Makeup Revolution Blush Queen Palette Review + Swatches

Back in September, Revolution launched in New Zealand on the Farmers website. Only a couple of days earlier I was eyeing up the Blush Queen palette on the brand’s British website. Blush Queen contains a mix of eight blushes and highlighters all with an underlying pink tone. Usually I don’t like pink on my cheeks as my skin has slight redness and I find pink accentuates it but, spoiler, this palette is really nice!

The product has a baked, marbled effect but it is still smooth, blendable and finely milled. The smallest amount of product is all you need for a subtle, naturally flushed, everyday look but the shades can easily be built up for more oomph. Due to the shimmer in these I find they are a nice cross between a blush and a highlighter, especially if you’re like me and don’t often wear both together. I tend to apply shades from this palette a little higher up than I normally would a blush to make the shimmer look more natural. I am yet to try these as eyeshadows but I imagine they would look pretty and applying them to the eyes and cheeks would really tie a look together when you’re running short on time.

The shades in the palette don’t have official names so I have numbered them from 1-8 and I will give a quick rundown on each shade and mention whether I use it as a blush or a highlighter. The beauty of this palette and makeup in general is that it’s so versatile and what I use as blush or highlighter others may not. No combinations are wrong.

Shade 1 – Highlight: In real life this is more of a light purple-white and is definitely the most neutral shade in the palette.

Shade 2 – Blush: This is very similar to shade 6 except this is more pink and 6 is more peach. Both shades are peachy-pinks and remind me of Orgasm by NARS with less gold.

Shade 3 – Blush: This borders on being blush and highlight and is the lightest pure pink in the palette which tips it into blush territory for me. A very natural looking pink on the cheeks.

Shade 4 – Highlight: This is the iciest looking shade in the palette, not in a bad way, it just has the lightest tone. One of my personal favourites.

Shade 5 – Blush: This is another blush perfect for a more neutral day to day look. This shade is your nude-pink of the bunch.

Shade 6 – Blush: See shade 2.

Shade 7 – Blush: I find this to be the most pigmented shade in the palette. This blush is a bright magenta-pink and won’t be forgiving if you don’t build up colour slowly.

Shade 8 – Blush: Another one of my favourites. This gorgeous berry-pink is surprisingly not as intimidating as I thought it would be.


Swatched in order from shade 1 – shade 8, left to right.

Overall Thoughts

For the price this palette is great value. $16.50 (NZD) for eight shades works out to $2.06 each. The packaging feels sleek and sturdy and the fact this palette doesn’t have a mirror doesn’t bother me. The quality of the product is up there along with all the other Revolution makeup I’ve tried. I’m a minimalist when it comes to makeup and don’t like to have too much of one thing. This palette slots in nicely with my other two single colour blushes and gives me a little more variety. The blush shades apply the same with fingers and brushes. The colour and pigmentation lasts well throughout the day. If you’re apprehensive about trying certain shades of blush like I was or don’t know whether you’ll like a palette, Revolution is a good brand to try. Their products aren’t expensive and will help you make up your mind without compromising on quality.

What do you think of these colours? Do you prefer single blushes or palettes?


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