.
  4. The brightness dial recommends which setting to use. The majority of the time it is correct. However if you want a brighter photo, use a darker setting and if you want a darker photo use a brighter setting.
  5. Store any spare film out of sunlight to avoid overexposure.
  6. Contrary to popular belief, don’t shake pictures to develop them faster.
  7. Have fun!

Experience and My Photos

I am still learning how best to use the brightness dial myself but most of my photos have turned out okay. The photos aren’t blurry or pixelated. I have a few favourite pictures of the 10 I’ve taken so far:

My first picture, December 2016 – the Christmas tree.

Balloons for my 22nd birthday!

Valentine’s gifts for my boyfriend ft. my cat.

Stickers and Accessories

Since purchasing my camera I have also become the owner of some cute bits and bobs to store my photos and make them look pretty.

  • I received a pink backpack from my boyfriend for Christmas. The backpack also contains a neck strap.
  • I redeemed a free gift pack from Instax when I purchased the camera. The gift pack features a scrapbook, a sticker sheet, photo corners, washi tape, a photo board and a mount board.
  • My work was selling accessories for 50% off so I picked up some stickers, 3D embellishment stickers and frame/border stickers.

I keep these in the backpack along with my spare film so I know where everything is and it’s all together.

I hope you enjoyed this post and seeing how I use my Instax camera. Do you have any tips and tricks to share? Which colour camera is your favourite?


Shop My Stash: Bright Pink Lipsticks


I have definitely saved the best until last for this series and today I’m talking you through the bright pink lip products in my collection. Pinks in general are my favourite to wear but fuchsia is my absolute favourite and a couple of them feature in this post – one of which is my most loved and most worn lipstick of all time! Let’s get started!

1. BYS – Fuchsia Surprise

Kicking things off with my favourite lipstick of this bunch and my entire collection! I have talked about this lipstick so many times on my blog and it is crazy how good it is! Fuchsia Surprise cost me $6 (if I remember correctly) and the pigmentation and formula is nicer than some of my more expensive lipsticks. Recently I’ve gathered together my favourites and products I reach for often and put them in a makeup bag that sits on top of my dresser – of course Fuchsia Surprise is in there! The one downside with this lipstick is the packaging but for the price point and how amazing this shade is, I can forgive that.

2. Revlon – Lollipop

I purchased Lollipop (such a great name) in 2015 and wanted to try it to see how it compared to Fuchsia Surprise. I thought it would a more sheer fucshia, which it is but it still packs a punch! There is a slight colour difference, Lollipop is more fuschia/magenta and contains micro-glitter whereas Fuschia Surprise is straight fuschia/hot pink. I did a comparison post between these two colours which you can check out HERE! I don’t reach for Lollipop as often as I reach for Fuschia Surprise but it’s nice to have it as a backup option.

3. MAC – Sunny Seoul

I’m going to be honest and admit I don’t wear this lipstick as often as I should. Sunny Seoul is such a beautiful, bright, almost neon coral pink but I just don’t love it as much as I thought I would. I don’t think that’s because of the colour necessarily, I think it’s because of the formula. Sunny Seoul is a cremesheen + pearl finish and I know a lot of people rave about MAC’s cremesheen formula but I’m not one of them. If I want a sheer light wash of colour I’ll go for a balm or lightly apply one of Revlon’s lip butters. Sometimes the colour doesn’t apply evenly and goes a little bit patchy. I’m not ready to give up on this shade yet but it’s not one of my must haves.

4. MAC – All Fired Up

If you’re someone like me who loves to rock a fuschia lip but still loves a red lip, All Fired Up is the shade for you! This lipstick is a hybrid between the two colours and it is almost my perfect lipstick. The reason I say almost is because I think the formula would start to take it’s toll on my lips if I wore this day in day out. All Fired Up is a retro matte which means it is more drying than a regular matte but I still find this shade less matte than Ruby Woo which is from the same line. I always apply a tiny bit of lip balm underneath this to prevent my lips drying out. Personally, I think All Fired Up is underrated. I don’t see it talked about very often but it should be because it’s gorgeous!

