Function of Beauty Experience

This post is not sponsored. I purchased these products myself and all opinions are my own.

Over the past year or so I have heard the name Function of Beauty crop up numerous times in the YouTube and blogging world. Function of Beauty allows individuals to decide what goes into their own custom hair products.

The site quizzes you on hair type, hair structure, scalp moisture and allows you to select up to five hair goals that you’d like your unique formula to deliver. You can choose a fragrance and how strong you’d like the scent to be but there is a fragrance free option too. You can name your formula, choose the colour (there is a dye free option) and the size you want to purchase. Shampoo and conditioner comes in 8oz (236ml) and 16oz (473ml) bottles and you can purchase a product individually or as a set. Pumps are included but if you re-order you can opt out of getting new pumps each time and re-use your existing ones. Before the checkout process there is the option of adding custom hair treatments like a mask or a serum to your order and you can even choose how frequently you’d like to receive your formula. I chose the one off option as it takes me a while to get through shampoo and conditioner and if I like the service I can re-order later on. I decided to try Function of Beauty when I was beginning to get low on my previous shampoo and conditioner and it sounded fun to be able to choose what was going into my formula and tailor it to my needs.

Function of Chanelle

Unique formula number: 2984668
Hair profile: Coarse + Wavy + Normal

The hair goals I chose:

1. Deep condition Moisturise and deeply condition dry damaged hair from the inside out, restoring hydration lost from heat and/or chemical processing.
2. Fix split ends – Smooth and coat your split ends for a sleek hair surface while building moisture content to minimise future split ends.
Straighten – Relax and style unruly hair with a biolipid complex that leaves a sheathing film which naturally disciplines hair even in humid conditions.
Anti-frizz – Hydrate and soften hair texture while protecting strands from frizz, static and breakage.
Replenish hair – Replenish damaged, nutrient-depleted strands and protect your hair from environmental stressors.

Size: I purchased the 8oz shampoo and conditioner set without any additional hair treatments. I basically just wash my hair and let it air dry. Occasionally I’ll dry it with the hair dryer or straighten it but I don’t mind my natural hair and tend to keep things simple.

Fragrance: I was going to get a fragrance free formula but Strike a (r)ose sounded nice so I opted for the light strength of that. Strike a (r)ose has top notes of rose, black currant, sandalwood and orange blossom. Function of Beauty describe it as, “a cool, modern rose fragrance with a bit of edge.” When placing the order I selected the peach fragrance by mistake. I got in touch with the customer service team who switched the scents for me straight away. I love the rose scent and I’m glad I went for the lightest strength, I can still smell it the days between hair washes and it’s nice and subtle.

Colour: I couldn’t decide on a colour for the shampoo so I went for dye free and chose light purple for the conditioner.

As the products are custom made, from the time I placed my order to the time it arrived it took about three weeks which is not bad at all. When my order arrived it was well packaged, there were no leaks and everything matched what I ordered. Inside the box are stickers to decorate the outside of the bottles and a brochure with details about your formula. The box everything comes in is personalised too which is a lovely touch.

I ordered my shampoo and conditioner last August and started using them in November. There’s still about one third of product left in each and I wanted to share my thoughts once I’d had a chance to use them for a decent amount of time. Do I think it’s the best shampoo and conditioner I’ve ever tried? No, but I do like using these and my hair feels clean without feeling stripped and dry afterwards. I got my hair cut at the end of November and I do notice quite a few split ends, one of the hair goals I chose was to help with split ends. I will see if I notice less when I finish this shampoo and conditioner and go back to Wella. I also don’t think the products by themselves provide as much anti-frizz as I would like. I have been using a hair mask from Toni & Guy after conditioner and massaging in a hair oil when my hair is almost dry. That’s what I think actually makes my hair look straighter without having to reach for my GHD. My hair is naturally a little wavy but the frizz is more noticeable if I don’t use the hair mask and oil.

Once I finish these up I am on the fence as to whether I’d purchase from Function of Beauty again. Doing the quiz is fun and perhaps I’d change the hair goals a little bit to see if that made a difference. The products can be pricey if you don’t find a good offer or coupon but if you pick the right hair goals it’s worth it. I’m glad I tried the brand and I’m not disappointed, the shampoo and conditioner are pretty good. My mind will be made up about whether I’d repurchase or not once I try the Wella Elements products I’ve got waiting in the wings to use next.

