If I Could Only Wear 5 Lip Colours

It’s no secret lips are my favourite part of any makeup routine and lip products take up the most space in my makeup collection. I love bold, bright colours and am not afraid to wear them! I was scrolling through a list of blog post ideas recently and this one immediately jumped out. It honestly wasn’t difficult to pick only five and I didn’t um and ah over any of these. Let me clarify, all of my choices are lipsticks, no lip balms or lip stains.

The lineup!

1. MAC – Show Orchid

Let’s get the semi-obvious fuchsia lipstick out of the way first! Fuchsia is my absolute favourite colour to wear, it works so well with my skin tone and hair colour and it isn’t a shade that ages me – it makes me feel youthful. The reason I labelled this semi-obvious is because my favourite fuchsia of all time is by a brand called BYS but I went with this great alternative from MAC because it’s a more well known brand and the packaging is more luxurious. MAC is easier to get a hold of so if BYS discontinued their fuchsia shade I’m covered. The formula of Show Orchid is also less slippy than the BYS alternative though both are comparable in terms of wear time.

2. Australis – Gangsta Rap

Gangsta Rap was one of my very first lipstick purchases a couple of years ago and it is still a shade I love to wear often. Again, this is a shade that makes me feel youthful and purple suits redheads. The formula of this lipstick is so comfortable to wear and the pigmentation and wear time are outstanding. I’d say the formula of this is similar to MAC’s satin lipsticks; creamy lipstick with a soft cushiony feel and buildable coverage.

3. MAC – Brave

I had to include a more neutral, everyday shade in this list and it’s another offering from MAC. I won Brave in a giveaway and it has become one of my favourite lipsticks in the short time I’ve had it. I say short because I haven’t had it as long as the other shades mentioned. You all know how Syrup from MAC is my jam and holds a special place in my heart because it was my first MAC lipstick. The reason I opted for Brave over Syrup is simply down to wear time. Brave is a satin finish whereas Syrup is a lustre meaning it is more sheer. Brave is Syrup’s slightly darker, more pigmented cousin.

4. Rimmel – Asia

I included this nude as well because every time I wear it I’m reminded how beautiful it is. This is more of a brown toned pink compared to Brave. Asia is similar to a few other MAC shades (Mehr, Twig and Faux) at a fraction of the cost. This lipstick has a lovely demi-matte finish and the wear time is decent too.  It’s one of those shades that fades discreetly and can be re-applied with ease.

5. Bourjois – Frambourjoise

I have fallen a little bit out of love with red lipstick lately but this shade I always come back to and can rely on to look good. Frambourjoise is more of a raspberry red and has pink undertones as well as red. The formula is like a mousse and not like a liquid lipstick. The mousse formula allows you to perfect your pout as it dries down slower and the formula doesn’t feel drying as it wears throughout the day.


Top To Bottom: Show Orchid, Gangsta Rap, Brave, Asia, Frambourjoise.

Did any of these choices surprise you? What lip products would you choose if you only had five?


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February Favourites 2017


Hi everyone! Like January, February has been eventful. I had intended to get back into a more regular blogging routine and write more beauty posts but that hasn’t been the case. I have started planning for March and hope things get back to ‘normal’ soon.

Onto this month’s favourites:

1. Glassons Cheeky Denim Shorts – Over the past year or so I have gotten into fashion a lot more and have really enjoyed adding pieces that were missing to my wardrobe. I purchased this pair of shorts in January and I have been wearing them ever since. The name implies a slightly shorter, cheeky fit but this style is flattering and doesn’t show off too much skin. I chose an ice blue colour and the fact they’re denim means they will wear well and last. I’m a bit cheeky too so these are appropriate!

2. Max Factor CC Cream – I purchased this CC Cream from eBay in November 2016 but didn’t start using it until this year. I bought the shade 40 Fair which is a perfect match for my skin tone. I think this product has been discontinued but I picked this up for $11 (NZD) including postage! A shop in New Zealand was selling it for triple the price. I do really like this for an everyday base, it feels light and doesn’t clog up my skin. I have a few red areas and I find the colour correcting element works well.

