First day using kikki.K

Despite getting my kikki.K goodies a few weeks back yesterday was the first time using any of the items. I mentioned in my Show & Tell post that the Mini Daily Planner Pad would be used on days where I have lots to do or the information doesn’t need to be recorded in my Filofax. This post includes pictures of my planning process for Tuesday 02.09.2014.

Daily Planner Pad and Live Bright Everyday Gel Pen

Just after I had removed the shrink wrap from my planner pad ready to write on the first sheet. Accompanied by my Everyday Gel Pen from the Live Bright collection.

Yesterday was also my first time writing with one of kikki.K’s everyday gel pens. What I love is how fast the ink dries unlike most gel pens which are prone to smudging. Being left-handed, ink where I’ve already written normally gets on my hand. The nib is finer than I generally write with but I know I’ll get used to it. The pen is so pretty, who wouldn’t want to use it!

Day planned

I decided to plan my day in the order the sections are arranged on the pad. I began by writing in the date. I left the weather section blank at the time this picture was taken. I hadn’t heard what the forecast was meant to be and decided to fill this in last night upon reflection of my day. Most of the To Dos were just quick errands or daily tasks, for example my exercises, I wanted to get done. I decided against including my top priorities in the ‘To Do’ section as well as I didn’t see the point in writing them down twice and getting lost amongst other tasks. I record each glass of water using the ‘Water Intake’ as I have it.


The first to do on my list said “wear bracelet”. My mum bought this for me as a graduation present but I don’t wear it as much as I’d like and yesterday I really wanted to. It’s absolutely gorgeous, a silver belcher chain with a heart pendant.


Day one complete!

This photo was taken after I had crossed off all completed tasks in the ‘To Do’ section and filled in the ‘My Treat’ section. Yesterday’s weather was a mixture of sun and cloud which explains why I circled both symbols.

If you don’t already have a planner or organiser this pad is perfect for helping you plan your day. You could even use the pad as a weekly planner instead of a daily one and use the To Do, Top 3 Priorities, Don’t Forget and My Treat sections if you’re not as busy. Unlike regular bound planners there aren’t enough sheets for one per day.

Products featured in this post:

Hope you enjoyed reading about my planning process and seeing some of the things I do with my day.

Chanelle x

Show & Tell: kikki.K Haul

kikki.K items

This morning shortly after 8 o’clock there was a knock on the door – it was a courier with my kikki K order. I wasn’t expecting it so soon but it was a welcome surprise!

GiftcardOpening the box I was presented with this note from kikki.K founder Kristina Karlsson. Each online order includes one which I think is a lovely personal touch.

Wrapping paperThe items came wrapped in this lovely tissue paper decorated with mail/letters which I am going to keep.

Now onto my goodies:

Everyday Gel Pens - Live Bright collectionThese Everyday Gel Pens are 135mm long and feature a plastic casing with clip on lid. They come with black ink and are refillable which is great otherwise you’d only be able to use them once.

Ballpoint refills

I purchased a 4 pack of black refills which are compatible with most of kikki.K’s ballpoint and gel pens. Buying refills is also more environmentally friendly.

Mini Daily Planner Pad

Slightly smaller than A5, this Mini Daily Planner Pad is the perfect size to slip into your A5 diary/planner to stay organised in style. Sections include: Today’s Date, Today’s Weather, To Do, Top 3 Priorities, My Treat, Don’t Forget, Water Intake and For Tomorrow. The water intake tracker will be particularly useful as that is pretty much all I drink. This pad will be used for busier days when I have a lot of to dos and they won’t fit in my Filofax.

A5 notepad

Along with the Mini Daily Planner Pad, this Printed Notepad is from the ‘Cute’ collection and is the same slightly smaller than A5 size (126mm W x 178mm L). The notepad contains 40 unique page designs and has 120 pages in total. This notepad is perfect for letter writing, DIY projects or everyday notes.

Live Bright journal

Journaling dreams, thoughts, creative ideas and inspirations are just some of the ways this A5 Feature Journal could be used. The journal includes a total of 208 pages, 64 of these lined, unlined and printed with quotes and graphics. The journal comes with ribbon page markers and features a hard cover with gold foil detailing on the pages.

You can see why kikki.K has such a good reputation. Their service is fast and efficient, the items are packaged well and the personal touches really make for a pleasurable buying experience. The items themselves are gorgeous and make perfect gifts for those special people in your life or more importantly yourself!

All items can be purchased online from

kikki.K Haul


Images courtesy of

If you haven’t already noticed I’m obsessed with stationery and last night (1 a.m. this morning to be precise – I’d been on the website for ages) I placed my first kikki.K order online.

I bought the pen (top left) and journal (top middle) for a friend’s birthday next month. Both of these items along with the other pen (top right) are from the newly released Live Bright collection, highlighting lilac, gold and light pink as feature colours.

