BEST Dupe For MAC’s Ruby Woo Lipstick

As a beauty fanatic I truly believe every woman (or man, no judgement here) needs at least one red lipstick in their makeup bag! Skin colour and whether you have warm or cool undertones may be factors in helping you decide which shade of red you’re drawn to and best suited to but in this post I’m going to be talking about the best dupe I have found for Ruby Woo from MAC if you aren’t the biggest fan of the retro matte formula.

What makes Ruby Woo so great?

If you aren’t already aware as to why Ruby Woo has cult status here’s a bit of background. Ruby Woo is described as a vivid blue-red and the shade is very inclusive, suiting a range of skin tones from fair to deep. For many, including myself, it is the perfect classic red, it’s not too warm or too cool and it doesn’t pull orange, berry or burgundy, it’s straight up red. It is also the kind of red that makes your teeth look white… who doesn’t want that?!

Meet the Dupe: Ruby You – MAC

No, that’s not a typo and you may think I’m cheating a little with this dupe but it has everything I know and love about the original Ruby Woo with a few minor differences. In 2021 MAC introduced Ruby’s Crew, launching their world famous red lipstick in fan-favourite formulas including powder kiss liquid lip colour and a tinted lipglass. I’ll be comparing the original Ruby Woo to Ruby You and sharing swatches. I do see a place for the both of these in my collection and won’t be getting rid of either. However, if you’re on the hunt for a good red or know someone who is, this post will help distinguish between the two.

L-R: Ruby You and Ruby Woo

Formula & Longevity

Ruby Woo has a retro matte formula giving it a completely matte, velvety finish. This means it is long wearing with intense colour payoff. The lipstick will get you through the day/night without needing major touch ups and does last when eating and drinking. It is supposedly kiss proof as well, I’ve never put this to the test but I imagine if you’re giving someone a quick peck on the check it’s fine. I’ve touched my fingers to my lips when wearing Ruby Woo and they have always come away clean.

Ruby You is part of the Love Me lipstick line. It is a weightless, argan-oil infused formula that gives an instant hit of colour and all day moisture with a soft, satin finish. If you have dry lips you will prefer this formula as it glides on and is the best parts of MAC’s satin, amplified and lustre finishes all rolled into one. As there is more slip with Ruby You I do advise a lip liner (I recommend a lip liner with all red lipsticks) to help the colour fade more evenly throughout the day. If you are eating or drinking this may need to be reapplied and checked during the day, it won’t give as much longevity as Ruby Woo. On the lips the difference isn’t obvious but in the arm swatches you will see Ruby You has more shine.


Ruby Woo comes in the standard black bullet packaging. It also has special red packaging with the shade name on the bullet as part of the Ruby’s Crew launch but I’m not sure if that packaging will be permanent or is available for a limited time only.

Ruby You follows the look of the rest of the Love Me line, a shiny ombre bullet showcasing the colour family each shade is from: nudes, purples or reds. This is my first Love Me lipstick from the reds and the packaging is beautiful! I have a few other lipsticks from the Love Me range and I think the packaging is some of the prettiest in my makeup collection. This packaging also makes the lipstick easy to identify in your makeup bag/drawer.


Ruby Woo in the regular black bullet will set you back $35 (NZD) and $38 (NZD) in the special red packaging.

Ruby You will set you back $38 (NZD) – a little more expensive but worth it for the packaging I feel.


Both of these lipsticks are easy to apply and control. There is less glide with Ruby Woo purely down to the formula. If you have dry lips I would also recommend applying a small amount of lip balm to the lips 10-20 minutes beforehand to help Ruby Woo go on easier. This still gives the velvety matte finish and precise application without giving the lipstick too much slip. If the lipstick is applied directly after the balm it can be harder to control and get precise lines. Ruby Woo is pretty much opaque with one layer and doesn’t require much building up. Ruby You glides over the lips but I need to apply two-three layers to get opaque, even coverage. Ruby You is easier to maneouvre to get into the corners of the mouth due to its formula.



