Gratitude: December 2018

I almost can’t believe how quickly 2018 is ending. I remember at the end of 2017 I was looking forward to the new year and very quickly (five days into January 2018 in fact) that all changed. Age 23 will be memorable (not always for good reasons) but I am ending the year in a positive mindset. I go into 2019 with the hope it will be ok and I won’t be tested so much. December has very much been the month to tie up loose ends and wind down after the year that has been.

Here’s what made me smile:

December 1: The food at the work Christmas dinner was amazing!

December 2: Spent the afternoon at a quiz with a few work colleagues.

December 3: Bookshops make me happy.

December 4: Mum bought apple turnovers from the supermarket.

December 5: Wore Patina by Stila and got complimented.

December 6: I did the daily banking at work for the first time by myself!

December 7: Garlic bread in the style of a Vienna loaf.

December 8: Sang along to The Saturdays on a Saturday 😛

December 9: Mowed the lawns. Good job done but it was a mission!

December 10: Bought a new conditioner from Schwarzkopf to try, my OGX one is almost empty.

December 11: Dropped my gift in the box at work for Secret Santa.

December 12: Chocolate sponge cake as part of a work morning tea.

December 13: Got my little car fixed, luckily it was something minor.

December 14: My watch and cuff set from Daniel Wellington arrived – it is perfect!

December 15: Did a makeup run through for the Shania Twain concert and went into town.

December 16: Chill day catching up on YouTube videos and painted my nails.

December 17: Last Monday at work for 2018.

December 18: Went to the Shania Twain concert and had her touch my hand as she made her way onstage.

December 19: Halo was pleased to see us when we got home.

December 20: Took some leftover hot chips to work for lunch.

December 21: The staff Christmas breakfast was a success! We also got to wear non-uniform clothes and I put tinsel in my plait to be festive.

December 22: Loved the orange-bronze eye makeup I tried.

December 23: Nice temperature, not too hot.

December 24: Wore my Shania Twain jumper.

December 25: Bullet journalled and listened to Ariana Grande after Christmas day lunch.

December 26: Restful afternoon nap.

December 27: Icecream after work.

December 28: My signed copy of The Anna Edit’s book, An Edited Life, arrived.

December 29: Morning Vanilla Latte in one of my kikki.K cups.

December 30: Potato chips and dip.

December 31: Last day of 2018, bring on 2019!

What were you grateful for in December?


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Gratitude: November 2018

Overall November was a pretty good month. I’ve been singing and had lots of music to listen to, I started my new job, Halo turned one and I’ve been buying a few different things. I purchased some beauty gifts sets with minis of brands/products I want to try and I purchased some new clothing pieces as well as a gift for Secret Santa at work. November being busy meant I didn’t have a lot of spare time to be worrying or overthinking.

Here’s what made me smile:

November 1: Straightened my hair.

November 2: Halo was extra cute today.

November 3: Got some chores done.

November 4: Chatty first day back at work after my time off.

November 5: Offered new admin role.

November 6: My horse for the Melbourne Cup sweepstake came second.

November 7: Fish and chips for dinner.

November 8: First time going to Subway in a while, it was a good sandwich.

November 9: Finally got my fringe cut.

November 10: Day off.

November 11: Freshly mowed lawns.

November 12: Leftover homemade pizza.

November 13: Intended to have Burger King for dinner but didn’t feel well. I got to have it the next day instead.

November 14: My copy of The New Fashion Rules arrived.

November 15: Made a weekend to do list.

November 16: Late night makeup order.

November 17: First time I went shopping properly for ages.

November 18: Last work shift as part of the customer service team.

November 19: Halo turned one!

November 20: Started my new job. Chocolates and a card were waiting for me on my desk at work.

November 21: Tried one of Stila’s Magnificent Metals.

November 22: Only more episode left of The Cry.

November 23: Love how my blush looked.

November 24: Lazy, chill, catch up day.

November 25: Pretty makeup for catching up with a friend.

November 26: My online orders were both dispatched.

November 27: BBQ Rodeo Burgers from Burger King.