Would you be interested in making your own shampoo and conditioner and trying Function of Beauty? What hair goals would you choose?


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Redhead Rambles #15

Hello everyone and welcome to ‘Redhead Rambles’. The series does what it says on the tin, it is a redhead (me) rambling about her week. I share what I’ve been up to each week, how I’ve been feeling and what I’ve been listening to or watching. Occasionally I will my share favourite blog posts and links I’ve found useful or interesting.

  • To be honest I had a lazy weekend. I read, napped and ate pretty much.
  • On Sunday I tried to purchase a copy of Kylie Minogue’s new album ‘Golden’ but the store only had the regular edition and I wanted the deluxe! I ordered a deluxe copy online and it arrived on Wednesday. It would have been Tuesday but no one was home when the courier attempted delivery.
  • I tested Rimmel’s Match Perfection foundation with MAC’s StudioFinish concealer again and it didn’t crease and sink into fine lines. I only wore moisturiser and no primer – maybe that’s the key.
  • On Tuesday I came home from work with a headache. I had some mini cinnamon donuts and lay down until I felt better.
  • The Commonwealth Games are on TV and normal programming is on a break so mum and I have been getting through a number of movies this week. They all count towards my goal to watch 20 new movies in 2018.
  • On Thursday I got my hair cut. I wanted to get it done before schools break up for two weeks and I had been looking forward to it for a while. It’s so nice to have thin, lighter hair. I decided to keep the layers but only have two instead of three and get a lot of the heaviness taken out. I got my fringe trimmed as well. I never get dye or colour put in. Check out my Instagram @chanellehayley_ to see a pic!
  • I’ve been listening to music a lot this week and it reminds me how much I adore it. Music will always be the most important thing to me and it makes me think of days I would come home from school and sing for hours.
  • I cleaned my foundation makeup brushes, they get the most use and need cleaning more frequently than the others.
  • I mentioned last week the weather was still warm but that’s certainly changed, there’s been a cold snap this week and even though I prefer being cold to being hot it does make me appreciate the mild, in between months.

What I’ve been listening to:

Calvin Harris – One Kiss (with Dua Lipa) – I adore the tone of Dua Lipa’s voice, it is strong and kind of deep but her tracks are always catchy and she’s one of the ‘popular’ artists I like.

Shane Filan – Back To You – Shane is one of my absolute favourite artists! As always his voice sounds beautiful and I love when he drops new music without warning.

Andy Brown – Put That Record On – A singer whose voice gives me tingles when I listen to it. I’m so excited for Andy’s country/pop album in June!

What I’ve Been Watching:

Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated – I’m not a fan of Demi Lovato but I thought her YouTube original documentary would be a gripping watch and I wasn’t wrong. I like how honest Demi and everyone was and seeing behind the scenes of Demi in the recording studio. If you’re a fan or you enjoy music, I urge you to watch this.

How was your week?


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Life Lately #3

Hello everyone! Hope you’re well! I began these ‘Life Lately’ posts in April as a way to round up what I’ve been up to and document where my head and I have been. I break the post down into categories and update you on each one. This will be the last Life Lately post as I am toying with a new segment for 2018 which will include more regular updates, possibly posted weekly. (Some of you may know three is my favourite number so it’s fitting I’m ending this mini-series after the third installment).


I have been super consistent with my posting schedule and I have been getting posts written in advance. I am still learning about my camera and getting to grips with the settings to try and make sure my blog photos are acceptable. If you have any tips or feedback on my photos, please feel free to share! I have been thinking about the blog in the near future and as I mentioned in the intro my two posts a week may be going back up to three. I conducted a survey a couple of months back so I will re-read the answers and make sure I’m incorporating what my readers said they want as much as I can.


In the last Life Lately update I had left my job and was getting ready to start at the library. I have been at the library for almost three months now and the difference in my mindset is very noticeable. I have more time and freedom and more of a work/life balance. I’m not stressed and I generally feel happier.


Everything on the relationship front is still going really well. It was my boyfriend’s 25th birthday in September and I surprised him with 25 presents. Related post: Boyfriend’s Birthday Surprise!

I have been reading a lot and shopping a lot it seems too. I’ve picked up some bargains and purchased new products that I have slowly been trying/using/wearing. (Most items are beauty/makeup related, good beauty blogger). Related posts: My Recent Purchases and My Recent Purchases #2.