Top: Ruby Woo
Bottom: Ruby You


(Both shades applied over Olive lip liner from xoBeauty)

Top: Ruby You
Bottom: Ruby Woo


Now that you’ve read about both shades, who should purchase each one? If you don’t mind a matte lipstick formula, want to save a little bit of money and want colour that lasts all day, go for Ruby Woo. If your lips are on the drier side, you want a red that is soft, easy to apply and re-applying lipstick throughout the day doesn’t bother you, go for Ruby You.

To be honest you can’t go wrong with either of these. The colour is identical, both are comfortable, pigmented and have good longevity. What you like in a lipstick will ultimately determine which is right for you.


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Favourite Red Lipsticks

This post was suggested to me by Cat who blogs over at My Lip Addiction. As you can probably guess from the name of her blog lip products are her weakness, a woman after my own heart! I don’t know what it is about lipstick but for me it completes a makeup look. Different colours represent moods and how you’re feeling on a certain day and I love that.

Red lipstick makes me feel confident and bold and shows a fun, playful side of my personality. Up until three years ago I steered clear of red lipstick, not because I didn’t like it but I hadn’t tried it before and thought it would clash with my red hair – it totally doesn’t! Now a few years on I wouldn’t be without red lipstick, it is a timeless classic and every lady needs at least one in her makeup bag.

Christmas is coming up and if you want some red lip inspiration, look no further!

#1. Rimmel 107 – I purchased this beauty in March 2015 and it is one of my favourites from my entire lipstick collection! It is the perfect berry lipstick with hints of plum, cranberry and wine. The formula is matte but it’s not as drying as other matte lipsticks I’ve tried. Normally I apply Dainty Doll’s Wonderbalm before applying this and it keeps my lips from drying out. The pigmentation is superb and the colour applies beautifully and evenly. If you’re a Zoella fan, this is also one of her faves!

#2. MAC Ruby Woo – If I could only recommend one red lipstick to you it would be Ruby Woo. The hype and love for this shade is real because it is pretty much the perfect red. This red has been made to make teeth look whiter and once this shade is on the lips it gives them a velvety look. Out of the four lipsticks in this post it has the most drying formula but it’s nothing a lip balm underneath doesn’t fix. The colour lasts all day and the lip balm helps keep the lipstick in place and prolong wear time.

#3. Bourjois – Frambourjoise – This shade is more of a raspberry red and has pink undertones but it is still an absolutely gorgeous colour! I was intrigued by the formula and inspired to try these by Anna from The Anna Edit on YouTube – (previously Vivanna Does Makeup). The formula is a mousse-type texture and it doesn’t dry matte straight away so you’ve got time to apply multiple coats if you need and make sure application is even. I’m a perfectionist and like to make sure there is the same amount of product and colour on each lip. I like the small applicator as well, it allows for precision and gets right in to the corners of your mouth.

#4. Smashbox – Bawse – I won Bawse in a giveaway hosted by Nerdy Librarian Girl in 2016 and it is a very bold, don’t mess with me‘ red. Bawse is a collaboration between Smashbox and Canadian YouTuber Lilly Singh and I flippin’ love it! The packaging is simple but nice and the doe foot applicator is easy to use. It is bigger than Frambourjoise’s applicator and isn’t as precise but one coat of Bawse is enough, there is no need to touch up certain areas. I would say the formula is drier than Frambourjoise’s as well but both dry down to very comfortable, wearable mattes which last throughout the day.

Lipsticks In Action:

Left To Right, Top To Bottom: Rimmel 107, Ruby Woo, Frambourjoise and Bawse.

What’s your favourite red lipstick?


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The MAC Lipstick Tag


Hey everyone! I saw this tag seven months ago on Molly’s blog and I finally got around to doing it! Like most beauty bloggers, I adore MAC lipsticks. The range of formulas and selection of shades combined with outstanding quality is a winning combination! MAC lipsticks are worth every cent and the hype surrounding them is definitely real. Let’s jump straight in to the tag!

1. What was your first MAC lipstick?

My first MAC lipstick was Syrup. I chose this colour after hearing Lily Pebbles mention it in a number of her videos and I couldn’t have been more happy with my choice.