November 28: Tried a new highlighter and it’s so pretty!

November 29: Cosy, fluffy jumpers are my fave!

November 30: Caramel slice for morning tea.

What were you grateful for in November?


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Gratitude: October 2018

Compared to last month October hasn’t been a month of driving practice and reading. I haven’t been on a drive for a number of weeks due to different things getting in the way and I haven’t been hitting my usual target of one book a week. I feel like I have been listening to music a lot and quarter four always brings new releases. October felt busy and I almost can’t believe all of these memories are part of the same month.

Here’s what made me smile:

October 1: My Makeup Revolution blush palette arrived!

October 2: Tried an apple turnover for the first time.

October 3: Rainbow dance party at work.

October 4: Got bits for quiz night.

October 5: Quiz night makeup turned out nice.

October 6: Blog post preppin’ for the week ahead.

October 7: Smoky eye and pink cheeks and lips.

October 8: Online retail therapy courtesy of White Fox Boutique.

October 9: Kind people commenting on my lipstick (Show Orchid by MAC).

October 10: Soft, pink makeup.

October 11: Burger King lunch.

October 12: The rain was nice.

October 13: Mum always reassures me that things will be ok.

October 14: Bakery treats.

October 15: Homemade pizza is the best!

October 16: Customer service course was better than expected.

October 17: Last day of the blog giveaway!

October 18: My order from White Fox Boutique arrived.

October 19: Drew the blog giveaway winner.

October 20: Leftover butter chicken.

October 21: Simple, quiet day at work.

October 22: Afternoon nap – haven’t had one of those in a long time.

October 23: Got everything done after work that I needed to.

October 24: Yummy pain au chocolat for morning tea.

October 25: New Ellie Goulding music!

October 26: Loved my eye makeup!

October 27: My brother came down to help look after mum.

October 28: Productive blog photo day.

October 29: Tried Texas Chicken, much tastier than my last KFC experience!

October 30: Bubblegum Frappucino from Starbucks, it was bright pink.

October 31: Harry and Meghan visited my city in New Zealand.

What were you grateful for in October?


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Gratitude: September 2018

September has been a month of online orders, driving practice and the usual singing and reading. I’ve been really loving applying makeup this month, I genuinely always enjoy coming up with looks and combinations and seeing how it turns out each time. My mood has mostly been ok, I had a dip around the middle of the month but I came back strong in the last week or so.

Here’s what made me smile:

September 1: Found a new driving spot.

September 2: Helpful driving tips from a work mate.

September 3: After work treats.

September 4: ASOS order shipped.

September 5: NYX’s Fuchsia Fusion Cosmic Metal is the prettiest lip colour ever! (I know I’ve said it before).

September 6: Joined Goodreads.

September 7: Saw the new Poirot mystery at work.

September 8: Final of Unforgotten series two.

September 9: Annual leave for the end of October approved.

September 10: Placed MECCA order.

September 11: Bought a chocolate donut at the supermarket.

September 12: MECCA order arrived.

September 13: Tried new makeup and wore new ASOS scarf.

September 14: Finished one book and started another.

September 15: Didn’t panic on my drive.

September 16: Makeup nice, wore a bright orange lip.

September 17: Enjoy doing cryptic crosswords with mum.

September 18: Yummy cheesecake for dessert!

September 19: Good cooked breakfast to start the day.

September 20: Warm weather.

September 21: Pyjama day.

September 22: Good episode of Silent Witness.

September 23: Placed kikki.K order.

September 24: Reached 1,000 blog followers!

September 25: Ordered two Makeup Revolution palettes.

September 26: MAC’s Silver pigment looks so pretty with Urban Decay’s Primer Potion underneath.

September 27: Mum made pikelets.

September 28: Caught up with an old friend and had donuts!

September 29: Didn’t expect to finish my book but I did.

September 30: Dominos after work – cheesy garlic goodness!

What were you grateful for in September?

