500 Followers + Blogger Recognition Award

500 FollowersHello lovelies! Happy Friday!

This post is a very special one for me as I am celebrating a blogging milestone – reaching 500 Followers! Only a few weeks ago I mentioned how much I’d love to reach 500 when I accepted The Fashionista Award. It’s crazy to think that many people follow my blog and I know there are blogs out there with a lot more followers but when I started I never had a set number in mind and I genuinely appreciate every single one of you that has clicked the Follow button.

It’s very humbling to know that people enjoy what I’m writing and take time out of their day to read, like or comment on my posts. I try to reply to every single comment and comment on your posts to repay the favour. Although I may not be the best at showing it, I’m a very grateful person and cannot stress enough how special you as readers are to my blog. The support and encouragement I’ve witnessed not just towards me but among bloggers in general is amazing! It’s an honour to be part of this little community!

Blogger Recognition AwardI also wanted to use this post as a chance to accept ‘The ‘Blogger Recognition Award.’ I was kindly nominated for this award by the lovely Kimmy from Kimmy Keep Real.

The Rules:

  • Nominate 5 other people (put a link to their blog!) and write a post to show off your award!
  • Give a brief story about how you started blogging or two pieces of advice for other bloggers.

Advice For Other Bloggers:

  1. Don’t be confined by ‘blogging norms’. Post whatever you wish. You want to write a beauty/fashion/food/travel blog (insert and delete as appropriate) but have no idea where to start or you’re intimidated by others out there, don’t be. We don’t all see things the same and have differing opinions so chances are there’s something new you can bring to the table. The beauty of blogging is its versatility, you can make a post out of just about anything. Use creativity to your advantage.
  2. Research is your friend! If you want to learn about a product or can’t quite grasp the technical side of blogging (themes, coding etc.) chances are you can find out about it online. I always look for reviews and swatches before I buy a product, I want to make sure I’m getting my money’s worth! There are so many tutorials and helpful hints that you can adapt to work for you.

I’d like to nominate: Amber, Claire, Cos, Fiona & Lauren.

Thank you all once again! I am trying to think of some way to show my appreciation properly, I am not sure if it will be a giveaway or what. I don’t even know how to run a giveaway so I’ll have a think and keep you informed.