Blogger Cliches

As bloggers there are certain items and styles that we seem to catch on to. In a way it shows a connection between us bloggers, we find the same things aesthetically pleasing and feel in touch with one another. In 5 years time it will be interesting to see how the trends we associate with bloggers have changed. I am in no way poking fun at fellow bloggers, I merely wanted to share this post and play a game to see how cliche/typical a blogger you are!

#1. Copper/rose gold everything!

Over the past couple of years rose gold has become the trend. Personally I like rose gold but I don’t buy everything in rose gold and prefer to have accents of it scattered throughout my bedroom. For example, I’ve got a rose gold lamp, and a couple of rose gold baskets, one on my desk and the other on top of my drawers. I also own the rose gold makeup brush and watch featured in the main image.

#2. Fairy lights

Fairy lights aren’t strictly just a blogger thing but they are often used in blogger’s photographs as a prop. They also double as lighting and bounce light around in photographs. I have a couple of sets which I display in vases, this helps to keep the lights in one place and they look neat and tidy.

#3. Candles

Like fairy lights, candles act as a source of light. Many YouTubers have a candle lit in the background of their videos. A lot bloggers I see use candles as a photo prop and most of the time they aren’t lit. 90% of the candles I see are from Jo Malone or Diptyque. I have a few candles but I don’t tend to use them as photo props. Two out of my three I haven’t even lit yet!

#4. Flowers

Do I hear you say fake peonies? I love nothing better than a natural flower and tend to photograph them when I have the chance.

#5. Marble

Similar to the rose gold trend, marble seems to be everywhere. I much prefer rose gold to marble and don’t own anything with a marble pattern. If you don’t have a marble bench top for your photos a lot of bloggers make their own marble backdrop with a wallpaper sample and a wooden board.

#6. Lightboxes

I find these kind of cool but not not the most practical. I don’t own a lightbox but I know you only get a certain amount of letters when you purchase one so you’ve got to buy extra letters to be able to create messages. I wonder how much power these use and where people store them when they’re not in use or they’re not turned on and the message is not lit up?

#7. Trinket trays

These are really useful props because first and foremost they are used to store jewellery or trinkets in and can easily be emptied to be used in blog photography. I have a set of three ceramic trays from kikki.K and the smallest one appears in the main image of this post.

#8. Polaroid pictures

In November 2016 I purchased a pink Instax camera because the idea of instant polaroid photos seemed like a fun concept. I quickly got tired of wondering whether my picture would develop with the right exposure and I ended up throwing a bunch of pictures away because they didn’t turn out well. I actually sold my camera and the film I didn’t use and I don’t regret it. I’ve still got some nice shots from the pictures that did turn out well.

#9. Eyelash curlers

I see a lot of rose gold eyelash curlers in photos. I have a set of unused, black eyelash curlers which I did consider including in the image of this post but they didn’t sit nicely. One day I’ll learn how to get long, fluttery lashes.

#10. Thick black glasses frames

I wear glasses and it used to be considered ‘ugly’ if you wore glasses. Now it seems every second person seems to have a pair of thick black frames that they wear because glasses are cool (geek chic, right?!). I’m sure some of those pairs of glasses don’t even have lenses in them.

How many of these are you guilty of? Me, I’m guilty of about 50% of these!


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Week In Review: December 22 – December 28, 2014

Hey everyone!

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and got everything you wished for. Today’s post is a little different from my normal Week In Review posts and will focus mainly on Christmas-related happenings of the past week.

Christmas nails   Fairy lights

On Monday I gave my nails a Christmas manicure using It’s Frosty Outside from one of the Mariah Carey Liquid Sand Mini Holiday sets. I talked about this set of polishes in my Christmas Wish List post and decided to purchase one for myself a couple of weeks ago. My initial thoughts on this polish are it is absolutely gorgeous, almost a week later and no chips. I don’t find the liquid sand texture to be rough and the roughness fades away after a few days anyway.

Two weeks ago Christmas lights were purchased for the tree and I thought what better time to post a picture of the lights on the tree than Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve also marked one month until my birthday on January 24th 😉

Christmas Day selfie

Christmas Day selfie; wearing my new lipstick!

The day itself was lovely! It was quite a small, close-knit affair but the food and company made the day. My mum is an amazing cook, and the roast was delicious. My highlights from lunch included: crackling on the roast pork, grape juice, and pavlova. I’m also extremely thankful the weather and humidity weren’t too bad. I was grateful to get some beautiful presents and I’m pleased my mum and brother liked theirs.

This weekend I’ve enjoyed getting my Filofax organised and set up ready for 2015. I admit, I’m a total geek when it comes to stationery and using my planner!

Be sure to leave a comment and let me know how your Christmas went 🙂

Chanelle x