NOTW: Bubblebath by OPI

NOTW Bubblebath By OPIHi everyone – happy Monday! April marked the first time I purchased a nail polish in a while and I selected the shade Bubblebath by OPI. I was on the hunt for a sheer, neutral shade that I can wear all the time (literally). I was torn between Essie’s Ballet Slippers and Mademoiselle and Bubblebath. I went for Bubblebath in the end because I have experienced uneven application with my lighter Essie shades (Romper Room and Chillato) and I preferred how Bubblebath looked in the bottle.


OPI describe Bubblebath as a “sweet candy pink” but it’s not too much of a girly shade if you’re not a huge fan of pink. I actually think after a couple of days and as the polish wears it looks more pink than when first applied but it’s still a very pretty colour. The sheer nature of this shade reminds me of a classic French manicure as you can still see the tips of your fingernails through the polish. Bubblebath to me would also be a top contender for a bride looking for the perfect polish for her wedding day. I would be more than happy to wear this shade myself as it’s simple, elegant and understated.


I own a few other OPI polishes and I’ve always been impressed with how they apply – this one is no different! The brush is a good size, it doesn’t get too much product on the bristles and the nail polish covers the nail in three easy strokes. Despite being a sheer polish, Bubblebath doesn’t apply patchy and gives an even coat to the nails. I find two coats of this is perfect for that French manicure, slightly sheer, slightly opaque look. If you like a more opaque look, you might benefit from a third coat.

Finish + Nail Care

The finish of Bubblebath is absolutely beautiful! Not only is it a dream to apply but it adds a healthy, glossy look that enhances your natural nails. Before applying Bubblebath I’ve gotten into the habit of using a 4-way buffer block. I’ve been filing my nails with a separate nail file but  making my nails look tip top by removing any ridges, making them buff and smooth and lastly making them look shiny. I have noticed my nails have been a lot healthier in the past few weeks and I think that has contributed. After I’ve applied two coats of Bubblebath I apply Maybelline’s Dr. Rescue Top Coat and it makes them look even more glossy and shiny – almost like a gel nail polish. Interestingly enough, OPI make Bubblebath in a gel formula as well.

Wearing Bubblebath by OPII hope you enjoyed seeing which nail polish I have been lusting over lately. Bubblebath is all I have been wearing on my nails for the past three-four weeks and it goes with everything. It’s such a beautiful and easy polish to maintain and definitely one to check out if you’re looking for something neutral and easy to wear!


The Autumn/Winter Nail Edit

AW Nail EditI have been excitedly waiting to write this post for a few weeks and I’m so glad I get to share it with you today! We are already into May and the second month of Autumn. Over the past week or so I’ve been noticing a real change in the weather; it’s no longer a crisp breeze in the morning and the nights are getting colder. One thing I always love to do regardless of the weather is paint my nails. Similar to what I did in my Spring/Summer Nail Edit, I’m going to show you what colours I think are perfect for Autumn and Winter. Again, there is a mix of brights, muted tones and shimmers.

The Lineup:

AW Nail PolishesClockwise, top to bottom: Revlon – Mon Cherry, OPI – Kiss Me At Midnight, Rimmel – Climax, OPI – No Room For the  Blues, Rubi – Rose Gold and Essie – Take It Outside.

1. Revlon – Mon Cherry

Everyone needs a classic red in their collection and this is my favourite out of the two I own. Funnily enough, my other red is also from Revlon but I love how glossy and shiny Mon Cherry looks on my nails. This is quite a bright red but I believe red looks nice all year round and the cherry hues are cooler than a tomato red for example.

Chanelle’s Tip: Team this polish with a red lip and monochrome outfit for a classic look!

2. OPI – Kiss Me At Midnight

Glitter is one of my favourite things in life and polishes are no exception! I got this mini polish in a Mariah Carey Holiday set along with two others and the combination of silver and blue glitter make this a particularly lovely wear in winter. The liquid sand texture is reminiscent of snow, despite the fact my part of New Zealand doesn’t get snow (apart from one time a couple of years ago). This polish only needs two coats but you could almost get away with one. My only gripe is I wish I had this in full size, I might have to invest in it.