2. What was your most recent MAC lipstick addition?

I haven’t received it yet, but my brother is buying Matte Royal for me for my birthday this month.

3. What is your most used MAC Lipstick?

It’s a tie between Syrup and Patisserie (another Lily Pebbles inspired choice). Both of these shades are lovely as everyday colours as they’re relatively neutral and they go with absolutely everything!

4. What is your favourite nude/pink/red MAC lipstick?

Nude: Blankety – The perfect nude.

Pink: Without Your Love – From Ellie Goulding’s MAC collection.

Red: Ruby Woo – It’s the only red lipstick from MAC I own.

5. Have you ever repurchased a MAC lipstick?

Not yet. I definitely see myself repurchasing Syrup once I’ve used it up and possibly Patisserie as well.

6. Which of the different MAC finishes do you own?

2 x Lustre, 2 x Retro Matte, 2 x Cremesheen and 1 x Amplified making for a total of seven lipsticks. Not a lot, but still a nice little collection.

7. Which shade do you want to wear more?

Blankety. It is such a beautiful nude with an incredible formula and I don’t show it enough love.

8. Which shade doesn’t get enough hype?

All Fired Up. This is the most gorgeous fuschia-red colour which are my favourite shades to wear. Despite being retro matte, this lipstick isn’t drying.

9. Do you regret buying any shades?

Sunny Seoul – kind of. It’s a cremesheen which isn’t my favourite finish and sometimes this shade can take a few layers to build up nicely and provide even coverage. It’s my least worn MAC lipstick but I don’t want to get rid of it because it’s still stunning. Maybe I’ll pass it on to my mum.

My (Soon To Be) MAC Lipstick Collection:


10. What next?

I want to do a thorough swatch test. I especially want to swatch Brave as it is talked about so often and seems like another perfect neutral everyday colour. I’m eyeing up Show Orchid as well for when my current fuchsia shade runs out. I don’t need any lipsticks right now but I can always look for the future, right?!


I hope you enjoyed reading this tag and definitely give it a go if you’re a MAC lipstick fan!


Winter Lipstick Picks 💄

Winter Lipstick PicksNext week marks the beginning of June which means Winter will have officially arrived in New Zealand! Today I’ve got another seasonal post lined up for you: my top lipstick picks for winter. For a lot of people the cooler months are all about berry tones and while I do like those, they aren’t the only colours you’ll see me wearing. Whether you’re a fan of berries, neutrals or classic year round shades, keep reading to see how to dress up your winter lips!


I’ve got two options for you on the berry front and they are both matte. One is a cult classic among beauty bloggers and the other is a gorgeous purple-berry shade I won in a giveaway.

  1. First up is Rimmel 107 which is much adored in the blogging world. This lipstick is a lovely berry/wine shade and another huge plus point of this lipstick is it’s price tag. I paid around $11 (NZD) for it and it retails for roughly £5 in the drugstore. If you are prone to dry lips, I would advise applying a balm under this one.
  2. Secondly, we have After Dark by Urban Decay. This lipstick is from Urban Decay’s relatively new Matte Revolution range and I was luckily enough to win this shade in a giveaway last December. The best way to describe this lipstick is Rimmel 107’s more purple cousin. This lipstick is the epitome of Autumn/Winter and I used it to create my autumnal makeup look. The sleek black and purple packaging adds to the luxury feel. The formula of this lipstick is not as matte as Rimmel 107 and I can get away with not wearing a balm underneath.


Ever since I started blogging, I’ve become obsessed with neutral everyday shades and wear them at least once or twice a week. Again, I’ve got two options in this category including an old favourite and one of my more recent additions.

  1. If you’ve been a reader of my blog for a while now you will know all about my love for MAC’s Syrup. It was my first ever MAC lipstick and MAC purchase and I still wear this shade constantly. Syrup has slightly pink, slightly muted berry tones with a hint of raspberry and it is one of my favourite lipstick shades in my collection. This shade is perfect to throw on if you’re not sure what to wear and is appropriate for both day and night.
  2. I purchased Asia by Rimmel back in March and it is fast becoming another of my favourite shades. The browny/pink tones pull cool making it a lovely option for winter and would look gorgeous teamed with either a smokey or shimmery eye. It’s still warm enough that it adds colour to the face and would even look lovely worn with just a few coats of mascara.