3. MAC – Matte Royal – I mentioned Matte Royal briefly in My 22nd Birthday! post. This lipstick was a present from my brother in January and each time I wear it I come to like it a little more.  When I first tried the lipstick on it was evening and the lighting wasn’t the best, I was a little unsure. A couple of days later I swatched it and tried it on again in daylight and was more confident with my choice. I love bold lipstick and I’m not afraid to wear it! I messaged my boyfriend a picture of me wearing the lipstick on Facebook and he gave it the thumbs up too!

4. MAC – Brave – I won this in Stashy’s giveaway (post coming on Wednesday) and it’s a lipstick that has been on my MAC wishlist. Upon receiving this lipstick I knew it was love at first sight! Brave has a Satin finish which is incredibly comfortable to wear. I hadn’t tried one of MAC’s satin lipsticks before but I will look into them in future. When I first wore the shade I thought of it as a slightly darker, more pigmented version of Syrup which is my favourite MAC lipstick. I can see why Brave is liked by so many people.

5. Una Healy – The Waiting Game* – Una is perhaps best known as being one fifth of girlband The Saturdays. They are one of my favourite bands and I wholeheartedly support the girls together and apart. Una is the first member of the band to release an album and her debut sees her return to her country, folk, singer-songwriter roots. The album gets better with each listen and Una’s voice sounds absolutely beautiful. Standout Tracks: Battlelines, The Waiting Game, Staring At the Moon, Alarm Bells and Craving You.

*My copy of The Waiting Game didn’t arrive before this post was published hence why it wasn’t included in the picture.

February’s Spotify Playlist:

February is the month of luuurve! All of these tracks relate to love in some way.

What were your favourite things in February?


The MAC Lipstick Tag


Hey everyone! I saw this tag seven months ago on Molly’s blog and I finally got around to doing it! Like most beauty bloggers, I adore MAC lipsticks. The range of formulas and selection of shades combined with outstanding quality is a winning combination! MAC lipsticks are worth every cent and the hype surrounding them is definitely real. Let’s jump straight in to the tag!

1. What was your first MAC lipstick?

My first MAC lipstick was Syrup. I chose this colour after hearing Lily Pebbles mention it in a number of her videos and I couldn’t have been more happy with my choice.

2. What was your most recent MAC lipstick addition?

I haven’t received it yet, but my brother is buying Matte Royal for me for my birthday this month.

3. What is your most used MAC Lipstick?

It’s a tie between Syrup and Patisserie (another Lily Pebbles inspired choice). Both of these shades are lovely as everyday colours as they’re relatively neutral and they go with absolutely everything!

4. What is your favourite nude/pink/red MAC lipstick?

Nude: Blankety – The perfect nude.

Pink: Without Your Love – From Ellie Goulding’s MAC collection.

Red: Ruby Woo – It’s the only red lipstick from MAC I own.

5. Have you ever repurchased a MAC lipstick?

Not yet. I definitely see myself repurchasing Syrup once I’ve used it up and possibly Patisserie as well.

6. Which of the different MAC finishes do you own?

2 x Lustre, 2 x Retro Matte, 2 x Cremesheen and 1 x Amplified making for a total of seven lipsticks. Not a lot, but still a nice little collection.

7. Which shade do you want to wear more?

Blankety. It is such a beautiful nude with an incredible formula and I don’t show it enough love.

8. Which shade doesn’t get enough hype?

All Fired Up. This is the most gorgeous fuschia-red colour which are my favourite shades to wear. Despite being retro matte, this lipstick isn’t drying.

9. Do you regret buying any shades?

Sunny Seoul – kind of. It’s a cremesheen which isn’t my favourite finish and sometimes this shade can take a few layers to build up nicely and provide even coverage. It’s my least worn MAC lipstick but I don’t want to get rid of it because it’s still stunning. Maybe I’ll pass it on to my mum.

My (Soon To Be) MAC Lipstick Collection:


10. What next?

I want to do a thorough swatch test. I especially want to swatch Brave as it is talked about so often and seems like another perfect neutral everyday colour. I’m eyeing up Show Orchid as well for when my current fuchsia shade runs out. I don’t need any lipsticks right now but I can always look for the future, right?!


I hope you enjoyed reading this tag and definitely give it a go if you’re a MAC lipstick fan!