Day (or Two) In the Life

Last week on Instagram stories I asked what posts followers would like to see on the blog and I got this suggestion from Dannii (A Beautiful Thing). I have written similar posts before – What I Do In a Daybut this time I decided to share what I got up to during my days off from work and actually share two days rather than one. Nothing overly exciting happened, I am mostly a homebody but it is an accurate representation of how I spend some of my time.

Friday 17/08/18:

7:02 am: Wake up and first scroll through social media.

7:47 am: Feed Halo and take daily medication.

8:00 am: Back to bed.

10:00 am: Get up, brush teeth and moisturise face.

10:23 am: Breakfast; Toffee Nut Latte (in my favourite cat cup) and a banana.

10:30 am: Second scroll through social media, catching up on Instagram stories this time.

11:06 am: Empty dishwasher.

11:30 am: Get dressed. OOTD is a cream jumper and black leggings.

11:38 am: Trying to figure out whether Deja Vu by xoBeauty is too beige for my skin tone. (I decided to keep the lipstick).

1:15 pm: Driving practice. Got very anxious and upset on today’s drive.

3:16 pm: Watch YouTube videos and prep blog posts.

4:58 pm: Listened to Sweetener by Ariana Grande on Spotify.

7:10 pm: Dinner; pork chop, vegetables and gravy.

7:30 pm: Watch The Chase.

8:43 pm: Laptop time. Spent a while browsing the Feel Unique website and watched a few more YouTube videos.

11:20 pm: Daily bullet journal entry and added some things in my Filofax for this week.

11:42 pm: Read then sleep.

Saturday 18/08/18:

7:44 am: Feed Halo and take morning medications.

7:55 am: Back to sleep.

9:30 am: Alarm goes off and scroll through social media.

10:12 am: Get up and brush teeth.

10:17 am: Texted a friend about meeting up for hot chocolate.

10:21 am: Breakfast; yoghurt.

10:53 am: Post image to Instagram.

11:50 am: Read blog posts on WordPress reader.

1:09 pm: Vacuum.

2:55 pm: Garlic bread for lunch.

3:20 pm: Cut mum’s fringe.

3:39 pm: Shower.

4:33 pm: Read on the couch.

7:00 pm: Watch The Chase and Silent Witness.

9:05 pm: Watch YouTube videos and browse the internet. I looked at the Target Australia website and another website for handbags.

10:40 pm: Final scroll through Instagram for the day and read.

11:38 pm: Lights out, time for sleep.

How do you like to spend your days off? Do you plan things or catch up on chores or a mixture of both?


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July Favourites 2018

July has been memorable, there have been changes and significant purchases this month and in some ways I feel like I’m moving forward. My mood and emotions are still up and down but parts of me feel more confident and I’m less willing to put up with shit to put it frankly. I’ve reached a point where I’ve got to think of myself and look after my needs.

Onto this month’s favourites:

1. Shaaanxo The Remix Palette – A couple of weeks ago I dedicated a whole blog post to this palette – CLICK HERE to read it. The palette contains 18 shades (nine on each side) and has a great mixture of mattes, shimmers, neutrals and pops of colour. All of the shades are beautiful, the pigmentation is good and the shades are a dream to blend and apply. In short, I love this palette! Since my review the palette has been restocked on

2. Trilogy Very Gentle Restoring Oil – I purchased this facial oil at the end of June and I’ve been loving it as part of my evening skincare routine. I apply this product last and my skin has been feeling softer than usual. This oil contains maqui berry, apricot, and sea buckthorn and is unscented so won’t affect people who are sensitive to smell. Trilogy describe this oil as ‘a delicate, fragrance free blend of pure plant oils that gently nourishes and protects sensitive skin against free radical damage while helping to visibly smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants for soft, smooth, comfortable skin.’

3. My car – I bought a car this month and I am excited to start driving! My neighbours were selling their silver Nissan March (a little hatchback) and my mum said it would be perfect for me to learn to drive in, the car is small and the visibility will be really good. The car is well equipped for it’s age, some of my favourite features include remote central locking, electric mirrors, driver and passenger airbags, CD player, tape player and radio and the key is shaped like the actual car. I have already had a couple of turns driving the car around a car park, albeit very slowly.