Suggested post: Nude Lipsticks 101 – see more of my favourite neutral lip colours.


When it comes to lipstick my absolute favourite shade to wear is fuchsia! A more restrained alternative to fuchsia is my Raspberry Ripple lipstick by W7. (The name even has berry in it!) I purchased this lipstick for my mum but she told me to keep it as she already owned similar shades. This lipstick cost me $6 and the pigmentation and formula doesn’t disappoint. This lipstick feels so moisturising on the lips and doesn’t feel like you’re wearing anything at all. Raspberry Ripple has a slight frost effect to it but if anything it makes the lips look highlighted and isn’t as frosty as a MAC frost lipstick.


You can’t go wrong with a traditional, classic red, particularly in the form of Ruby Woo by MAC. Ruby Woo is a blue-toned red meaning it makes your teeth look whiter and who doesn’t want that?! The lasting power is pretty amazing but it is a retro matte formula meaning it can be more drying than usual. I have worn this lipstick without applying a balm first and let me tell you, I don’t advise it. Application wasn’t the easiest and when I removed the lipstick my lips were sore and felt dry. I’ve said this before but I guarantee you, Ruby Woo is the perfect red lipstick!


Winter Lipstick Swatches Left To Right and listed in the order above: 107, After Dark, Syrup, Asia, Raspberry Ripple and Ruby Woo.

Do you agree with the shades I’ve selected? What would you add to the list?


New MAC Products

New MAC ProductsHey there! Like so many other beauty bloggers I am a massive fan of MAC lipsticks. The range of colours is outstanding and the formulation and lasting power is much talked about. Four new lip products from MAC have found their way into my makeup drawer (two in the last week) and I thought it might be nice to share them with you!

Ruby Woo and All Fired Up featured in last week’s January Favourites post. I mentioned they probably deserve a post of their own and the lovely Adele agreed so here it is! The other two shades are from the newly released MAC x Ellie Goulding collection and I just knew I had to get my hands on something from it! I think even if I wasn’t a fan of Ellie’s these shades would still be colours I’d go for. Pretty pink and peachy neutrals, yes please!


MAC SwatchesLeft To Right: Without Your Love, Revved, All Fired Up and Ruby Woo.

1. Ruby Woo Lipstick

Ruby Woo is a classic red and a staple in many bloggers makeup bags. Before owning the shade I thought, “Do I need another red lipstick?” and I am so glad I convinced myself I did. Ruby Woo is a proper blue-toned red and doesn’t lean towards orange or lean towards wine-brick red tones. Ruby Woo does have a retro matte formula which can make it drying but if you apply a small amount of lip balm beforehand, it’s fine. Another huge plus is that Ruby Woo makes your teeth look whiter due to it’s blue-red tones, perfect for showcasing that killer smile! The colour will last you all day (or all night) and doesn’t transfer when you eat or drink.  If you’re looking for one holy grail red for your collection, I guarantee you this is it.

Finished Face 21st

2. All Fired Up Lipstick

If you were to ask me what my perfect lipstick colour is, All Fired Up would just about be it. Fuschia is my absolute favourite shade to wear but this shade has the right amount of red to take it from an ordinary fuschia into something special. If I wanted to, I know I could wear this lipstick day in and day out and never get tired of it, that’s how beautiful the colour is. I feel like not enough people know about All Fired Up and if you swatch it you will see how beautiful it is. Again, this one has a retro matte formula but I find this slightly creamier than Ruby Woo. All Fired Up is the also the name of one of my favourite Saturdays’ songs so you can’t really go wrong!

