Redhead Rambles #36

Hello everyone and welcome to ‘Redhead Rambles’. The series does what it says on the tin, it is a redhead (me) rambling about her week. I share what I’ve been up to each week, how I’ve been feeling and what I’ve been listening to or watching. Occasionally I will my share favourite blog posts and links I’ve found useful or interesting.

  • On Friday I caught up with an old school friend and it was so nice to see her. We grabbed a bite to eat before she introduced me to those donuts – the ones you’ve been drooling over all week on Instagram! I also bought a pair of shorts which will be perfect for summer and some iridescent metal straws.
  • I watched *THIS* inspirational video about heartbreak. I agree with so much of what Jessica says and for anyone going through heartbreak I recommend watching this video.
  • At the weekend I mowed the other half of the lawns and finished a book.
  • Sunday was relatively quiet at work but it’s always a good catch up day and a chance to get the shelves looking nice.
  • I stayed an extra hour at work as a staff member wasn’t feeling well.
  • After work I was hungry as I only took an apple. Because I worked longer I was entitled to a longer break and I decided after I finished to order a cheesy garlic pizza from Dominos. I also got cheesy garlic bread and mini Dutch pancakes. Best after work treat!
  • Monday was super busy at work with the start of school holidays.
  • When I got home my Blush Queen palette from Makeup Revolution had arrived and I’ve been testing out various shades this week. The pink isn’t too much and it’s a gorgeous palette!
  • Wednesday would have been Tango’s 9th birthday, I shared a couple of images on my personal Facebook in memory of her. (Tango was my Birman cat who had to be put down in January this year. I now have another cat the same breed and colouring as Tango called Halo).
  • I bought a lotto ticket this week and won $23! The draw was on Tango’s birthday which I took as a sign to buy the ticket.
  • Also on Wednesday there was a rainbow dance party at work (for children) and staff were allowed to dress up in colours. It was so nice to see everyone make an effort and see everyone looking so bright.
  • Throughout this week I have been organising bits and pieces for a quiz night with a couple of work colleagues. I absolutely love trivia and general knowledge and I’m hoping we do well.
  • The weather has been stunning this week but turned a little cold again on Thursday.

What I’ve been listening to:

Calvin Harris & Sam Smith – Promises – I’ll admit Sam Smith has a lovely voice but his music is not usually my cup of tea. This track with the dance beat is super catchy though!

LeAnn Rimes – I used to love LeAnn Rimes and was listening to a playlist with Can’t Fight the Moonlight as one of the tracks – cue playing her Greatest Hits album on Spotify.

How was your week?

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Mystery Blogger Award

Last month Brianna from Brianna Marie Lifestyle nominated me for The Mystery Blogger Award. I had a quick check back on the blog and I have accepted this award before but it’s always fun to let you get to know me better. It’s very sweet whenever someone nominates me, thank you ever so much Brianna!

The Rules for the Mystery Blogger Award:

  1. Put the award’s logo/image in your post
  2. List the rules
  3. Thank whoever nominated you and include link to their blog
  4. Tell your readers three things about yourself
  5. Nominate 10-20 bloggers you feel deserve the award
  6. Notify your nominees by commenting on their blog
  7. Ask your nominees 5 questions of your choice

Three Things About Me:

  1. I feel the cold very easily but my skin always feels warm and radiates heat – odd.
  2. I like jewellery but I don’t wear it often.
  3. I’m sick of hearing everyone say or caption things with “living my best life” – most people try to live their best life everyday, it’s already implied.

My Answers:

1. Do you have any pet peeves?

I sure do! I wrote a post about 10 of them *HERE*. My biggest pet peeves are poor spelling and grammar and when people call me Chantelle instead of Chanelle.

2. What is your favorite food?

Probably pizza.

3. Number one place you want to travel to?

England! If you’ve read my blog for a while you’ll know how obsessed I am!

4. What do you like to do in your spare time?

I’m definitely a homebody and I love to read and listen to music/sing. I also enjoy watching TV, movies and YouTube videos, doing crosswords and jigsaw puzzles and playing with my cat.

5. Do you have any animals? If so share pictures 🙂

I currently have one cat, a Birman called Halo. My other Birman, Tango sadly passed away in January.

I nominate:

Your Questions:

1. How was your day? Be honest.

2. Who is your favourite ‘celebrity’ blogger? Why?

3. What’s your favourite music to listen to?

4. What are you looking forward to in 2018?

5. What are your hobbies?

Today’s post was short and sweet but I hope you enjoyed it!

I look forward to seeing your answers and reading your post. As always, don’t feel obliged to accept, only if you want to!


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Redhead Rambles #5

Hello everyone and welcome to ‘Redhead Rambles’. The series does what it says on the tin, it is a redhead (me) rambling about her week. I share what I’ve been up to each week, how I’ve been feeling and what I’ve been listening to or watching. Occasionally I will my share favourite blog posts and links I’ve found useful or interesting.

  • I got to go and see a bunch of kittens 20 minutes out of town but decided none of them were right for me.
  • My boyfriend and I went to the cinema to see The Post last Friday and afterwards we got Dominos.
  • I had my first Saturday off from work in a while and it was mum’s birthday.
  • Dannii shared a tonne of lovely bits she picked up in her New York Haul.
  • I worked my first Sunday at the new library building. We were closed this week for the move but everyone was busy getting books onto shelves and getting everything into place.
  • Monday was Auckland Anniversary day so I got the day off work.
  • I filmed and uploaded my second YouTube video; What I Got For My Birthday. Click here to watch.
  • Mum was contacted by the Birman cat breeder we got Tango from and she had kittens available. We bought a little sealpoint girl (the same colouring as Tango) on Wednesday.
  • The kitten was flown to us and arrived at the airport on Thursday afternoon. We haven’t decided on a name yet. We have a list but want to make sure we pick the right one.
  • I finished the London jigsaw puzzle!
  • The weather has been a real mixed bag: scorching sun, cloud, rain and fog.
  • I have had a makeup free week (except for Monday when I filmed the YouTube video) due to the library move and construction work. There have also been a fair few trips up and down stairs.
  • Shania Twain announced New Zealand tour dates and I want to go!