Chanelle’s Tip: Don’t wear a top coat as it will alter the liquid sand texture and the polish won’t look as pretty.

3. Rimmel – Climax

I’ll be the first to admit I don’t wear this nail polish a whole lot and I should. The formula of this is so long-lasting and the iridescence mixed in with the dark purple is really pretty. Purple is my colour and what I mean by that is, whenever I seem to wear purple, clothing, makeup etc. I always seem to get complimented. I’m making it a goal to wear this polish a lot more in the near future.

Chanelle’s Tip: I don’t really have a tip for this polish except maybe to be mindful of the brush. It’s quite wide and if you have smaller hands you’ll need to be more careful.

4. OPI – No Room For the Blues

You’re probably thinking, “isn’t this more of a summer colour?” and yes brights are more likely to be associated with summer but I’m the kind of girl who loves brights all year round. Blue is a winter-y colour hence it being on the list!

Chanelle’s Tip: If you don’t like your nails getting stained use a base coat with this shade.

5. Rubi – Rose Gold

I picked up this polish for around $3 last year and briefly mentioned it in my HUGE Me Spree post. I am one of the people who has totally jumped on the rose gold bandwagon and this polish is incredibly gorgeous. The formula is surprisingly good and doesn’t apply streaky or too thick. I included this polish as it incorporates more traditional tones and colours associated with Autumn.

Chanelle’s Tip: This would be especially lovely if you’re looking to brighten up your nails during the cooler months. It’s neutral enough to be an everyday shade but still special enough if you’re dressing up or for an occasion.

6. Essie – Take It Outside

If you’re an avid reader of Chanelle Hayley you’ll know Take It Outside also featured in my Spring/Summer Nail Edit and it must be pretty amazing to warrant an appearance in both posts. The colour is a lovely light grey with hints of lilac and taupe throughout which helps to brighten up the nails and make them look fresh. The formula compared to some of my other Essie polishes is a dream to apply and wears well.

Chanelle’s Tip: Grey has become one of my go-to colours in my wardrobe as it makes a change from black but still has that classic, traditional feel. I like my nails to reflect my style.

My A/W nail polish choices may not be your usual dark berry tones and plum shades but there are a ton of those posts out there if that’s your thing. I like my nail polish shades to be versatile and a bit different and there’s always a purpose behind the purchase of each one. What’s your favourite shade for winter?


Christmas Nails

Christmas NailsHi everyone! We are officially 4 days away from Christmas!!! This week I’m kicking things off with a post about my Christmas nails and which nail polishes I used for them. Also, make sure you check back on Wednesday where I’ll be showing you my Christmas makeup look. I decided on my nails and makeup about a month ago and they tie in beautifully with each other. The looks are both simple to achieve whilst still being Christmassy and are sure to add a bit of glitz to your day!

Christmas Nails - PolishesFor my Christmas nails I wanted to keep the colours traditional and I came up with the idea of painting them red and using silver for an accent nail. (I selected my ring finger as the accent nail). The two polishes I used are Revlon Red by Revlon and It’s Frosty Outside by OPI. Revlon Red is a classic bright red which I believe everyone should have in their collection and It’s Frosty Outside is a silver liquid sand from Mariah Carey’s Holiday collection. It’s Frosty Outside has hexagonal glitter and micro-glitter giving it more texture than a straight silver polish.

I used It’s Frosty Outside on it’s own for my Christmas nails last year and I absolutely love this polish for all occasions. The red and silver look stunning together and I’m really pleased with how my nails turned out.

Christmas Nails 2015

Each polish only required two coats and I then applied a top coat over Revlon Red to make it even more shiny and less likely to chip before the big day.

Let me know what you think of the colour combination I came up with and how you’ll be doing your nails.

P.S. Don’t forget to check back on Wednesday to see my Christmas Day makeup menu!


The Spring/Summer Nail Edit

The Spring/Summer Nail EditHey lovelies, happy Friday! Like most ladies, one of my favourite beauty rituals is painting my nails. There’s something about having painted nails that fills me with confidence. Nails are a great way to express yourself with colour, and show off your creative side. We’re well into spring in the southern hemisphere and I’ve compiled a list of five polishes which I think are perfect for spring/summer. If you’re looking for neutrals, pastels, brights or even glitter I’ve got you covered!