MAC All Fired Up Lip Swatch

3. Without Your Love Lipstick

Ellie Goulding’s MAC collection features two brand new lipstick shades named after two of her songs. I swatched both in-store and preferred the look of Without Your Love; a warm seashell pink. Not only is this colour beautiful and right up my street, the packaging and lipstick bullet itself is stunning. The rose gold and black packaging is right on trend and makes the collection stand out. I also love how Ellie’s logo is embossed into the bullet. Without Your Love has a cremesheen finish meaning it is infused with pearlised pigments and a moistursing serum blend. This shade would look particularly lovely on fair skin tones as it is such a light pink. I’m sure this would also look lovely layered up or with a darker pink gloss over the top.MAC Without Your Love Lip Swatch

4. Revved Patentpolish Lip Pencil

This is my first MAC product that’s not strictly a lipstick. MAC claim their patentpolish lip pencils offer the comfort of a balm, colour and sheen of a gloss and precision of a lip pencil. The two lip pencils in the collection are part of MAC’s permanent range. They have been re-promoted and given special packaging for this collection. Revved is a peach shade with shimmer and is really nice to apply, it’s creamy but not too creamy if that makes sense. I do think this lip pencil would need reapplication throughout the day as the colour had faded when I returned home from work. The good thing about this shade is that because it is neutral it’s not as noticeable when it fades as a matte or a bright colour. I don’t own any other lip pencils so it will be interesting to see how often I reach for this. I see myself wearing this shade a lot as it is perfect for everyday.MAC Revved Swatch

If there are any MAC shades you think I should swatch next time I’m at the counter, leave your suggestions below!


January Favourites 2016

January Favourites 2016Hello there! We are already at the end of the first month of 2016 and I feel like this month has been one of the best I’ve had for a while and there’s just been this buzz of excitement for most of it. I feel like so much has happened already this year and if everything continues at this pace, it’s going to be a jam-packed 2016. I decided to keep my monthly favourites feature as I enjoy reading them and I love sharing what I’ve been loving for the past four weeks.

1. Real Techniques Shading Brush – I mentioned the Real Techniques Blush Brush in my 2015 December Favourites but this month I’ve been loving using the Shading Brush with all my eyeshadows. This brush is quite small in size so you may not love it as much as I do if your eyes are on the larger side but for me it is the perfect size. I use this brush to create my whole eye look and find it picks up each colour nicely without blending away what I’ve applied already. The bristles are super soft and wash up really well. Don’t hesitate to give this little brush a go!

2. MAC Ruby Woo and All Fired Up – I got these two shades for Christmas and I have been debating whether or not they deserve their own post dedicated to how beautiful they are. If that’s something you’d like to see just give me a shout! I won’t talk about them too much but Ruby Woo and All Fired Up are bright, bold colours and both have a Retro Matte finish. I have worn each shade a handful of times now and they look so good, I haven’t found the formula to be as drying as I thought it could be either.

3. Filofax – Ahhh, my gorgeous hot pink Filofax in ‘Domino.’ I have had this beauty coming up two years now and I still love it! I decided to include it in my favourites this month as I got new diary inserts for 2016 and I have been really good at using them and writing down what I’ve got to do or what I’ve got coming up. The beauty of a Filofax is how personal they are, you don’t need to buy a new diary every year, just the inserts. The inserts come in a range of options and no one said anything about a Filofax having to be used as a diary. *wink*

4. TRESemmé Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Protective Spray – Shortly after I purchased my hair straightener I purchased this heat protection spray. I am currently using the TRESemmé Salon Silk shampoo and conditioner and this product works in conjunction with that. This spray is so easy to use and I notice such a difference in my hair. I normally section my hair and use 2-3 sprays on each section combing it through with my fingers or a brush. As a result my hair feels silky smooth and looks healthy and shiny. The scent of this spray is pretty pleasant as well.

5. Yoga Camp – Last year I discovered Yoga With Adriene‘s 30 Days of Yoga videos on YouTube and that month of yoga turned out to be one of my highlights for 2015. I didn’t actually know about Yoga Camp until Jodi (A Brash Attitude) commented on one of my posts. I started a few days behind but once again I am loving doing yoga – it’s so calming and makes you feel good and less stressed.

January’s Spotify Playlist:

For January’s monthly playlist I’ve included the 21 Songs In 21 Years playlist which I created for my birthday. It features a song from each year I’ve been alive so check it out to see what tracks have made the cut and defined my life!