4. The Body Shop Vanilla Chai Body Lotion – I finished up my previous body lotion a couple of weeks ago and decided to opt for this lotion from The Body Shop next. Vanilla Chai was one of The Body Shop’s festive scents for Christmas 2016 and I purchased the lotion in early 2017 as part of a haul for my birthday. This scent has a spicy, warmth to it and it’s quite light so it will layer well with perfumes and other scents. The lotion also has a light texture and soaks into the skin quickly which I like as I apply body lotion to my arms before getting dressed.

July’s Spotify Playlist:

What were your favourite things in July?


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Life Lately #3

Hello everyone! Hope you’re well! I began these ‘Life Lately’ posts in April as a way to round up what I’ve been up to and document where my head and I have been. I break the post down into categories and update you on each one. This will be the last Life Lately post as I am toying with a new segment for 2018 which will include more regular updates, possibly posted weekly. (Some of you may know three is my favourite number so it’s fitting I’m ending this mini-series after the third installment).


I have been super consistent with my posting schedule and I have been getting posts written in advance. I am still learning about my camera and getting to grips with the settings to try and make sure my blog photos are acceptable. If you have any tips or feedback on my photos, please feel free to share! I have been thinking about the blog in the near future and as I mentioned in the intro my two posts a week may be going back up to three. I conducted a survey a couple of months back so I will re-read the answers and make sure I’m incorporating what my readers said they want as much as I can.


In the last Life Lately update I had left my job and was getting ready to start at the library. I have been at the library for almost three months now and the difference in my mindset is very noticeable. I have more time and freedom and more of a work/life balance. I’m not stressed and I generally feel happier.


Everything on the relationship front is still going really well. It was my boyfriend’s 25th birthday in September and I surprised him with 25 presents. Related post: Boyfriend’s Birthday Surprise!

I have been reading a lot and shopping a lot it seems too. I’ve picked up some bargains and purchased new products that I have slowly been trying/using/wearing. (Most items are beauty/makeup related, good beauty blogger). Related posts: My Recent Purchases and My Recent Purchases #2.

I have also done the majority of my Christmas shopping and wrapped the presents I’ve bought. I’m not a big fan of Christmas but I do like giving gifts and wrapping them.

In October I got my hair cut. I don’t know why but I don’t feel satisfied with my hair 90% of the time I get it cut. I like the way it looks when the hairdresser styles it but a couple of days later it’s thick again. I like to keep my hair routine easy and I don’t use styling tools often. I’m still trying to decide if I prefer my hair all one length or with longer layers.


I ordered an album package from Shania Twain’s store and I’m still waiting for it to arrive! I ordered it over two months ago and have sent numerous emails to the help team. At first the item was out of stock and now there’s a problem with the delivery partner. I honestly wish I had physically gone to a store and bought the album and not got all the extras. I’m only seeing the order through because my money has been taken and the order can’t be cancelled.

Steps re-released Tears On the Dancefloor this month (with new tracks) and I ordered a copy signed by my favourite band member, Lisa. My CD arrived this week. I have had the album on repeat since April!

2017 Goals Progress

Related Post: Hello 2017!

I have been exercising pretty regularly. I want to find some leg yoga to try and tone my legs up for summer so I’ll feel more comfortable in shorts. I am going with the flow more and definitely haven’t been stressing about blogging. I’ve got a social media routine and try to keep my time using it to a minimum – I check it in the morning and in the evening. I tend to check Instagram more if I’ve posted that day. I’m sad to say I haven’t done any more driving and I want to make that a priority in 2018.

What have you been up to recently?


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2017 Goals: Mid-Year Progress

We are well and truly over halfway through 2017. In the very first post on Chanelle Hayley for 2017 I set myself five main goals for the year. I wanted to take stock of where I am personally six months in and I thought it might be nice to share how I’m getting on with you as well. Hope you enjoy!