The Lineup:

Spring/Summer Nail PolishesLeft To Right: OPI – Pink Yet Lavender, Essie – Ladylike, Essie – Take It Outside, Revlon – Bubblegum and Rimmel – Breakfast In Bed.

1. OPI – Pink Yet Lavender

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this polish on my blog before and it is hands down one of my most worn. I purchased this beauty back in 2013 at a makeup sale and I’m still in love. Pink Yet Lavender comes from OPI’s Mariah Carey collection and can be worn on it’s own or as a top coat to give your manicure a bit of extra sparkle. What’s interesting about this polish is that the colour is not completely clear and has a pinky-lavender tinge to it, hence the name. This is the perfect polish if you’re going out and need to do your nails in a hurry, it dries so quickly.

Chanelle’s Tip: One coat of this better than two. I find with one the polish lasts longer and doesn’t chip as quick.

2. Essie – Ladylike

This polish is one of my most recent purchases but it has found it’s way onto the list with it’s gorgeous mauve-y tones. Ladylike is one of those shades that can be worn all year round in reality so if you’re a minimalist when it comes to nail colours or prefer to invest in polishes you know you can wear throughout the year this is one to consider.

Chanelle’s Tip: This polish would look even more stunning against a tan.

3. Essie – Take It Outside

If you have a lot of dark clothes in your wardrobe or like to wear black on your nails this shade is a great alternative. Take It Outside is a lovely fresh shade that I feel would suit everyone and has hints of lilac in the grey which makes it the perfect warm shade for summer but also the perfect cool shade for winter.

Chanelle’s Tip: Pair this polish with monochrome and leather to create a badass rock chick look!

4. Revlon – Bubblegum

If you’re a girly girl and brights are your thing, this is the shade for you! As the name suggests, this polish is a bright, bubblegum pink and is part of Revlon’s scented nail polish range. This colour screams summer to me and would look perfect teamed with a white bikini to really make the pink pop.

Chanelle’s Tip: The brush on this polish is quite small so don’t wipe too much excess off when applying otherwise you won’t have enough to cover the nail.

5. Rimmel – Breakfast In Bed

Pastel colours are especially lovely in the summertime, they’re so calming and relaxing. Breakfast In Bed claims to have a 60 second drying time and for the most part this is true. I usually wait 5-10 minutes between coats just to be on the safe side. This shade also has a subtle shimmer running through it which really shines through once a top coat is applied.

Chanelle’s Tip: Try Rimmel’s Breakfast In Bed if you’re looking for a dupe and cheaper alternative to Essie’s famous Mint Candy Apple.

There you have it, my top five polishes for spring/summer. What are your favourite shades to wear in summer?


Shopping Shenanigans: Featuring My First MAC

Shopping ShenanigansHey everyone! Last Thursday my brother and I went on a little shopping trip and of course I wanted to tell you about my day so what better way to share it than through a post?! I’m very excited to share this post with you as I bought my first ever MAC lipstick!!! Read on to find out which shade I chose. The morning started with a McDonald’s breakfast – their hot chocolates are absolutely delightful! My brother and I then traveled to Hamilton which is roughly 1hr and 30mins from where I live.

MAC SyrupIsn’t it gorgeous?!

Not long after arriving I bought my MAC lipstick. At first I was apprehensive about paying so much for a lipstick but you do pay for quality. I’ve read so many blog posts championing MAC lipsticks and I wanted to try one for myself and see what all the fuss is about. After standing at the MAC counter for what seemed like ages – and with my hand covered in swatches – I finally settled on Syrup which is described as a cloudy pink shade and has a lustre finish. I immediately fell in love with the packaging, bullet shaped casing and vanilla scent.

Nails - It's Frosty OutsideWhile my brother was browsing around a shop I captured this image of my nails. I’m wearing OPI’s It’s Frosty Outside from the Mariah Carey Holiday Sands collection.

