End of Year Haul (Beauty & Fashion)

To celebrate my new job I decided to treat myself. I definitely go through stages with buying and most of the time I’m good but it’s getting close to Christmas and that’s a good excuse to treat yourself, right?! For Christmas this year mum and I are considering not buying presents and everyone buys something nice for themselves with the money they’d spend on others. I didn’t want to miss out so I got in early!


1. Stila 3D Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow Set 

Rachael from Helpless Whilst Drying absolutely loves the Stila Magnificent Metals and this set is a great way to introduce myself to the product. The set features 3 x 2.25ml tubes in the shades Kitten Karma, Perlina and Golden Girl. These seem perfect for simple, easy eyeshadow looks. I don’t like to spend a lot of time on my eyes if I don’t have to.

2. Stila Nude Attitude Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick Set 

I’ve never tried Stila before so why not buy two three piece sets in the same order?! The Liquid Lipstick sets intrigued me and the one I chose – Nude Attitude Stay All Day – features one matte (Patina) and two shimmers (Illuminaire and Miele). It will be interesting to compare the formula of the matte shade to the two shimmers.

3. Clinique Merry Moisture Set

I have always wanted to try Clinque’s Moisture Surge moisturiser and this set offers a 30ml tube of the moisturiser and a mini lipgloss in Rosewater Pop. The gloss looks like a pretty colour and aims to be hydrating, weightless and not sticky.

The Body Shop:

4. Strawberry Fragrance Mist

I have previously tried and loved the Strawberry EDT from The Body Shop and figured this is mostly the same but there’s more product and it’s cheaper! I am nearly finished both the White Musk and Black Musk fragrance mists so purchased this is a backup. Strawberry is one of my favourite ranges from The Body Shop.

5. Black Musk Body Lotion

I prefer body lotions that come in bottles or squeeze tubes rather than ones with a pump as there it less wastage and it’s easier to get product out. I do like the spiciness of the Black Musk range and this will be a really nice lotion for autumn/winter. The Body Shop lotions aren’t the cheapest but they soak in quickly and the scents are long-lasting.

6. Metal Lip Liquids in Pink Nickel and Plum Titanium

I don’t like matte liquid lipsticks. Granted, I haven’t tried many but the ones I have I didn’t have a good experience with. I’ve been loving the look of metallic lips lately (not full on glitterball but shades with more of a subtle shine). I saw these online and swatched a few in store and they are so pretty! Pink Nickel is a soft pink-rose gold shade (not to be confused with the actual rose gold shade called Rose Gold) and Plum Titanium is a beautiful berry red. I have worn both shades and the formula is very comfortable and lightweight. The formula applies streak free and doesn’t dry down straight away so it gives you time to perfect your application.


7. Oversized Knit Jumper

My name is Chanelle and I’m addicted to jumpers! Jumpers make me feel cosy and if I could wear them year round I would. The colour of this jumper is called ‘Salt and Pepper’ and it is a lovely light grey. I don’t own any other grey jumpers. This jumper is also lightweight so it will be better for the warmer months and in summer I imagine this could be worn with just a bra or a singlet underneath.

8. Axel Bleach Wash Cropped Jeans

I have blue jeans, black jeans, grey jeans and white jeans but something about the light blue wash was drawing me in for summer. I haven’t worn my white jeans a lot because they are quite stark against my skin and I’m worried they will stain easily. I’m considering selling them. The white and black jeans I have are also these cropped jeans from Glassons and on me they are the perfect length! If you’re on the shorter side, try cropped jeans.

What the Glassons pieces look like on:

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I’ve picked up over the past couple of weeks. What was the last thing you bought for yourself?


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First Impressions: Revlon Cherished Love Gift Set

Revlon Cherished Love Gift SetOver the past few weeks I haven’t had a lot of new products to test out but I have been road testing a gift set from Revlon. Last month I had lunch with one of my old work colleagues and she gave me this as gift from everyone. I was completely overwhelmed and did not expect anything like that at all and it was a really nice gesture. I have used each of the items a couple of times now and I wanted to share my initial thoughts with you! I will also let you know the price of each item and whether or not I think they are worth purchasing.

What’s In The Bag?

Revlon’s Cherished Love gift set retails for $59 (NZD) and contains seven pieces: a lipstick, a lipgloss, a nail polish, a top coat, a highlighting palette, an eyeshadow quad and a vanity bag. I must say I love the bright red quilted vanity bag. The zips are heart shaped and say Revlon on them. This would be a good bag for travel if you had taller products you didn’t want lying down. The bag is my favourite item from the gift set! 😛


Revlon Lipstick and Lipgloss1. Super Lustrous Lipstick – Softsilver Rose | RRP: $25.99

As soon as I saw the colour of this lipstick I thought it was beautiful! Pinks are my favourite to wear and this lipstick should be right up my street. Revlon are famous for their Super Lustrous lipsticks and the formula of this one is super moisturising and is nice to apply. Softsilver Rose has a pearl finish which is the perfect way to describe how it looks on the lips. The shade has a frosted, metallic element to it but you won’t end up looking like Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz. When I applied this for the first time I found I had to apply a few coats to get nice, even coverage and to build up the colour. Honestly, I found this shade a little underwhelming and if I saw it in a shop I wouldn’t be jumping to pick it up. I have only worn this lipstick once and I’m not going to give up on it yet but I haven’t reached for it again since trying it.

Would I purchase the item on it’s own? Yes, on a couple of conditions. Despite what I just said, if you were in the market for a shade like this or you were starting to get into makeup, I would consider it. This lipstick has a lovely formula and feels comfortable to wear. As far as price goes, it’s mid-range, you’re getting a quality product so the price tag is justifiable.

