Shop My Stash: Peach & Light Pink Lipsticks

Shop My Stash Peach & Light Pink Lipsticks

This is the third installment in my ‘Shop My Stash’ series where I talk you through my lipstick collection by colour. Peaches and light pinks have become a bit of a staple in my collection and they are perfect for those days when you’re not sure what to wear and want a lip colour that goes with anything. I love wearing pink lipstick and because I have so many pink lip products, I have had to split my pinks into two separate posts. If peachy-pinks are your thing, these will be right up your street!

1. MAC – Patisserie

Patisserie would have to be one of my most worn lipsticks and is also a contender for my most worn MAC lipstick. Lily Pebbles and Vivianna Does Makeup inspired this purchase and it is money well spent. You’ll see in this post, most of the lip products are MAC and that’s because I don’t want to spend $40 on a lipstick that only gets worn every once in a while. I like wearable, everyday shades and Patisserie is my favourite of the peachy bunch. I won’t rattle on about this lipstick too much because I have down a review all about it HERE. In short, it’s a gorgeous peachy terracotta shade in a lustre finish which suits a number of skin tones.

2. BYS – Pretty Little Thing

I’ll be the first to admit I barely wear this lipstick and I’ve only worn it a handful of times. There’s nothing wrong with the actual shade itself, but when trying to apply this shade on my lips it looks patchy and doesn’t look as pretty as it does in the tube or swatched. This swatches differently to how it applies on the lips and I don’t know why, which really bothers me. Maybe I just need to wear the lipstick a few more times and break it in? The best way to describe Pretty Little Thing (which is a VERY appropriate name) is like the lipstick version of NARS’ Orgasm. It’s got a gorgeous golden-peachy shimmer and looks so pretty in the bullet.

3. MAC – Revved

Revved is the only lip pencil that I own to date and it was re-promoted as part of Ellie Goulding’s MAC collection. Revved was already an existing shade (called Revved Up) and it is the epitome of peach. What’s unique about Revved is that it offers the comfort of a balm, colour and sheen of a gloss and the precision of a lip pencil. The pencil wind up application is easy to use and it doesn’t feel cheap. The product itself is nice and creamy but the only thing I would say is this isn’t the longest wearing product. The colour fades nicely though so it’s barely noticeable.

4. Dainty Doll 004 Material World

I see this lipstick as my ‘formal’ pink and what I mean by that is, it’s a nice inoffensive shade which I’ve worn for a few job interviews in the past. I don’t just wear it for job interviews as it is such a pretty pink in it’s own right and I love pairing it with a lilac/light purple eye look. The formula of Material World is slightly sheer but builds up nicely. In my opinion, this is the perfect girly pink and even though it is one my lighter pinks, it doesn’t wash me out. As Dainty Doll caters to redheads and pale-skinned beauties, this may not be the best shade for darker skin tones.

5. MAC – Syrup

Again, here I am talking about Syrup by MAC! I will keep this pretty brief because I’m sure you all know how much I love it by now. I still wear Syrup all the time after purchasing it over a year ago and there’s no occasion it’s not suitable for. Syrup is a slightly darker nude with pinky-mauve undertones and even a hint of berry to it. Syrup was also a Lily Pebbles inspired purchase and it also proves it’s versatility. I am much paler than Lily and I’ve got tons of freckles and it looks lovely against my pale skin as well as Lily’s slightly olive complexion.

Chanelle’s note: I may have said this before but Syrup would be a perfect lipstick choice for a first date! – It makes an impact but isn’t too bold or over the top.

6. MAC – Without Your Love

This lipstick was a birthday present from my brother and the limited edition Ellie Goulding rose gold/glossy black packaging is to die for! Without Your Love has a cremesheen formula which I’m not going to lie, isn’t my favourite. A lot of people love the cremesheen formula and this lipstick is fine but one of my other MAC cremesheen lipsticks isn’t as nice. This lipstick is sheer but it’s a sheer that adds a little je ne sais quoi to your lips. I personally love layering Rimmel’s Oh My Gloss! in Glossaholic over the top for more impact.


Peach & Light Pink Lipstick Swatches

Top To Bottom – Patisserie (it’s not as brown in real life), Pretty Little Thing, Revved, Material World, Syrup and Without Your Love.

Take a further look at my lipstick collection:

Leave a comment with your favourite peach and light pink lipsticks!


Show & Tell: Dainty Doll Haul

A week and a half ago I ordered some Dainty Doll cosmetics through eBay and Amazon. Both orders were shipped from The UK on Monday 15.09.2014 and arrived in New Zealand this Tuesday.

Dainty Doll arrivalsTuesday’s arrival consisted of Wonderbalm and two lipsticks. I have listed the prices and where each item is from in brackets.

