Updated Perfume Collection

In 2017 I shared my fragrance collection and looking back at that post quite a bit has changed in the two years since then. I have acquired a handful of new perfumes over the past couple of months and thought it was time to do an updated post and share what scents currently sit atop my dresser.

When it comes to perfume I know the type of scents I like and they tend to be warm, sweet and contain vanilla. Strong, woody scents give me a headache and I find they don’t sit on me or match my personality as nicely as sweeter scents.

Kicking off with an EDT and a sample sized perfume

1. The Body Shop Shea EDT

I’m sure you all know how much I adore The Body Shop and the Shea range in particular. I’ll cut straight to the point and say this isn’t my favourite Shea product by any means but it’s pleasant enough. This EDT isn’t the best one from The Body Shop (I prefer Strawberry and Moringa) and it isn’t very long lasting but it’s fine if you want a quick spritz of something. The scent has the usual shea nuttiness and I’d class this as unisex, it’s not overly feminine.

Best for: Spritzing on to run errands.

2. YSL Black Opium (7.5ml)

The most recent addition to my collection is this sample of Black Opium that came with three other mini YSL products in a set. I have tried this already and it smells absolutely gorgeous, I can understand why people rave about this one! It’s a sexy, warm, vanilla scent and I already know I will purchase a full size when I finish this sample. The lasting power is brilliant but the scent isn’t overpowering and in your face. Prerogative by Britney Spears is a dupe for this but not as long lasting.

Best for: Date nights, work or everyday wear.

Moving on to full sized perfumes; starting with Juicy Couture as they make up half of my collection

3. Viva la Juicy

This perfume is the only one that appeared in 2017 but this is my second bottle. Viva la Juicy is my favourite, it’s what I see as my signature scent and it’s the only perfume to date that I have repurchased. The gourmand sweetness is not over the top for my liking and the lasting power of this perfume is really good, I can smell it on clothes and skin the next day and it only requires a few sprays. Despite this being my favourite perfume it’s not one I reach for day to day, I tend to reserve it for special occasions but I will wear it to work now and again when I want to smell extra nice.

Best for: Those who like girly scents.

4. Viva la Juicy La Fleur

Viva la Juicy La Fleur is lighter than the original VLJ and has more fruity, floral notes. This doesn’t last as long as the original but also doesn’t need to be topped up throughout the day. The floral notes aren’t overwhelming which I like. I like the mix of sweet caramel and the florals together for a fun twist on the original. The bottle is taller than most of the other Juicy Couture bottles and the bright pink flowers printed on the glass are a pretty touch.

Best for: Work, daytime wear and summer (I see myself reaching for this a lot over the coming months).

5. Viva la Juicy Glacé

I haven’t actually used this perfume yet, it’s still sitting in the box untouched. I have sampled the fragrance and I know I like it as I had a rollerball of this scent. I wanted to pick it up a bottle as I heard it was being discontinued. Glacé bears a close resemblance to the original Viva la Juicy but has icy notes of frozen mandarin and pear sorbet which make it less sweet and more fresh. I can only comment on the lasting power of the rollerball but it seems on par with the original.

Best for: Work/day wear.

6. Marc Jacobs Daisy

Up until late 2018 I had never sampled Daisy before. I knew it was well loved but I didn’t think I’d enjoy a floral perfume and thought it would irritate my nose. Daisy is a clean, fresh, light floral that doesn’t overwhelm and has decent lasting power, it will stick around most of the day. The packaging is surprisingly lightweight and not tacky, the lid is secure and the bottle is more compact compared to some other perfumes. Daisy is a scent that seems cross generational, I imagine teenagers through to middle aged women wearing and enjoying this.

Best for: Fans of floral scents that aren’t overpowering and those looking for a good staple perfume.

7. Paco Rabanne Olympéa

Olympéa is the most grown up and sophisticated of the scents featured. This was recommended to me by a lovely blogging friend (Rachael) and it’s easy to see why she’s such a fan. This perfume is probably the strongest out of the ones I own and any more than three or four sprays could be headache inducing territory. This scent is a different take on the usual vanilla I love, it’s salty and contains oriental elements.

