Gratitude Journal: October

/ noun
the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

It seems as though October has been a cross between online shopping/spending and reading books. My brother came down for a long weekend and we ended up going shopping which also resulted in me purchasing things. I was good on the makeup front thought, I only bought one eyeshadow. October flew by so fast and I can’t believe it’s only two months until Christmas!

Here’s what made me smile in October:

October 1: One year exactly since I saw Ellie Goulding in concert.

October 2: Zayn Malik’s voice is gorgeous.

October 3: Did over 13,000 steps today!

October 4: Fish and chips for dinner.

October 5: Getting my hair done always makes me happy!

October 6: Ordered another pair of dungarees.

October 7: When Claire Richards likes your comment and replies on Instagram.

October 8: Afternoon of reading.

October 9: Loving Sunny Seoul from MAC lately.

October 10: Una (from The Saturdays) liked my birthday tweet to her!

October 11: Cute wake up call from my cat.

October 12: Mary-Lou arrived!

October 13: Big Little Lies is good. 

October 14: A MAC Show Orchid day.

October 15: When your boyfriend makes dinner for you.

October 16: I love finding new books to read!

October 17: Leftover pizza and garlic bread for lunch.

October 18: Pink Opal by Max Factor is really very pretty.

October 19: Today’s makeup was on point!

October 20: So happy with my dungarees, only took three tries!

October 21: Watched an Alan Carr comedy show on TV, he is so funny!

October 22: Bought some cute craft paper.

October 23: Left over butter chicken for lunch.

October 24: My signed copy of the Steps album re-release is on it’s way.

October 25: Bright pink lip day, I have a lot of those!

October 26: Listened to some music throwbacks today: Vanessa Amorosi and Adam Rickitt.

October 27: Spent most of the day in bed, it was cold.

October 28: Got to see my favourite person after a week!

October 29: Sitting with a warm blanket makes me feel cosy.

October 30: Pink sparkly eyeshadow matches ones of my scrunchies. 

October 31: My Feel Unique order finally arrived! 

What were you grateful for in October?


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Gratitude Journal: September

/ noun
the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

Health was at the centre of most days in September. I didn’t feel the best but I am on the mend slowly – I explained more in my September Favourites. (Please read if you haven’t already). There were also two big events in September, it was my boyfriend’s birthday and my aunt had a heart operation after getting put off and cancelled numerous times. I’m proud I was there for her and I know she is grateful.

Here’s what made me smile in September:

September 1: So nice to see my old work mates.

September 2: Bakery treats.

September 3: Waking up to weekend cuddles.

September 4: Good hair day.

September 5: There’s no place like home!

September 6: Relaxing afternoon in bed reading.

September 7: Brainstorming session for the blog.

September 8: First coffee in a little while. 

September 9: Navy blue fluffy jumper loving. (The one featured in my September Favourites).

September 10: Trip to the cinema to see IT.

September 11: My favourite BBQ Rodeo burgers from Burger King for lunch.

September 12: Chatty phone call with my brother.

September 13: First time wearing a bold lip at my new job.

September 14: Nachos for dinner.

September 15: The sun was out in full force.

September 16: Treated myself to Dominos after work.

September 17: I love my boyfriend SO MUCH! (Soppy highlight).

September 18: Painting my nails is one of my favourite things.

September 19: Afternoon mocha  ☕️

September 20: When you’re not well it’s important to take time out for yourself.

September 21: Blew up 25+ balloons. It’s not the blowing but the tying that’s hard work!

September 22: Berry lip day.

September 23: Boyfriend’s birthday celebrations.

September 24: Chilled Sunday complete with nap.

September 25: First day at work after completing training. 

September 26: Wore a new Juicy Couture perfume for the first time.

September 27: Blue lipstick day.

September 28: Spent the morning shopping.

September 29: Shania Twain album day!

September 30: People who compliment your perfume are the nicest!

What were you grateful for in September?


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Gratitude Journal: August

/ noun
the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

Compared to July I have felt in control of my emotions and been happy on the whole. I am still getting my head around having free time in the afternoons (which I didn’t have with my old job) and how best to fill it but everything will settle down over the next few weeks. I am enjoying my new job which is the most important thing!

Here’s what made me smile in August:

August 1: Lots of cuddles, lucky me!

August 2: Getting better with the manual settings on my DSLR.

August 3: Afternoon Tea by Tanya Burr ❤

August 4: My boyfriend visited at work and stayed for an hour.

August 5: Big changes are a happening!

August 6: Nescafé’s Vanilla Lattes are delicious! I’m not a coffee drinker but I could get into them.

August 7: Fancy underwear day. No occasion, just felt like it.

