Get To Know Me: Part 4

I haven’t always felt confident with my image and the way I look (to this day I’m still trying) but this year I have been putting in the effort to eat better and more healthy. In this post I will take you through how I’ve been working out.

1. Exercycling
In January my mum bought an Exercycle for my birthday and I have used it every single day except when I’ve been sick and away for the weekend. It is perfect all year round because if the weather isn’t the best I don’t have to feel guilty about not being able to exercise outside.

I started off riding 5km a day back in January which used to take me about 15 mins. Currently I cycle 10km a day which takes about 27 mins. Personally I don’t aim to cycle as fast as I can, I focus on technique.

I have noticed a difference from when I started to now, the muscles in my legs are a lot tighter and can endure the distance I cycle easier than before. I also have a food journal and exercise diary where I record my cycling, how long I do it for and the amount of calories I burn.

2. 30 Day Shred
About a month ago I completed Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred. The programme takes you through three workouts which progress by level of intensity and you do each workout for 10 days. Jillian uses the 3-2-1 interval system combining strength, cardio and abs.

I’m not going to lie when I started 30 Day Shred I found it pretty difficult but I just did the best I could. By the end of level three I did notice a difference in the amount of time I could exercise for without a break and the moves weren’t as hard as at the beginning.

If you want to try 30 Day Shred yourself, you can find all three levels on YouTube but be prepared to sweat! If you buy the DVD there is also a diet plan you can follow.

Let me know if you’ve tried 30 Day Shred and how you got on or if you plan to try it.

3. Push ups
Recently I started doing 10 push ups when I get up in the morning and another 10 before I go to bed. I have always been able to do them but previously they have given me headaches so I stopped. Since 30 Day Shred I have noticed they are easier to do and I haven’t been getting headaches. I’m trying to work on getting more definition and toning my arms and stomach.

Finally, I have also been trying some of Denise Austin’s Fat Blasting workouts, in particular her Cardio Walking workouts. Walking is simple but effective, it keeps you active and your muscles moving which helps circulate oxygen around the body.

YouTube is a great place to find quick, easy workouts to do for free and depending on the amount of time you have you can plan your workout around your day.

‘If you keep going you’ll see results!’

Chanelle x