50 More Things That Make Me Happy

I try to keep my blog a happy place and today’s post is the perfect example of that; a list of things that make me happy! In March 2016 I wrote the original 50 Things That Make Me Happy after seeing it on other blogs. I absolutely adore reading these posts and seeing what other people include in their lists!

  1. My boyfriend!
  2. Making monthly playlists on Spotify
  3. Watching fireworks
  4. Pizza
  5. Anything pink 💗
  6. Fluffy jumpers
  7. Completing everything on a to do list
  8. Curly hair
  9. Wearing my headband with cat ears
  10. Balloons
  11. New music from my favourite singers/bands
  12. Hot chocolates being made for me at work
  13. Pointless Blog’s vlogs
  14. Applying makeup
  15. My Instax camera
  16. kikki.K
  17. My ability to learn and retain song lyrics
  18. Watching Pretty Little Liars
  19. Traveling to places I’ve never been before
  20. Learning
  21. When people compliment my handwriting
  22. Sour Skittles
  23. Jigsaw puzzles
  24. Good morning text messages
  25. Cute mugs
  26. Having a name badge for my job
  27. Cuddles and hugs
  28. Getting told you smell nice
  29. Wrapping presents
  30. Curling up with a blanket when it’s cold
  31. Holding hands
  32. Ellie Goulding’s voice – raspy and angelic at the same time
  33. Skechers; stylish and comfortable
  34. Swing seats
  35. Viva la Juicy by Juicy Couture – my favourite perfume
  36. Playing board games
  37. Feeling the sun on my face
  38. The smell of MAC lipsticks
  39. Receiving roses
  40. Being looked after when you don’t feel well
  41. Taste testing baking
  42. Kisses
  43. Cinnamon donuts
  44. Being creative
  45. Freshly mowed lawns
  46. Instagram 📷
  47. Fish and chips with crispy batter
  48. Massages
  49. Watching sunsets
  50. Little signs of affection

 Leave a comment and share something that makes you happy!


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Reverse Bucket List

Hi everyone! A while back on the blog I wrote a post called 25 Things I’d Like To Do which is essentially a bucket list. I was browsing online recently and came across the idea of a ‘Reverse Bucket List’ where you create a list of the interesting things you’ve already done. I have come up with 22 seeing as that’s my age. Enjoy!

1. Join a choir – I was part of two during my school years.

2. Take part in a spelling bee – I came third. The word that undid me was battalion. I still have the word list and jar of Vegemite as memories.

3. Sing in a school talent quest – I was 14 and sang Issues by The Saturdays.

4. Place first in school subjects – Subjects include French, Accounting, Media Studies and Health.

5. Speak French – I’m not fluent but I can hold basic conversations and translate phrases.

6. Get followed by Britney Spears on Twitter – It was around the release of Femme Fatale. I tweeted her about the album and next thing I know she followed me.

7. Own a MAC lipstick – I’ve got 9 to be precise.

8. Pass my learner licence test – I passed on July 5 2016!

9. Have my first kiss.

10. Tell someone special I love them.

11. See Ellie Goulding in concert – I’ve seen Ellie twice (2014 and 2016) and she is amazing!

12. Start a blog – Chanelle Hayley is 3 years old next month!

13. Fly on a plane by myself – It was only a short journey but a few years ago I probably wouldn’t have done it.

14. Win money in a casino.

15. Receive a birthday tweet from Shane Filan – It was for my 17th birthday in 2012.

16. Buy an iPhone.

17. Upload me singing online – I have uploaded snippets to Instagram as well as full length videos to YouTube.

18. Never dye my hair – I’m proud that my hair colour is all natural.

19. Pass my Diploma in Communications (Applied) with straight A’s.

20. Have a makeup drawer – I did a makeup clear out at the start of 2016 and it’s nice to have a dedicated space for my makeup and to keep it all organised.

21. Discover my passion – Singing/music.

22. Open a savings account and contribute regularly – I have always been a saver rather than a spender and every payday I transfer money into my savings account. I get bonus interest at the end of each month which is also an incentive.

I hope you liked this post! Feel free to share a few things you’re proud of or things you have crossed off your bucket list!

P.S. Don’t forget to leave any questions in the comments section of *THIS POST* for my upcoming blog Q&A! Alternatively you can tweet any questions to @chanellehayley_


Christmas Wish List 2016

christmas-wishlist-2016With Christmas right around the corner it’s time to start thinking about gifts (or wrapping them if you’re organised). When it comes to receiving gifts I like surprises and I truly believe it is the thought that counts! I love to give gifts and love the feeling you get when you find something perfect for the person you’re buying for. I am not normally one to give or drop hints about the gifts I’d like but here’s what’s at the top of my list this year!


1. Canon EOS 700D

This DSLR camera has been on my radar for the past six months. Back in August when I did the Behind the Scenes Tag I mentioned I was thinking of buying a proper DSLR and this was the one I was leaning towards. I do want to improve my photography and have a nice camera to capture beautiful images with but part of me thinks, do I really need it? I don’t expect anyone would be generous enough to buy me this but I’d love to think I’m brave enough to take the plunge and splurge on it one day. I’m of the belief that photos = memories but I don’t want to part with several hundred dollars on a piece of equipment unless I’m sure it’s a worthy investment.

2. Britney Spears Private Show Perfume

I don’t claim to be the biggest Britney fan but I do listen to her music and I’ve grown up with her. She’s a popstar that has been around ever since I was a child and her songs are iconic. I’ve tried two of Britney’s perfumes in the past (one I’ve had for years) and I enjoy wearing her scents. Whenever a new scent of Britney’s comes out I always make sure I pop in store and give it a try. I’ve already done this with Private Show and it smells absolutely amazing! The scent is inspired by Britney’s favourites, including whipped crème coffee, clementine, juicy nectarine, dulche de leche, orange flower, jasmine sambac, luminous amber, and sensual musks.