Mother's Day GiftI also popped into The Body Shop to purchase a Mother’s Day gift for my mum and the lovely lady behind the counter gift wrapped it for me. I selected a Shea soap and a bottle of White Musk fragrance mist.


Lunch ft. Dunkin’ Donuts 🙂

L-R: Vanilla Coke, Bavarian Kreme, Boston Kreme.


Following lunch I bought a bottle of Rimmel’s Match Perfection Foundation. I didn’t intend to buy a new foundation but decided to take the plunge and purchase it anyway. Wherever I went on Thursday I couldn’t help but look at the makeup displays and I happened to spot 010 Light Porcelain and 081 Fair Ivory. I swatched both on my hand and liked the look of Fair Ivory more. I’d previously sampled Rimmel’s Lasting Finish 25hr Foundation in 100 Ivory (read my review here) which was slightly too dark for me so the lighter shade is a better match.

Overall, I had a lovely day out and I am really pleased with my purchases!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my day and seeing the new makeup I bought. I can’t wait to incorporate both of these into my regular makeup routine! Let me know if you’ve tried these products!

Chanelle x

Easter Themed Nails

Easter Nails Happy Easter blogging buddies!

For the past week I’ve been planning on giving my nails an Easter inspired mani and since it’s Easter this weekend I thought I’d do a post about it and share it with you! The five nail polishes I’ve selected are colours that remind me of eggs in their bright foil wrapping and make me feel cheery when I wear them.

Easter NailsLeft to Right: OPI No Room For the Blues, Revlon Bubblegum, Miki No. 21, Revlon Mon Cherry, OPI Can’t aFjörd Not To.

Here’s a mini run-down on the polishes used:

1. OPI – No Room For the Blues

This polish is from the OPI Brights Collection and I’d describe it as a cross between sky blue and cornflower blue. As it is part of the Brights collection it is a beautiful, vibrant blue and is a lovely colour to wear all year round.

2. Revlon – Bubblegum

The name of this polish describes the colour perfectly, it’s such a bright, fun pink and is my favourite pink shade that I own. The polish is from Revlon’s scented range and while it doesn’t smell bad, it smells more like watermelon than bubblegum.

3. Miki – No. 21

This lavender polish is a pastel purple shade and perfect for spring time as well as this Easter look. I got this polish a few years ago from a friend for my birthday and even though it’s a relatively cheap brand it has good staying power and colour payoff.

4. Revlon – Mon Cherry

Another polish from Revlon’s scented range and as the name suggests this smells of cherries. This red is a gorgeous, glossy, cherry colour and is actually very similar to another Revlon polish of mine; Revlon Red.

5. OPI – Can’t aFjörd Not To

This coral polish is part of OPI’s Nordic Collection. I absolutely adore coral but I find this colour comes out darker than it does in the bottle and is more of an orange. The colour is still lovely but I’m more mindful of what I’m wearing when I paint my nails with it.

Easter Nails


Easter nailsHope you enjoyed reading this post! Let me know what you think of my nails in the comments below! Are you giving your nails an Easter inspired mani? Also, feel free to leave a comment and tell me about your Easter plans!

Chanelle x

Ready For The Weekend

Hey there everyone!

The inspiration for this post came from what I got up to this past weekend and wanting to share it with you. The title comes from the Calvin Harris track of the same name and I thought it fitted in nicely as I pampered myself to ensure I was ‘ready for the weekend’ and what I had planned.

Quick and easy makeupI stayed over at a friend’s on Friday night and did my nails as well as opting for a quick and easy makeup look. I literally only used a handful of products to cover the basics.

1. Simple Kind To Skin Replenishing Moisturiser

I have used Simple moisturiser for years and have never had a problem. The special blend of moisturising goodness contains one vital vitamin (Pro-Vitamin B5), three skin loving ingredients (Glycerin, Bisabolol and Allantoin) and zero perfume and colour.

2. Concealer stick – ‘Light’

Oh how I wish I knew what brand this concealer was. I have used this for years too and it never fails to disappoint. It is perfect for covering spots and redness!

3. Thin Lizzy 6 in 1 Professional Powder – Light

This versatile compact can be used as a blusher, bronzer, eye shadow, face framer, contour and lip colour. I personally use this over my face after I’ve applied my concealer and foundation and it gives my skin a healthy glow. On Friday I used it as a bronzer.