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Gratitude: August 2018

August felt like a busy month and it was nice to be distracted. I bought some new makeup from MAC and xoBeauty. I picked up my glasses and got them readjusted and they are now sitting comfortably. I’ve been a little naughty and had some fast food but I don’t often buy my lunch, I always take food to work and I tend to prefer takeaways for dinner. I’ve been reading and singing and practicing my driving too.

Here’s what made me smile:

August 1: Didn’t think I was going to make my bus on time but I did.

August 2: MAC goodies arrived!

August 3: Leftover Dominos pizza.

August 4: Days where I can read a lot are some of my favourites.

August 5: Love trying new makeup!

August 6: Three Pepper Chicken is my new favourite from Subway.

August 7: Finished Still Me.

August 8: Brainstormed new page ideas for my Bullet Journal.

August 9: Picked up my new glasses!

August 10: Did all my cleaning jobs.

August 11: Made my second xoBeauty order.

August 12: Good makeup day and nice weather.

August 13: Seems I’m not the only one who likes my bold lip colours, people tend to notice when I don’t wear one.

August 14: Love trying on lipstick for the first time!

August 15: Got my glasses readjusted and they fit so much better now.

August 16: Found new books for my TBR list.

August 17: New Ariana music.

August 18: Garlic bread for lunch.

August 19: Hot chocolate and donuts with a friend.

August 20: Peachy, shimmery makeup look.

August 21: Wore my black glasses to work for the first time and got told they suited me.

August 22: Strangely satisfying removing chipped nail polish.

August 23: Fish and chips for dinner.

August 24: Felt comfortable driving mum’s car today.

August 25: Watched Unforgotten for the first time. Hooked already!

August 26: Toasted sandwich with cheese, spaghetti and potato – yum.

August 27: Halo looked extra cute today.

August 28: Hug Me is such a cute name for a lipstick!

August 29: First evening sing-a-long of the week. My singer dream will never die.

August 30: Binge watched series one of Unforgotten. Only took 4 hours and 20 minutes.

August 31: Tidied my bedroom.

What were you grateful for in August?


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Gratitude: July 2018

Two months of winter down and only one left to go! The weather hasn’t actually been that bad, there’s been sunny and rainy days. July has seen some changes, I bought a car and started learning to drive, I’m getting new glasses, and I feel like there has been a shift in my mood and personality. In some ways I am more guarded and I’m very cautious but then there is another part of me that shouldn’t feel ashamed for what happened and be okay with moving on. They say time is a healer and I hope that’s true!

Here’s what made me smile:

July 1: Youngblood by 5 Seconds of Summer is super catchy!

July 2: Hot chips and Big Mac sauce.

July 3: Cream bun for afternoon tea.

July 4: Phone call with my brother.

July 5: Getting the blog back on track, planned this month’s posts.

July 6: Yummy pie for lunch.

July 7: Went for a spin in a car my neighbours are selling. Decided to take the plunge and buy it to learn to drive in.

July 8: Browsed the Mecca Maxima site and there are so many things I’d like to try.

July 9: I became a car owner!

July 10: Good eyeshadows make morning makeup routines so much quicker.

July 11: My online order from The Body Shop arrived.

July 12: Fish and chips for dinner.

July 13: Had fun trying on Kylie Minogue glasses!

July 14: Love my mum, always helping me feel better.

July 15: Found a mini MAC Vanilla pigment for $10!

July 16: Pizza is SO GOOD!

July 17: Made my first Beauty Bay order.

July 18: Finished Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine.

July 19: Curled my hair and did nice makeup.

July 20: Drove in my car for the first time!

July 21: Back in my pyjamas at 2pm, rock n roll Saturday.

July 22: Spring rolls.

July 23: Put a hold on Still Me by Jojo Moyes at work – I’ll finally get to read it.

July 24: I chose new glasses!

July 25: Nice spot of afternoon tea at work; bread, crackers and bacon and egg pie.

July 26: Dungaree day.

July 27: Much needed sleep in.

July 28: Simple things make me happy.

July 29: Compliments from strangers are so kind.

July 30: Beauty Bay order arrived.

