2018 Goals: 6 Months On

I think making goals at the start of a year and calling them goals rather than resolutions doesn’t make you feel as bad if you aren’t successful. Goals normally have more of a measurable outcome and can be assessed and tracked throughout the year. In my first post of 2018 I stated I didn’t have any real goals, I just wanted to be happy, but a couple of days into January I did come up with some. Overall, I am on track with the majority of the eight goals I set for myself.

1. Do one new thing each month – I have been succeeding with this goal. Each month of 2018 so far I have managed to do at least one new thing whether that’s trying a new product or there’s been a new experience I’ve had. I have a page ruled up in my Bullet Journal where I can jot down what’s new each month and at the end of the year I may do a post sharing all of them.

2. Journal everyday – For the most part I have stuck to this. There was the odd day I’d miss here and there when I would stay with my boyfriend as I didn’t take my journal but I am looking forward to having something written down about each day of 2018 and being able to look back at the year in depth.

3. Improve my photography – I am doing okay with this goal but I would like to practice and get out with my camera more in the second half of the year. I definitely think my blog photos have improved since I first got my DSLR a year ago and I’m so glad I switched to manual mode almost straight away – I have a much better understanding of aperture, shutter speed etc. I want to get out in nature and just walk around with my camera or take it with me if I visit somewhere for the day.

4. Read 50 books by September – Technically I started this goal in September 2017 and I am proud of the progress I have achieved. I’m going to be honest and say I don’t think I’ll be at 50 by September 2018 but I’ll be near.

5. Watch 20 movies – I have achieved this goal already! I didn’t want to set an unrealistic target but I do enjoy watching a good movie. I only had one rule, the 20 movies had to be ones I hadn’t already seen before. Now I’ll be seeing how many I can get to by the end of the year.

6. Declutter – I have been successful with this goal too. In January/February I had a small makeup declutter and last month I cleared out some clothing from my drawers and wardrobe. By declutter I don’t just mean get rid of things but I want to use up what I have and not buy things for the sake of it. Decluttering also relates to cleaning and simplifying.

7. Lose weight – I don’t go by the number on a scale, I go by how clothes look and feel. Over the past few months I have been sick numerous time so I haven’t been able to exercise as much as I would like but I did lose a little bit of weight after the breakup and I have had a few comments saying I look like I’ve lost weight from mum and a work colleague. I accept I’m never going to be a size 8 but getting back into a regular exercise routine for the rest of the year and being able to keep up with it would satisfy me.

8. Don’t spend unnecessarily – I go through stages of spending and then not spending for a little while. I do save most of my money and am generally pretty good. Probably the most expensive thing I’ve purchased so far this year is Shania Twain concert tickets! This goal kind of goes along with #6 – use up what I have before buying more and research and look into things before buying them on a whim.

Did you set any goals for 2018? How are you progressing?


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Gratitude: June 2018

It’s hard to believe it is halfway through 2018 already. The year is shaping up differently to how I thought but writing down one thing everyday that makes me happy or one thing I am grateful for helps get me through difficult situations. Perhaps one day I will look back on these times and be thankful for what they taught me.

I apologise for the lack of corresponding pictures to go with highlights this month. Some weeks I haven’t been posting to Instagram much or when I have been posting it’s something different from my daily highlight.

Here’s what made me smile:

June 1: Got a few little jobs done that needed doing.

June 2: Good sleep in.

June 3: Nice to talk and laugh again.

June 4: Day off work for Queen’s birthday.

June 5: Hot chips!

June 6: Last day of work before my annual leave.

June 7: Made cheesecake this afternoon.

June 8: Phone call with my brother, first one in a while.

June 9: Ordered Indian, so good but so much food!

June 10: Bought a couple of pretty tops and a new bra.

June 11: Cleared out my clothes, been meaning to do it for ages.

June 12: Spent the day in my robe.

June 13: Dropped bracelet at the jeweller to get links removed.

June 14: Leftover fish for lunch.

June 15: Placed an order on xoBeauty, I’ve been eyeing Shaaanxo’s Remix Palette for a while now.

June 16: Apple crumble for dessert.

June 17: Bold lip for my first day back at work after time off.

