What’s On My Phone?

What's On My PhoneI have watched a few “What’s On My Phone?” videos before and really enjoyed them. I like being a bit nosy and seeing which apps people install, which apps they use frequently and how they organise them. I recently did a clean up and got rid of some apps and photos to free up space and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to show you what’s on my phone. I’m not someone who downloads a lot of apps, I only keep the ones I use frequently and I like to use my phone as a phone for calling, texting etc.

If you weren’t aware I have an iPhone 5S in Space Grey and I absolutely love it! I purchased my phone about 12 months ago and it was the first real treat to myself after starting my job. I use my phone a lot more than I thought I would which I am glad about. Previously, I didn’t even own a smartphone and used it for texting and that was it. For anyone who’s curious as to where my phone case is from, it’s made by London based graphic designer and illustrator Lili Price. The cases are made to fit a range of phones and Lili’s patterns and designs are always eyecatching!

I like my lock screen and home screen to match and I normally just use the default backgrounds and images on the phone. At the moment I’ve got a simple, grey dotted background. I like light, neutral colours as it makes the names of everything easy to read and it makes the colours of the apps pop. The apps on my phone are spread over two screens and I’m not really one to categorise everything too much. I have a Social menu and an Extras menu which I keep all the apps that come with the phone but don’t use in. The easiest way I could think of was to show you images of each screen and explain a little bit about each app. Let’s get started!

Screen #1

iPhone Screen 1

  • Westpac One – This is my banking app. I can make payments, transfer money and check balances on the go.
  • 2degrees – 2degrees is my mobile phone network. This app allows me to top up and check how much data and minutes I’ve got left on my plan for the month. I have been a 2degrees customer for years and never had a problem.
  • Gmail – I use Gmail for my blog email address. It’s always handy to have access to blog emails.

Screen #2

iPhone Screen 2

  • Instagram – Instagram is one of my favourites! I love sharing photos with you and getting inspiration from everyone else’s. How are we feeling about the new logo? Yay or nay?
  • Social Menu:
    Twitter –
    I just love Twitter so much and I’m so grateful for all the good memories I have as a result of using it. It is probably my favourite social media platform.
    WordPress – I check this app every morning when I wake up so I can reply to all of your lovely comments. I’ve never written a post on the app though, I prefer to go oldschool and sit at the laptop and type.
    PhotoGrid – If I want to make any collages for Instagram or play around with photo effects this is what I’ll use. You can flip photos horizontally and vertically and add borders, text and cute stickers. It’s really easy to navigate and use.
  • Candy Crush Soda – This is now only the game I have on my phone and most of the time I still manage to play this every day. My mum first got me into this game when I bought my phone and I’m currently on level 224.
  • Spotify – I just use the free version of Spotify which unfortunately means I have to endure the ads and can only play an album or playlist on shuffle. I don’t use this app very often to be honest and prefer to use the desktop version of Spotify to listen to my monthly playlists.
  • Clue – I like how the name of this app is very unassuming and doesn’t give away what it is actually for. Clue is a period tracker and you can enter different data which predicts when your next period will be, how long it will be etc. You can also enter information about any pain or your mood on a certain day. I find this good for recording headaches. Clue also keeps track of your past cycles and predicts three cycles into the future.
  • Pinterest – You might be thinking why isn’t this categorised under Social but the truth is I didn’t want the second screen to look bare and only have one or two apps on it because they couldn’t all fit onto one. I have recently started a series on Instagram called #PinterestThoughtTuesday where I share a quote from my Pinterest once a week on Tuesdays. Being able to save the quotes straight from the app is handy.
  • Kindle – Recently I branched out and downloaded two eBooks from fellow blogger Aneta Quinn to read using the Kindle app. I do prefer physical copies of books but Aneta’s novels are only available digitally.
  • Revolution – I have been obsessed with Makeup Revolution lately and after adding things to my cart and taking them out I finally made my first order two weeks ago. I’ll admit I was sneaky and downloaded the app purely so I could apply the discount code and get 20% off my order.

There you have it, a sneak peak into my phone! Do we use any of the same apps? Be sure to let me know what your favourite apps are!


June Favourites

June FavouritesAnother month of 2015 down and now less than six months until Christmas! For me, June was all about the iPhone – I used to be one of those people who hated using their phone but now I love it! Beauty wise I didn’t spend a lot of money on new products but I do have a few beauty bits to include.

I apologise for the slightly late post this month but here are my June favourites:

1. iPhone – I posted about getting my phone here and it was one of my favourite posts to write and share this month. I absolutely adore the phone and everything about it. The camera is such good quality and I don’t find the battery life too bad, I have my brightness on zero most of the time as my phone is in my bag at work and only turn it up when I need to. I haven’t found a case yet so I’m still on the hunt.

2. Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water – You might have seen my ‘Mini Beauty Haul‘ featuring this cleansing water and the Rimmel nail polish Breakfast In Bed. This cleansing water lives up to all of its promises and value for money wise, it can’t be beaten. I was tempted by Simple’s Micellar Water but when I took into consideration I get double the amount for $1 more, my mind was made up – Garnier it was! In the beauty haul post I mentioned I had to rub a little more vigorously to remove my mascara but upon reflection I only notice that when I wear my Rimmel Scandal Eyes Lycra Flex mascara.

3. Rimmel Nail Polish #873 Breakfast In Bed – I think I fall more in love with this nail polish everyday! The colour is just so beautiful and is a wearable shade all year round – it’s pastel enough for spring/summer and cool enough to pull off in winter as well. I’ve had this colour on for over half of June and I can tell this polish will be getting a lot of wear.

4. Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser – I’ve had this moisturiser for a couple of months now and I feel within the past four weeks I’ve gotten into a little skincare routine that’s working well. Before this I was using Simple’s Kind To Skin Replenishing Rich Moisturiser and while that one was good as well, I feel the Hydrating moisturiser keeps my skin more nourished and does more for my skin. I’ve been applying the moisturiser twice a day – once in the morning and once in the evening. It has really helped my skin not to dry out in the cooler weather and harsh winds.

5. Candy Crush Soda – It was my mum who actually got me addicted to this game. She got a new phone recently too and loves to spend her free time playing away! I used to play the normal Candy Crush on Facebook but now that one doesn’t seem as exciting as Candy Crush Soda. (I’m currently on Level 45).

6. Years & Years – King – I have been hearing this song a lot on the radio at work and I really like it. I love a good beat!

That’s all for this month, be sure to let me know what you’ve been loving!