July 31: Free hot chocolate at work.

What were you grateful for in July?


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Gratitude: June 2018

It’s hard to believe it is halfway through 2018 already. The year is shaping up differently to how I thought but writing down one thing everyday that makes me happy or one thing I am grateful for helps get me through difficult situations. Perhaps one day I will look back on these times and be thankful for what they taught me.

I apologise for the lack of corresponding pictures to go with highlights this month. Some weeks I haven’t been posting to Instagram much or when I have been posting it’s something different from my daily highlight.

Here’s what made me smile:

June 1: Got a few little jobs done that needed doing.

June 2: Good sleep in.

June 3: Nice to talk and laugh again.

June 4: Day off work for Queen’s birthday.

June 5: Hot chips!

June 6: Last day of work before my annual leave.

June 7: Made cheesecake this afternoon.

June 8: Phone call with my brother, first one in a while.

June 9: Ordered Indian, so good but so much food!

June 10: Bought a couple of pretty tops and a new bra.

June 11: Cleared out my clothes, been meaning to do it for ages.

June 12: Spent the day in my robe.

June 13: Dropped bracelet at the jeweller to get links removed.

June 14: Leftover fish for lunch.

June 15: Placed an order on xoBeauty, I’ve been eyeing Shaaanxo’s Remix Palette for a while now.

June 16: Apple crumble for dessert.

June 17: Bold lip for my first day back at work after time off.

June 18: My Steps DVD that I pre-ordered back in January arrived.

June 19: Got told I looked cute today.

June 20: In love with my xoBeauty bits!

June 21: Steps – Party On the Dancefloor is amazing! What a great show!

June 22: Used my xoBeauty palette for the first time.

June 23: Afternoons spent reading are some of my favourites.

June 24: Loved today’s eyeshadow look, moody and sparkly.

June 25: Used the bright pink in the Shaaanxo palette – it’s so pretty!

June 26: Sausage sandwich for morning tea.

June 27: Stood up for my rights as a customer and returned something to the supermarket that was not up to usual standard.

June 28: Chilled out days off are the best.

June 29: Really been enjoying doing my makeup lately.

June 30: Bought a facial oil from Trilogy which I’m excited to try.

What were you grateful for in June?


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Gratitude: May 2018

Most days in May I have screamed, cried, felt sad/miserable and generally not felt myself. I feel broken, I feel cheap, I feel used and my trust is completely shattered. It’s important to state it’s not the person who’s made me feel like that, it’s the situation and how it happened. Right now I would say this is worse than the anxiety I experienced in 2017. I had sessions with a counsellor and I had a best friend that made me feel calm and was my getaway from everything that was going wrong when I went through the anxiety. I don’t have that anymore. Remarkably, I have still manged to find a daily highlight.

Here’s what made me smile:

May 1: Halo cuddles.

May 2: My Beauty Joint order arrived.

May 3: Macaroni cheese for lunch.

May 4: Tried some new makeup and saw Avengers: Infinity War.

May 5: Can’t beat a good movie.

May 6: Schnitzel for dinner, haven’t had that in a while.

May 7: Bright orange lipstick.

May 8: Homemade pizza for dinner.

May 9: The weather was lovely.

May 10: Crispy hot chips!

May 11: Found the prettiest cream highlighter palette 😍

May 12: Freshly painted nails.

May 13: Got to have my favourite BBQ Rodeo burger from Burger King.

May 14: Started a new book.

May 15: Pretty pink highlighter.

May 16: Kylie’s ‘Golden’ really cheered me up.

May 17: Plucked my eyebrows and cleaned my makeup brushes.

May 18: Pizza Hut chips were good.

May 19: Spent most of the day in bed looking after my sick self.

May 20: Bold lipstick is always a good idea!

May 21: Bronze/copper eyes.

May 22: Falling in love with Maybelline’s ‘The Nudes’ all over again.

May 23: Vanilla Latte after work.

May 24: Felt like blog post writing and singing again.

May 25: Productive morning.

May 26: Elements of bravery today.

May 27: Leftover pizza.