June 18: My Steps DVD that I pre-ordered back in January arrived.

June 19: Got told I looked cute today.

June 20: In love with my xoBeauty bits!

June 21: Steps – Party On the Dancefloor is amazing! What a great show!

June 22: Used my xoBeauty palette for the first time.

June 23: Afternoons spent reading are some of my favourites.

June 24: Loved today’s eyeshadow look, moody and sparkly.

June 25: Used the bright pink in the Shaaanxo palette – it’s so pretty!

June 26: Sausage sandwich for morning tea.

June 27: Stood up for my rights as a customer and returned something to the supermarket that was not up to usual standard.

June 28: Chilled out days off are the best.

June 29: Really been enjoying doing my makeup lately.

June 30: Bought a facial oil from Trilogy which I’m excited to try.

What were you grateful for in June?


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Gratitude: May 2018

Most days in May I have screamed, cried, felt sad/miserable and generally not felt myself. I feel broken, I feel cheap, I feel used and my trust is completely shattered. It’s important to state it’s not the person who’s made me feel like that, it’s the situation and how it happened. Right now I would say this is worse than the anxiety I experienced in 2017. I had sessions with a counsellor and I had a best friend that made me feel calm and was my getaway from everything that was going wrong when I went through the anxiety. I don’t have that anymore. Remarkably, I have still manged to find a daily highlight.

Here’s what made me smile:

May 1: Halo cuddles.

May 2: My Beauty Joint order arrived.

May 3: Macaroni cheese for lunch.

May 4: Tried some new makeup and saw Avengers: Infinity War.

May 5: Can’t beat a good movie.

May 6: Schnitzel for dinner, haven’t had that in a while.

May 7: Bright orange lipstick.

May 8: Homemade pizza for dinner.

May 9: The weather was lovely.

May 10: Crispy hot chips!

May 11: Found the prettiest cream highlighter palette 😍

May 12: Freshly painted nails.

May 13: Got to have my favourite BBQ Rodeo burger from Burger King.

May 14: Started a new book.

May 15: Pretty pink highlighter.

May 16: Kylie’s ‘Golden’ really cheered me up.

May 17: Plucked my eyebrows and cleaned my makeup brushes.

May 18: Pizza Hut chips were good.

May 19: Spent most of the day in bed looking after my sick self.

May 20: Bold lipstick is always a good idea!

May 21: Bronze/copper eyes.

May 22: Falling in love with Maybelline’s ‘The Nudes’ all over again.

May 23: Vanilla Latte after work.

May 24: Felt like blog post writing and singing again.

May 25: Productive morning.

May 26: Elements of bravery today.

May 27: Leftover pizza.

May 28: One of my favourites stayed on Dancing With the Stars.

May 29: Bought some cream buns at the supermarket.

May 30: One of my better moods in a while.

May 31: Made a list of things I want to do during my time off from work.

What were you grateful for in May?


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Gratitude: April 2018

Looking back over April it feels like a month of two halves. The last part of the month was very reflective for me in particular. I’m not going to lie I struggled to find something to make me happy during some of those days. I hope next month is better.

Here’s what made me smile:

April 1: Surprise Easter eggs from mum.

April 2: Up early to get things done.

April 3: The smell of MAC lipsticks is one of my favourites.

April 4: Wearing my favourite lipstick makes any day better.

April 5: Curled my hair.

April 6: Kylie Minogue releases her new album.

April 7: Came home to a ton of new music to listen to.

April 8: Fluffy twosie and hot chocolate kind of night.

April 9: Found a way to make Rimmel’s Match Perfection foundation work with my MAC concealer.

April 10: Why are cinnamon donuts so tasty?!

April 11: My copy of Golden arrived.

April 12: Pleased with my hair cut.

April 13: Dominos kinda Friday.

April 14: My ASOS denim jacket is very warm when layered.

April 15: Sun was out.

April 16: Nice to wear my own clothes on one of my usual work days.

April 17: Training as part of work was useful and interesting.

April 18: Managed to find my favourite Rimmel mascara online and placed an order.

April 19: Second trip to Kmart.

April 20: Finished another book.

April 21: Thankful for laughter.

April 22: Sunday’s and bold lips go well together.