Goal #1: Get back into exercising regularly

Over the past few months I have been using my Exercycle more. When I first got it I would use it nearly every single day but I have been really busy the past 12 months and haven’t found as much time for it as I would like. Currently, I try to cycle four times a week. Last week I did yoga for the first time in ages but I was on my back a lot which isn’t the best for me. If I do get back into yoga I will do more sitting/standing routines so I don’t strain my back or neck. Kaily from Hello Kaily has inspired me to start doing squats again. I did a 30 day squat challenge a couple of years ago and I loved it! My aim is 50 a day on top of exercycling or yoga.

Goal #2: Take each day as it comes

This is literally one of the hardest things for me. I get anxious and worry about things easily and some days I find it difficult to relax and let go. At times the feelings are overwhelming. I hope to try and do better in the second half of 2017.

Goal #3: Don’t stress about blogging

At the beginning of the year my blogging routine was pretty sporadic. I have gotten into a better routine and I take extra time to plan posts. I have cut down to two posts a week and it is more manageable. My content has been less beauty based this year but I haven’t been purchasing a lot of makeup. I’m happy with the direction of the blog and I am positive about the near future.

Goal #4: Cut down on social media

If you saw last Thursday’s post you will know I’ve had a reshuffle of my social media. I deleted Bloglovin’ and the blog Facebook page as the audience I was reaching was tiny and most people who liked the page follow me elsewhere on social media – they won’t miss out on anything! I also changed my Twitter username and made the decision to use Pinterest for personal, creative purposes. Pinterest and Facebook weren’t growing the blog and I’d rather use social media I enjoy the most.

Goal #5: Drive

It’s already been one year since I passed my driving test and got my Learner License. It still makes me nervous when I sit in the driver’s seat and as a result I have only moved a car on two occasions. If/when I get more time I think the best thing is to get a few lessons either with my mum or an instructor. I don’t know if I’ll be ready to sit my Restricted License test by the end of the year but driving is something that I have to focus on and eventually I’ll get there.

Did you set any goals for 2017? How are you progressing?

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7 Strange Fears I Have

Hi everyone! I had a light-bulb moment last week which resulted in an interesting post idea. I am always talking about what I love but what about my fears and things I’m afraid of? There is a misunderstanding that sharing what scares us makes us weak and more vulnerable. Personally, I try not to dwell on these fears and try to focus on what I can do to overcome them, no matter how small. So, here I am opening myself up to you yet again. Enjoy!

1. Driving

So many people mention to me how independent you are if you can drive and you’ve got your own vehicle. It is definitely something I agree with and I am slowly working my way towards having my own car. Driving is enjoyable for a lot of people but ever since I became a teenager it has filled me with anxiety and dread. It actually terrifies me to think of myself in the driving seat, not because I’m scared of having an accident or getting injured but because I’m the one responsible for controlling that vehicle and I worry I won’t have enough practice or knowledge in certain situations. I’m sure once I familiarise myself with how a car works and what everything does the feelings of angst will improve. I need to get some hands on experience and stop putting it off. Another reason driving scares me is because everyone else seems to find it so easy and I’m worried I won’t. I’m torn between throwing myself in at the deep end (so to speak) and taking it at my own pace.

2. Public Speaking

Surely I’m not the only one who hated speeches and presentations at school. The thought of standing up in front of classmates or a group of people was one of my least favourite parts of school. In my last year at school we had to give a presentation which was to be video recorded as well, doubly scary! I was lucky on the day I did mine that the camera was broken and most students weren’t in class that day. I ended up getting ‘Merit’ – the second highest mark after ‘Excellence’. What made speeches worse is the fact you know the audience listening to them and you worry they will make fun or judge you if you mess up. We’re more afraid to be judged by those we know than strangers. This relates to singing for me as well, I’m more scared to sing in front of friends and family than I would be a group of strangers. Working in retail for the past two years has helped me feel more confident and comfortable speaking to other people as it’s an important part of my job.

3. Nakedness

Now before you go getting the impression I’m a total prude let me explain. I’m not afraid of other people being naked or naked bodies but the lack of confidence with the way I look. When I have clothes on I can kind of cover up and choose what I want to show off, if anything. I don’t always feel comfortable showing off skin, wearing a low cut top or a short skirt. I kind of like having a bit of mystery and not showing everyone what’s underneath. Compliments about my body will always be accepted with a thank you and they do help reassure me. Lester says a line in the film American Beauty which goes, “I want to look good naked!” I am more relaxed about the way my body looks than I used to be but I think we all have a bit of Lester in us! This fear is probably my most personal. Nakedness signifies intimacy which only a select few get to see. Bodies are beautiful. Being touched feels pleasurable. You shouldn’t feel ashamed.