May 28: One of my favourites stayed on Dancing With the Stars.

May 29: Bought some cream buns at the supermarket.

May 30: One of my better moods in a while.

May 31: Made a list of things I want to do during my time off from work.

What were you grateful for in May?


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Gratitude: April 2018

Looking back over April it feels like a month of two halves. The last part of the month was very reflective for me in particular. I’m not going to lie I struggled to find something to make me happy during some of those days. I hope next month is better.

Here’s what made me smile:

April 1: Surprise Easter eggs from mum.

April 2: Up early to get things done.

April 3: The smell of MAC lipsticks is one of my favourites.

April 4: Wearing my favourite lipstick makes any day better.

April 5: Curled my hair.

April 6: Kylie Minogue releases her new album.

April 7: Came home to a ton of new music to listen to.

April 8: Fluffy twosie and hot chocolate kind of night.

April 9: Found a way to make Rimmel’s Match Perfection foundation work with my MAC concealer.

April 10: Why are cinnamon donuts so tasty?!

April 11: My copy of Golden arrived.

April 12: Pleased with my hair cut.

April 13: Dominos kinda Friday.

April 14: My ASOS denim jacket is very warm when layered.

April 15: Sun was out.

April 16: Nice to wear my own clothes on one of my usual work days.

April 17: Training as part of work was useful and interesting.

April 18: Managed to find my favourite Rimmel mascara online and placed an order.

April 19: Second trip to Kmart.

April 20: Finished another book.

April 21: Thankful for laughter.

April 22: Sunday’s and bold lips go well together.

April 23: I liked my hair today.

April 24: I like my hair straight lately.

April 25: Roast pork with crackling for dinner.

April 26: Burnt my Ecoya candle finally.

April 27: First time wearing makeup in almost a week.

April 28: Spent the day in my pyjamas.

April 29: First day I haven’t cried all week, go me!

April 30: I’m going to be sad when I finish Revlon’s Fire & Ice rollerball perfume, the scent is so long lasting.

What were you grateful for in April?


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Gratitude: March 2018

In March I was most grateful for the weather. New Zealand is going through the transition from summer to winter and the days have mostly been lovely. The temperatures are comfortable and there hasn’t been a lot of rain. If I’m honest, this month has been a bit up and down for my mood as well.

Here’s what made me smile:

March 1: Wearing All Fired Up by MAC always reminds me of the song by The Saturdays – tune!

March 2: Sweater weather.

March 3: Pre-ordered The F Word by Lily Pebbles.

March 4: Gifts in my pigeon hole at work.

March 5: Gold eyes and pink lips.

March 6: MAC pigments apply really well with fingers.

March 7: Berry smoothie and toast for breakfast.

March 8: Bought my first makeup in months.

March 9: Dark, vampy lip.

March 10: Pizza for lunch.

March 11: Signed Kimberley Walsh book arrived.

March 12: Busy but exciting mail day!

March 13: Treated myself to Burger King for lunch. I find it interesting how fast food places don’t put ice in drinks anymore.

March 14: L’Oreal Lash Paradise mascara has got me hooked after two uses.

March 15: Frankfurter sandwich for morning tea.

March 16: My Lily Pebbles book arrived.

March 17: Loving Calum Scott’s album at the moment.

March 18: Cuddles with Halo whilst watching The Chase.

March 19: Positive feedback at work.

March 20: Reading helped me feel better.

March 21: Homemade milkshake; strawberry flavour.

March 22: My sleep in this morning was so good.

March 23: Productive day getting jobs done at home.

March 24: Watched a movie in my new dressing gown.

March 25: Mum’s homemade vegetable soup is one of my yearly highlights.

March 26: Nailed a cryptic crossword this afternoon.

March 27: Treated myself to an iced chocolate after work.

March 28: Started my first ebook.

March 29: Got to see my boyfriend after 13 days.

March 30: Dominos for dinner. Felt like Cheesy Garlic instead of my usual.

March 31: I have done really well with my reading challenge this month.

What were you grateful for in March?


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