I have also done the majority of my Christmas shopping and wrapped the presents I’ve bought. I’m not a big fan of Christmas but I do like giving gifts and wrapping them.

In October I got my hair cut. I don’t know why but I don’t feel satisfied with my hair 90% of the time I get it cut. I like the way it looks when the hairdresser styles it but a couple of days later it’s thick again. I like to keep my hair routine easy and I don’t use styling tools often. I’m still trying to decide if I prefer my hair all one length or with longer layers.


I ordered an album package from Shania Twain’s store and I’m still waiting for it to arrive! I ordered it over two months ago and have sent numerous emails to the help team. At first the item was out of stock and now there’s a problem with the delivery partner. I honestly wish I had physically gone to a store and bought the album and not got all the extras. I’m only seeing the order through because my money has been taken and the order can’t be cancelled.

Steps re-released Tears On the Dancefloor this month (with new tracks) and I ordered a copy signed by my favourite band member, Lisa. My CD arrived this week. I have had the album on repeat since April!

2017 Goals Progress

Related Post: Hello 2017!

I have been exercising pretty regularly. I want to find some leg yoga to try and tone my legs up for summer so I’ll feel more comfortable in shorts. I am going with the flow more and definitely haven’t been stressing about blogging. I’ve got a social media routine and try to keep my time using it to a minimum – I check it in the morning and in the evening. I tend to check Instagram more if I’ve posted that day. I’m sad to say I haven’t done any more driving and I want to make that a priority in 2018.

What have you been up to recently?


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What I Did With My Time Off

By the time you’re reading this I will have already been back at work a week. I took a week off at the start of June and it was a much needed break. It’s my first real time off in almost a year and it was bliss! Prior to my time off I made a list of what I wanted to achieve and I managed to complete all of it… almost. Hope you enjoy the post!


The last time I had my hair cut was October 2016, so a tidy up was long overdue. The salon I normally go to hasn’t impressed me the past couple of times so I went back to a salon I’d tried a few years ago. I got layers put in rather than have my hair one length how it usually is. The hairdresser did a lovely job and although my hair seems short at the moment it will grow back soon enough, plus, I really like it. I did share my new hair on Instagram and I’ve attached an image in case you don’t follow me/haven’t seen it. My instagram name is chanellehayley_ – follow me and I might just follow you back! 😉

Tidy Up Loose Ends

I’d been meaning to clean windows for my mum for a little while and I wanted to do it on the very first day to get it over and done with. The weather was wet and gloomy and the rain provided a nice backdrop for the cleaning.

One of the items in my latest ASOS order was a wrong send so I had to pop to the post office and send it back. The return service is done online and it’s really easy. It’s also free which is even better! The parcel is tracked and you can view progress online so you know exactly where it is. I’m gutted I didn’t receive the correct jumper and my size is out of stock so I can’t re-order, perhaps it’s not meant to be?

The zip pouch in my handbag where I keep my phone has had a rip in it for months and I finally got around to fixing it. Now nothing can fall through.


I only went shopping once during my time away from work and I didn’t splurge at all (I hardly ever do!) I was on the hunt for B vitamins as I have been feeling stressed/tired lately and so far they are working wonders! I bought shampoo and conditioner minis to keep at my boyfriend’s and they smell divine. I’ve wanted to try OGX’s shampoo/conditioner for ages but the big bottles are so expensive at the supermarket. I also bought some underwear and socks, (essentials right?!) and a couple of books to take to work to read.

Motion Entertainment Centre

Late last year an entertainment centre opened about 5 minutes from where I live and my boyfriend and I made plans to go along and try out a couple of activities. We did Escape Masters and ten pin bowling. Escape Masters involves being locked in a themed room and using clues and brainteasers to open locks and ultimately escape from the room. There is a time limit of 60 minutes. My boyfriend and I took 70 minutes but that was on medium difficulty and we wasted the first 10 minutes figuring out what to do. I was absolutely hopeless at ten pin bowling, I scored less than 50 points for the whole game but I did manage to get an 8 and a 2 in one round. We want to go back and try mini golf next.

trip to the snow (sort of)

My boyfriend’s parents thought it would be nice to take me on a trip to see some ‘proper’ snow. I was wrapped up in my puffa jacket and warm clothes, we set off early and the weather looked promising but on arrival mist and cloud had set in and there was no snow to be seen. Hopefully we’ll go again soon and be more successful.