4. Talking On the Telephone

Some people love long phone calls and can’t go a day without talking to each other. I feel the same about my boyfriend but we always message each other instead. I have called his phone once and the signal was crap so I ended up texting anyway. I don’t mind talking on the phone if it’s a planned call or it’s a family member but unexpected calls make me nervous. When I started at the pharmacy I was scared to answer the phone but by the end it became second nature and now at work I think nothing of it.

5. Running Out of Time

This is kind of a weird one… I like being organised and having plans in place and if something comes up or I’m in a rush I feel like I don’t have enough time and I’m going to be late. I also worry about this in the sense that at times life can feel like it passes by so quickly and you don’t have things figured out. It does scare me that I don’t know what I want to do for a job or if I’ll be able to afford to buy a house or if I’ll end up going traveling. At the same time, I have learned that you can’t always worry about stuff like that and you have to live in the moment and make the best of each day. Slowly I am learning to go with the flow… to an extent.

6. Needles

When I was a kid I didn’t get upset when I had injections or blood taken. I would sit still and just let the doctor/nurse do whatever they had to do. When I was younger I would always get flu vaccinations and didn’t flinch. At 10 years old I was immunised at school for meningitis and meningococcal disease and completely switched. I was scared to have the injection and my mum had to come in and sit with me so I would have it. I don’t think I’ve had a blood test since I was 13.

7. Trying New Foods

I have ALWAYS been a fussy eater. I’m not the kind of person who particularly enjoys eating; I eat to live not live to eat. If I go out for dinner I try to find menus online to pre-pick what I’m going to have. If I’m at a restaurant I don’t want to try something that I may or may not like, it’ll feel like a waste of money if I don’t. I’m not very adventurous when it comes to flavours either.

Did you enjoy this post?

Do you have any fears? Leave a comment below!


Something You Should Know…

Something You Should Know...Hi everyone.

This post is one of the hardest and most horrible I’ll ever have to write. One thing I pride myself on is being honest and I don’t feel like it would be fair if I didn’t share this information with you. There is no easy way to say this but last Tuesday, June 21, I lost my job. It came completely out of the blue and a little part of me is still in shock.

A couple of weeks ago my new boss had approached me to arrange a time we could both meet and discuss any concerns we were having. (My new boss took over the business on April 1 after purchasing it from the previous owner). My boss and I met last Monday and all weekend up until the meeting, I had a bad feeling. Maybe I was naive because I genuinely didn’t think there was a problem. I’m not saying I’m perfect and I never make mistakes but if someone has an issue with me or is not happy I’d rather they just came out and said it.

I am going to miss that job because it helped me grow in confidence and it also taught me a lot of important life lessons. It reinforced how focused and determined I am and it made me feel good to know I was working hard to earn my money. I think the hardest thing to deal with is the fact I don’t have a job to go to anymore. I am trying my best not to let it get me down and I know I was never dishonest or did anything untoward which led to me no longer working there – it simply didn’t work out anymore. I am one of those people who believes things happen for a reason and while it feels frustrating at the time to not know the reason why, I have to cross my fingers something else will come along.

I don’t want this to be a negative time. I am planning to do a few things that will better me. I will update my CV and I now have 14 months experience of being in a job behind me which I didn’t have before. I am also working my way towards sitting my Learner Licence driving test now that I’ve got a bit more extra time and can focus on it. I received a lot of encouragement on this month’s Hey, It’s Okay… If You Can’t Drive post and I’m just going to take the plunge and do it! It will be a big worry off my mind.

In August I am planning to take a trip up to Auckland to stay with my brother for a few days and we are going to see Alan Carr’s comedy show Yap, Yap, Yap! I booked my ticket to the show and my flights last week and I am really looking forward to it! It will be the first time flying on my own but it’s only a 40 minute flight. I’ll also get to go on a train for the first time which is exciting and I’ll get to go shopping and perhaps add to my MAC lipstick collection (beauty blogger priorities). I am lucky enough to be in a position that I can afford to take some time out and go away and have a break. The flights weren’t too expensive and even if I could drive the amount I would spend on petrol as well as the extra two hours it would take to get there would make it less appealing.

