Day 16 – A song that has made you cry

One of the things I love so much about music is that one set of lyrics can mean different things to each person that listens to them. ‘Fragile’ is a very emotional track. Often when I sing it I get choked up because of the raw nature of the lyrics:

“Sometimes I feel like I’m alone
Sometimes I feel like I’m not that strong
Sometimes I feel so frail so small
Sometimes I feel vulnerable
Sometimes I feel a little fragile”

The lyrics above describe how I felt regularly throughout high school, and I hated going. Even now I still feel like I don’t really fit in and have this overwhelming sense of confusion. There are days where I find it hard to hold everything together but music and singing is my happy place. There aren’t many situations they can’t fix, which is why I’m so thankful for music, because without it I’d be truly lost.

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