I’m 21! + 21st Makeup Menu

I'm 21!Hello beautiful people! I am extremely jolly this Monday as it was my 21st birthday yesterday and I had the most amazing day! I think it was probably my best birthday yet and I feel incredibly spoiled. A huge thank you to my lovely blogging friends for their birthday wishes and as I was eating cake I was thinking of you. Today I’m sharing my makeup menu with you and a selection of pictures from the weekend. Enjoy!

The Menu21st Makeup MenuFor my 21st makeup I knew I wanted to keep things quite simple and really make a statement with my lips. I only had one request and that was for my face to look nice (you know those days where for some reason your makeup doesn’t look as good). Luckily, my prayers were answered and I was very happy with the end result.

Face Title

21st Face MakeupProducts listed in order of application:

1. Simple Kind To Skin Replenishing Rich Moisturiser – Normally I use Simple’s light hydrating moisturiser but I have noticed my skin has been drier than usual so have switched back to the replenishing rich one. At the moment this seems to keep my skin supple and moisturized for longer.

2. Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation in 101 Ivory Beige – I purchased this foundation two weeks ago and somehow I have failed to mention it on my blog. I wanted a change from my Rimmel Match Perfection and I am loving this one. It provides a fuller, more matte coverage but is still hydrating and lovely on the skin.

3. Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in 15 Fair – I must say this every time I do a makeup menu but this concealer is so good. The shade is perfect for my skin and I had a spot on my chin I wanted to conceal and this did the job. It never clogs pores or makes spots worse.

4. The Body Shop Honey Bronzer 01 Light Matte – If you saw my Birthday Body Shop Haul you’ll know this product is a new addition to my makeup drawer but a welcome one! This bronzer adds a beautiful glow and is so easy to apply without going overboard. I applied this to my cheeks, forehead and jawline using my Real Techniques Blush Brush.

5. Dainty Doll Powder Blush 004 You Are My Sunshine – I was worried about my blush, bronzer and bold lip all competing with each other but I think all three look nice together and compliment the look I managed to achieve, it didn’t look like I went overboard. The golden shimmer of this blush just gives the top of the cheek bones that something special. I actually prefer to apply this blush with a Real Techniques Setting Brush as it is very pigmented and it allows me to use a lighter hand.

Eyes Title21st Eye Makeup1. Chi Chi ‘Heiress’ Billion Dollar Palette – I used a shimmery light pink all over the lid before sweeping a light brown over the outer edge of the eye and through the crease.

2. Rimmel ScandalEyes Lycra Flex Mascara – This mascara is hands down my favourite out of all of the ones I’ve tried and owned so of course I had to use it in this makeup menu. The wand is so light and easy to hold and I love the volume and lift this mascara gives my lashes.

Eye MakeupLips Title21st Lip Makeup1. Dainty Doll Wonderbalm – I use this as a lip primer 20-30 minutes before I apply lipstick, especially if a lipstick is on the drier side. It helps the lipstick apply smoother and doesn’t make it look glossy or distort the colour.

2. MAC Ruby Woo – I made my mind up weeks ago I wanted to rock MAC’s Ruby Woo on my birthday. This colour is bold and beautiful and lasted amazingly well throughout the night. My perfect red – I think so!End Result

Finished Face 21st

My Birthday In Photos:

21st Birthday Collage1. Birthday Nails | Emotions from the OPI and Mariah Carey Holiday Collection. 2. Badge | I bought this badge to wear last year but ended up celebrating early and didn’t feel right wearing it. I took full advantage this year and a few kind strangers even wished me Happy Birthday. It also got me free entry into a club. 3. Presents Galore | I got home from clubbing to find the table and living room decorated with balloons and presents.

4. Birthday Balloon | My mum dashed off on Sunday morning to purchase this and get it filled with helium. 5. Lunch | Lunch was pretty low key as I went out for a meal with family and friends on Saturday night but we had yummy savouries and grape juice! 6. Happy Birthday To You | After lunch came the cake, a chocolate sponge filled with fresh cream and strawberry jam. It was absolutely delicious and the candles looked magical.