As well as planning out the things I wanted to do I also took time to chill out and take it easy. I had a few sleeps ins and lazy days. I caught up on a bunch of YouTube videos in my ‘Watch Later’ list, started a jigsaw puzzle and sang/listened to music.

Overall, I had a wonderful time and the weather (apart from the snow day outing) was just as wonderful, there was lots of sunshine which made me happy.

Is there anything you like to do when you have extra time off work? How do you spend your days?


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Spring Hair!


Happy Friday lovely readers! Last week I booked an appointment at the hair salon and on Tuesday I got my hair cut. It’s been about four months since I got my hair cut, the last time was at the end of May. I thought with it being Spring, now would be a good time to get it done again.

As usual, I didn’t have anything extreme done to my hair. It’s still long (ish), red and I just wanted a trim, the weight of my hair to be thinned out and my fringe cut. I also decided to get a face framing layer cut into the front again. I first got this done last June (see HERE) and I wanted to try it again to see whether I prefer my hair with the face framing or all the same length.

I asked for 5cm to be taken off the length but it certainly seems like a lot more was cut. I like to think of myself as the girl with the long, red hair and when I was walking out of the salon and saw a huge chunk of my hair on the floor, I felt a little sad. I know it’s only hair and it will grow but it will take some time to get used to. To put things into perspective, prior to Tuesday my hair would have been down to my waist/hips and now it’s just past my shoulders. I feel almost naked without my long hair and while it is lighter in weight, I will be more careful describing what I want done next time. (Either that or I’ll find a new hairdresser :P)

Now for some pictures!

I’m sorry I don’t have any before but if you follow me on Instagram you’ll be used to seeing my face/hair regularly over there.


hair-from-frontLet me know what you think of my new hair! When was the last time you got yours done?


[CLOSED] EXCITING Blog Giveaway!!!

EXCITING Blog Giveaway!!!Happy Friday lovelies! Wednesday marked my two year blogging anniversary and I cannot believe how quick that time has gone! I want to say the biggest thank you to everyone who reads the blog and leaves comments and for all the support and encouragement I receive. I genuinely did not imagine that I could come across such kind, thoughtful, like-minded people.

I have wanted to do a blog giveaway for a while now. I wanted to do this giveaway because two years posting on Chanelle Hayley feels like such a milestone and I am so proud of how far I’ve come; my confidence has grown and my writing style has improved so much. I apologise for this not being the most extravagant giveaway but I hope whoever wins enjoys this prize as much as I will enjoy running the giveaway.

The Prize:

Giveaway PrizeThere will be ONE winner who will receive the following:

1. Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Lovesick. Fuchsia is my favourite lip colour to rock and I believe you can’t go far wrong with one in your collection!

2. Maybelline New York Luminizing Eyeshadow, Caffeine Rush. This little palette is full of neutral tones and these shades can all be used separately or together to create a gorgeous eye look. These shades remind me of my favourite eyeshadow palette, ‘The Nudes’ also by Maybelline.

3.  Geoskincare individual face masks: 1 x Deep Pore Cleansing masque, 1 x Hydrating masque and 1 x Radiance Lifting masque.

4. Neutrogena Naturals lip balm. I have been getting into the habit of applying lip balm every night before I go to bed and it really does make a difference. I wake up with smooth lips and lipstick glides on like a dream. This one winds up which is good if you’re all about hygiene and contains Vitamin E to nourish and soothe.

5. Makeup Revolution mono eyeshadows. In my recent Feel Unique & Makeup Revolution Haul I picked up two of Makeup Revolutions mono eyeshadows. I selected the shades I Need You (bronze/brown) and Promised Land (rose gold).

6. Zoella Beauty Tutti Fruity Beauty Pouch. I couldn’t get over how adorable this pouch is so I picked up an extra with this giveaway in mind when I made my Feel Unique order.

7. The Body Shop Shea hand cream. Hand cream is one of the essential products in my beauty routine and this one from The Body Shop is a personal favourite. Shea is such a beautiful scent and not too strong if you prefer something more subtle.

8. Pantene Pro-V 3 Minute Miracle Treatment. One thing that always makes me feel confident is a good hair day. I saw this product and instantly thought it would be perfect to include in this giveaway!

So now you know what you could win,  how do you enter?

To Enter:

1. Follow my blog via WordPress or Email – I will be checking!

2. Comment below with a question you’d like me to answer in a future Q&A post.

To Gain An Extra Entry:

1. Follow either my Twitter account or my Instagram account.

2. Leave a comment letting me know you’ve done all of the above along with your Instagram/Twitter username so I can follow you back.

