Spend Your Love On Me

Hope your week is off to a great start and you have lots of exciting things planned! I, like most people, absolutely love online shopping and went on a wee spree on Saturday.

1. Typo is one of my favourite discoveries of 2014 and it’s lucky there isn’t a store in my city otherwise I’d be in every week – their stuff is adorable! The online store was having a 30% off sale and I really wanted some thin 5mm washi tape. I ended up buying some other pieces as well, including two A5 notebooks. I currently use one for my food journal/exercise diary.

2. My Filofax didn’t come with any MO2P inserts so my brother is buying me some for Christmas. I love having everything neat and tidy so purchased some Mark-it Dots to use for colour coding my monthly calendars. I bought a set of the medium (1/4″) mixed colour transparent dots as well as a set of the small (1/8″) mixed colour dots for my brother from Stickers and Things.

3. Lastly, I purchased a pair of Rockstars from Australian footwear giant Holster as I have been a fan of the shoes since Dannii Minogue became an ambassador. I choose Pewter because most of the shoes I already own are black and I wanted another neutral colour to maximise wear-ability. Holster are having a huge 60% off sale until 31 July so get in quick to nab yourself a pair!

When my purchases arrive I’ll share them with you in a more detailed post.

Chanelle x

2 thoughts on “Spend Your Love On Me

    • Chanelle says:

      Washi tape is similar to the texture of masking tape. It is actually made of paper which makes it re-positionable and removable. Lots of people use it in their planners, for decorating or craft projects.


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