7 Products I Want To Use Up

I’ll start by saying I don’t hate any of these products. These are simply products I want to focus on finishing up so I can move onto using other items in my collection and products that don’t seem like they are too far away from being finished. I have divided the products into two categories; makeup and body/fragrance.

Starting of course with my favourite, makeup!

1. MAC Fix+ Setting Spray 30ml

I will be a little sad when I finish this setting spray as it feels lovely on the skin and has a nice, fresh scent. The nozzle sprays the right amount of product and the mist doesn’t feel too wet when it comes into contact with the skin. This also works well to spray on brushes to intensify eyeshadows and for picking up pigments to make eyes look more glittery. The sooner I finish this the sooner I can move on to the two face mists I have from The Body Shop and then look at purchasing a full size of Fix+.

Estimated amount of product left: 1/5.

2. Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer – 1 Fair

This is my third or fourth tube of this concealer and I love it – it’s my holy grail! This concealer is the perfect shade for me, works well with every foundation, provides even coverage and pigmentation and can be layered to provide the level of coverage you’re after. I already have another brand new tube waiting in the wings for when this is finished. I’m guessing I only have enough product left for another week or two which I estimate to be another 5-10 uses.

3. Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation – 100 Fair

I have had this foundation for coming up two years now and for a long time it was reserved for being my foundation to use for nice makeup days or special occasions. Last year it took a back seat when I focused on finishing up Rimmel’s Match Perfection in the shade 010 Light Porcelain. Up until the MAC foundation I sampled this was the one I liked most and compared everything too. The foundation provides light-medium coverage and still looks natural whilst giving a satin/demi-matte finish. The tube feels almost empty, I’d say there’s only a handful of uses left.

4. L’Oreal True Match Lumi Healthy Luminous Makeup – W1-2 Porcelain/Light Ivory

The formula of this foundation is extremely dewy and one light layer is enough. This foundation isn’t the easiest to build up so I prefer to go in with a concealer that does layer and build up well to cover redness and uneven skintone. This foundation is nice for the colder months when my skin is drier due to it’s high water content. This foundation was purchased in March 2018 but wasn’t used properly until this year as along with the Max Factor foundation it took a back seat so I could finish the Rimmel foundation.

Estimated amount of product left: 1/3

Moving onto body and fragrance

5. The Body Shop Black Musk Body Lotion

I don’t dislike this scent but it is not my favourite for a body lotion. The Black Musk fragrance mist from The Body Shop is lovely and after using this body lotion it has made me realise I prefer it as a perfume rather than a scent for the body. This lotion also doesn’t feel as moisturising as others I’ve tried from The Body Shop and with the bottle being black I have no idea how much product is left, I’m guessing 1/3 or 1/4 going by how light the bottle feels.

6. The Body Shop Moringa EDT 30ml

Since purchasing three brand new perfumes a couple months ago I am trying to finish up a few of my other scents. These 30ml bottles from The Body Shop are such a good travel size and I used to like taking them with me when I stayed with my ex as they are easy to transport, smell good and have decent lasting power. I haven’t needed to transport perfume and haven’t found myself reaching for this as much as I did. I’m currently alternating between this and the next perfume for days at work and I’m enjoying the floral element this brings.

Estimated amount of product left: 1/4

7. Juicy Couture – Juicy Couture 100ml

Out of all the Juicy Couture perfumes I have tried this is the one I’d be least likely to repurchase. The scent is stronger and more heady than what I usually go for but the fragrance notes are still nice and I have received compliments on this in the past. One thing this perfume is missing for me is the prominence of the vanilla and sweetness other Juicy Couture scents have. The lasting power of this perfume is excellent though.

Juicy Couture begins with sweet fruit notes of watermelon, mandarin, and passion fruit over a floral bouquet of gardenia, hyacinth, marigold, lily, and tuberose. Juicy Couture finishes on warm, sweet base notes of caramel, crème brulee, vanilla, patchouli and woods.

Estimated amount of product left: 1/10

Have you got any products you’re looking to finish up?


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Autumn Beauty Edit

In September 2017, I published a Spring Beauty Edit which featured a handful of products I wanted to use during New Zealand spring time! I did find myself using those products in spring and I thought it would be fun to do another post for autumn. In autumn I tend to gravitate towards berries, darker lip shades and warm, musky, non-fruity fragrances.


L – R: Rimmel – 107, Revlon – Raspberry Pie, Revlon – Sugar Plum, Urban Decay – After Dark

Autumn is when I tend to wear berry and red lipsticks more. Rimmel’s 107 is a classic berry shade in the blogging world and the pigmentation is really good. Sometimes these dark, berry shades can be patchy but not this one. Revlon’s lip butters are perfect for cooler days if you want a pop of colour, the formula is so moisturising and won’t leave the lips dry. Raspberry Pie is a pretty berry-red and Sugar Plum is a perfect pink-mauve everyday shade. The names are the cutest too! After Dark is more of a purple berry and it’s such a beautiful shade.