I can’t even begin to explain how thankful and lucky I am to everyone for their birthday messages, presents and all the effort they put in to make my day special. I know I didn’t share what presents I received but I think I’d need an entirely separate post for that and I’m sure a few of the items will pop up in favourites posts throughout the year. As always, thank you for reading!


6 Wardrobe Staples

6 Wardrobe StaplesWe all have those items in our wardrobe that make us feel good when we wear them and you can count on as go to pieces when you have no idea what to wear. I’ve narrowed down the top six pieces in my wardrobe that I feel are staples and everyone should have. All of these are classics that I believe will never go out of style!

Cosy Jumper

If you’re like me there’s nothing you enjoy more than being all wrapped up and snug on cold, wet days. I also love nothing more than coming home and getting into my comfy, “home” clothes. A cosy jumper is practical for both situations, it keeps you warm and is easy to throw on. You know the jumpers I’m talking about here, the knitted, thick type which can also be dressed up with a few accessories and a nice pair of jeans or leggings if you have to leave the house. I bought a cream jumper recently and although I haven’t had a lot of wear out of it yet, I can’t wait for it to come out once the weather starts getting a bit nippy.

Denim Blue Jeans

Jeans not only look good with pretty much anything (including the cosy jumper above), there are so many styles and colours out there to suit you and your shape. If you pick a well-known, trusted brand, jeans can be durable and last you a good few years. Jeans can be worn casually or dressed up for a more sophisticated look. Black jeans look cute with a strappy top in summer or teamed with boots, coat and a hat in winter.

Black Court Shoes

A court shoe is a basic heel that can be worn for work, job interviews, date nights or any other occasion you can think of. Court shoes generally have a mid heel placing them between kitten and stiletto lengthwise. Most of my footwear is black as it goes with everything and I don’t have to worry about my shoes clashing with the rest of my outfit. Black always looks smart and sleek.

White Button Up Shirt

A white shirt looks crisp and can also be worn outside of the office without looking like work clothes. Try playing around with sleeve length, material and cut. I personally like a 3/4 length sleeve as I’m short. The shirt I’ve got has sleeves that can be rolled up and fastened with a button or worn long if you’re layering over top. A white shirt and jeans is a super easy and casual weekend look.

Black Boots

The options with boots are endless; ankle, over the knee, heel, no heel, zip up, lace up – the list goes on! Once you find a pair and a cut that works for you it feels like a match made in heaven. Boots are not only stylish but they can be practical as well. They look great with pants tucked in or worn over the top. My pair of boots have a tiny 2cm heel but are not your typical high-heeled boots – the heel is wider than it is long. The boots are comfortable to wear all day and for dancing all night.

Red Lipstick

When in doubt, add red lipstick! If your outfit is bland and boring, a red lip will pull everything together to make you look complete. Don’t be afraid of red, there is a shade out there perfect for everybody, you just have to find it! My favourite at the moment is MAC’s Ruby Woo. There is a reason so many people love it and call this the perfect red. Ruby Woo is a blue-toned red which helps make your teeth look whiter – perfect for that smile! Other personal favourite red lipsticks of mine: Rimmel 107 (a berry, wine red) and Revlon’s Fire & Ice (a tomato red).

The beauty with all of these pieces is that they work well individually and together. If you take blue jeans, a white shirt, black heels and red lipstick, that’s a killer outfit right there! How many of these are in your wardrobe?


What I Got For Christmas

What I Got For ChristmasHello lovelies!

Let me start by saying I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! I’ve been enjoying my four day weekend and short break from work before I go back tomorrow (Tuesday). When it comes to Christmas and gifts I receive, I am always grateful but this year I feel especially lucky. I knew a lot of what I was getting but I still enjoyed unwrapping everything on Christmas day and saying thank you to my nearest and dearest.

I thought it would be nice to share what I received with my blogging friends and see if we got any of the same presents.

Christmas Presents1. London Tote Bag

I love anything and everything to do with London and unwrapping this bag was a welcomed surprise! The bag is made from a waterproof, PVC-like material so it is strong and durable and will come in handy for shopping, traveling or storage.