Best for: Evenings and special occasions.

8. Delta Goodrem Delta

Hanging around the neck of the bottle is a gold and silver feather charm which dangles down and looks beautiful. However, the gold plastic lid feels a little cheap and could be the kind that could loosen over time. The most prominent notes in Delta are white musk, florals and fruits. I would say if you already have floral perfumes you don’t need this one but as Daisy is my only other real floral it’s nice to have this too. The floral notes are more prominent in Delta than in Viva la Juicy La Fleur. Delta has satisfactory staying power and easily lends itself to being a good option for work.

Best for: Work and daytime wear.

What perfume notes do you gravitate towards?

Are there any scents you’re lusting after? On my current perfume wishlist is a full size of Black Opium and Viva la Juicy Rosé.


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June Favourites + Highlights

Winter has well and truly arrived! Getting up at 5:30am for work I really notice the cold mornings but I will admit New Zealand is lucky to still get sun in winter and to see the blue sky peaking through for the most part. June has felt extremely busy and I don’t know where the month has gone. I haven’t blogged a lot (but I still pop on and read posts and comment everyday) or read a lot. I don’t think I’ll make my Goodreads target of 50 books at this stage but I’m not going to dwell on it, I read because I enjoy it not to pressure myself and some days I simply don’t have time to read. I also broke my goal not to buy a lipstick in 2019 this month and I am a little disappointed. I’m not completely sold on the shade I purchased and I may end up passing it along. Even so, one lipstick for a whole year is good right?!

Onto this month’s favourites:

1. Revolution Lip Topper – Fortune – I purchased this lip topper at the end of April and over the past couple of months I’ve really been enjoying wearing it. Revolution released three lip topper shades, I swatched all three in store and this looked the most sparkly and the one I imagined would go with the most colours. This product can be worn on it’s own or on top of other lipsticks to add a natural shine and sparkle. This is extremely comfortable to wear (both ways) and isn’t sticky or gritty. This shade is also a dupe for the Fenty Beauty gloss bomb in Diamond Milk.

2. MAC Melon Pigment – I am surprised I haven’t mentioned this pigment in a favourites post before. I bought this pigment around six months ago secondhand and it was almost full. I would describe Melon as a peach-gold and not a shade that is difficult to pair with makeup looks. The gold tones down the orange/peach colour and makes for a somewhat neutral eye look. Without a doubt the pigment can be built up to add extra sparkle or used alongside other palettes. I love pairing this pigment with the Sol palette from Colourpop. This was one of the shades on my MAC pigment wishlist and I’m glad to have crossed this one off!

3. The Body Shop Shea Body Butter – Without a doubt Shea is probably my favourite scent from The Body Shop. I’ve been through a few small 50ml tubs of this body butter in the past but the texture was different. The texture of this 200ml tub is much softer and creamier. This product not only has the most gorgeous scent but it feels luxurious on the skin and soaks in so easily.

4. Antipodes Halo Skin Brightening Facial Mud Mask – Over the past few years I have used a mud/clay mask at least once a week as part of my self care routine and I like how they work with my skin. I make sure to go for a mask that doesn’t irritate my dry skin but makes it feel clean and has nourishing ingredients. I’d been looking at an alternative to a clay mask I was using from Natio and really liked the sound of this one. Antipodes is a New Zealand brand and one that I know is renowned for quality products. This mask features Vinanza Grape & Kiwi and peony petal and aims to brighten skin and improve skin’s appearance. The mask has a subtle scent but it isn’t offensive.

June Highlights

  • The denim jacket from this haul had it’s first outing.
  • Found a new purpose for one of my lighter coloured highlighters as a nice, glowy setting powder.
  • Rented The Greatest Showman from work and finally got to see it. I enjoyed the movie.
  • Went on a cute date and was given roses.

June’s Spotify Playlist:

How was your month? Share one of your highlights in the comments!