5. W7 – Raspberry Ripple

This lipstick is another $6 bargain I picked up in a makeup sale earlier this year. I originally bought this for my mum but she gave it to me as she already had similar shades. This is another lipstick I don’t wear all that often but I am always impressed by it when I do. The packaging isn’t the greatest and it feels a bit tacky/cheap but the product makes up for it. Raspberry Ripple is like a less in your face version of Fuschia Surprise and has more of a frosty sheen to it. For this reason I included it in my Winter Lipstick Picks as it’s still a nice pop of colour but it’s not too bright.

6. Rimmel – 102 Nova

I purchased Nova along with two other lip lacquers in the Apocolips range in March and this is my least favourite of the bunch. I find this pink somewhere between bright and dull and I don’t wear it. Doing these posts has made me realise what lipsticks I do love and enjoy wearing and those that I don’t need that are surplus to requirements. There’s nothing wrong with the colour but I think it gets lost among my other pinks. I will give Nova another chance but I am leaning towards purging it or giving it to someone else.



Top To Bottom – Fuschia Surprise, Lollipop, Sunny Seoul, All Fired Up, Raspberry Ripple and Nova.

Take a further look at my lipstick collection:


Shop My Stash: Peach & Light Pink Lipsticks

Shop My Stash Peach & Light Pink Lipsticks

This is the third installment in my ‘Shop My Stash’ series where I talk you through my lipstick collection by colour. Peaches and light pinks have become a bit of a staple in my collection and they are perfect for those days when you’re not sure what to wear and want a lip colour that goes with anything. I love wearing pink lipstick and because I have so many pink lip products, I have had to split my pinks into two separate posts. If peachy-pinks are your thing, these will be right up your street!

1. MAC – Patisserie

Patisserie would have to be one of my most worn lipsticks and is also a contender for my most worn MAC lipstick. Lily Pebbles and Vivianna Does Makeup inspired this purchase and it is money well spent. You’ll see in this post, most of the lip products are MAC and that’s because I don’t want to spend $40 on a lipstick that only gets worn every once in a while. I like wearable, everyday shades and Patisserie is my favourite of the peachy bunch. I won’t rattle on about this lipstick too much because I have down a review all about it HERE. In short, it’s a gorgeous peachy terracotta shade in a lustre finish which suits a number of skin tones.

2. BYS – Pretty Little Thing

I’ll be the first to admit I barely wear this lipstick and I’ve only worn it a handful of times. There’s nothing wrong with the actual shade itself, but when trying to apply this shade on my lips it looks patchy and doesn’t look as pretty as it does in the tube or swatched. This swatches differently to how it applies on the lips and I don’t know why, which really bothers me. Maybe I just need to wear the lipstick a few more times and break it in? The best way to describe Pretty Little Thing (which is a VERY appropriate name) is like the lipstick version of NARS’ Orgasm. It’s got a gorgeous golden-peachy shimmer and looks so pretty in the bullet.

3. MAC – Revved

Revved is the only lip pencil that I own to date and it was re-promoted as part of Ellie Goulding’s MAC collection. Revved was already an existing shade (called Revved Up) and it is the epitome of peach. What’s unique about Revved is that it offers the comfort of a balm, colour and sheen of a gloss and the precision of a lip pencil. The pencil wind up application is easy to use and it doesn’t feel cheap. The product itself is nice and creamy but the only thing I would say is this isn’t the longest wearing product. The colour fades nicely though so it’s barely noticeable.

4. Dainty Doll 004 Material World

I see this lipstick as my ‘formal’ pink and what I mean by that is, it’s a nice inoffensive shade which I’ve worn for a few job interviews in the past. I don’t just wear it for job interviews as it is such a pretty pink in it’s own right and I love pairing it with a lilac/light purple eye look. The formula of Material World is slightly sheer but builds up nicely. In my opinion, this is the perfect girly pink and even though it is one my lighter pinks, it doesn’t wash me out. As Dainty Doll caters to redheads and pale-skinned beauties, this may not be the best shade for darker skin tones.