August 8: Cheeky, happy mood.

August 9: Vanilla ice cream!

August 10: When the name of your lipstick reflects how you feel that day; Brave by MAC.

August 11: Wore a ring I bought yesterday for the first time and it is stunning!

August 12: I love mum’s homemade hot chips.

August 13: One more week of work!

August 14: Got some photographs done for my secret project.

August 15: Jeans and jumper day.

August 16: Had my hair braided by my boyfriend’s mum. I wish I could braid my own hair, French and Dutch braids are so pretty.

August 17: Last 10 hour Thursday at my current job!

August 18: Surprise gifts from work colleagues – so thoughtful!

August 19: Got given a chocolate cake.

August 20: Lots of hugs today, end of a chapter and the beginning of a new one.

August 21: Made an omelette for breakfast and it was tasty.

August 22: Jigsaw filled morning.

August 23: First day at my new job.

August 24: Such nice sunny weather.

August 25: My Dannii For Target top matched my lipstick.

August 26: Not often I get to see my boyfriend at the weekend.

August 27: Felt like pizza for lunch so that’s what I had!

August 28: Uploaded photos to Google Drive to clear space on my phone.

August 29: Picked up some chocolatey treats in the supermarket; Maltesers and a chocolate caramel muffin.

August 30: Heard I’m doing well at the Library and picking things up quickly.

August 31: Carbonara for lunch. 

What were you grateful for in August?


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Gratitude Journal: July

/ noun
the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

I honestly don’t know how to sum up July. Part of me feels like it has passed quickly but then part of me also remembers these memories/highlights very clearly. I treated myself to new items this month, a DSLR was the big one but I also bought clothes and makeup. My emotions have been weird which is why I’m not sure what to say about July. I’m glad it’s over I guess?!

Here’s what made me smile in July:

July 1: When you get given chocolate cake at work.

July 2: Finished another jigsaw puzzle.

July 3: Kitty cuddles in bed.

July 4: When your boyfriend sees a ‘Tag a girl who looks beautiful without makeup’ meme on Facebook and says, “you” – he’s so sweet!

July 5: Unexpected trip to the MAC counter, came away with two items.

July 6: Thought provoking chats with the boyfriend.

July 7: After researching DSLRs for the past week and a bit I keep going back to the Canon 700D.

July 8: The Body Shop’s Cocoa Butter body butter smells delicious – almost like chocolate!

July 9: Wore Show Orchid for the second time and I’ve only had it four days.

July 10: Butter chicken leftovers for lunch.

July 11: Rose gold eyeshadow.

July 12: Wearing a bright pink fluffy robe on a cold evening.

July 13: Finally caved and bought the Canon 700D camera – can’t wait to use it!

July 14: Had a hot chocolate made for me at work.

July 15: Up to date with PointlessBlogVlog’s videos… again. Sometimes I fall behind but I catch up eventually.

July 16: Out of work on time and ready for my days off after working six days (52 hours) in a row!

July 17: Got to see my love for the first time in a week.

July 18: My camera arrived!

July 19: Wearing a pair of ponte pants I bought yesterday.

July 20: Chenille cardigan arrived, it’s so soft and warm!

July 21: I blimmin’ love Show Orchid!

July 22: Took my first photo for the blog with my camera. (The photo in my July Favourites 2017 post).

July 23: Changing into comfy clothes after work is such a relaxing feeling.

July 24: Pepperoni pizza for lunch.

July 25: Cuddles when you feel sad help you feel better.

July 26: Louie Spence on The Chase is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while.

July 27: Kept myself busy meaning the day passed quicker. Burger King for dinner was also a treat!

July 28: Wore my go to lip colour and eyeshadow today, such a winning combination.

July 29: Steps were on New Zealand TV!

July 30: Bought a very bling nail polish on my lunch break; Glow Your Own Way by Essie.

July 31: Ticking tasks off to do lists is rewarding.

What were you grateful for in July?


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Gratitude Journal: June

/ noun
the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

June zoomed by super quickly! My time away from work was nearly a month ago already and ever since my return everything has been go, go, go. For the past couple of months I was feeling tired and didn’t have a lot of energy but I purchased a bottle of B vitamins this month and I have noticed a difference since taking them. I’m more focused on everything and less tired.

Here’s what made me smile in June:

June 1: Discussing fun plans for next week.

June 2: I much prefer Burger King to McDonalds, probably an unpopular opinion.

June 3: One more day of work then time off.

June 4: Mum’s homemade vegetable soup is the best!

June 5: Gloomy day spent inside, managed to get little jobs done.

June 6: Haircut! Shorter than usual but it’ll grow.

