Social Media, Are We Friends?

Social Media, Are We Friends?Hi everyone! I have seen a few of these types of posts before and want to take the opportunity to do one myself. Social media is such an important aspect of blogging and it can really help you to get your name and blog out there. Being a social butterfly can be difficult at times with all the different platforms but I always find time to log on and catch up with tweets, Instagram likes, pins etc.

I thought I’d do this post today to check in with my old followers and let any new followers know where they can find me if they haven’t already. I enjoy chatting and getting to know you all better and I hope you feel the same.

Connect With Me:

Twitter: @chanellehayley_

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Pinterest: chanellehayley

And of course, good old fashioned email:

Do stop by and say hello and I’ll be sure to respond! Feel free to pop any (or all) of your links in the comments below so we can check you out too! Also, let me know if you have a favourite social media platform.

Wishing you all a lovely week!



#Disco25Happy Friday lovelies! Today’s post is all about a competition I won over on Instagram last month and I wanted to share my experience with you all!

Back in June I spotted a post Dannii Minogue made on her Tumblr account about a 25 year anniversary competition celebrating the release of her debut single ‘Love & Kisses’. She was asking fans to either make a video or take an image inspired by Love & Kisses. You simply had to upload your creation to Instagram, tag Dannii and include the hashtag #Disco25.

For my entry I decided to upload a video of me singing Love & Kisses. I was pretty nervous as I’ve never uploaded a video of myself before but thankfully it paid off. I took inspiration from Dannii’s style in the Love & Kisses video for my outfit and makeup. I wore a black jacket and went for a red lip and fresh faced look.

Disco 25 Makeup#Disco25 Makeup:

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation in 081 Ivory

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer – 15 Fair

Thin Lizzy 6 in 1 Professional Powder – Light

Chi Chi Billion Dollar Wallet ‘Heiress’

Rimmel Scandaleyes Lycra Flex Mascara in Black

Thin Lizzy Precision Liquid Eyeliner*

Dainty Doll Powder Blush 004 You Are My Sunshine

Revlon Fire & Ice Lipstick

*I hardly ever wear eyeliner and I spent so long trying to get it perfect that after applying it and cleaning it up numerous times my eyes had enough product on from doing that.

Finished lookAll made up and time to start filming!

My winning entry!

Dannii liked my video and commented on it to notify me I had won. I had no idea what the prize was but I was incredibly shocked and happy to be chosen.

Last Wednesday I came home from work to a package from Australia. I couldn’t contain my excitement and opened it straight away. Inside was a Love & Kisses vinyl record made out to me as well as a card with a personalised handwritten message. The card from Dannii was such a beautiful touch and this prize is something I’ll treasure forever!

PrizeHope you enjoyed reading this post and let me know what you think of my #Disco25 makeup look! Have you won any competitions of your own lately?


The Instagram Tag

The Instagram TagHey everyone!

I came across this tag last week as I was browsing on Bloglovin’ and being the Insta-fanatic I am, I just knew I had to do it! 🙂

1. What’s your Instagram name?

My Instagram name is chanellehayley_

2. How many people do you follow?


3. How many followers do you have?


4. What are your favourite hashtags?

#Selfie – I’m not being vain but I’m still learning to accept the way I look and it’s a big thing for me to post an image of myself. It’s really helped me grow in confidence. Pictures of me also help followers put a face to the account.

#Nails – This is a great one if you’re looking for ideas for nail art or if you want to buy a new nail polish and don’t know which one to go for, just scroll through until you find a shade you like.

#Redhead – I’m super proud to be a redhead and I use this hashtag if my hair’s looking particularly good one day.

5. What is your favourite genre of pictures?

I don’t really have a favourite genre of picture and I think that’s the beauty of Instagram. There are so many pictures and people out there taking pictures that being able to share them in one place is pretty special in itself. What makes me double-tap or hit the like button? Images that I find beautiful, inspire me or make me smile.

One of my favourite accounts to follow is Ellie Goulding’s. Her pictures are always cool and interesting and she’s incredibly beautiful! ❤

6. How often do you post?

It varies. Most of the time I try to post every few days but I like my Instagram posts to be about quality rather than quantity. I’m not going to post a picture everyday just for the sake of it or to try and get more followers. Similar to the last question I post when I feel inspired or when I have something to share!

7. How often do you check Instagram?

A couple of times a day. Most mornings I wake up and do a big scroll through to see what I missed overnight and then another one before I go to bed.

8. What’s your favourite filter?

It used to be Amaro but honestly I’m one of those try every filter on a photo girls! These days I quite like Valencia 🙂

9. iPhone only, purist or rebel?

Well considering I don’t use or have an iPhone and use my iPod touch you could call me a rebel. I have sent digital camera photos to my iPod by email before though. It just depends which device the image is captured on.

Hope you enjoyed reading this tag! I’m not going to nominate anyone in particular but feel free to attempt this tag as I would love to read everyone’s answers. Also, if you’d like me to follow you on Instagram leave your name in the comments below!

Chanelle x

What Does Your Instagram Filter Say About You?

With more than 75 million users daily, Instagram has become one of the most popular apps over the past few years allowing professional and amateur photographers to share their snapshots. Many celebrities use Instagram as a way of connecting with their fans and sharing snippets of their lives.

Personally the app is one of my favourites and I use it everyday. On days I don’t upload a photo I use it to scroll through photos and videos from people I follow.

When deciding on a filter for a photo I generally go through all of them to see which I think looks best but if I had to pick a favourite I’d choose Amaro. Amaro gives photos a light, airy glow and lightens dark photos.

Buzzfeed infographicIn March 2013, Buzzfeed featured an infographic detailing the habits of Instagram users and the top 10 most used filters. Click here to view the infographic in full and read what these filters say about you.

I have also been looking online and researching more into each filter. I have compiled a list of useful links for Instagram newbies or regular users who want to see their photos in a new light.

  1. What Your Favourite Instagram Filter Says About You – Hannah from Technology Tell breaks down each filter and suggests photo ideas for each one.
  2. Every Instagram Filter, Definitively RankedHuffington Post rank each filter from best to worst.
  3. How To Choose the Best Instagram Filter For Your Photo – Stephanie from breaks each filter down into three categories: techniques, effect and when to use it.

Reading these articles taught me a few things and I’m definitely going to think how I can incorporate more of these suggestions into my photos.

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Please feel free to leave your Instagram username in the comments below if you’d like me to follow you and be sure to tell me what your favourite filter is!

Chanelle x