4. Rimmel Scandaleyes Lycra Flex Mascara – Black

I have not stopped loving this mascara since I purchased it back in October 2014. My lashes always feel soft when I wear it and it doesn’t clump which is what you want in a mascara. Short, careful strokes ensure you get the most out of the product and your lashes look nice and full.

5. L.A. Colours Glossin Go Lip Gloss – Sherbert

This lipgloss is AMAZING! I got it as a birthday present back in 2013 and it is one of my go to lip products for everyday makeup. Sherbert appears mostly clear once on but it has a slight peachy tinge which adds a hint of colour to my lips. The lipgloss is enriched with Vitamin E and is silky smooth so it doesn’t give your lips a sticky texture. It also has a light vanilla scent.

OPI Kiss Me At MidnightI painted my nails on Thursday using OPI’s Kiss Me At Midnight from the Mariah Carey Holiday Collection. This was the last of three mini polishes left to try and it certainly doesn’t disappoint! I love how glittery and sparkly these polishes are and how easy they are to use. Upon removal they don’t stain and the thicker formula aids application and makes it very hard to make a mistake. The only downside is after trying these three shades I want to try the rest of the range!

OPI Kiss Me At Midnight

The finished look! Ta-da!

This weekend also involved me catching up on some of my favourite TV shows, either shows I watch online or episodes I missed on Friday. I’m mentally trying to prepare myself for the final episode of The Mentalist (excuse the pun) and how much I’ll miss laughing at Patrick Jane and how adorable he is.

The cricket was a huge spectacle on Saturday and I’m proud to say New Zealand absolutely smashed it and are now in the semi-finals. I couldn’t watch it but had a live commentary tab open and kept up to date throughout the day. Opening batsman Martin Guptill played incredibly and now holds the record for the highest World Cup score; 237 not out. I predicted he would be player of the match and he was!

Back The Black CapsWould love to hear about your weekend! Let me know what you got up to 🙂

Chanelle x

January Favourites

January FavouritesCan you believe how fast this month has gone?!… January’s almost over already! I have replaced my 30 Days To Love series with a Monthly Favourites series instead. Quite a lot of other bloggers do this already and I wanted to join in because it looks like a lot of fun. I will not only be showing you my favourite beauty products but what I’m reading, listening to and anything else that fits into ‘favourites’.

Here’s the first monthly installment:


OPI - It's Frosty OutsideOPI Nail Polish (It’s Frosty Outside) – This frosted silver is so icy it’s hot! I’ve only had this nail polish for a month and I’ve already worn it on two occasions. The polish doesn’t take long to dry at all (wait 10 minutes in between coats) and it’s recommended not to finish with a top coat as it takes away from the liquid sand effect. I can definitely see myself getting through this 3.75ml bottle in no time at all!

Revlon Fire & IceRevlon Lipstick (Fire & Ice) – This shade has easily become my favourite in my small but frequented lipstick collection. Fire & Ice has a crème finish as opposed to a matte one, meaning a waxier formula and providing moisture while still delivering high pigment colour. I can wear this lipstick all night without having to reapply it and it doesn’t dry out my lips. This shade of red is perfect for all skin types as it incorporates blue and yellow undertones.

Xceseri ringsXcesri Rings – These three rings can be worn altogether or separately and they are so dainty and elegant. Being midi rings, I generally wear the two plain gold bands on my knuckles and the jeweled band on my ring finger.

Zest! Weekend pull on jeansZest! Weekend Pull On Jeans – These jeans feature front mock pockets, back patch pockets, a mock fly and a blasting and whiskering surface effect. They are incredibly comfy and the elastic waist is perfect for a curvy girl like me. The colour of the denim is also really nice, I don’t like pale, stonewash blues and these are the perfect mid denim blue.


FitMomFitMom – I talked briefly about FitMom in Thursday’s Liebster Award post *here* and I really do love the concept behind the project. It doesn’t matter what your fitness level is, beginner, intermediate or advanced, these workouts are doable. What I find useful about this regime is that the founder, Nicola, shows you how to do each move and tells you how long to do each move for or how many reps (reps = repetition) you need to do. Each workout only takes 5 minutes – even better!