L – R: Essie – Bahama Mama, Rimmel – Bestival Blue, OPI – Tiramisu For Two

I have a number of neutral polishes which work all year round but I only selected one for this edit. Tiramisu For Two is one of the newest shades in my makeup drawer and I want to wear it more which is why I chose it. Bahama Mama follows the berry theme and Bestival Blue is a lovely pastel blue that doesn’t look summery and suits the cooler vibe of the weather.

Fragrance & Body

Cooler weather can be harsh on the skin so I’d really like to try The Body Shop’s Almond Milk & Honey shower cream. I have sensitive skin and I have been hesitant to try this so far but my skin is in an okay place at the moment. I got the small size so if I react to the shower cream I’m not wasting product and I may be able to pass the product along. The black musk fragrance is one I first tried last winter. Black musk is spicier and warmer than white musk and less floral, making it a good match for the cooler months. I always have a tube of hand cream on the go and this frosted plum scent from The Body Shop’s 2017 Christmas range is my pick. The purple tube is a neat colour and the scent isn’t overly fruity.

What’s your favourite berry lip colour? Do you associate any particular products with autumn/fall?


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My Fragrance Collection

When it comes to perfumes and fragrances I tend to stick with what I know and like. I prefer lighter, sweet scents with base notes of vanilla compared to strong heady scents. I am also partial to musk which you will see in two of the fragrances mentioned in this post. You don’t always have to spend a lot of money to get a nice perfume. I like wearing lighter scents for work and have one or two scents I reserve for special occasions or days I feel like wearing them. I currently have six scents I classify as ‘perfume’ as well as some body mists/sprays which I haven’t included in this post.

1. Juicy Couture – Viva la Juicy

I wanted to kick things off with my favourite perfume! I loved the smell of Viva la Juicy long before I purchased it. I bought my first bottle in 2015 and I am still working my way through it. This is the perfume I love to wear the most but I also restrict it’s use because I don’t want to go through it too quickly. I picked up the 100ml bottle for $89 (NZD), which, for this perfume is a bargain. The scent is right up my street and lingers longer than my others. 4 sprays usually lasts all day and I might top up with 1 or 2 if I have plans in the evening.

2. Britney spears – Private show

I got this perfume for Christmas in 2016 from my mum and it is my second favourite after Viva la Juicy. I always get comments about how nice this smells when I wear it and it is my favourite of the Britney Spears perfumes I have owned. The bottle is really simple but beautiful. The hexagon pattern is unusual and super pretty. This perfume also lasts well on me throughout the day. I can still smell this on my clothes the following day.

3. The Body Shop Strawberry EDT

This scent is the one I take with me when I stay with my boyfriend. The small bottle is travel friendly and stands up straight in my bag so perfume can’t leak out. For me this is the perfect everyday scent, it’s fruity so it’s not overpowering and heavy. My boyfriend commented this smells nice too so I know he likes it! I have nearly finished this bottle and I will consider repurchasing it for the travel friendly factor.

4. The Body Shop Fragrance Mists

The Body Shop do some really nice fragrances and they are the ones I tend to reach for for work or casual, everyday wear. I had both perfume versions of these but the fragrance mists are far better value and an extra spray or two will give the same effect. 100ml lasts a lot longer than 30ml. I like the White Musk for it’s musk and light floral aroma and the Black Musk for it’s spicier notes.

5. Britney Spears – Curious – in Control

This is the oldest perfume in my collection. My aunt bought it as a present for me back in 2010! This perfume doesn’t seem to end. It has lasted me seven years and in that time the scent has stayed the same and never smelt any different. This is another one of my go to scents for work. I don’t find this lingers on me as long as some of the others featured in this post but it is still a lovely perfume. I love the bottle – it is very girly and using the applicator is fun!

What’s your favourite fragrance?


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June Favourites 2016

June Favourites 2016It’s favourites time once again! Can you believe we are already halfway through the year?! If I could sum up June in one word, it would be odd – I’ve experienced both highs and lows. At the beginning of June I was enjoying time off from work and now as I type this post I am jobless. I had no idea it was coming when I returned after my time off and I was only back at work for 11 days until I got the news. I’ll direct you to Monday’s post if you’d like to read more. For the past week I have been job hunting and setting some plans in place. I don’t want this to be a negative time so I am focusing my energy on getting my learner licence and in just under two months I’ve arranged to go up and see my brother and spend time with him.

Onto this month’s favourites:

1. Philips Moisture Protect Hair Dryer – This hair dryer featured on my Winter Beauty Wishlist and I have now purchased everything on it – yay! I have the matching white/rose gold straighteners which I purchased last year and absolutely love! This hair dryer is pretty powerful, it operates at 2300 watts and has a drying speed of 120 km/h. I do have to be careful where I point this so that it doesn’t knock anything over, it’s that powerful, but the end result is worth it. The best part about the Moisture Protect styling tools is the sensor to measure hair temperature and automatically adjust itself to prevent hair overheating. As a result you’re left with smooth, frizz-free, shiny hair. This hair dryer has a range of speed and temperature settings and also comes with two attachments, a concentrator and a diffuser.