June 7: Got to see my boyfriend after a week. It’s also our 9 month anniversary 🙂

June 8: Didn’t feel the greatest today but I was well looked after and got to eat delicious scones.

June 9: My nap this afternoon was delightful!

June 10: Successful morning blog planning.

June 11: Fun shopping trip; bought vitamins, mini shampoo and conditioner, underwear, socks and books.

June 12: Escaped from a zombie room and ten pin bowled – badly (bowling not the zombie room).

June 13: My boyfriend always looks after me and makes sure I’m ok, he’s the sweetest. 

June 14: Baked shortbread – yum!

June 15: New Shania Twain music.

June 16: Homemade pizza after a long day at work.

June 17: Bought a scrunchie and a pair of fluffy gloves, both are so cute!

June 18: Finalised something I’ve been working on for a couple of months.

June 19: Leftover food seems more tasty, does the fridge magically do something?

June 20: The weather was beautiful – lovely and warm in the sun.

June 21: Relaxing day with my favourite person.

June 22: Parcels galore when I got home this morning.

June 23: I love planning things to make other people smile and surprise them.

June 24: Pork crackling is so delicious!

June 25: Surprise visitor at work!

June 26: Such a good, restful sleep last night.

June 27: I always get to do interesting things with my boyfriend. Was using power tools and I didn’t mind drilling but didn’t like the scroll saw.

June 28: Played Monopoly for the first time in years.

June 29: More secret project elements coming together.

June 30: Browsing DSLR cameras online, I want one!

What were you grateful for in June?

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Gratitude Journal: May

/ noun
the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

Sometimes I forget what goes on until I read back over these daily highlights and remember all the little things that made me smile. I took a few big steps this month, I did things that were really brave and I feel like I’m getting back to normal. When I say normal I mean the Chanelle who feels in control and thinks about her needs and wants. There are times I have felt pushed around and I no longer want that, badass Chanelle is coming out!

Here’s what made me smile in May:

May 1: Got to wear one of my new cardigans. (The grey one featured in *THIS* haul).

May 2: Watching movies with my boyfriend that I wouldn’t normally pick. It’s nice to watch something different.

May 3: When your cat is excited to see you when you get home – she ran to me and everything!

May 4: After work chocolate snack.

May 5: Finished a really good book today; Twenty Times a Lady by Karyn Bosnak.

May 6: The Missing is so gripping!

May 7: Pink lip products will forever be my favourite!

May 8: New music by Shane Filan is a treat.

May 9: Woke up feeling refreshed after a good nights sleep.

May 10: I did something really brave today

May 11: Only 15 more working days until my time off!

May 12: Hot chocolate on chilly evenings.

May 13: I forget how much I love my bright purple lipstick until I wear it.

May 14: Only had to work half a day and got to spend more time with mum for Mother’s Day. We had afternoon tea treats!

May 15: When your makeup turns out exactly how you planned.

May 16: When your boyfriend lets you wear his clothes because you’re cold.

May 17: Made homemade bread with my boyfriend’s mum.

May 18: Got given a lipstick by a work colleague – a sample of Luscious Raspberry by Elizabeth Arden.

May 19: Caught up with a bunch of YouTube videos.

May 20: Reliable people.

May 21: Dominoes for dinner, had a change from my usual which was delicious!

May 22: Was a very brave girl for my blood test!

May 23: In a happy mood today.

May 24: When someone special tells you something special.

May 25: Sponge cake for dessert.

May 26: Purchased a brand new FitBit Zip on clearance for $29 – bargain! (And yes it’s the magenta one from my Tech/Lifestyle Wishlist).

May 27: Enjoyed my toast for breakfast this morning.

May 28: Finally painted my nails after not doing so for weeks. Went for pastel purple.

May 29: The weather was so nice today, not cold at all!

May 30: Pizza and a movie night with my love; we watched 50 Shades Darker.

May 31: Coming home to parcels excites me.

What were you grateful for in May?


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Gratitude Journal: April

/ noun
the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

April seems like it had a lot going on when I glance over these highlights but it didn’t feel like it passed by as quickly as some other months. On a whole I was quite emotional, there were moments of pure happiness but also moments of frustration. I am proud of myself for getting back into a proper routine with the blog and in general and hopefully May will feel less frenzied.

Here’s what made me smile in April:

April 1: Achieved everything I wanted today. Also caught up with friends I haven’t seen in a while and got to wear my bomber jacket.

April 2: Used FaceTime for the first time and quite enjoyed it. Too shy to use the front facing camera though.

April 3: Leftover butter chicken for lunch!