3. IKEA MALM Drawers

I’m cheating a little as I ordered a set of 2 drawers a couple of weekends ago so I know I’m definitely getting them. I’ve been on the hunt for a new bedside table for ages and this is the only thing that has come close to fitting my criteria; I wanted something with a drawer and a gloss white finish. Currently, I just have a table with a glass top which has a clock sitting on it. I’m also looking forward to putting this together, I strangely enjoy putting furniture together and feel a sense of achievement once it’s done.

4. Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 – Pink

Two cameras in one post – what?! These Polaroid cameras have become pretty popular over the past couple of years and it’s funny how trends come back around. The colours of these cameras are so bright and fun (of course I want the pink one – pink is my favourite colour) and the photos from these types of cameras look candid which gives them a retro feel. You’ve got to be careful with each shot you take, you can’t go back and edit if the lighting isn’t quite right or something’s out of focus – the imperfections become the beauty. I love the idea of being able to write a small caption on each photo and keeping these photos in a box or putting them on a pinboard.

Edit: I purchased this camera for myself and I can’t wait to start snapping!

5. Mermaid Blanket

I’ve cheated again, I’ve ordered one of these blankets online and it should be here in the next couple of weeks. I first saw these in either one of Zoella or Pointless Blog’s videos and I’ve been obsessed ever since! You can move your legs with the blanket instead of moving your legs and having to readjust the blanket, so convenient. I chose a beautiful purple and I’m looking forward to curling up on the couch with this!

6. External Hard Drive

This kind of ties in with the Canon 700D camera. I figured if I’m going to invest in a proper camera, I want to have somewhere to store all my images, videos etc. One of these would also be handy for storing my music and backing up my iTunes library because I’ve had the whole thing delete on me and have to be re-imported before, not fun.

What’s on your Christmas list this year?


50 Things That Make Me Happy

50 Things That Makes Me HappyHi everyone! It feels good to be back blogging this week and I wanted to reflect my positivity and enthusiasm by sharing 50 things that make me happy. I have seen this done by other bloggers before and I’ve always enjoyed reading their lists so I decided to come up with one for myself. I would love if my list inspired you to create your own list too!

  1. Music (especially late 90s/early 00s)
  2. My cat Tango
  3. Sleep ins
  4. Blogging!
  5. Kind people
  6. Unexpected text messages
  7. Curling up on the couch and watching movies when it rains
  8. Reading in bed when you’re sick
  10. Shania Twain’s Come On Over album
  11. Smiling
  12. Laughing until your stomach hurts
  13. Receiving parcels in the mail
  14. Dancing
  15. Shopping for new lipstick
  16. Applying my makeup
  17. Shane Filan’s voice – it’s SO soothing when he sings and talks in interviews
  18. Tweets from Dannii Minogue
  19. Being short (4ft 11 to be exact)
  20. Lily Pebbles’ YouTube channel
  21. Getting called ‘babe’, ‘hun’, ‘gorgeous’ or ‘lovely’
  22. Exercise
  23. Watching The Chase and quiz shows in general
  24. Washi tape
  25. My mum
  26. Seeing Ellie Goulding in concert
  27. Days off from work
  28. Spontaneous plans with friends
  29. Wearing red lipstick
  30. Discovering new music
  31. My lovely blogging friends ❤
  32. Kylie Minogue
  33. Painting my nails
  34. Strawberry thickshakes from Wendy’s Supa Sundaes
  35. Chips
  36. The Body Shop
  37. Freshly shaved legs
  38. Glitter/sparkle
  39. Having my hair done
  40. Nice perfume
  41. Jessica Agombar’s music
  42. Fairy lights
  43. Stationery
  44. Giving gifts
  45. When you sneeze and someone says bless you
  46. Finishing a beauty product; that feeling of satisfaction
  47. Cute little family traditions e.g. when my brother and I go shopping we generally have a curry for lunch
  48. Good hair days
  49. Band t-shirts and merchandise
  50. This list!

Comment something that makes you happy!


25 Things I’d Like To Do

25 Things I'd Like To DoHi loves!

A couple of weeks ago the beautiful Claire over at EclairsCares nominated me to do her ’25 Things I’d Like To Do’ Tag which is sort of like a mini bucket list. I instantly saw her post and loved it and knew I wanted to give it a go! Who doesn’t love a good list?!

Here goes…

1. Visit/move to The UK.

2. Get married.

3. Be a contestant on The Chase.

4. Meet one of my idols – I have quite a few!

5. Make music for a living.

6. Stop feeling so anxious about learning to drive.

7. Live in my dream house.

8. Lose weight 😛

9. Get better at cooking.

10. Have a surprise party thrown for me.

11. Inspire someone and know I helped them.

12. Be the best version of myself (cheesy I know!)

13. See Kylie Minogue in concert.

14. Stop worrying so much.

15. Make a speech at my wedding. It’s not traditional and I hate public speaking but I’ve always wanted to do it.

16. Have a personalised number plate.

17. Own an Apple iMac, front and centre on a desk.

18. Go to a spa and get pampered.

19. Ride on the tube/go on a train.

20. Go to a dance class.

21. Design a fashion line and makeup range.

22. Go clubbing in Ibiza and dance the night away ❤

23. Get back into a regular exercise routine, I actually miss it!

24. Have a dressing table in my bedroom to do my makeup (ideally in #7’s dream house).

25. Experience a white Christmas.

So, that’s my list! Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post. I’d love to know what’s at the top of your bucket list!