5. MAC – Syrup

Again, here I am talking about Syrup by MAC! I will keep this pretty brief because I’m sure you all know how much I love it by now. I still wear Syrup all the time after purchasing it over a year ago and there’s no occasion it’s not suitable for. Syrup is a slightly darker nude with pinky-mauve undertones and even a hint of berry to it. Syrup was also a Lily Pebbles inspired purchase and it also proves it’s versatility. I am much paler than Lily and I’ve got tons of freckles and it looks lovely against my pale skin as well as Lily’s slightly olive complexion.

Chanelle’s note: I may have said this before but Syrup would be a perfect lipstick choice for a first date! – It makes an impact but isn’t too bold or over the top.

6. MAC – Without Your Love

This lipstick was a birthday present from my brother and the limited edition Ellie Goulding rose gold/glossy black packaging is to die for! Without Your Love has a cremesheen formula which I’m not going to lie, isn’t my favourite. A lot of people love the cremesheen formula and this lipstick is fine but one of my other MAC cremesheen lipsticks isn’t as nice. This lipstick is sheer but it’s a sheer that adds a little je ne sais quoi to your lips. I personally love layering Rimmel’s Oh My Gloss! in Glossaholic over the top for more impact.


Peach & Light Pink Lipstick Swatches

Top To Bottom – Patisserie (it’s not as brown in real life), Pretty Little Thing, Revved, Material World, Syrup and Without Your Love.

Take a further look at my lipstick collection:

Leave a comment with your favourite peach and light pink lipsticks!


First Impressions: Revlon Cherished Love Gift Set

Revlon Cherished Love Gift SetOver the past few weeks I haven’t had a lot of new products to test out but I have been road testing a gift set from Revlon. Last month I had lunch with one of my old work colleagues and she gave me this as gift from everyone. I was completely overwhelmed and did not expect anything like that at all and it was a really nice gesture. I have used each of the items a couple of times now and I wanted to share my initial thoughts with you! I will also let you know the price of each item and whether or not I think they are worth purchasing.

What’s In The Bag?

Revlon’s Cherished Love gift set retails for $59 (NZD) and contains seven pieces: a lipstick, a lipgloss, a nail polish, a top coat, a highlighting palette, an eyeshadow quad and a vanity bag. I must say I love the bright red quilted vanity bag. The zips are heart shaped and say Revlon on them. This would be a good bag for travel if you had taller products you didn’t want lying down. The bag is my favourite item from the gift set! 😛


Revlon Lipstick and Lipgloss1. Super Lustrous Lipstick – Softsilver Rose | RRP: $25.99

As soon as I saw the colour of this lipstick I thought it was beautiful! Pinks are my favourite to wear and this lipstick should be right up my street. Revlon are famous for their Super Lustrous lipsticks and the formula of this one is super moisturising and is nice to apply. Softsilver Rose has a pearl finish which is the perfect way to describe how it looks on the lips. The shade has a frosted, metallic element to it but you won’t end up looking like Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz. When I applied this for the first time I found I had to apply a few coats to get nice, even coverage and to build up the colour. Honestly, I found this shade a little underwhelming and if I saw it in a shop I wouldn’t be jumping to pick it up. I have only worn this lipstick once and I’m not going to give up on it yet but I haven’t reached for it again since trying it.

Would I purchase the item on it’s own? Yes, on a couple of conditions. Despite what I just said, if you were in the market for a shade like this or you were starting to get into makeup, I would consider it. This lipstick has a lovely formula and feels comfortable to wear. As far as price goes, it’s mid-range, you’re getting a quality product so the price tag is justifiable.

2. Super Lustrous Lipgloss – Super Natural | RRP: $27.49

The packaging of this lipgloss is really nice. It’s quite simple and sleek and lightweight but I like that. You can clearly see the colour you’re getting and in my opinion, the packaging makes the product more luxurious. I have reached for this lipgloss more than the lipstick. I have tried wearing it on it’s own and layered over Blankety by MAC – I really liked this combination! As the shade name suggests, Super Natural is a lovely nude gloss and is the lightest of the lipglosses I own. The formula is more sticky than some of my others but the applicator is a good size and applies the product well.