What I’ve been listening to:

Lawson – Perspective – Since lead singer of Lawson, Andy Brown premiered his solo single Talk of the Town I have been on a real Lawson buzz. I have always admired Andy’s voice and songwriting ability.

Justin Timberlake – I’m not a JT fan but there’s been some hype around his new music so I wanted to take a listen. Not my thing.

How was your week?


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Remembering Tango

Hello dear readers,

It is with great regret that I bring you this post. If you follow me on social media you are probably aware that last Friday (January 5th) my best friend passed away. Tango is my Birman cat who lived with my mum and I for almost eight years

What happened to Tango was sudden and unexpected and no one could have predicted it. Tango had a blood clot which passed to both her hind legs and paralysed them so she couldn’t walk. It’s like a stroke and happens quickly. We took her to the vet immediately where we were told the odds aren’t good. We had the choice between seeing if she would get better after a couple of days of painkillers and anti-inflammatories or not to let her suffer. We were torn initially but we know she wouldn’t have wanted to suffer so we made the heartbreaking decision to put her to sleep.

I’m still in shock and it will take me a while to get over. I think what makes it harder is that another of our pets, Chase, had the exact same thing happen and we made the same call to put him to sleep. To happen to more than one pet is extremely sad. Tango was only eight years old whereas Chase was 11. One was an inside cat, the other more of an outside cat. One was a fussy eater, the other would eat nearly anything. They were two cats with different lifestyles who both had a heart defect.

To celebrate some of the many good times I had with Tango I wanted to share a selection of my favourite pictures and let you see how beautiful she is. I will be sharing eight pictures to represent Tango’s age. (Note: Not all pictures are from the collage above).

#1. This picture is of Tango curled up on the dining table. It is from 2012.

#2. Tango and Chase together on my bed. Tango absolutely adored Chase.

#3. Tango curled up on top of my headboard. She loves beds and sleeping – like most cats.

#4. Tango investigating  decorations on my 21st birthday in 2016.

#5. Tango sitting in my place on the couch. A more recent photo from May 2017.

#6. Tango often used to visit me in bed for cuddles.

#7. Friday, January 5th 2018 at the vet when I heard the devastating news. Even frightened she still looks adorable.

#8. Big sleep. The final picture taken of Tango.

Make sure you treasure your animals every day ❤


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Week In Review: November 24 – November 30, 2014

I post an update here every Sunday giving an overview of my week. Accompanying photos from my Instagram are also included. Here’s the latest:

This week’s weather started off sunny and very humid but by the weekend it had cooled down and we even had some rain. Monday and Tuesday in particular reinforced that summer is on its way. I’m not really a fan of the heat, I’d much rather be cold. Weird I know! 😛

QuoteOnly Human

At the beginning of the week I posted this quote I found on Tumblr to Instagram. It’s all about being yourself and not trying to impress people for the sake of being liked. I’ve always felt like I’m a bit of an individual and in most ways I appreciate that but I don’t feel like I’ve ever found people who belong in my life and want to stay. Even though this makes me a little sad I’m not going to stop hoping that one day I’ll find someone who does.

On Wednesday my copy of Only Human arrived. It was only dispatched the previous Friday so it was a pleasant surprise it came so quickly! I talked a bit more about the album in November’s 30 Days To Love post.

It was Thanksgiving in the US on Thursday and I hope all my lovely American bloggers and anyone who celebrates it had a wonderful day! If you went shopping on Black Friday I hope you managed to pick up some bargains!

JAGOne of my aunt’s Birman cats is staying over for the weekend while she’s out of town for a seminar. His name is JAG (which stands for Just Absolutely Gorgeous) and he is a lilac-point as opposed to my Birman, Tango, who is a seal-point and much darker. Point refers to the colour of the ears, face and paws. JAG and Tango hadn’t met before Friday and I don’t think Tango quite knows what to make of him. They haven’t fought though which is good.

I can’t believe it’s December next week already, it’s crazy how fast the year has gone! Are you looking forward to the holiday season?

Chanelle x

Tango Turns 5!

Happy birthday Tango

Tango with the ‘Happy Birthday Tango’ sign I made her.

October 3rd is a very special day in our household. Tango, our Sealpoint Birman, turns five today!

We got Tango in February 2009 after my aunt told my mum the breeders she got her second Birman from had another one for sale. My aunt named her Birman ‘Boogie’ and I thought it was only right sisters with sister cats had names related to each other. I started listing different dances and Tango just stuck.

Birman cats are renowned for being cheeky and having lots of personality and Tango doesn’t disappoint. She may be little but what she lacks in size she certainly makes up for in character! Tango is very much like a little person and understands what you tell her, the only trouble is she can’t talk back to you.

Tango's 3rd birthday

Getting into the birthday spirit two years ago for birthday number three!

Animals are just like members of the family, the memories you share and the happiness they fill you with is like no other. Their love is the best, they are always there for you in times of need and love you unconditionally.

Safe to say this little lady will be getting spoilt and receiving lots of cuddles today!

Do you have any pets? Let me know!

Chanelle x