P.S. If you follow me on both Twitter and Instagram I am only counting that as one extra entry. I wanted to offer both options in case some people only have Twitter and not Instagram and vice versa.

*** This giveaway is open internationally from June 17th 2016 and will close at 11:59pm (NZT) on Friday July 1st 2016 ***

All entries will be assigned a number and once the giveaway closes the winner will be picked using a random number generator.

The winner will be announced on Monday, July 4th 2016 and if I don’t receive contact within 48 hours of announcing the winner, a new winner will be drawn.

Good luck to everyone entering and once again a huge thank you for all of your support!


A Spot o’ Shopping!

A Spot O' Shopping!Hello there and happy Monday! It seems ever since I started this blog I convince myself there’s another beauty product I ‘need’ and eventually end up buying it. Lots of people probably say this, but my collection isn’t too excessive and I do try to use everything regularly. The past two weekends have involved me nabbing some new beauty bits to try as well as a new pair of yoga/exercise pants. Read on to see what caught my eye!

Shopping Collage

1. Cotton On On the Run 3/4 Pants  – Blue Ombre Side Panel/Black ($10)

I’ll get the item that you’ll probably find least appealing out of the way first, (most of you are probably here for the makeup). I never used to enjoy buying clothes but I am getting to like having a browse now and again. Yoga pants are so comfortable and even if you don’t wear them for yoga and just wear them around the house you will not regret it! I love the blue ombre effect down the side and even though they are 3/4 length they are full length on me because I’m so short.

2. Fudge Urban Miracle Ends Tropical Cocktail ($9.99)

I picked up a tube of this Fudge Urban lotion after hearing fellow friend and blogger Karen (Confetti and Curves) singing it’s praises. If you’re not tantalised by the delicious scent you will be by it’s promises. Miracle Ends promises to seal split and dry ends, repair and condition with Argan Oil and hydrate and nourish hair. This product can be used wet or dry and alongside styling tools to create smooth hair and a natural shine.

3. Rimmel London Professional Eyebrow Pencil – Hazel ($8.92)

I know, I know, you’re probably thinking, Chanelle doesn’t normally buy brow products and you’d be correct. I really liked how my brows looked in my Vanessa White Inspired Makeup and filling them in slightly made a difference. I am lucky to have thick brows naturally so I don’t need to do too much. I picked the shade hazel as it isn’t too dark and has a slight redness to it which will pull on the auburn tones of my hair.

4. Rimmel Oh My Gloss! – #150 Glossaholic ($14.99)

When I first saw images and swatches of this gloss it reminded me of the Ellie Goulding x MAC plushglass in ‘Goodness Gracious.’ The gloss looks slightly opaque and is a warm, creamy pink. Pinks are my favourite to wear and this will be lovely for everyday wear or just throwing something on my lips that’s quick and easy. This would also look nice layered over lipstick to give it a bit more shine. Rimmel’s Oh My Gloss! contains Argan Oil and Vitamin E and is non-sticky and lightweight adding to it’s comfort.

5. Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Definer – Rich Brown ($13.16)

Another groundbreaking moment for me, I have decided to give eyeliner a go! I was tossing up between brown or black but went for brown in the end as it’s softer and won’t be as harsh while I’m learning to get to grips with applying it. I also figured if I can’t nail the application it might come in handy for filling in my brows. This eyeliner is a retractable pencil and has a smudger at the opposite end for subtle blending and smoking the eyeliner out.

6. Maybelline Dr. Rescue Top Coat ($10.99)

I purchased this top coat last weekend as my previous one became hard and set and had to be thrown out. I really like the way this one was portrayed and I have used it already and I’m impressed. The bottle is so cute and dinky and though it looks pink in the bottle it does in fact apply clear. This top coat vows to give your nails a gel like effect, glossy shine and a plumped up surface. I have never tried a gel polish before so I can’t comment on that but my nails definitely look glossy and have held up very well over the past week.