April 23: I liked my hair today.

April 24: I like my hair straight lately.

April 25: Roast pork with crackling for dinner.

April 26: Burnt my Ecoya candle finally.

April 27: First time wearing makeup in almost a week.

April 28: Spent the day in my pyjamas.

April 29: First day I haven’t cried all week, go me!

April 30: I’m going to be sad when I finish Revlon’s Fire & Ice rollerball perfume, the scent is so long lasting.

What were you grateful for in April?


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Second Look Inside My Bullet Journal

Back in January I purchased a Bullet Journal and a couple of weeks later made my first YouTube video showing the pages I had created so far. Fast forward a couple of months and I thought it was about time I updated you on my progress and how I’m using the journal.

I have filmed another video for you (yay!) and it’s basically me talking you through each page since the end of my first update/video. The first video ended at page 12 and this video talks through pages 13-30.

Since there is the video I don’t want this post to be long and a re-hash of everything the video covers but I will share a few points:

  • I have decided one page is best for my weekly spreads. There’s enough room to jot down ideas everyday and the spreads are neat and tidy.
  • My bullet journal is where I am keeping track of the Products I Want To Finish In 2018. I have drawn up a grid and listed all the products and months in the year. Each time I use a product it gets a tally mark.
  • I wrote down a hard copy of my 30 By 30 list because I really want to achieve as many things on the list as I can and I will date each one when it is completed.
  • One of the 30 things I want to complete is to watch every episode of Poirot. I drew up a TV series tracker with all of the episodes and each episode gets a cross when it is watched. I was feeling arty so I had a go at drawing Poirot’s moustache and I think it turned out well. I am so proud of the page I had to share a picture of it!

The Poirot page in all its glory!

I hope you enjoyed this post and the video – as always, thank you for reading!


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Gratitude: March 2018

In March I was most grateful for the weather. New Zealand is going through the transition from summer to winter and the days have mostly been lovely. The temperatures are comfortable and there hasn’t been a lot of rain. If I’m honest, this month has been a bit up and down for my mood as well.

Here’s what made me smile:

March 1: Wearing All Fired Up by MAC always reminds me of the song by The Saturdays – tune!

March 2: Sweater weather.

March 3: Pre-ordered The F Word by Lily Pebbles.

March 4: Gifts in my pigeon hole at work.

March 5: Gold eyes and pink lips.

March 6: MAC pigments apply really well with fingers.

March 7: Berry smoothie and toast for breakfast.

March 8: Bought my first makeup in months.

March 9: Dark, vampy lip.

March 10: Pizza for lunch.

March 11: Signed Kimberley Walsh book arrived.

March 12: Busy but exciting mail day!

March 13: Treated myself to Burger King for lunch. I find it interesting how fast food places don’t put ice in drinks anymore.

March 14: L’Oreal Lash Paradise mascara has got me hooked after two uses.

March 15: Frankfurter sandwich for morning tea.

March 16: My Lily Pebbles book arrived.

March 17: Loving Calum Scott’s album at the moment.

March 18: Cuddles with Halo whilst watching The Chase.

March 19: Positive feedback at work.

March 20: Reading helped me feel better.

March 21: Homemade milkshake; strawberry flavour.

March 22: My sleep in this morning was so good.

March 23: Productive day getting jobs done at home.

March 24: Watched a movie in my new dressing gown.

March 25: Mum’s homemade vegetable soup is one of my yearly highlights.

March 26: Nailed a cryptic crossword this afternoon.

March 27: Treated myself to an iced chocolate after work.

March 28: Started my first ebook.

March 29: Got to see my boyfriend after 13 days.

March 30: Dominos for dinner. Felt like Cheesy Garlic instead of my usual.

March 31: I have done really well with my reading challenge this month.

What were you grateful for in March?


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Gratitude: February 2018

February has been a cross between me being moody and picking myself back up and getting stuff done. I’m putting my moodiness down to the heat and the heat making me tired more easily. Compared to January the month has passed quickly and I’ve still found at least one positive thing in each day.

Here’s what made me smile:

February 1: Shania Twain announces NZ shows for the very first time.

February 2: Enjoyed my afternoon nap.

