Happy New Year!


It’s officially 2015! Wishing you all a year full of joy, health and happiness!

Last night was a pretty quiet one in my household so I took some time to come up with a list of goals I’d like to achieve this year. I will add to the list as the year goes on and I’ve also decided to write good things down on journal cards as they happen and place them in a box alongside the list. At the end of 2015 I’ll be able to look back and remember all the positive things that happened throughout the year.

2015Here is the box the journal cards will be placed in and my list of goals. I used a piece of paper from my kikki.K notepad with an adorable nature inspired design!

I’ve already placed one journal card in the box after Lisa Scott-Lee followed me on Twitter last night. (Technically it’s a 2014 memory but I’m including it anyway). Lisa is one of my biggest idols and I’m still coming to terms with the fact she followed me. The lovely part is she did it off her own back, I didn’t have to ask (although I have in the past). I sent her a direct message saying thank you to which she replied so I’m feeling like an incredibly lucky girl! I love that Twitter gives people the chance to interact with their idols aside from actually having the opportunity to meet them. Being an international fan is hard work sometimes but occasions like this make it all worthwhile.

A new year can mean new changes and as a result I’m in a bit of a dilemma over what to do regarding a few sections of the blog. I am unsure whether I should leave the 30 Days To Love and Week In Review segments as they are, try to combine them into a monthly review type segment or do away with them all together.

Let me know your thoughts on the proposed blog changes and be sure to leave a comment below telling me how you celebrated the New Year and if you have any New Year’s resolutions. Always love hearing from you 🙂

Chanelle x