Times are changing and nothing stays the same forever. I didn’t want to go into too many details about the situation which I hope you respect and understand. I did want to keep you informed though and let you know what is happening. I will still be blogging and I am unsure if there will be a time I don’t stick to my three posts a week but I thought I’d warn you in case. I probably will but in case I’m not inspired or just not feeling it that’s why.

I started this blog to keep me busy when I was looking for work after my Communications course so in some ways I feel like I’ve come full circle except this time I’m armed with knowledge and experience in both areas. Let the next part of the journey begin!

Thank you so much for always sticking by me and for reading this post! Have a wonderful week!


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Hey, It’s Okay… If You Can’t Drive

Hey It's OkayWhen trying to decide on this month’s Hey, It’s Okay… topic there was one I kept coming back to and it is something I have received a lot of backlash for over the past five or six years; not being able to drive. For most people driving comes second nature and they’d hate to imagine what life would be like if they weren’t able to drive. If you ask me why I don’t drive it’s not because I’m lazy or I don’t want to but I’ve never done any driving before and the thought of having to control a car and not knowing what to do if something went wrong terrifies me.

In New Zealand there are three licence progressions. You can sit your Learner’s Licence (theory) once you turn 15 and have to have that for a minimum of six months before sitting your Restricted Licence (a mixture of theory and practical). Once you’ve had your Restricted Licence for two years (18 months if you complete a defensive driving course) you can then sit your Full Licence test. At school everyone used to get so excited about getting their licence and learning to drive and that was just something that never interested me. My priority was my schoolwork and I only lived 10-15 minutes away from school anyway so I walked. After high school when I did my Communications course it was refreshing to meet people who also didn’t have their licence and it made me feel like less of a loser. I took the bus as it was free for polytech students and a lot of people did the same.

I’m not completely useless when it comes to road rules and how to drive. I know what most parts of a car do and I have The Road Code (the New Zealand equivalent of The Highway Code) which I have read more than once and have had my brother quiz me on the questions multiple times. The questions for the Learner Licence test are multiple choice so I don’t think I would have a problem there because I have done practice questions online and seem to get them right. I start to worry and think about once I’ve got my Learner Licence and need to start practicing driving in a car for the next two tests. I picture myself as one of those people who drives 20km an hour and gets beeped at to speed up. Just the thought of sitting in the driver’s seat fills me with anxiety and dread. Another fear I have is that I won’t be able to reach the pedals because I am so short.

I do feel that not having my licence may have impacted the time it took for me to find a job. I personally didn’t see it as an issue because I am the kind of person who will always be at work and find a way to get there. Currently, my mum drives me to work and picks me up and I pay her petrol money. She doesn’t mind doing this but it’s amazing how much it affects other people and how they think they have the right to weigh in on the situation. I’ve had work colleagues almost imply that I’m lazy and need to gain some independence. I know they’re only trying to help but it hurts my feelings. I have never been late for work and it doesn’t harm anyone so why does it matter how I get to work as long as I’m there?

I don’t never want to learn to drive but I want to make sure I’m ready. After my course, I focused on getting a job as it was more important but I am working my way (slowly) towards sitting that first test. I am going to set a goal that I would like to sit my Learner Licence test before the end of 2016. Once I get over that initial hurdle, I will probably feel a lot better about the situation. My brother is really keen for me to learn how to drive and in a lot of ways I have to thank him for teaching me things and going through the questions with me. I am also lucky that I live in a town with a reliable bus system and town is not vastly spread out so it is possible to walk most places once you’re in town. As I said, I don’t have my license because I have no ambition to drive but because I am trying to learn how to deal with my emotions and feelings and make sure I’m prepared for when I am ready to drive.

I hope this post helps you understand me a bit better and if there is anyone else out there like me who worries about driving, know you’re not alone! It would be nice if we could encourage and support each other. For those of you with your licence, let me know if you have any tips for first time drivers!