Birthday Plans

In last week’s Cry and smile post I mentioned I was a little stressed out over my birthday and what to do. A week later and there have been a few developments – good and bad (but mostly good) – and I simply wanted to get them out there. Call this post self-indulgent but getting my thoughts off my chest last week really helped so I’m hoping this will do the same.

I have decided what I’d like to do, dinner and clubbing (whoop!) and I’ve even made a little checklist of what I need to do to make sure I don’t miss anything.

I’d planned to go out on my actual birthday (next Saturday) but a friend has a family reunion that weekend so wouldn’t be able to make it. Initially, I was gutted I had to move my plans forward from Saturday to Thursday to the point where I was in tears and felt like nothing ever goes right and doing nothing altogether. Then I started thinking about it and came to terms with the fact there are pros and cons to pretty much every situation. As long as I’m happy and enjoy myself that’s the main thing.

Despite not getting to celebrate on my actual birthday and one friend not being able to make dinner as she’s working (hopefully she can come clubbing) I’m getting my hair done on Thursday so it will be nice and pretty for my night out. I also have a bigggg birthday badge I’m planning to wear even though I’ll feel slightly guilty I’m two days early! The club is having a glow party on the Saturday so I won’t have to worry about getting glow in the dark paint on my clothes and going out on a weeknight should mean town is less busy.

I’m also one step closer on the present front. My mum came up with the idea of getting me my own digital camera, nothing fancy just a point and shoot. I’ve been looking at some online and think I’ve settled on one I like. I’ve used the family digital camera a few times in the past for photos but it would be really useful having my own. All my blog images would be HQ and I enjoy taking photos so I wouldn’t just use it for my blog.

After writing this post I feel better and I’m ready to let go of the initial reservations I had about moving my plans forward. I’m incredibly excited about next week and the only thing left to do is brush-off my dance moves!

Chanelle x