Here’s a complete rundown of what I purchased:

1. Everyday Gel Pen Chevron ($4.90)
2. A5 Feature Journal ($24.90)
3. Everyday Gel Pen Quote ($4.90)
4. Ballpoint Pen Refills 4pk ($5.90)
5. Mini Daily Planner Pad: Cute ($9.90)
6. Printed Notepad: Cute ($16.90)

*All prices shown are in New Zealand Dollars.

  • Enjoy $10 off when you spend $50 – Promo code DIARYLOVEAUGUST
  • Enjoy $20 off when you spend $100 – Promo code LOVE20
  • Enjoy $50 off when you spend $150 – Promo code LOVE50

When my order arrives I’ll be sure to do a show and tell!

Chanelle x

Mark-it Dots are coming!

In Saturday’s post I mentioned my mark-it dot dilemma. You’ll be pleased to know I have found a solution.

On Saturday morning I stumbled across two Australian websites. On one of these, My Map Shop, I put a set of the dots I wanted in my cart and entered some personal details. There was a little disclaimer on the checkout page stating I would be contacted regarding freight costs.

At this point I was hoping the freight costs wouldn’t be over the top but knew I’d have to wait until today (Monday) for a response.

Opening the email from the lovely Kim this morning I was extremely pleased to see the freight would only be $3.90 AUD. You can probably guess what happened next… I went ahead with the order!

I only hope the mark-it dots are worth all the effort I’ve gone to to get them.

I also want to say a huge thank you to Grace (Grace Fairbairn) and Jenny (Jenny Wears Glasses) for trying to help me out. Make sure you’re following these lovely chickas!

Chanelle x

Mark-it Dot Dilemma

Earlier this week I mentioned I bought two sets of Mark-it Dots (original post) from Stickers and Things. Unfortunately this purchase has now fallen through. I received an email this morning saying the shipping would cost a lot more than what I’d already paid and decided not to go through with the order.

I was pretty upset for a few reasons:

  1. I made the purchase a week ago so they’ve had plenty of time to get in contact.
  2. Nowhere on the website did it have any information about International shipping charges.

The shipping amount Stickers and Things offered isn’t the dearest I have seen but they weigh hardly anything so I don’t see why it’s so expensive.

Mark-it dots are difficult to get a hold of as it is. Most websites that sell them don’t ship to New Zealand or have ridiculous shipping costs.

If anyone knows where I could get some I would really appreciate your help!

(RAK anyone? I’d be happy to pay, I wouldn’t expect someone to do it for nothing).

Typo Haul

Woohoo the second arrival of the week! My Typo order arrived this morning and as promised here is a look at what I got.

Typo arrivals

I have also included images of the items close up below:

A5 spinout notebooks
I love the covers on these A5 spinout notebooks! Each notebook contains 120 lined pages and features a flexi hard cover as well as a cardboard divider at the front of the notebook. The elastic closure allows you to keep all of your notes, doodles and clippings safe.

Camera paper clips

Aren’t these camera paper clips just the cutest? The little container they come in is so handy to store them so they don’t get lost. Instagram is one of my favourite apps so they’re perfect for amateur photographers like myself.

Pencil case

In the past I have had an issue with buying more pencil cases than I probably needed to but I haven’t bought one for a while. I chose this bright blue case made of tinted plastic and plan to keep the pens I write in my exercise diary/food journal with in it.

Washi tape

Probably what I was most looking forward to from this order: washi tape. I ordered four sets (Left to Right: Bunnies, Orange Pattern, Blue Floral and Blue Pattern), each containing three rolls of tape. Pink, blue and orange feature across all three sets so they will go with each other.

Flat wrap

Typo flat wrap measures 50cms by 70cms and is great for wrapping gifts. The flatness of it means you don’t have to worry about tackling a whole roll of wrapping paper. This pattern is lovely too, the pastel colours make it girly and summery.

These items* can be purchased online from
*Typo flat wrap ‘Beach West’ is currently unavailable online.

Stationery Haul (June)

kikki.K page markers Typo pens





  • In Auckland earlier this month I bought the cutest set of page markers from Kikki K (currently unavailable online). The range they feature in is even called ‘Cute’ that’s how adorable they are! Personally, I’m using one as a book mark, but they’d be great to use for adding colour to any part of your workspace. If you’re looking to hold a large number of pages together in your planner for example, these probably aren’t the best option and I’d recommend looking at something like Oli clips.
  • Typo fine liner pens – These pens come in a range of colours and as the name suggests, the nib is super fine. The pens themselves are also slim so don’t take up a lot of room in your pencil case or pen holder. These pens are identical to Typo’s needle me pens but only feature coloured tops and lids. (The dark blue and green pens are needle me, the rest are fine liner).

Notepads and page flags

  • Yesterday I managed to pick up these notepads for only 99 cents each and some assorted sticky notes I have slotted into the front of my planner. The larger sticky notes will come in handy for ‘To Do’ lists.