Sixteen of ’16

sixteen-of-16At the end of 2015 I wrote a post called, Fifteen of ’15, sharing 15 of my personal highlights from the year. This year I have decided to do the same. Looking back over the past twelve months a lot has happened and in this post I’ll be sharing what I’ve loved about 2016, things I’ve achieved and experiences that have changed me.

#1 – 21st birthday

My birthday is in January so my year got off to an exciting start. 21 is one of those special birthdays and that’s exactly how mine felt. I did a Birthday Body Shop Haul, created a 21 Songs In 21 Years playlist and shared 21 Things I’ve Learnt In 21 Years. On my actual birthday itself the house was decorated and the dining table was covered in presents unbeknownst to me. At the end of the month mum and I went on a little break away to celebrate.

#2 – Going to a casino

This relates to #1. On my break away I went to a casino for the first time and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I’m not a gambler but it was fun to have a go on a slot machine. I’m even more pleased to say I won a decent amount of money too! I put in $10 and won $143.

#3 – Dannii For Target clothing

When Dannii partnered with Target I knew I would love her clothing range, which is designed for petites. Petite doesn’t mean size zero, it’s about proportions and the length of a garment. Petites goes up to size 16 so it caters for the curvier market too. Throughout 2016 I have made a few different orders and I am so impressed with the quality – of course the items fit like a glove. I wear my petites items all the time and I always look forward to what Target and Dannii bring out next!

#4 – Zayn – Mind of Mine

One album I have been playing non-stop this year is Mind of Mine by Zayn. I’m not a One Direction fan but I have always loved Zayn’s voice. I was curious as to what his album would sound like and it’s a mixture of sexy pop/R&B. I love this album so much more than I thought I would.

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#5 – Happiness Highlights

At the end of every month since May I have been sharing my Happiness Highlights. On my phone I keep a list and write down one thing that makes me happy each day. I started this after seeing it on Adele’s blog and I feel like it has made a difference to my mood and positivity. I will continue this into the new year so let me know if you’d like me to keep sharing.

#6 – Chanelle Hayley Turns 2!

In June I celebrated my two year blogging anniversary! I ran a giveaway to mark the occasion and it was a lot of fun. I hadn’t done one before so thank you for all the support and entries I received.

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#7 – Losing my job

This might seem odd to include in this post but let me explain why I have. For those of you who don’t know I used to work in a pharmacy. A month or so prior to losing my job I felt a change in myself that I didn’t like. I started to become shy and would barely talk and I felt like I couldn’t do my ‘job’ properly anymore. I will point out it wasn’t my decision to leave but going through that changed my attitude and I started to feel more confident again. As a result I did things I probably wouldn’t have done before and I’m glad I’ve done them.

#8 – Delta Goodrem – Wings of the Wild

Delta Goodrem is a singer I have listened to since I was 8 or 9 years old. I have always loved her music and writing style and her fifth album, Wings of the Wild is incredible! The album was released in July and like Mind of Mine I have been playing it non-stop. The lyrics are very empowering and it’s what I needed just after losing my job.

#9 – Passed driving test

It was just over a month between losing my job at the pharmacy and finding the job I have now. I decided the time was right for me to sit my Learner’s Licence test. It’s not that I don’t understand road rules but I never felt ready before. I sat the test on July 5th and passed with 33 out of 35. I haven’t quite started driving and sitting behind the wheel of a car yet but that’s next!

#10 – Alan Carr – Yap, Yap, Yap!

The month after I passed my driving test I went up to stay with my brother for a few days and the highlight of that trip was seeing a show by stand up comedian Alan Carr. I have loved Alan for years and used to adore his show Chatty Man (the earlier seasons were better). Alan was very funny and I’m pleased I went to the show. I sat in Row R but I still had a good view.

#11 – Flying solo

This goes hand in hand with #10. I mentioned I went up to stay with my brother and it made sense to fly up. It’s only a 40 minute trip and I didn’t have lots of luggage and I can’t drive so it was the logical option. I had never flown on a plane by myself before and a year ago I don’t know that I could have done it.

#12 – Boyfriend

In September I had the first date with my boyfriend. We have been seeing each other for almost four months now and he’s just so lovely. I don’t share too much about our relationship because that’s for us but I have been very happy over the past few months.

#13 – Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

This book is one of the best I have read in a long time! I purchased it a couple of months before I read it but I really enjoyed it and I can see myself re-reading this over again. I have also seen the film and read the follow up, After You.

#14 – Ellie Goulding Delirium World Tour

Without a doubt one of the best nights of my life! I saw Ellie on her Halcyon Days Tour in NZ in 2014 and that was my first ever concert which was super special! The show this time around was even more spectacular, the lights, dancers, staging and outfits were so well done. Ellie sounds magical live and she is such a natural performer.