2. Tanya Burr Lipglosses – I purchased three Tanya Burr lipglosses during a 3 For 2 offer on Feel Unique and I have been wearing these a ton ever since they arrived! The shades I purchased are I Found Nemo, Afternoon Tea and Picnic In the Park. I love them all but my favourite is definitely Afternoon Tea, it is the perfect subtle everyday shade with the slightest hint of pink. These glosses are great as they are nicely pigmented and don’t feel sticky on the lips. If you’d like to see me wearing each shade as well as swatches, CLICK HERE.

3. The Body Shop Black Musk Eau De Toilette – I talked about this fragrance last Friday but I will reiterate the main points here in case you missed that post. This fragrance is one I can see myself wearing a lot over the winter months as the warm tones make this scent sophisticated and the right mix between naughty and nice. The packaging of this perfume is also really nice and because the bottle is quite small it won’t take up much space in your handbag. If you’re a fan of musk scents I urge you to give this one a go!

4. The Body Shop Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream – I purchased this product after encouragement from the lovely Rachel. She raved about how good this was and with the weather beginning to cool down in New Zealand I was on the hunt for something more nourishing and hydrating than my regular moisturiser and a product specifically designed for night time use. I haven’t a bad word to say about this little pot! You don’t need to apply much at all and it sinks into the skin quickly without leaving it greasy. I have been waking up with lovely, soft skin and I really notice the difference when applying my makeup.

5. I ♡ Makeup Goddess of Love Highlighter – In May I FINALLY made my first Makeup Revolution order and it arrived approximately three weeks ago. My favourite product has to be this gorgeous silver/pink highlighter from I Makeup as it gives a lovely glow to my skin and is incredibly beautiful. I am a huge fan of the packaging and you get so much product – it will be a while before I hit pan on this!

June’s Spotify Playlist:

This is a playlist of two halves for a couple of reasons: there is a mix of male and female artists and one half of the playlist is emotional and ballad-y while the other half is happy and uptempo. It’s the perfect mix of my music taste.


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Review: The Body Shop Black Musk EDT

Review The Body Shop Black Musk EDTLast month I purchased a new fragrance from The Body Shop; a bottle of Black Musk Eau De Toilette. As you may have seen in my Weekend In Pictures post I had a 20% off voucher and picked up a few other bits as well. I briefly talked about what I purchased in that post but this fragrance is definitely my favourite of the bunch. When I popped in store to spend my voucher, I didn’t know The Body Shop had come out with a Black Musk range and I certainly had no idea I would purchase a fragrance that day. Curiosity got the better of me and before I knew it I was reaching for the nearest bottle! It was love at first whiff!


The first thing that alerted me to the Black Musk stand in store was the simple and understated black and magenta packaging. This may not look like it contains a lot of fragrance but the bottle contains 30ml which is a standard amount. I actually like the size of the bottle because it’s not big and bulky and is small enough that it could easily be popped in your handbag for touch ups throughout the day or if you’re on the go. The black bottle is a point of difference, normally I’m used to seeing brightly coloured bottles or clear bottles with embellished lids. The lid that comes with this fragrance is nice and secure so I know it won’t slip off unlike some of my other perfumes.


  • Our deepest, dark blend of musks
  • Contains cruelty-free musk
  • Scintillating, oriental perfume
  • Long lasting fragrance

*As stated on The Body Shop’s website.


Funnily enough, the main thing that lured me into buying this fragrance was the scent. I enjoy musk scents and find them to be sensual and sexy and a bit more grown up. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with playful or fruity scents but sometimes it’s nice to feel more sophisticated. The Body Shop describes Black Musk as a dark and desirable fragrance which will have you seduced whilst allowing you to play up to your fierce inner and ever so sweet outer!

“Captivating, feminine notes of bambinella pear, intensified by pink pepper and bergamot. Embraced by heliotrope with an aphrodisiac lilt of luscious liquorice. Further deepened by black vanilla and black musk accords. Don’t be afraid to be naughty AND nice!” – The Body Shop.

Price/Value For Money

A 30ml bottle of this fragrance costs $43.75 (NZD). With the 20% off voucher, I paid $35 (NZD). That’s roughly $1 per ml which is not bad at all. The Body Shop also have a 50ml bottle of Eau De Parfum in the range which retails for $73.95 (NZD) but when I sprayed both the toilette and the parfum side by side I don’t notice much difference. I also figured if I get another voucher of similar value or there’s a sale in the future I can buy another bottle of the toilette and I would end up with more fragrance for less money than if I purchased one bottle of the parfum.

Overall Verdict

I would highly recommend testing this fragrance next time you’re in a Body Shop store! I would also encourage you to pick it up because I don’t know if Black Musk is a permanent range or if it’s only out for a limited time.

Are you a fan of musk fragrances? Does this sound like something you’d purchase?


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