January has seen some of my favourite artists release new singles including Ellie Goulding, Kelly Clarkson and Kylie Minogue.

Love Me Like You DoHeartbeat SongRight Here Right Now

1. Ellie Goulding – Love Me Like You Do

2. Kelly Clarkson – Heartbeat Song

3. Giorgio Moroder feat. Kylie Minogue – Right Here, Right Now

What are you loving this month?

Chanelle x

Week In Review: December 22 – December 28, 2014

Hey everyone!

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and got everything you wished for. Today’s post is a little different from my normal Week In Review posts and will focus mainly on Christmas-related happenings of the past week.

Christmas nails   Fairy lights

On Monday I gave my nails a Christmas manicure using It’s Frosty Outside from one of the Mariah Carey Liquid Sand Mini Holiday sets. I talked about this set of polishes in my Christmas Wish List post and decided to purchase one for myself a couple of weeks ago. My initial thoughts on this polish are it is absolutely gorgeous, almost a week later and no chips. I don’t find the liquid sand texture to be rough and the roughness fades away after a few days anyway.

Two weeks ago Christmas lights were purchased for the tree and I thought what better time to post a picture of the lights on the tree than Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve also marked one month until my birthday on January 24th 😉

Christmas Day selfie

Christmas Day selfie; wearing my new lipstick!

The day itself was lovely! It was quite a small, close-knit affair but the food and company made the day. My mum is an amazing cook, and the roast was delicious. My highlights from lunch included: crackling on the roast pork, grape juice, and pavlova. I’m also extremely thankful the weather and humidity weren’t too bad. I was grateful to get some beautiful presents and I’m pleased my mum and brother liked theirs.

This weekend I’ve enjoyed getting my Filofax organised and set up ready for 2015. I admit, I’m a total geek when it comes to stationery and using my planner!

Be sure to leave a comment and let me know how your Christmas went 🙂

Chanelle x

Christmas Wish List

Wish ListWhen it comes to Christmas I always feel a little guilty and like a burden at the thought of other people having to buy for me. I’d say I’m more of a giver than a receiver, I am in no way greedy and it’s the thought that counts. When I get asked if there’s anything I’d like for Christmas my mind goes blank. In today’s post I’m being a tiny bit selfish and sharing a few of my dream gifts!

1. Dannii For Target Sequin Mini Skirt in Black
I’ve already professed my love for this mini skirt here but I’m going to reiterate how much I love it. The skirt can be dressed up or down and the sequins add a fun element while still looking classy. I honestly believe this skirt would be perfect for me as it’s from a range for petites (4’11” – hello!) Damn Target Australia for not shipping to New Zealand 😦

2. iPhone
These days there’s normally only one question when it comes to smartphones, iPhone or Android? Having used Apple products for years I’m definitely on Team iPhone but there’s still a part of me that thinks do I even need a smartphone. Sure it would be nice being able to do everything on the go and having a fancy new toy but I don’t know that I’d use my phone for much else other than txting.

3. Mariah Carey Mini Holiday Set Liquid Sand
As part of OPI’s Mariah Carey range a limited collection of polishes were released in 2013. In this set there are three mini liquid sand polishes each containing 3.75mL: Emotions, It’s Frosty Outside and Kiss Me At Midnight. I haven’t tried liquid sand before but I like the way it looks. The mini size is a good way to sample each colour without committing to buying a full bottle.

4. Becky Higgins Project Life Journal Themed Cards
Themed cards are a great addition to your existing Project Life projects or work well on their own. I don’t do Project Life but I love the cards and their cute designs.

Each pack contains 40 double-sided cards:

  • Four 4×6 inch title cards
  • Four 4×6 inch journaling cards
  • Thirty two 3×4 inch journaling cards (16 designs printed twice)

These are just a few of the things I’d be more than happy to get for Christmas. Of course there are personal, intangible gifts that can’t be bought but I hope you enjoyed seeing my wish list!

What’s on your Christmas list this year?

Chanelle x