Redhead Rambles #11

Hello everyone and welcome to ‘Redhead Rambles’. The series does what it says on the tin, it is a redhead (me) rambling about her week. I share what I’ve been up to each week, how I’ve been feeling and what I’ve been listening to or watching. Occasionally I will my share favourite blog posts and links I’ve found useful or interesting.

  • I conducted an experiment with my Rimmel Match Perfection foundation. I have been using my MAC StudioFinish concealer with it and decided to try my trusty old Lasting Perfection from Collection. The foundation did look better and less drying so I will use my Collection concealer when I wear this foundation from now on.
  • I had a reaction to a product and my skin has been drier than usual. The only products that were different were a sheet mask and a micellar water. MAC’s Studio Moisture Cream helped so much with the dry skin.
  • The signed copy of Kimberley Walsh’s book was a nice surprise to come home to on Sunday after work.
  • Monday was a busy mail day. I got two parcels; one with makeup and the other with clothes. Make sure you check out next Monday’s post (March 19) to see what I bought!
  • I indulged in Burger King on Tuesday for lunch and it was worth it!
  • I watched THIS palette collection video and THIS declutter video. They were highly entertaining.
  • I have worn the same eyeshadow look all week and I’ve actually loved it. I apply my bronzer from The Body Shop as a base shade and Max Factor’s Excess Shimmer in Copper over the top. Simple and sparkly.
  • My brother came down on Thursday afternoon for the weekend. Krispy Kreme recently opened in Auckland where he lives and he brought mum and I a donut each.

What I’ve been listening to:

Calum Scott – Only Human –  Calum was a contestant on Britain’s Got Talent in 2015 and he was Simon Cowell’s golden buzzer act. Calum made it to the final and finished in 6th place. His voice is beautiful and soulful and his debut album was released this week.

Delta Dream Playlist – I created a Spotify playlist of my top 10 Delta Goodrem songs. Anyone who creates a playlist can submit it *HERE* and the only catch is to include ‘Think About You’ as one of the 10 songs.

My Delta playlist:

How was your week?


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12 thoughts on “Redhead Rambles #11

    • Chanelle says:

      It’s odd because I don’t like micellar water to remove makeup but I thought I’ll try it one time, won’t be trying it again. I have another of the face masks to use so I’ll have to try one of the products again to see which caused the reaction 😂 it’s so exciting opening up what you’ve purchased online! Delta is a babe 💕


  1. stashy says:

    How do you like Krispy Kreme donuts? There was a huge hype about them about 10 years ago and they opened a lot of locations here (line ups out the door) but it all died down and they closed most of the shops. Now I’m seeing a few pop back open.

    I hope it wasn’t the Sukin micellar water that caused your skin reaction!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Chanelle says:

      I tried one glazed donut and it was nice. My brother says Krispy Kreme is still busy and there was a queue both in store and at the drive thru. It is the first store in NZ so it’s understandable.

      It was the Sukin micellar water I used but in order to know whether it was that or the face mask which caused the reaction I’ll have to try one of the products again.


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