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May Favourites + Highlights

I got sick this month and my asthma hasn’t been good for the second half of May. I have been taking things easier than normal to conserve energy and get back on my feet. My breathing has been the biggest concern, a cold usually starts in my nose and drips down but it went backwards this time, it started in my chest and the blocked nose came later. I’ve noticed in the past year my immune system has been weaker than usual. Also, as a result of the cold my skin looks tired and blotchy and products aren’t looking as nice as they normally do because my skin is drier. Apart from being sick I have also had some yummy food this month, I treated myself to Indian which I don’t have very often and I got a little spendy!

Onto this month’s favourites:

1. Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder – Light – A couple of months back a thought I wanted to give contouring a go. I was browsing Beauty Bay and saw the Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder for a price that yes, was an investment but nowhere near as expensive as MECCA sells the product for and decided to pick it up. I did my research, I knew it was well loved and had the right undertone I was looking for in a contour for pale skin such as mine. I didn’t want to buy a sculpting palette with six shades and only realistically use one or two. This powder gives my face a slight hint of shape/shadow which is what I’m after and it really is the perfect shade for fair skin! I’ve applied this with both soft and dense brushes and currently my favourite brush to apply it with is the Real Techniques Setting Brush. The brush is soft and diffuses the product but still small enough to get in under the cheekbones and blend.

2. The Body Shop Shea Eau de Toilette 30ml – Shea is one of my favourite scents from The Body Shop and the range I have tried the largest number of products from. These small 30ml bottles of fragrance are compact and fit nicely in my handbag if I need. This scent is lovely as a spray and smells just like the body butter. It’s nice when I want something light and natural and not too girly. I know I say this all the time about this scent and I mean it in the least weird way possible but I would love to smell this on a guy. There’s something masculine about Shea that I love.

3. Essence Shine Shine Shine Lipgloss in Dress Up Your Lips! – This lipgloss was given to me by a work colleague when she returned from a trip to the Philippines. Her and I often talk about makeup and it’s nice she thought of me. Dress Up Your Lips! is a nude gloss and I think of the colour as a cross between MAC Brave and MAC Velvet Teddy. The gloss is nicely pigmented, super comfortable to wear and has a fruity scent which I like. It won’t last a whole day but it’s easy to reapply.

4. Silver Pendant Necklace – I picked up this necklace for 50% off in a pharmacy and it was a total bargain! It is simple and beautiful and that’s what I like in jewellery. I like dainty, elegant pieces that compliment an outfit but aren’t the main attraction. The chain isn’t adjustable but the pendant sits in the right place on my neck. The amount of sparkle the pendant gives off is really pretty.

May Highlights

  • I’ve been loving a couple of British crime dramas – The Bay and Prime Suspect: Tennison.
  • I purchased two dresses from Glassons that I can’t wait to wear; a triangle print long sleeve peplum dress and a floral, short sleeve high-low dress.
  • The Zoeva makeup brushes I mentioned in last month’s favourites arrived.
  • I placed my first Sephora order! A haul post will be up in the near future.

May’s Spotify Playlist:

How was your month? Share one of your highlights in the comments!


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Autumn Shopping Haul

Last week I went on a shopping spree – my first in ages – and treated myself to some bits and pieces. I wanted to share what I bought as I love reading haul posts and seeing what new items people are trying out or repurchasing. I’ve got everything in this haul: makeup, fashion, craft and beauty. I made a list prior to going shopping and was successful with some purchases, others not so much. Sit back, relax and I hope you enjoy reading this post!

Top Row:

My first purchase of the day was black and white striped washi tape. I wanted a plain pattern as I have a project in mind and the person I am making it for will like these colours. I love washi tape, the patterns and designs are incredible and it is so useful for crafts and decorating.

If there is one fashion trend I love but find difficult to wear it’s cardigans. They are a great layering option but the majority of cardigans I’ve tried on in the past don’t look right. I’m short and curvy so the cardigan is either too long or doesn’t flatter my body shape. I saw a batwing style cardigan and fell in love instantly. I tried it on and it looked really nice. I love the salt and pepper colouring and the style so much I purchased a second one in pink online the next day. The cardigans were my find of the day!