Wonderbalm 001 Working Girl £1.66 (Amazon)

Lipstick 004 Material World £4.50 (Amazon)

Lipstick 007 Stripped £4.99 (eBay)

(The wonderbalm and lipstick 004 were purchased from the same seller on Amazon).


Top of the wonderbalm lid. The simple black metal and gold inscribed logo makes the items feel more luxurious.

Bottom of wonderbalm


The tub of wonderbalm is deceptive. You think it’s quite small but once you take it out of the box and open it up you realise there is a good amount of product. The tub features a snap closure, glass bottom and mirror.

Wonderbalm box

 I have included this image of the back of the box as it lists the ingredients and many ways wonderbalm can be used. I haven’t used any yet but am looking forward to trying it out!

Stripped boxMaterial World box

Side views of the lipstick boxes


Upon removal of the lipsticks from their boxes you can see the packaging is similar to that of the wonderbalm, black metal with a gold logo inscription. Sleek and sexy!

Underneath lipsticks

The bottom of the lipsticks feature the number they are in the collection but don’t include which shade it is. I know this may annoy some people but personally I’m not bothered by it. I have a good memory so know which is which.

Stripped and Material World
Left to right: 007 Stripped and 004 Material World

Finally, what I’m sure you’ve all been waiting to see! The colours of the lipsticks differ slightly in real life but you can see Stripped is a lovely gold shimmery nude and Material World is a soft rose pink.

Lipstick swatches
Top to bottom: Stripped (007) and Material World (004)

I have done swatches of both lipsticks on my hand (excuse my freckles and extremely pale skin). The camera has made my skin look redder than it actually is but the point of this photo is so you can see what the colours look like on and how they go with my skin. I am super impressed, I picked well even if I do say so myself! The lipsticks glide on and stay on for a good few hours. They don’t dry your lips out either. At the moment I have a slight preference for Stripped which I think is because a nude lip is a new style for me to try out.

Hope you enjoyed seeing the new additions to my makeup collection. What have you added to yours recently?

Chanelle x

On another note I have no idea what’s going on with my 001 Couture order. I received an order confirmation email but when I emailed customer services to see if the lipstick has been shipped (twice) I’ve had no response. If the lipstick hasn’t arrived after a month I’ll look into getting a refund.

Dainty Doll Arrival

Hi everyone, just a quick post to let you know some of my Dainty Doll items arrived today. I’m totally in love with them!

I’ve taken a few pictures of the packaging and how the items arrived. I’m hoping to take plenty more HQ pictures and share a more detailed post in the next day or two. For now I leave you with these:

eBay package

eBay lipstick

Amazon package

Amazon order: lipstick and wonderbalm

Dainty Doll packaging

Isn’t the packaging adorable?!

Dainty Doll Haul Pt. 2

Since Saturday’s Dainty Doll haul I have indeed purchased another lipstick from the range which I’m very excited about!

I put the question out to see if anyone knew where I could find lipsticks 001 – Couture and 002 – Saucy Sailor. I spent most of Sunday trawling through the internet and commenting on people’s Instagram photos of Dainty Doll make up with no luck.This morning however, I found Couture on and knew I had to get it. I paid a good price and best part of all, the shipping was free!

Initially I was unsure as to which colour lipsticks I wanted from the range and if I even wanted the reds. I thought they might clash with my hair but then it occurred to me that Nicola Roberts wouldn’t have chosen shades of red that didn’t suit paler complexions – her target market. I really do enjoy wearing make up and learning about it so I wanted to try something new. I’ve gone for staple colours I don’t already have and would have dismissed in the past. Couture is a gorgeous dark vintage red and looks beautiful in pictures I’ve seen of people wearing it. It looks like the perfect colour to wear all year round but particularly in the colder months when bright red is a bit too much. Can’t wait for this colour to arrive and to try it on!

Chanelle x

Dainty Doll Haul

Dainty Doll is a make up range launched by Nicola Roberts (Girls Aloud) especially for pale/fair skin. Having pale skin and red hair like Nicola myself, I know how difficult buying makeup can be. I have always loved the products but never owned any.

“Dainty Doll is developed especially to enhance the beauty of fairer skin tones. Created using the finest quality, skin-loving formulas to help cover, perfect and care for your skin, The Dainty Doll range makes it much easier for those with paler skin tones to achieve the ideal shade every time.”

Today I was looking on eBay and Amazon and came across some pieces from the range at a very reasonable price. I ended up purchasing the wonderbalm as well as two lipsticks.


Material WorldMaterial World



I am also on the lookout for 001 – Couture* and 002 – Saucy Sailor but can’t find them online. I know the range has been discontinued but these lipsticks may still be out there. If anyone knows where I could get them, I’d be very grateful.

I’m willing to pay or do a return RAK if someone does manage to find any!

*Update: As of 15/09/2014 I have purchased 001 – Couture so am now just looking for 002 – Saucy Sailor.

Expect a show and tell/review when my items arrive.

Chanelle x