2. kikki.K DIY Wall Calendar

I always like to have a wall calendar and I saw this kit on kikki.K’s website. I like that it comes with pens, stickers and adhesive dots for photos. You can personalise each month however you want. I know I will enjoy being creative and coming up with a theme each month. The calendar features black and white pages so you can switch it up each month or have 12 months black or 12 months white.

3. Cubic Zirconia Pendant

Personally I find jewellery one of the hardest things to shop for. I don’t like big, chunky pieces and I find that my features are quite an awkward size, my wrists for example are tiny so I have be careful bracelets and bangles don’t fall off. I saw this square cubic zirconia pendant and fell in love with the simplicity and elegance of it. I can see myself wearing this pendant a lot and it’s the type of piece that will go with everything.

Close up of the pendant:

Silver Pendant

4. The Body Shop Nutty Hand Cream Trio

I have been raving about The Body Shop’s hand creams lately and this trio is so cute! The red and white spotted packaging looks utterly adorable and Christmassy. The three scents included in this trio are: Shea, Moringa and Wild Argan Oil. Wild Argan Oil was on my list to try and I smelt Moringa in store and it smelt lovely. There is also a Fruity Trio of hand creams available featuring Strawberry, Mango and Pink Grapefruit.

5. Hershey’s Kisses Cookies ‘n’ Creme

Christmas isn’t Christmas without chocolate! Ever since I was a kid I’ve loved Hershey’s Cookies ‘n’ Creme bars. I remember the bars being thin and broken up into 12 pieces (I think it’s 12), with white wrappers. The chocolate is smooth and creamy and perfect if you’re a white chocolate fan.

6. kikki.K 2016 Diary Refill

I do have a Filofax (a Personal Domino Patent in Hot Pink in case you’re interested) and it’s coming up to my third year using a planner now. I sit down every week, usually on a Sunday and plan out what’s happening for the week ahead. Filofaxes are great as it means you only have to replace the inserts every year rather than getting a brand new diary. Personally I don’t like diary inserts that break each day up into timed intervals, I like the freedom a week on two pages brings. Normally I get Filofax inserts but decided to try kikki.K ones for 2016. The inserts are lined which means no more crooked writing. Haha!

7. MAC ‘Ruby Woo’ and MAC ‘All Fired Up’

Hello, my name is Chanelle and I think I’m becoming a MAC lipstick addict. In all seriousness, I’ve accumulated six in the last year and not so long ago would never have dreamed of spending $40 on a lipstick. (The quality is amazing though). Ruby Woo and All Fired Up both have a Retro Matte finish so they promise intense, matte colour but beware if your lips are dry. This is the present I was most excited about and I can’t wait to give these two shades a whirl!

MAC Ruby Woo, MAC All Fired Up, retro matte,

Left To Right: Ruby Woo (vivid blue-red) and All Fired Up (bright fuchsia-red).

8. Essie Romper Room and Essie Chillato

Essie is fast becoming one of my favourite nail polish brands and these two pastel shades are a lovely addition to my nail polish collection. Romper Room is described as a pale tea rose pink and light pink always looks classy and pardon the pun, polished. Chillato is a shade from Essie’s Summer 2015 collection and is described as a frozen cream pistachio.

Essie Chillato, Essie Romper Room

Left To Right: Romper Room and Chillato.

I also received a travel pouch with the polishes as it came free if you purchased two or more. This is super cute and a perfect way to store polishes if you’re going away for the weekend or a short trip.

9. Philips Moisture Protect Hair Straightener

Until recently, I didn’t have a lot of interest in hair products and styling my hair but that all changed after a trip to the hairdresser. I don’t do a lot to my hair so I’d like to think it’s in relatively good condition. I purchased this hair straightener as a Christmas present to myself and I will also use it to curl my hair so essentially it’s two tools for the price of one! My hair is thick but straightening it makes it lighter and thinner which I’m sure will also help relieve me of a few headaches. It’ll be nice to do my hair every once in a while and have something to look forward to doing on special occasions. The straightener is lightweight and easy to use and is the most gorgeous rose gold and white colour.

What was your favourite gift you received?