I have a couple of scarfs but I wanted one in a lighter colour to stand out when I wear darker clothing. I picked up one in ‘Milk’ which is a gorgeous cream colour and feels so soft. The scarf is quite long so it can be styled in a few different ways.

Middle Row:

Rimmel is one of my preferred makeup brands and when I saw a Buy One, Get One Half Price offer I was happy. Because I also spent over $30 on Rimmel products I was entitled to a free lipstick. I picked up another bottle of Match Perfection foundation as it is my favourite for everyday wear and the new-ish Scandaleyes Reloaded mascara. The orange tube looks funky and vibrant and I’m big fan of Rimmel mascaras. For the free lipstick I opted for one of Kate Moss’ nude shades – #45, a rose nude. I have worn the lipstick already and it is beautiful, the formula is comfortable and the colour looks subtle and natural. This shade is going straight into my everyday/most used makeup bag.

Bottom Row:

It’s been a few months since my last visit to The Body Shop so a trip was long overdue. I hadn’t intended to buy anything specific but I did want to test out the new Almond Milk and Honey scent. There was a multibuy on hand cream so I purchased one in Almond Milk and Honey and the other in Shea. I took advantage of another multibuy which offered a travel size (50ml) body butter and a travel size shower gel; I got Shea for both. I plan to give my mum the shower gel as I have sensitive skin and use the body butter when I stay with my boyfriend.

Have you been shopping recently? What have you purchased?


Empty Products #1

Empty Products #1Hi there, happy Friday! Today I’m very excited to bring you my first ever empties post! I will try and make this a regular feature on the blog but I don’t know how frequent the posts will be. I don’t find I go through products that quickly so I’ll probably end up keeping a little bin or a stash. Let’s jump straight in?!

1. Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser

I have used Simple moisturiser for years and I absolutely love it. My skin can be sensitive and never has this irritated it. The moisturiser does everything it says on the bottle and is so affordable.  There is no artificial scent or colour and the light texture is perfect for the face because it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin and is good to use as a base before applying foundation. I imagine this would also be good for other areas on the body with sensitive/dry skin.

Repurchase: Yes, in fact I already have.

2. Impulse Into Glamour Body Spray

I first bought this body spray after The Saturdays became brand ambassadors for Impulse and it was one of the new scents launched in conjunction. I have used this product for a number of years as well and always repurchase whenever I run out. The scent is feminine and slightly floral and features a blend of sandalwood and vanilla. They’ve recently changed the size of the cans and although there is less product, it is more handbag friendly.

Repurchase: Always.

3. The Body Shop Almond Hand & Nail Hand Cream

I purchased this hand cream in August and it lasted me about two months. I really do think it made my nails stronger, they weren’t weak but they seemed to look and feel more nourished. When I first started using this hand cream I found the scent rather sweet but after a few days I got used to it and grew to like it. I like to apply hand cream before I go to bed so it has plenty of time to soak in during the night.

Repurchase: I think I will go back to this scent but I have a few others I’d like to try first.

4. The Body Shop Shea Body Butter

I have been saving this empty up after finishing it a few months ago, partly because I thought the tub was cute and it might come in useful for something. I really like the shea scent because it’s feminine but relatively neutral and doesn’t interfere with perfume or anything like that. Some people question The Body Shop’s prices but I think once you work it out, they’re reasonable as the products last a good few months and the quality is so good.

Repurchase: Like the hand cream, I have a list of other scents I’d also like to try.

5. Rimmel ScandalEyes Lycra Flex Mascara

I’ve certainly saved the best till last! Technically this mascara isn’t an empty yet, but it’s pretty damn near. I didn’t realise how much I loved this mascara and what it does for my lashes until I tried others and didn’t like the effect as much. I think this may just be my ‘holy grail’ mascara, the volume and length it gives my lashes is amazing. This mascara really opens up my eyes and holds a decent curl throughout the day while still making my lashes look fluttery. This must be the easiest waterproof mascara to remove which is always a bonus.

Repurchase: Definitely!

There you have it, my first empties post done and dusted. All five of these products come highly recommended and I’d love to know if you’ve tried them yourself or if you’d like to!


