#BodPosFeb Days 1 + 2

This year I’m taking part in the #TakeBackWhatsYours campaign (read my post *here*). Alongside this, I’m working on becoming more confident as confidence has always been an issue for me. While I’ve seen a huge change in the last year or two, I’m still working on my body confidence. I came across #BodPosFeb today and loved the idea behind it. Originally started by this user on Tumblr, she encourages body positive thoughts and feelings and has come up with a daily prompt for each day in February. I hope you’ll enjoy reading about my journey over the next month and feel free to get involved yourself πŸ™‚

BodPosFeb The list of prompts if you’re interested in taking part.

Day 1As stated in the introduction I want to take part in this challenge to become more accepting and comfortable with the way I look, feel and think about my body. I’m always able to see beauty in other people and I’d like to be able to see beauty within myself. This year is all about ‘new’ for me. I’ve started 2015 off with a positive mindset and I’m ready to take on new challenges and experiences. I turned 20 last month so I’m ready to embrace the next decade and look at it with a fresh set of eyes. As women, we’re always going to be body conscious but I not only feel like it’s time to make a change, I want to!

Day 2Normally I take numerous pictures to find a selfie I’m happy with. The selfie I’ve included in this post shows my natural face without make up and reflects my willingness to adopt change – it was one of the first images I took.

photoHere’s to a happy February!

Chanelle x

Disclaimer: I have created the images of the roses featuring each daily prompt so if you use them please credit me.

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