April 4: Leona Lewis liked my birthday tweet to her.

April 5: Cuddles are the best way to start a morning. I never was much of a cuddler until I met my boyfriend.

April 6: A picture and Post-It note signed by Vanessa White arrived all the way from London!

April 7: Cadbury Creme Eggs are SO GOOD. Probably my favourite Easter eggs.

April 8: Kind words and support are always appreciated. 

April 9: Brave by MAC is becoming a lipstick I wear a lot!

April 10: Got to play Easter bunny and deliver chocolate to my boyfriend and his parents.

April 11: Lazy morning spent in bed. 

April 12: Being called gorgeous as a term of endearment always makes me smile!

April 13: Random acts of kindness remind me why I smile. An action or words can make someone’s day. 

April 14: Listened to ABBA for the first time in ages whilst jigsawing.

April 15: Certain days are tough but getting through is all that matters. It’s also nice to have people looking out for you.

April 16: Sleeping in, Mini Eggs and catching up on TV shows made for an enjoyable day.

April 17: Applied makeup on a day off for the first time in a while and was really pleased with how it turned out.

April 18: Lazy, chilled day with my boyfriend. We also laughed a lot.

April 19: Found a sparkly rock. (It cut me when I tried to clean it though).

April 20: Hit 500 posts on the blog tonight!

April 21: I have waited years to be able to listen to a new Steps album and today is the day!

April 22: The mid-season finale of Pretty Little Liars was so good!

April 23: Pink sparkly eyeshadow. Enough said.

April 24: Everything about today was good: I got to wake up with my boyfriend, I enjoyed my sandwich for lunch/dinner and I had a sing-a-long to some of my favourite music.

April 25: I mention him a lot but I am so lucky to have such a kind boyfriend. I always miss him when I have to leave.

April 26: Had a lovely day shopping – it’s been ages since I had a good shopping trip!

April 27: I do love trying new lipsticks for the first time. 

April 28: Had such a good sleep tonight.

April 29: Tried a decaf version of the new Starbucks Tahitian Vanilla Latte and loved it!

April 30: Productive evening after work, tidied up loose ends.

What were you grateful for in April?


Gratitude Journal: March

/ noun
the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

March has been the most ‘normal’ month of 2017 so far. I’ve gotten back into exercycling and I’m loving it – it is paying off already! March went very fast but there have been lots of nice moments which have contributed to a positive month. I have also made a couple of exciting purchases (the iPad and KitchenAid blender from my Tech/Lifestyle Wishlist).

Here’s what made me smile in March:

March 1: Road trip with my boyfriend, Una’s album arrived and I got to drink soup from a pretty cup.

March 2: Bright lips and Burger King, the two B’s!

March 3: Got told I have “such a sweet little voice” by a work colleague.

March 4: Catching up on things that need to be done is a good feeling.

March 5: Chill night in front of the TV.

March 6: Exciting Steps news: there’s going to be a new album and tour and a new single is out on Friday!

March 7: Six months today since I first met my boyfriend.

March 8: Jigsaw puzzling on a rainy afternoon complete with cuddles.

March 9: You know you’re known as the bright lipstick girl at work when a staff member gives you a lipstick that’s too bright for her.

March 10: The new Steps single is bloody amazing!

March 11: Getting hot chocolate made for you at work because you don’t drink coffee.

March 12: Final day of work for the week!

March 13: Happy, chill day at home.

March 14: Sometimes people go out of their way to do things, I’m very appreciative.

March 15: Kit Kat Tiramisu chocolate is pretty tasty!

March 16: Got to have a quick foot and leg massage at work tonight.

March 17: Good conversations and laughter put me in a positive mood.

March 18: Third day in a row I’ve received compliments from strangers about my hair.

March 19: Wore Syrup by MAC today, one of my all time faves.

March 20: Cosy jumper, Mini Eggs, and a jigsaw made for a nice Monday.

March 21: Went shooting with my boyfriend for the first time since October. He told me I did well.

March 22: There’s mostly been a sense of calm today.

March 23: Hearing Disco Love by The Saturdays at work was an unexpected but pleasant surprise.

March 24: Evenings spent singing will always be my favourite!

March 25: Changed my personal Facebook picture for the first time in months. I went for me with cat ears.

March 26: Used Bubblebath by OPI for the first time in ages. Still so pretty!

March 27: I’m now the owner of a Raspberry Ice KitchenAid blender.

(The buttons on mine are slightly different).

March 28: The sky and sunset looked stunning tonight, wish I had taken a picture.

March 29: Nice, relaxing day with my boyfriend.

March 30: Love getting stuck into a good book.

March 31: One more day of work before my four day weekend!