7. Max Factor Excess Shimmer – 20 Copper ($21.59)

I have been a huge fan of Max Factor’s Lasting Performance Foundation for the past couple of months and instantly wanted to try this product when I spotted it. These look very similar to Maybelline’s Colour Tattoos, they are sold in individual colours and housed in their own little glass pots. Copper is a mid-toned golden brown and the first thing I noticed when I swatched it was how incredible the texture is. It’s a mix between gel and mousse and dare I say it, the texture is more appealing to me than the Colour Tattoos. Everyone mentions how simple and easy the Colour Tattoos are to apply but this is literally one or two swipes and you’re done! These do not crease and last all day. Copper can be worn on it’s own or layered over eyeshadow to illuminate that smoky eye.

Were you out shopping this past weekend like I was – what did you pick up? Let me know if you have you tried any of these items.


Disclaimer: All prices featured are in New Zealand Dollars. Prices listed are those on my receipts and include discounts. Items 4, 6 and 7 were purchased using gift cards and prices reflect what it would have cost to purchase them myself.


January Favourites 2016

January Favourites 2016Hello there! We are already at the end of the first month of 2016 and I feel like this month has been one of the best I’ve had for a while and there’s just been this buzz of excitement for most of it. I feel like so much has happened already this year and if everything continues at this pace, it’s going to be a jam-packed 2016. I decided to keep my monthly favourites feature as I enjoy reading them and I love sharing what I’ve been loving for the past four weeks.

1. Real Techniques Shading Brush – I mentioned the Real Techniques Blush Brush in my 2015 December Favourites but this month I’ve been loving using the Shading Brush with all my eyeshadows. This brush is quite small in size so you may not love it as much as I do if your eyes are on the larger side but for me it is the perfect size. I use this brush to create my whole eye look and find it picks up each colour nicely without blending away what I’ve applied already. The bristles are super soft and wash up really well. Don’t hesitate to give this little brush a go!

2. MAC Ruby Woo and All Fired Up – I got these two shades for Christmas and I have been debating whether or not they deserve their own post dedicated to how beautiful they are. If that’s something you’d like to see just give me a shout! I won’t talk about them too much but Ruby Woo and All Fired Up are bright, bold colours and both have a Retro Matte finish. I have worn each shade a handful of times now and they look so good, I haven’t found the formula to be as drying as I thought it could be either.

3. Filofax – Ahhh, my gorgeous hot pink Filofax in ‘Domino.’ I have had this beauty coming up two years now and I still love it! I decided to include it in my favourites this month as I got new diary inserts for 2016 and I have been really good at using them and writing down what I’ve got to do or what I’ve got coming up. The beauty of a Filofax is how personal they are, you don’t need to buy a new diary every year, just the inserts. The inserts come in a range of options and no one said anything about a Filofax having to be used as a diary. *wink*

4. TRESemmé Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Protective Spray – Shortly after I purchased my hair straightener I purchased this heat protection spray. I am currently using the TRESemmé Salon Silk shampoo and conditioner and this product works in conjunction with that. This spray is so easy to use and I notice such a difference in my hair. I normally section my hair and use 2-3 sprays on each section combing it through with my fingers or a brush. As a result my hair feels silky smooth and looks healthy and shiny. The scent of this spray is pretty pleasant as well.

5. Yoga Camp – Last year I discovered Yoga With Adriene‘s 30 Days of Yoga videos on YouTube and that month of yoga turned out to be one of my highlights for 2015. I didn’t actually know about Yoga Camp until Jodi (A Brash Attitude) commented on one of my posts. I started a few days behind but once again I am loving doing yoga – it’s so calming and makes you feel good and less stressed.

January’s Spotify Playlist:

For January’s monthly playlist I’ve included the 21 Songs In 21 Years playlist which I created for my birthday. It features a song from each year I’ve been alive so check it out to see what tracks have made the cut and defined my life!


December Favourites

December FavouritesI can’t believe this is my last monthly favourites for 2015 and in a few days it will be 2016! I have some really exciting things to share with you this month including a few new discoveries and a couple of beauty products I’ve had for a while but really taken advantage of in December. I will also be doing a Yearly Favourites post which goes up tomorrow and compiles all the best products and highlights from 2015.

1. Philips Moisture Protect Hair Straightener – If you saw yesterday’s post, What I Got For Christmas, you’ll know I purchased this hair straightener earlier in the month as a present to myself. I absolutely love the rose gold and white and how quick and easy this straightens my hair. I got a really good deal on this straightener; originally it was $239.99 and the day I got it I paid $109.99.

2. Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in 107 – This is about the third post this lipstick has featured in this month so I will keep things brief. I wanted to include this lipstick for the simple fact I used it in my Christmas Makeup Menu.