May Favourites

May FavouritesI can’t believe in a few days time it will be an entire month since I started my job. This last month has zoomed by but it’s been good not stressing about finding a job and having one less worry on my mind. I’m still job searching in case I’m not kept on after two months but at least I’ll have some proper experience under my belt.

Onto this month’s favourites…

May Favourites1. The Body Shop – Shea Body Whip – The body whip is the product I got when I exchanged the Shea shower cream that I was reacting to last month. I have been applying this body whip at least once a day on my arms before getting dressed and it is absolutely lovely! The product has a light texture and doesn’t feel greasy at all. It sinks in quickly so you don’t have to wait before getting dressed. I’ve mentioned numerous times how much I adore the scent of The Body Shops’ Shea range. Using this in conjunction with my body butter – also Shea – is divine. The bottle feels very lightweight and has a handy squeeze pump allowing you to get the amount you need. The pump locks into place so if you’re traveling the product won’t end up all over your belongings, no one wants a Ross from F.R.I.E.N.D.S situation!

2. MAC Syrup – How could I not include this wee beauty in my monthly favourites?! This has been my go-to lip product almost everyday this month and I just love how versatile and easy to wear this shade is. The formula is smooth and moisturising and doesn’t dry out the lips or cling to dry patches. If you’d like to know more about this lipstick and see swatches, click here to read the review I posted last week.

3. Dainty Doll Blush in 004 You Are My Sunshine – This blush is another product I have been wearing practically everyday in May. I first posted about it earlier this month. There is hardly a day I’ve been to work that I haven’t worn it. You Are My Sunshine is the most gorgeous peachy, rose-gold shade and at first I was worried it wouldn’t suit me but how wrong I was! I lightly tap this onto the tops of my cheekbones and apples of my cheeks and it gives such a subtle, beautiful glow. The golden particles really pick up and reflect the light.

4. Nivea Invisible for Black & White (Clear) – I’ve used this deodorant in the past and really loved it and I started using it again this month. I find a lot of other deodorants tend to feel sticky and get all over my tops when I put them on but not this one. This deodorant promises to not leave white marks on black clothing or yellow marks on white clothing and I’m pleased to say it lives up to its promise! The smell is also pretty pleasant and lingers throughout the day which is nice because it makes me feel like it’s doing its job and I don’t need to reapply. Nivea deodorants come in glass tubes (is tubes the right word?) so you can see how much is left and know exactly when you’ll need to get a replacement.

5. Music (ft. Bianca, Jessica Agombar, Jodie Connor and Morgan Deane) – This month I have been turning to these five tunes time and time again so I decided to compile them all into a handy SoundCloud playlist for you! Most of these tracks aren’t available to buy yet but British popstress Bianca recently released her debut EP Hi-5 – check that out if you like what you hear!

That’s all for this month, be sure to let me know what you’ve been loving!


Bye Bye Shea

Bye Bye SheaLast month I purchased a bottle of Shea Shower Cream from The Body Shop and unfortunately I had to return it over the weekend as my skin was having a reaction to the product. The skin on my legs was becoming dry and itchy and red patches were popping up all over the place. I knew this was the cause as it’s only happened within the last month and I haven’t used anything else on my legs.

It absolutely breaks my heart to write this post as I loved using this shower cream and loved the smell it left on my skin. Looking at the list of ingredients, I think the trigger for the reaction is down to Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS). It is quite a common ingredient in cleaning and hygiene products and I’d be very mindful about using a product containing it so BEWARE sensitive skinned beauties.

Despite the initial sadness that I was no longer able to use this shower cream I jumped onto The Body Shop website and read about their returns policy. If you have a problem with a product within 30 days of purchasing it you can return it in-store or via post and receive an exchange, gift card or refund (providing you kept your receipt or you’re a Love Your Body member so they can look up your sale). I emailed the customer services team and wanted to check this applied to products that had been opened and used. The reply I got confirmed it did and over the weekend I popped in-store and swapped the shower cream for a bottle of Shea Body Whip – I just had to pay the difference. I also made sure this product didn’t have SLS in it.