2. Super Lustrous Lipgloss – Super Natural | RRP: $27.49

The packaging of this lipgloss is really nice. It’s quite simple and sleek and lightweight but I like that. You can clearly see the colour you’re getting and in my opinion, the packaging makes the product more luxurious. I have reached for this lipgloss more than the lipstick. I have tried wearing it on it’s own and layered over Blankety by MAC – I really liked this combination! As the shade name suggests, Super Natural is a lovely nude gloss and is the lightest of the lipglosses I own. The formula is more sticky than some of my others but the applicator is a good size and applies the product well.

Would I purchase the item on it’s own? Possibly. I like the shade and would be tempted to pick it up if I was in the market for a nude gloss. Personally, I wouldn’t spend more than $15-$20 on a lipgloss and if this gloss was cheaper I might buy it. I don’t wear lipgloss as frequently as lipsticks and that coupled with the sticky formula means I’d rather invest my money in one of the lipsticks.


Revlon Eyeshadow and Highlighter Palette1. Colorstay 16 Hour Eye Shadow – Addictive | RRP: $34.99

This little quad does look lovely paired with the lipstick. Neutral browns have pretty much become a staple in everyone’s makeup bag and this palette is the perfect compact size if you’re traveling or going away. Having said that, the plastic does feel a little cheap. The quad comes with it’s own applicator which I have used and it does OK to apply the shades. You get three matte eyeshadows and one with a slight bit of shimmer. They aren’t the most pigmented eyeshadows but they do apply smoothly and are easy to blend. The shadows aren’t powdery and don’t create fallout. There is a diagram on the back showing you how to apply the shades but you can come up with your own combinations too.

Would I purchase the item on it’s own? No. The formula is fine but there are plenty of palettes out there with similar shades. $35 for an eyeshadow QUAD is too much. I’d recommend saving $5 and buying ‘The Nudes’ palette by Maybelline instead. You’re getting eight extra shades with more colour variety for less money.

2. Highlighting Palette – Rose Glow | RRP: $32.99

Just like the eyeshadow palette, this is a good compact size for travel and if you’re on the go but the packaging is more sturdy this time. This product is a highlighter and blush all in one so it’s handy if you’re in a rush. Pink blush is a classic and I this palette would suit fair skinned beauties in particular. The pigmentation is OK (which is why it might not work for people with darker skin) but that means you get a more subtle look and can build the product up if you desire. This is a wearable everyday palette if you’re looking for that rosy flush.

Would I purchase the item on it’s own? Again, no. I don’t know if it’s just me but the prices of these products individually seem too high. I don’t wear pink blush a lot because my skin has quite a pink undertone to it and this palette didn’t enhance my complexion. I do have a pink blush (My Girl by Dainty Doll) and I prefer how that looks to this palette.


Beginner's Luck and Topcoat

1. Colorstay Gel Envy – Beginner’s Luck | RRP: $19.99

I am loving natural, neutral looking nail shades at the moment and when I saw this in the set I instantly liked the colour. However, similar to the lipstick I’m underwhelmed. The colour is a beautiful light pink iridescent shade with red shimmer but it doesn’t translate on the nails to look as nice as it does in the bottle. The colour is ever so slightly too light and almost washes my nails out (which you will see further on in the post). This shade would look better on darker skin tones, the contrast and lightness would really pop. I have no problems with how the polish applied, the brush was lovely and the formula easy to apply. This isn’t the longest lasting nail polish but you will get a few days wear without chipping.

Would I purchase the item on it’s own? No. As much as I love the name of this shade and how pretty it looks in the bottle I wouldn’t buy it. I’d rather spend my money on a different colour or an OPI polish (as I think they’re a similar price, $19.95). I don’t know what ‘gel envy’ refers to but my nails didn’t look extra glossy and shiny.

2. Colorstay Gel Envy Diamond Top Coat | RRP: $19.99

Like the nail range, I’m not sure what’s meant to make this top coat special but with Diamond in the name I’m imagining strong, shiny, beautiful nails. Having only tried the top coat once and only with Beginner’s Luck, I can’t really comment on it until I’ve worn it with my other polishes. My nails haven’t cracked or split since wearing it and they do feel quite strong. One thing I don’t like is the black bottle, you can’t see how much product is left or if the product has hardened and dried up and needs to be thrown out.

Would I purchase the item on it’s own? Maybe. Again, what’s putting me off is the price. I can’t comment so much on the quality of the top coat until I’ve used it more but Maybelline’s Dr Rescue is about half the price and I really like how that performs.


Revlon Gift Set SwatchesTop To Bottom: Super Natural, Softsilver Rose, Addictive eyeshadow quad and Rose Glow highlighting palette.

Revlon Beginner's LuckBeginner’s Luck and Diamond Top Coat.Wearing Revlon products

Left: Wearing Addictive, Rose Glow and Softsilver Rose, Middle: Wearing Super Natural and Right: Wearing Super Natural over Blankety by MAC.


I would only consider purchasing half of the products on their own if they weren’t part of this gift set. $59 for the set is an absolute steal when you consider you’d be paying $161.44 if you were to purchase these products individually. For $59 I believe the set is worthy of it’s price tag, but it makes me wonder how can they afford to sell the gift sets at such a discounted price. If you were giving this to someone who is a makeup lover or is just starting out with makeup, I’m sure they’d love it. I won’t be reaching for these products all that often but I will continue to test them out because my thoughts could change.

Let me know your thoughts! Did I give a fair review or was I too harsh?