Workout Playlist

Hello, hello! I have had this post in the works for the last month or so and I’m finally getting to share it with you. Ever since I finished school and studying, exercise and eating healthy became a big part of my daily routine. I was given an Exercycle for my 19th birthday in 2014 and I’ve lost count of just how many kilometres I’ve cycled since then. There were times I would cycle 10km a day in conjunction with a 30 day squat challenge or a 30 day sit up challenge. I really like the control and routine exercise gives me.

I’m not going to lie, since I started my job in 2015 I haven’t been as consistent with exercise as I would like. Most of the time I try to squeeze my 10km in before work but when I’m busy or sick (which I have been more than usual in the past year) it gets pushed to the wayside. Being an asthmatic I know not to push myself and wait until I am feeling up to it before exercising again. I control my asthma really well and it never bothers me unless I get sick.

When I made the choice to do Yoga With Adriene’s #YogaCamp I made the choice not to cycle every day on top of yoga. Some of the practices were 40+ minutes and I just couldn’t manage to fit both into my day. Once I finished #YogaCamp I was itching to cycle to the Workout Playlist I had created!

The playlist itself contains 10 songs and is 40 minutes long. As mentioned, I normally cycle 10km which takes me around 27 minutes and upon implementing this playlist I manage to cycle 13.5km in 40 minutes. For my playlist I wanted a mixture of fast and slow tracks. The first three tracks are mid-uptempo and act as a warm up. The middle four are entirely uptempo and the last three are perfect to wind down and cool down the body. This playlist could be used for a variety of workouts: walking, running or a gym session.


Let me know what you think of this playlist and which songs you like to workout to!