#BodPosFeb Day 3

Day 3

Three nice things about my body:

#1. I have quite small hands and wrists which makes them look dainty and elegant. My hands are also pretty much always warm.

#2. When I’m proper smiling I love how my cheeks glow and the sparkle I get in my eyes.

#3. It never fails to make me smile when people compliment my hair. It’s auburn and I’ve never dyed it. I’ve had people tell me not to dye it and even ask what shampoo I use. My haircare routine is simple, I wash and condition it a couple of times a week, let it air dry and rarely use curlers or straighteners on it.

Coming up with three nice things about your body is harder thank you think. Not because there aren’t any to begin with (see I’m thinking more positive already) but once you start looking at yourself you realise there are so many definitions of ‘nice’ or ‘beautiful’. Even the smallest of things or something you might not think of at first are in fact what make you beautiful. These are what make us unique. We should really be more appreciative of what we do have and focus on celebrating difference and individuality.

5 thoughts on “#BodPosFeb Day 3

  1. Kayla Hutchison says:

    I love this idea. I read someone say once that she became more confident in her own skin by finding things she loved about her image/body and slowly the list of things she loved outweighed the list of things she was insecure about by a mile.

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