#15 – Went shooting

This is less scary than it sounds I promise… my boyfriend and his dad have a keen interest in shooting and one day they took me out to the range they belong to. We were only shooting at targets and I’d never fired a gun before but I really enjoyed it. I didn’t know what to expect and once I got the hang of the different scopes I was fine. I did manage to hit the target a couple of times too. I also bought home a fragment of bullet as a keepsake.

#16 – Instax Camera

I only got this camera a month ago but I’m still in love with it! I’ve taken a couple of pictures now (one of which you may have seen on Instagram) and I still get excited thinking about using it. I bought this camera because while I enjoy and like taking photos I don’t want to invest in a fancy DSLR if I don’t end up using it often. With Instax you have to get the photo right the first time, there’s no editing or touch ups. For Christmas, I got a pink Instax backpack which matches my camera to keep my camera, film and accessories in. I can’t wait to capture memories in 2017!

Thank you for reading as always and I hope 2016 was as beneficial for you as it was for me! Let me know some of your highlights!


April Favourites 2016

April Favourites 2016Hey everyone! This month has zoomed past and I feel like April has been a bit of a blur. Personally, there’s been some huge changes at work but everything seems to be settling down and getting back to normal. I’ve also changed up my exercise routine, I’m now cycling three days a week instead of five and doing yoga the other two. I feel it’s important to give a little lifestyle update at the end of each month along with my favourites as it gives you an insight to what’s been going on personally as well.

Onto this month’s favourites:

1. Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil in Hazel – I picked up this Rimmel eyebrow pencil in March and I have been using it to fill in my brows for the past month and I love it! I’m lucky that my brows are naturally quite thick and dark and I don’t need to do a lot to them. The hazel colour is lighter than your usual brown and has a slight red tone to it which ties in well with my hair. One thing I’m not a fan of is eyebrows looking thick and unnatural and this pencil enhances my brows without doing that. If you’re new to filling in brows, give this a product go! It’s so easy to use and doesn’t wear off during the day.

2. Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick – 077 Asia – I purchased this lipstick last month upon recommendation from Claire (Eclairs Cares). I saw a post on her blog and the colour looked so beautiful. Asia is a pinky/brown nude and I have been wearing it a ton over the past few weeks. The formula of Asia is incredible and comparable to that of a much more expensive lipstick. I’d say this lipstick could almost be called a demi-matte. The colour is very creamy and easy to apply but it’s also very pigmented. Asia has made such a good impression, it even featured in my Nude Lipsticks 101 post along with three of my other top nude lip products.

3. Skechers Flex Appeal Sweet Spot Walking Shoes – I purchased this pair of trainers over Easter weekend and just thinking about wearing them fills me with excitement! These are so comfortable and stylish and I know I will get a lot of wear out of them. CLICK HERE to read my First Impressions on these shoes and a more thorough review.

4. Olive Pomegranate Hand & Nail Cream – Recently I finished up my Shea hand cream from The Body Shop and I started using this one from New Zealand based brand Olive. We sell this at work and everyone always remarks how lovely it smells so I had to smell it myself. I ended up loving it so much I had to buy it! This product contains 50ml as opposed to The Body Shop’s 30ml meaning, it’s almost twice the size so should last twice as long. I’ve saved the best point about this hand cream until last; it smells like bubblegum. It’s not a sickly sweet smell and lingers for a good while after application. This soaks in quickly and keeps my hands nice and moisturised.

5. Zayn – Mind of Mine – I reviewed this album on Monday (CLICK HERE to read that post) so I will keep things brief. I have been listening to this album non-stop over the past month and I still haven’t gotten sick of it. The slick, sexy R&B tones are not normally what I listen to but something about Mind of Mine intrigues me. Zayn has made a stellar debut and I can’t wait for his second album! Standout Tracks: Pillowtalk, BeFoUr, sHe, Borderz, TiO and Like I Would.

April’s Spotify Playlist:

This month’s playlist is all about good vibes!


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Album Review: Zayn – Mind of Mine

Album Review Zayn - Mind of Mine

Zayn - Mind of Mine     Zayn - Mind of Mine Tracklist

Friday, March 25th 2016; presses play and listens to ‘Mind of Mine’ on Spotify for the first time.

It’s a year to the day since Zayn Malik left One Direction and his debut solo album is unveiled upon the world. Let me start by saying I have always adored Zayn’s voice and I was intrigued to hear his sound and how his music comes across. I use the term come across loosely as I believe one of the most beautiful things about music is that each person can interpret a song and a lyric in a completely different way that makes sense to them. Over the past month I’ve watched and read interviews with Zayn where he’s discussed the album and one thing (pardon the pun Directioners), I’ve picked up on is Zayn’s genuine passion for the songs and the whole process of making this album. I wasn’t sure what to expect prior to listening to the album but lead single Pillowtalk is a good indication; sexy, honest and very much in the pop/R&B lane.