Would I purchase the item on it’s own? Possibly. I like the shade and would be tempted to pick it up if I was in the market for a nude gloss. Personally, I wouldn’t spend more than $15-$20 on a lipgloss and if this gloss was cheaper I might buy it. I don’t wear lipgloss as frequently as lipsticks and that coupled with the sticky formula means I’d rather invest my money in one of the lipsticks.


Revlon Eyeshadow and Highlighter Palette1. Colorstay 16 Hour Eye Shadow – Addictive | RRP: $34.99

This little quad does look lovely paired with the lipstick. Neutral browns have pretty much become a staple in everyone’s makeup bag and this palette is the perfect compact size if you’re traveling or going away. Having said that, the plastic does feel a little cheap. The quad comes with it’s own applicator which I have used and it does OK to apply the shades. You get three matte eyeshadows and one with a slight bit of shimmer. They aren’t the most pigmented eyeshadows but they do apply smoothly and are easy to blend. The shadows aren’t powdery and don’t create fallout. There is a diagram on the back showing you how to apply the shades but you can come up with your own combinations too.

Would I purchase the item on it’s own? No. The formula is fine but there are plenty of palettes out there with similar shades. $35 for an eyeshadow QUAD is too much. I’d recommend saving $5 and buying ‘The Nudes’ palette by Maybelline instead. You’re getting eight extra shades with more colour variety for less money.

2. Highlighting Palette – Rose Glow | RRP: $32.99

Just like the eyeshadow palette, this is a good compact size for travel and if you’re on the go but the packaging is more sturdy this time. This product is a highlighter and blush all in one so it’s handy if you’re in a rush. Pink blush is a classic and I this palette would suit fair skinned beauties in particular. The pigmentation is OK (which is why it might not work for people with darker skin) but that means you get a more subtle look and can build the product up if you desire. This is a wearable everyday palette if you’re looking for that rosy flush.

Would I purchase the item on it’s own? Again, no. I don’t know if it’s just me but the prices of these products individually seem too high. I don’t wear pink blush a lot because my skin has quite a pink undertone to it and this palette didn’t enhance my complexion. I do have a pink blush (My Girl by Dainty Doll) and I prefer how that looks to this palette.


Beginner's Luck and Topcoat

1. Colorstay Gel Envy – Beginner’s Luck | RRP: $19.99

I am loving natural, neutral looking nail shades at the moment and when I saw this in the set I instantly liked the colour. However, similar to the lipstick I’m underwhelmed. The colour is a beautiful light pink iridescent shade with red shimmer but it doesn’t translate on the nails to look as nice as it does in the bottle. The colour is ever so slightly too light and almost washes my nails out (which you will see further on in the post). This shade would look better on darker skin tones, the contrast and lightness would really pop. I have no problems with how the polish applied, the brush was lovely and the formula easy to apply. This isn’t the longest lasting nail polish but you will get a few days wear without chipping.

Would I purchase the item on it’s own? No. As much as I love the name of this shade and how pretty it looks in the bottle I wouldn’t buy it. I’d rather spend my money on a different colour or an OPI polish (as I think they’re a similar price, $19.95). I don’t know what ‘gel envy’ refers to but my nails didn’t look extra glossy and shiny.

2. Colorstay Gel Envy Diamond Top Coat | RRP: $19.99

Like the nail range, I’m not sure what’s meant to make this top coat special but with Diamond in the name I’m imagining strong, shiny, beautiful nails. Having only tried the top coat once and only with Beginner’s Luck, I can’t really comment on it until I’ve worn it with my other polishes. My nails haven’t cracked or split since wearing it and they do feel quite strong. One thing I don’t like is the black bottle, you can’t see how much product is left or if the product has hardened and dried up and needs to be thrown out.

Would I purchase the item on it’s own? Maybe. Again, what’s putting me off is the price. I can’t comment so much on the quality of the top coat until I’ve used it more but Maybelline’s Dr Rescue is about half the price and I really like how that performs.


Revlon Gift Set SwatchesTop To Bottom: Super Natural, Softsilver Rose, Addictive eyeshadow quad and Rose Glow highlighting palette.