February 3: Toffee Nut Latte in my kitty cup.

February 4: Had a good first official Sunday at the library.

February 5: Roast pork dinner.

February 6: Wore MAC’s Silver pigment for the first time.

February 7: Bright pink lips for the second day in a row.

February 8: Made my first ASOS order for 2018.

February 9: Got tickets to see Shania Twain in December! Row 15!

February 10: Cosy, weekend rain.

February 11: Showing Sunday who’s boss with a bold lip.

February 12: Making an effort to use my Copper Spice palette from Morphe more.

February 13: Painted my nails red for Valentine’s Day.

February 14: Straightened my hair for the first time in ages. I don’t like my fringe straightened though.

February 15: Received a cute card from my valentine.

February 16: First time playing mini golf and it was fun!

February 17: Music always helps improve my mood when it’s not the best.

February 18: Anti-Flamme is a godsend for sore muscles.

February 19: Why is loungewear so comfortable?

February 20: Tried a Rocky Road Latte.

February 21: Evening sing-a-long to Vanessa White’s Chapter Two EP.

February 22: I really like how today’s Instagram turned out.

February 23: Nothing better than getting stuck into a good book.

February 24: Wearing dungarees and my Saturdays t-shirt.

February 25: Productive Sunday afternoon, getting me ready for the coming week.

February 26: Mini marshmallows are so cute!

February 27: I’ll never get tired of purple lipstick.

February 28: I like the way my work vest looks.

What were you grateful for in February?


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Gratitude: January 2018

I am pleased to share that I will be continuing my monthly gratitude posts. If you are unfamiliar with these, each day I write down one thing that makes me happy and at the end of each month I share them all in a blog post. I have done this for two years now and it’s a beautiful thing to be able to look back on.

Here’s what made me smile this month:

January 1: Steps sing-a-long.

January 2: Bought a bullet journal!

January 3: Getting to see my favourite little face after work.

January 4: I like rain and grey days.

January 5: Tango’s day 💔

January 6: Double episode of Pretty Little Liars.

January 7: Murder mystery tucked up with a warm blanket.

January 8: Long hugs.

January 9: Chocolate eclair after work.

January 10: Received a lovely compliment and sweets from a lady at work.

January 11: Saw some cute kittens on my SPCA visit.

January 12: Filmed my first YouTube/blog video.

January 13: Dark eye makeup.

January 14: Lots of giggles.

January 15: Frozen Fanta Blueberry drink.

January 16: Blogger friends are so kind.

January 17: Work uniform arrived – the vest and pullover fit so nicely.

January 18: Started my London jigsaw puzzle.

January 19: New Kylie music.

January 20: Wore MAC’s Tan pigment for the first time – LOVE.

January 21: My New Look playsuit is one of my favourite items of clothing.

January 22: Productive afternoon/evening.

January 23: Sponge cake for my birthday tomorrow!

January 24: Treated myself to donuts after work, so good!

January 25: Making good progress with the jigsaw.

January 26: Cinema and late night Dominos.

January 27: Cuddles are the best way to start a day.

January 28: Had the tastiest drink, sparkling white grapefruit flavour.

January 29: Uploaded my second YouTube video.

January 30: We are getting a new little kitten.

January 31: Finished the London jigsaw.

What were you grateful for in January?


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January Favourites 2018

It feels like forever since I’ve written a favourites post but it’s only been a month! A fair bit has happened in that time which is probably the reason why it seems so long. These favourites are all things I have been using in January and incorporating into different parts of my day.

Onto this month’s favourites:

1. Leuchtturm 1917 Dotted Journal (Navy) – Hands up who guessed this would feature! I purchased a Bullet Journal to keep organised lists essentially. I don’t treat mine like a diary (maybe if I didn’t already have a planner). I’m loving writing in this and coming up with new page ideas. I have written a post about my Bullet Journal which you can view HERE. The post also includes a video giving you a look inside my journal.

2. Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick #45 – I chose this lipstick as part of a Rimmel gift with purchase in 2017 and rediscovered it this month. This shade is a gorgeous dusky rose nude. Shade #45 sits in the middle of the range colourwise, it’s not the lightest shade nor is it the darkest. This lipstick is creamy but still has good pigmentation. It’s not the longest lasting but it’s nice for during the day. I like to apply Revlon’s Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Super Natural over the top to make lips look extra plump.