Zayn himself has described the album as, “weird, alternative R&B” stating, “it’s all sparse and random.” Each song has a different story to tell and while there is a mix of genres throughout Mind of Mine, the album still feels cohesive and works. A big part of that is down to production. The select number of producers alongside Zayn work together to achieve a collective sound, one complimenting the other. Zayn’s vocal ability is showcased and demonstrates diverse aspects of his voice. There are the typical R&B elements on tracks such as Drunk and Wrong (a duet with American singer-songwriter Kehlani), and more experimental elements on tracks such as Truth, Lucozade and the Intermission: Flower which is sung in Urdu.

If you’re a fan of Zayn’s poppier sound, you will not be disappointed. Zayn displays a bit of classic pop and has a One Direction-esque moment on Beatles inspired ballad Fool For You. His gorgeous falsetto features on a number of tracks including, It’s You, BeFour and She – further illustrating Zayn’s talents. Note: The “flashing lights” falsetto in the middle eight of BeFour is my favourite of the whole album!

If you’re looking to compare Zayn’s sound to another artist you will be hard-pressed to do so. While there are elements of Zayn’s influences throughout the album (Usher – Drunk, The Beatles – Fool For You, The Weeknd – TIO) it doesn’t sound like Zayn is trying to imitate those artists. The lyrics and thoughts are completely his. You can’t dispute the honesty in the lyrics and where they’re coming from.

It’s no secret that Mind of Mine is a rather sexual album with Zayn admitting himself that Pillowtalk is about sex. In my opinion this makes the album more endearing as Zayn writes about a topic we all want to hear about and know more about. It would be easy for these lyrics to come off as cheap and distasteful but something about Zayn’s voice and the way they’re worded make them beautiful. Zayn sings about getting to know someone, discovering what they’re really like and getting them to let their guard down in Borderz, “So take it off, let’s break down all of our walls. He also hints at being interested in more than looks in TIO, “Take off all your makeup baby take it off. A man who enjoys the no makeup look gets extra points in my book!

While Mind of Mine is a shift from Zayn’s former 1D days, he hasn’t lost his boyish charm and good looks that made teenage girls go crazy. I hold my hand up and admit I’ve never been a One Direction fan but the success the band has achieved is pretty amazing! I mentioned previously, Fool For You is the closest to a One Direction moment you will get on the album but the pop sensibilities of She are also not far off. You could suggest lyrically Rear View and Truth are about the band and perhaps the spelling of BeFour is a reference to the band’s album ‘Four’?

As you can probably tell from my glowing review, I am completely in love with this album! I have been listening to it non-stop for the past month and it will easily be one of my top albums for 2016. Again, I had no idea what I would think or if I’d even like Mind of Mine before listening to it but it really has surprised me. Discovering something left-field to what you normally listen to and ending up loving it is another thing I adore about music. I don’t know whether it’s because I’m a similar age to Zayn but I feel like this album is right for me at this time of my life. While our lifestyle choices are worlds apart, the truthfulness and raw lyrics connect with me. A couple of years ago I might not have listened to Mind of Mine and appreciated it. Zayn has always had this mysterious persona surrounding him (though not created by him) and this album really sees him break down a few walls of his own and cement his place as a credible artist.

If I could describe the album in 5 words: sexy, honest, eclectic, captivating, beautiful.

Standout Tracks: Pillowtalk, BeFoUr, sHe, BoRdErZ, TIO and Like I Would.

Have you listened to Mind of Mine? What’s your favourite track? Also, be sure to let me know if you enjoyed my review!


What I Do In a Day #1

What I Do In a DayHey there! A couple of weeks ago the lovely Kaily left a comment on my What I Eat In a Week post and said I should write a “What I Do In a Day” one as well. I took her suggestion on board and basically this post will be me showing you what I get up to on a daily basis and what my normal routine is. I have included pictures as visual aids but mostly for Kaily’s benefit!  😉

Note: The day featured is Monday, March 28 2016. Due to Easter I had the day off work and this is not how I spend every Monday. Times and activities may vary.

What I Do In a Day

11:20am Wake up

11:25am  – Water, vitamins, antihistamine

11:33am – Exercycle – 10km

12:07pm – (Late) breakfast – crumpets with butter

12:16pm – Shower

1:00pm – Dry and straighten hair

2:15pm – FOTD, apply makeup

3:00pm – Went into town

4:30pm – Purchased suitcase

5:20pm – Weekly organising and blog planning

5:50pm – Listened to Mind of Mine on Spotify

7:00pm – Eat dinner and watch TV

8:50pm – Online shopping – biker jacket and beanie

9:37pm – Paint nails – Essie ‘Ladylike’

10:00pm – Computer/catch up on vlogs

11:57pm – Bed

I realise lunch is missing from that list but that’s because I didn’t have any and had a late breakfast. Also missing from the list is my nightly ritual of applying hand cream before I go to bed. I didn’t apply any on Monday night as I didn’t want to ruin my nails. #priorities

I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know if you found it interesting or would like me to turn it into a series!