Revlon Beginner's LuckBeginner’s Luck and Diamond Top Coat.Wearing Revlon products

Left: Wearing Addictive, Rose Glow and Softsilver Rose, Middle: Wearing Super Natural and Right: Wearing Super Natural over Blankety by MAC.


I would only consider purchasing half of the products on their own if they weren’t part of this gift set. $59 for the set is an absolute steal when you consider you’d be paying $161.44 if you were to purchase these products individually. For $59 I believe the set is worthy of it’s price tag, but it makes me wonder how can they afford to sell the gift sets at such a discounted price. If you were giving this to someone who is a makeup lover or is just starting out with makeup, I’m sure they’d love it. I won’t be reaching for these products all that often but I will continue to test them out because my thoughts could change.

Let me know your thoughts! Did I give a fair review or was I too harsh?


Pink Lipglosses For Everyday

Pink Lipglosses For EverydayI’m not going to lie, lip gloss isn’t my favourite beauty product and I believe you either like it or you don’t… but I do! If you find the right colour, pigmentation and texture, a lipgloss can look just as nice as any other lip product. Half of my lipgloss collection is pink and I wanted to discuss why I’m drawn to pink lipgloss, how these shades differ from each other and when I wear each one. (Note: These lipglosses WILL NOT feature when I publish my pink Shop My Stash post so if you want to read about them, now’s your chance!)

Why Pink?

I am your typical girly girl and pink IS my favourite colour! Not only do I think pink suits my skin tone but there are so many shades of pink and it’s such a versatile colour to wear. I own a lot of pink lip products and each one is different so I try to rotate them and make sure I wear them all on a semi-regular basis. I have everything from sheer, light pinks and mauves through to bright pinks and fuchsias. Pink is a colour that flatters most people and is more work appropriate than say a red or a plum. (Even though I’ll wear whatever I can get away with!)

By chance the lipglosses I will be talking about today are all relatively new additions to my makeup drawer. All three are nourishing, last a good few hours and most importantly, aren’t too sticky.

The Lineup:Pink Lipglosses

Left To Right: Rimmel Oh My Gloss! – #150 Glossaholic, Tanya Burr – Afternoon Tea and Tanya Burr – Picnic In the Park.

1. Rimmel Oh My Gloss! – #150 Glossaholic

Glossaholic is a cloudy, creamy pink. This gloss reminds me of ‘Goodness Gracious’ from the MAC x Ellie Goulding line which is the main reason I purchased it. I didn’t want to shell out $40+ for a MAC lipgloss so you can imagine how pleased I was when I found something similar from Rimmel. Rimmel is one of my favourite brands so I knew I was onto a winner! I can’t say whether or not Glossaholic is a dupe for Goodness Gracious but it’s much more affordable. One of my favourite ways to wear this gloss is layered over MAC’s Without Your Love lipstick which funnily enough is also from Ellie’s range! The two products form a super juicy, pink pout.

2. Tanya Burr – Afternoon Tea

When I first added Afternoon Tea to my Feel Unique cart I was worried it would look too much like Glossaholic and I’d have two identical products and wouldn’t end up wearing one of them. I’m glad to say I was wrong and Afternoon Tea has quickly become my favourite lipgloss! It is again a light pink but with slightly more pigment than Glossaholic, giving it a point of difference. I like to wear Afternoon Tea if I’m going for a simple, girly look or if I’m not wearing a lot of makeup and just want to throw on something that is quick and easy. I wore Afternoon Tea in Wednesday’s post: Gigi Hadid Inspired Makeup. Check that out if you haven’t already!

3. Tanya Burr – Picnic In the Park

Picnic In the Park is one of Tanya’s favourite shades from her lipgloss collection and I can see why! I was drawn to it instantly because of how bright and pigmented it is. Picnic In the Park is the brightest of the lipglosses featured here but it is still appropriate for everyday wear. If you’re looking for a nice pop of colour, Picnic In the Park will fit the bill nicely. I like to pair Picnic In the Park with a sparkly, shimmery eye look and I find one coat of this gloss is ample. To ensure I get an even application after I’ve applied it, I use the clean applicator to go over my lips and smooth everything out.