3. Dainty Doll Powder Blush in 001 Hippy Shake – I have had this blush for over a year now and I still haven’t gotten over how beautiful it is. Hippy Shake is a pale lilac colour designed for very fair skin tones. I have also read about bloggers with darker skin tones who have used this shade as a highlighter. When applied this blush gives a nice, subtle glow to my skin and it’s hard to go overboard with this colour. The formula is also amazing, it’s not too powdery and is so easy to apply whether you’re using your fingers or a brush.

4. Real Techniques Blush Brush – The blush brush is one of four Real Techniques brushes I purchased last month and mentioned in my HUGE Me Spree. After using all of the brushes for the past few weeks, I think this is my favourite. The bristles are especially soft and despite the size of the head I like how this applies product. I have been using it with the Dainty Doll blush mentioned above and it is a winning combination!

5. The Body Shop Shea Hand Cream – The Body Shop’s Almond Hand & Nail cream featured in my October Favourites but I love this shea one even more! The packaging feels slightly more robust and less likely to split or break. I like how quickly this hand cream soaks in too. I’ve been applying this at night before bed and my hands feel nice and soft when I wake up in the morning.

6. Marcus Butler – Over the past 6-8 months I have been getting into different vloggers on YouTube. Lily Pebbles is my absolute favourite but this month I discovered Marcus Butler. I saw Marcus in one of Jim Chapman’s videos and instantly started browsing through his channel. I really like the content Marcus uploads, there’s funny videos, challenges, collabs and daily vlogs. His videos are entertaining and so easy to watch. Click here to be taken to Marcus’ YouTube Channel.

December Spotify Playlist – #KylieChristmas

There haven’t been any new tracks I’ve had on repeat in December so I’ve decided to share the #KylieChristmas playlist I made for a competition. I’m not a huge fan of Christmas music but I really enjoyed getting into the Christmas spirit with this playlist. If you’re still feeling festive, take a listen!

That’s all for this month, be sure to let me know what you’ve been loving!


Pamper Session

Pamper SessionHi everyone! How’s your week been?

Last weekend I took it upon myself to have a much needed ‘pamper session’ after getting over my dreadful cold. I had a lovely time primping and preening and I thought I’d share what I got up to.

1. Eyebrows

I started with plucking my eyebrows. They’ve been pretty good lately but there were a few stray hairs that needed taming. I don’t find plucking eyebrows as painful as I used to. A good tip is to do it straight after a bath or a shower as the skin is warmed up and the hair follicles are open. I used to do mine after a shower but if I don’t have time it’s just as easy to do them whenever I need to.

2. Hair

Next I had a shower and for some reason I enjoyed that shower. Normally I see showering as just another mindless task and something I have to do but something about that one was relaxing and didn’t feel like so much of a chore. At the moment I’m using Sunsilk Damaged Hair Reconstruction shampoo (which smells divine) and Sunsilk Perfect Straight conditioner. I was using matching shampoo and conditioner but ran out and I like to change my shampoo + conditioner up regularly so my hair doesn’t become too accustomed to the same product. For the past few months I have been using only shampoo on the top of my head and only conditioner on the length of my hair – it makes hair less greasy. It also means you go through less product.

3. Face

Before I delve into the next part of my pamper session I should mention that we recently got a new range of skincare products at work and I was fortunate enough to bring some home and try them out. I loved the look of the mud mask so I bought that home along with an After Mud moisturiser. I’ve never done a face mask before, let alone a mud mask but my first experience didn’t go too badly. The product had a pleasant smell (not mud luckily) but I found it hard to apply an even layer to my face. Some parts were more covered than others. (I had planned on sharing a picture but I wasn’t brave enough to upload one). The mask however did feel very nice on and was easy to wash off. I noticed how smooth my skin was instantly after removing it. I don’t think I would end up buying the product myself but it was fun to try something new. I would seriously consider looking at finding a face mask to apply on a regular basis though.

4. Nails

The final part of my pamper-thon involved me doing my nails! Painting my nails is something I really enjoy and I think my nails look nicer when they’re painted. I went for a bright, girly pink from called Bubblegum from Revlon’s scented range. The smell is closer to watermelon but the promise of a colour that pops certainly delivers. The formula of these polishes are silky smooth and I’m a fan of the thin brush. My nails and hands are quite small so a thinner brush helps to minimise mistakes.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post and do let me know what you like to do to pamper yourself!