The point I wanted to make with this post was how lovely and understanding the staff were and how easy it was to swap the product over. I simply had to fill out a form providing details of the reaction and a few personal details. Overall, The Body Shop has a great returns policy and hopefully this doesn’t happen to you, but if it does I hope you’re treated as well as I was.

Be sure to let me know if you’ve ever experienced something similar!

Chanelle x

The Body Shop Haul

The Body Shop HaulHey everyone!

If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen me post an image yesterday of my small haul from The Body Shop. I was in town with a friend and we happened to pop in. I’d been wanting to pick up a shower cream and a pair of bath gloves so I decided to use the money I had left on my gift card and purchase them. Originally, I was leaning towards the Brazil Nut shower cream for a bit of variety but I preferred the scent of the Shea and I have the matching body butter so the scents of the two products will layer better.

Festive bath gloves1. Festive Bath Gloves

One of the biggest dilemmas I faced was what colour gloves to go for. I would have loved a light purple pair but there weren’t any so I went for these festive, red ones. I thought a dark, bolder colour would make it easier for the shower cream to be seen. I opted for gloves as opposed to a bath lily as they last longer and can even be machine washed to prolong use.

Festive bath glovesProduct Description:

Buff your body to party softness with these festive exfoliating bath gloves.

– Removes dead skin cells

– Increases the lather of body wash

– Leaves skin feeling softer and smoother

How To Use:

Pour a small amount of body wash onto gloves and rub over body in circular movements. Use two to three times a week. Rinse after use and hang to dry.

Shea shower cream

2. Shea Shower Cream 250ml

I mentioned in my February Favourites post *here* how much I adore the scent of my Shea body butter so I knew this shower cream was going to be a winner! As stated in the beginning of this post, I was torn between this and Brazil Nut but went for Shea in the end because I do LOVE the scent and the shop assistant recommended it as it’s rather neutral and won’t interfere with perfumes.

Product Description:

This soap-free, moisture-rich shower cream contains real shea butter and has a subtle nutty scent.

– Soap-free

– Lather-rich

How To Use:

Lather up in the bath or shower using a bath lily or bath gloves. Massage all over the body and rinse thoroughly. Recommended to be used with other products from the Shea collection as part of a body care layering regime.

I used both items in the shower for the first time this morning and I can notice a difference already. My skin feels super soft and the shower cream didn’t give me a dry, scrubbed feeling like other body washes can. (I also smell pretty yummy!) My skin can be sensitive particularly where body washes and soap are concerned but I haven’t experienced any reactions from the body butter so fingers crossed I’ll be fine.

Love Your Body loyalty cardWhile I was in-store yesterday I also signed up to the Love Your Body rewards programme and became a Love Your Body member. I paid a one-off membership fee of $5.00 and I get a loyalty card with a whole range of benefits*:

– Earn points on purchases in-store and online – One point is earned for every dollar spent and once you reach 100 points you’re entitled to a $10 rewards voucher.

– Invitations to exclusive member events – Join our Love Your Body events for pampering, exclusive member-only specials and even a chance to win bonus points or prizes.

– Exclusive members only offers and events – Sign-up to receive our Love Your Body e-newsletters to be the first to hear about our member-only offers and look out for exclusive competitions.

– One-time 20% discount during your birthday month – Treat yourself in the month of your birthday and you’ll receive a 20% discount on your entire purchase in-store or online! Make the most of your discount by stocking up on all of your favourites, after all, you only get it once a year.

– Exclusive previews or product launches – Want to be the first to know about our yet-to-be released products and ranges? Sign-up to our Love Your Body e-newsletters!

Just yesterday alone I earned 26 points towards my first 100. January is my birthday month so I might even be able to earn more discounts from leftover Christmas stock and New Year sales. Score!

*I’m not sure if all benefits of the Love Your Body rewards programme are the same in every country but if you shop at The Body Shop frequently it’s worth joining and checking out! Your country’s website will be able to tell you all the details.

Have you treated yourself to any pampering goodies lately? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

Chanelle x

This post is in no way sponsored by The Body Shop and all opinions and images are my own. The products were purchased by me for personal use.