Swatches:Pink Lipgloss Swatches

Left To Right: Glossaholic, Afternoon Tea and Picnic In the Park

Overall, Glossaholic is the most versatile of the glosses mentioned today, it can be worn on it’s own or layered over other lip products. I find Tanya’s glosses can apply a bit too much product if layered but they’re fine on their own. You will see that Glossaholic is the palest of the three pinks and also the coolest toned. Afternoon Tea is the perfect MLBB lipgloss as it contains a slight hint of peach and Picnic In the Park is the pink I turn to when I want a bright, happy shade. I highly recommend all three of these!

Are you a lipgloss wearer? Do you have a favourite lipgloss for everyday? Maybe you’re tempted by one of these?!


Pamper Session

Pamper SessionHi everyone! How’s your week been?

Last weekend I took it upon myself to have a much needed ‘pamper session’ after getting over my dreadful cold. I had a lovely time primping and preening and I thought I’d share what I got up to.

1. Eyebrows

I started with plucking my eyebrows. They’ve been pretty good lately but there were a few stray hairs that needed taming. I don’t find plucking eyebrows as painful as I used to. A good tip is to do it straight after a bath or a shower as the skin is warmed up and the hair follicles are open. I used to do mine after a shower but if I don’t have time it’s just as easy to do them whenever I need to.

2. Hair

Next I had a shower and for some reason I enjoyed that shower. Normally I see showering as just another mindless task and something I have to do but something about that one was relaxing and didn’t feel like so much of a chore. At the moment I’m using Sunsilk Damaged Hair Reconstruction shampoo (which smells divine) and Sunsilk Perfect Straight conditioner. I was using matching shampoo and conditioner but ran out and I like to change my shampoo + conditioner up regularly so my hair doesn’t become too accustomed to the same product. For the past few months I have been using only shampoo on the top of my head and only conditioner on the length of my hair – it makes hair less greasy. It also means you go through less product.

3. Face

Before I delve into the next part of my pamper session I should mention that we recently got a new range of skincare products at work and I was fortunate enough to bring some home and try them out. I loved the look of the mud mask so I bought that home along with an After Mud moisturiser. I’ve never done a face mask before, let alone a mud mask but my first experience didn’t go too badly. The product had a pleasant smell (not mud luckily) but I found it hard to apply an even layer to my face. Some parts were more covered than others. (I had planned on sharing a picture but I wasn’t brave enough to upload one). The mask however did feel very nice on and was easy to wash off. I noticed how smooth my skin was instantly after removing it. I don’t think I would end up buying the product myself but it was fun to try something new. I would seriously consider looking at finding a face mask to apply on a regular basis though.

4. Nails

The final part of my pamper-thon involved me doing my nails! Painting my nails is something I really enjoy and I think my nails look nicer when they’re painted. I went for a bright, girly pink from called Bubblegum from Revlon’s scented range. The smell is closer to watermelon but the promise of a colour that pops certainly delivers. The formula of these polishes are silky smooth and I’m a fan of the thin brush. My nails and hands are quite small so a thinner brush helps to minimise mistakes.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post and do let me know what you like to do to pamper yourself!


Week In Review: October 6 – October 12, 2014

I post an update here every Sunday giving an overview of my week. Accompanying photos from my Instagram are also included. Here’s the latest:

Pink nails and plannerI started the week off by painting my nails. I opted for a bright pink (Revlon #360 Bubblegum) then accented my index fingers with a simple glitter polish (OPI Pink, Yet Lavender from the Mariah Carey Collection). This photo also features my Hot Pink Filofax, I love how it matches my nails.


This image was taken on Friday. You can see how well my nails held up throughout the week.

This week I launched a new ‘Meet the Blogger’ section. To read about how you can feature on the blog and see my Meet the Blogger post click here and here.

On Friday I was very excited to see I had reached 100 followers, again a massive thank you! My current follower tally is 105. The blog has also had over 800 hits in four months so I’m really quite proud of what I’ve managed to achieve so far.

