Tango Turns 5!

Happy birthday Tango

Tango with the ‘Happy Birthday Tango’ sign I made her.

October 3rd is a very special day in our household. Tango, our Sealpoint Birman, turns five today!

We got Tango in February 2009 after my aunt told my mum the breeders she got her second Birman from had another one for sale. My aunt named her Birman ‘Boogie’ and I thought it was only right sisters with sister cats had names related to each other. I started listing different dances and Tango just stuck.

Birman cats are renowned for being cheeky and having lots of personality and Tango doesn’t disappoint. She may be little but what she lacks in size she certainly makes up for in character! Tango is very much like a little person and understands what you tell her, the only trouble is she can’t talk back to you.

Tango's 3rd birthday

Getting into the birthday spirit two years ago for birthday number three!

Animals are just like members of the family, the memories you share and the happiness they fill you with is like no other. Their love is the best, they are always there for you in times of need and love you unconditionally.

Safe to say this little lady will be getting spoilt and receiving lots of cuddles today!

Do you have any pets? Let me know!

Chanelle x

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