3. Real Techniques Bold Metals 203 Tapered Shadow Brush – Towards the end of 2017 I purchased some Real Techniques makeup brushes off of iHerb. This brush is lovely for applying and blending shadow in the crease and the outer corner of the eye. The brush looks like it will be too big but this isn’t the case at all. I love to use this brush alongside the Morphe 25A Copper Spice palette I received for Christmas. This brush is perfect for defining the crease and for blending out matte shades from the palette.

4. Nescafé Toffee Nut Latte – Every year Starbucks bring out their Christmas drinks and one of the flavours is usually Toffee Nut. I tried a Toffee Nut Frappucino and really enjoyed it so when I saw these sachets in the supermarket in the trolley they went. This is actually my second box, I purchased the first one in December and repurchased two weeks ago. For someone who doesn’t drink coffee I find these have a nice, light flavour. Lattes contain more milk than other types of coffee so they’re not as strong.

5. Instagram – A lot of people have been complaining about Instagram and the ‘algorithm’ lately and I’m going to admit I have no clue what the algorithm is supposed to do. I use Instagram because I like it and because I enjoy sharing photos and engaging with friends and bloggers and seeing what they post. I don’t have a theme I stick to or a routine where I only post at certain times or on certain days. I remember a couple of years ago Instagram made it so you could turn on notifications when people post so you will see your favourite accounts first and more often. I did that for no one simply because I like chronological order and although photos aren’t posted in chronological order anymore I still see every photo. In the morning I scroll until I get up to where I stopped the night before and I don’t seem to miss photos. I’m enjoying Instagram because of the engagement I’ve been getting recently.

January’s Spotify Playlist:

What were your favourite things in January?


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First Peek Inside My Bullet Journal

On January 2nd I bought myself a Bullet Journal. On New Year’s Day I was looking at different layouts, watching YouTube videos and reading blog posts on how people use theirs. I do have a weekly planner but I use that more for appointments. My aim for this journal is to use it to house organised lists (called ‘collections’ in the Bullet Journal world) and write in it every day – how I’ve been feeling and what my day has been like etc.

MY bullet journal equipment:

1. Leuchtturm 1917 Hardcover Medium Dotted Journal (Navy) – The journal is close to A5 size. I originally wanted a black journal but shops were sold out. The last shop I went to had navy, red, light blue or green. I went for navy as it is closest to black.

2. kikki.K Slim Ballpoint Pens 5pk – kikki.K stationery is lovely and they always have packs of these pens in cute designs. Lots of people like to use fineliners or calligraphy pens but quite often they bleed through the pages. Ballpoints don’t do that and I already had this set of pens so I figured I would use them up.

3. kikki.K Notebook Elastic – The bullet journal doesn’t have a pen loop but this elastic has space for two pens and fits perfectly around the Leuchtturm. These elastics are made to fit A5 and A6 notebooks.

I filmed a video showing the pages I’ve created and how the key and index works. I figured it would be easier to include a video rather than write a post with lots of pictures. I was very nervous about the video and I hope it’s okay. Enjoy!

I thought it would also be helpful to include some tips in case you wanted to start your own bullet journal:

  • Decide whether you want dotted pages, lined pages or blank. I knew I wanted dotted. I can’t write straight on blank paper and dots help keep things tidy when you’re doodling and ruling lines.
  • A key and index are essential.
  • Keep it simple!
  • Don’t plan all your pages at once. Allow for spontaneity.
  • Be sure to number your pages or get a journal with numbered pages (like the Leuchtturm!)
  • Watch YouTube videos and use Pinterest to search for layout ideas and collections* to include in your journal.

*Collection = Every topic in your journal on it’s own page, e.g. gift ideas, goals, reminders, recipes, blog post ideas, places you’ve visited. The more you journal the more you’ll learn what you want and come up with your style. The page numbers of each collection are added to the index so you can flip through and easily find them.

Feel free to leave any questions and let me know if there’s something you’d like explained further. Thanks for reading/watching!


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