Over the weekend I completed my 30 day sit up challenge which I started after completing Jen Selter’s 30 day squat challenge last month. I ended up doing 140 sit ups, 7x as many as day one (20). In a weird way I enjoyed doing the challenges and plan to keep on doing a mixture of squats and sit ups through a regime of my own.

Shane Filan - My Side of LifeShane Filan released his autobiography ‘My Side of Life’ on Thursday (09/10/2014) and I ordered my copy today. I was reading the previews and it sounds like it’s going to be a thrilling read! I’m currently reading The Road Code so I need to get my butt in gear and finish that before Shane’s book arrives. I hate starting a new book without finishing the one I’m reading first.

Be sure to let me know what you achieved this week!

Chanelle x

kikki.K Haul


Images courtesy of

If you haven’t already noticed I’m obsessed with stationery and last night (1 a.m. this morning to be precise – I’d been on the website for ages) I placed my first kikki.K order online.

I bought the pen (top left) and journal (top middle) for a friend’s birthday next month. Both of these items along with the other pen (top right) are from the newly released Live Bright collection, highlighting lilac, gold and light pink as feature colours.

Here’s a complete rundown of what I purchased:

1. Everyday Gel Pen Chevron ($4.90)
2. A5 Feature Journal ($24.90)
3. Everyday Gel Pen Quote ($4.90)
4. Ballpoint Pen Refills 4pk ($5.90)
5. Mini Daily Planner Pad: Cute ($9.90)
6. Printed Notepad: Cute ($16.90)

*All prices shown are in New Zealand Dollars.

  • Enjoy $10 off when you spend $50 – Promo code DIARYLOVEAUGUST
  • Enjoy $20 off when you spend $100 – Promo code LOVE20
  • Enjoy $50 off when you spend $150 – Promo code LOVE50

When my order arrives I’ll be sure to do a show and tell!

Chanelle x

Hot Pink Patent Domino – Review

Filofax Domino PatentImage courtesy of

‘Domino Patent is a tactile patent-look organiser in a classic design. With simple contemporary construction, the focus is on its beautiful vivid colour and high gloss texture.’

Sizes: Pocket, Personal, A5
High shine, patent finish PVC
Ring size:
19mm (Pocket) 23mm (Personal) 30mm (A5)
Design features:
Left and right hand side pockets, elastic pen loop

As a first time personal user I am really pleased with it. The paper is large enough to write everything I need comfortably without looking crowded and the pink is just as gorgeous as it looks in the pictures. I love bright colours and I’m not afraid to show that through my choice of planner. I was worried the elastic closure around the middle might be tight and difficult to remove but that’s not the case. The elastic slides off comfortably and doesn’t get in the way when writing.

Each Domino contains:

  • transparent flyleaf – front and back
  • colour front sheet
  • week on two pages 18 month 5 language diary. NOTE: The A5 diary is in column format.
  • ruler-page marker – frosted
  • 1-6 numbered colour index
  • to do
  • pink ruled notepaper
  • green ruled notepaper
  • blue ruled notepaper
  • white ruled notepaper
  • white quadrille notepaper
  • white plain notepaper
  • contacts
  • top opening envelope

In my stationery haul last month I bought some sticky notes which I keep in the top opening envelope. The bright colours really pop on the pages and make it easy for me to identify things as I have come up with a colour coding system. Pink – things I buy online, Orange – job related, Green – social events, birthdays etc. Blue – Other appointments such as the doctor. I haven’t assigned yellow to anything yet though.

The only negative for me is the pen loop. My FriXion does fit but not comfortably once the elastic is secured.

I haven’t really altered the inside set up. I haven’t rearranged any of the numbered tabs or used any of the notepaper yet. I’m not going to use them just for the sake of it. I’m still breaking in my Domino and I don’t want to rush into things.

Overall I am totally in love with my Domino! She isn’t made of leather so she’s light to carry round. (I haven’t tried carrying her in my handbag yet but I’m sure she’ll be fine). The colour is perfect for a girly girl like myself and I enjoy using it and want to use it as opposed to my old organiser.

Hope you enjoyed reading my review. I’d love to hear what else you use your Filofax for!

Chanelle x