What are you grateful for this month?


Gratitude Journal: February


/ noun
the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

On the whole, 2017 hasn’t got off to the best start for me. There has been a mix of good and bad days but there are a couple of highlights which stand out for February. Valentine’s Day was lovely and super special and my amazing giveaway prize from Stash Matters arrived all the way from Canada! I am hoping March will be much more positive and I can get back into a proper routine.

Here’s what made me smile in February:

February 1: Having a shower and doing my makeup felt really good after a well earned sleep in.

February 2: Hot chips for lunch – yummy!

February 3: If you want something done do it yourself #girlboss

February 4: Frozen Fanta Blue Lemonade from McDonalds was delicious.

February 5: Finally up to date with Pointless Blog’s vlogs.

February 6: Loving my denim shorts I purchased last month.

February 7: Felt brave enough to wear my blue lipstick out of the house.


February 8: Painted my nails for the first time in two weeks. Used Bahama Mama by Essie which I bought a few weeks ago.

February 9: Got little tasks done that I’ve been meaning to do for a few days.

February 10: Una from The Saturdays released her debut album.

February 11: Finally making progress with empty products and cutting down on what I have. I don’t know why it takes me so long to collect empties.

February 12: I like today’s slightly grey/overcast weather.

February 13: Wore my bomber jacket for the first time.

February 14: My very first Valentine’s celebration. Had such a lovely day!


February 15: My giveaway parcel from Stashy arrived!

February 16: My copy of Una’s album has been dispatched.

February 17: Got compliments on my lip colour today – Wild Watermelon by Revlon.

February 18: Pretty Little Liars series seven started in New Zealand!

February 19: The sun was out after a few days of torrential rain.

February 20: It was a pie and hot chips for lunch day. Comfort food was the one today.

February 21: It’s nice getting to explore new places with someone special.

February 22: Cute texts from the boyfriend make me smile.

February 23: Bought some new clothes. Finally getting to add a cold shouldered piece of clothing to my wardrobe. I’ve been a fan of the trend for a while but I hadn’t found the right piece.

February 24: It’s hard to believe a month ago it was my birthday. Feeling reflective.

February 25: Kitty cuddles are so good and I got a lot today!

February 26: Watched The Chase for the first time in a week, how I missed this show.

February 27: Britney Spears’ Private Show perfume earning me the, “you smell nice” compliments from my boyfriend – score!

February 28: Waking up next to someone is a wonderful feeling!

What are you grateful for this month?


Gratitude Journal: January


/ noun
the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

January has been a strange month if I’m being honest. There have been happy times and celebrations but there have also been harder times and a few personal/family crises. I still try to remain positive and I know writing down something positive every day does help.

Here’s what made me smile in January:

January 1: Steps are back together!

January 2: First butter chicken in months and it was delicious!

January 3: Is it weird I like the feeling of sore muscles as the result of exercise?

January 4: Made my first staff purchase at work – a pair of white headphones.

January 5: I should wear Lollipop by Revlon more.

January 6: Treated myself to some birthday goodies from The Body Shop.


January 7: Made good progress on the jigsaw I started at my boyfriend’s a couple of weeks ago.

January 8: Received some nice compliments from fellow staff members today.

January 9: A productive morning followed by a chilled day.

January 10: Wore my playsuit from ASOS for the first time since I bought it.

January 11: Big fan of the Vanilla Chai body scrub after one use!

January 12: I felt like a fairy in my skirt today.

January 13: Woke up in such a happy mood.

January 14: Pumped petrol for the very first time!

January 15: Got told my hair looked pretty at work.

January 16: Wearing new clothes for the first time is always fun.


January 17: Walked over 3km!

January 18: Mum bought part of my birthday present – a pair of Skechers for work.

January 19: Don’t often wear jewellery but felt like some rose gold today.

January 20: Got my birthday present from my brother – Matte Royal by MAC.


January 21: Wore my Ellie Goulding MAC lipstick, the rose gold and black packaging is still so gorgeous!

January 22: Bought myself some sexy underwear – ooh la la!

January 23: First sleep in in ages!

January 24: Had a massage as a birthday treat from mum and a lovely evening with my boyfriend.


January 25: Drove a car for the first time, it was kind of scary but I had a good instructor.

January 26: I’m becoming slightly addicted to jigsaw puzzles.

January 27: Fish and chips for mum’s birthday lunch.

January 28: Today was difficult but cats know how to make me smile.

January 29: My makeup today was so pretty and glowy.

January 30: The cricket was on, I quite enjoy watching the one day-ers.

January 31: Bright pink lipstick is always a good choice!

What are you grateful for this month?