Unpopular Opinions Makeup Tag

I saw this tag on Rachael’s blog and at the end saw I had been nominated by her to take part. I haven’t done a tag for a while but this one looked interesting and the questions were certainly thought provoking.

1. Popular makeup product you don’t like

Garnier Micellar Water. I purchased the original pink capped version when it came out and it dried out my skin and irritated it a little. I know there are variations now for different skin types but that initial experience put me off trying the product again.

2. Popular makeup product/brand that everyone else seems to hate but you love

Maybelline’s ‘The Nudes’ eyeshadow palette. A lot of reviews slam this palette for being boring and not having much pigment but I enjoy the mix of mattes and shimmers and the warm and cool tones. I don’t use this palette as much as I once did but I’m planning to pull it out again for the month of February and see if I like it as much as I used to. I personally don’t find this palette lacks pigment but I do have fair skin so the colours possibly show up more easily.

3. Makeup collab you didn’t like or were not interested in

The Shane Dawson x Jeffree Star Conspiracy and Mini Conspiracy palettes. The palettes don’t look cohesive and the colours aren’t ones I’m drawn too. The shades are out there and different which is good but I wouldn’t wear the majority of the colourful shades.

4. Popular makeup step that you never do

Eyeliner. I would have poorer eyesight without my glasses on than usual for this step and I don’t have the patience for it. I’m not bothered I don’t wear eyeliner in all honesty.

5. Popular beauty influencer you don’t subscribe to/watch

Tati Westbrook to name one. It would probably be easier to name a ‘popular’ beauty influencer I do watch. I’m oblivious to all the YouTube drama and don’t even know who most of the big names are.

6. Popular makeup product/brand that you don’t use/support anymore

Maybelline Colour Tattoo eyeshadows. About 5 years ago I purchased two shades and they were so dry and crumbly and hard to apply to the eyelids. The colours weren’t flattering at all.

7. Makeup trend that you have no interest in trying

Getting my brows tattooed. I like to keep my brow routine simple and minimalistic.

8. Makeup product that was better in theory than when you used it. Either swatched better or worked better on others than on you.

This could be a little controversial but the It’s My Pleasure palette from Colourpop. Don’t get me wrong I love purple on my skintone and the colours swatch well but the majority of looks I try to create end up looking similar. A couple of shades I find hard to incorporate as well (Pretty Cruel and Mr Sandman). Out of the Colourpop nine pan palettes I own this is my least favourite. I don’t dislike this palette but I don’t love it as much as other people seem to.

Let me know if we share any similar opinions.

I tag Holly, Dannii and Hunida to do this next!


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34 thoughts on “Unpopular Opinions Makeup Tag

  1. hoiyinli says:

    You make a great point about liking an eyeshadow palette even if the pigment isn’t super out there. I think a lot of eyeshadow palettes get slammed the moment the pigment isn’t “amazing” but not everyone wants an eyeshadow that is 100% opaque!

    Funny – I feel like I have come across a lot of bloggers who are not into beauty youtube anymore which same!

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    • Chanelle says:

      Pigment is good for an eyeshadow palette but sometimes being able to blend and layer shadows easily can be just as important. The Nudes definitely isn’t powdery or lacklustre in my opinion.

      I’ve never watched big beauty YouTubers, there are a few well known ones I watch that occasionally post about beauty but it tends to be a mix of lifestyle and everyday life too.

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      • hoiyinli says:

        I used to watch a lot of beauty youtube even though I wore less makeup than I do now 😂(logic?) I don’t really watch any anymore but when I do, it’ll normally be of a smaller youtuber’s channel.

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  2. Hollie George says:

    I hated the Shane x Jeffree collab too, I’m not a fan of Jeffree anyway but those palettes really looked messy to me 😳 I also don’t really watch any YouTube beauty gurus, there’s too much pettiness and drama amongst them these days! Thanks for tagging me, this definitely looks like fun to do 😊

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  3. Rossy Galaxy says:

    So you haven’t used or tried any other micellar water products from other brands?
    I bought the SD x JSC palettes, I am very aware that a lot of people dont like them but that’s okay. I’m very excited to play with the colors because* they’re different than what we’ve seen on the market lately.
    Ah beauty influencers. I feel like I’ve stopped watching all of them. For months now I’m more into lifestyle channels or idk, just different content. I’m done with the beauty community drama and people not being nice to each other. For people who do beauty, they aren’t as beautiful on the inside 😔
    It seems like a lot of CP’s palettes, the monochromatic ones especially, end up looking the same on the eyes. Kind of unfortunate really.

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    • Chanelle says:

      No, I haven’t tried micellar waters from other brands, I use Clinique’s Take the Day Off Balm to remove makeup and really like it! I can see why people like Shane and Jeffree’s palettes as they are certainly unique and not easily duped. I’ve got two other nine pan monochromatic palettes from Colourpop and there is more variety in them which is probably down to me genuinely liking every shade 😀

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      • Rossy Galaxy says:

        Nice! I tried their makeup remover (liquid) and really loved it as well! I typically only use micellar water to remove small amounts of makeup and not really a full face. I don’t trust “water” is enough for that lol.
        Ah that makes sense. Perhaps it depends on the palettes and shades. I’ve seen more people complain about the similar shades in the colored ones such as the yellow, green and blue palettes. Not too sure of the others ones but I’m glad the ones you have work so well for you!

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  4. Hunida says:

    I totally get what you mean about the Shane x JSC palettes, the colors were gorgeous & out there but I didn’t see any cohesiveness. Just a color vomit, really. I rarely ever wear eyeliner either. I feel like my eyes pop way more without it. I don’t watch a lot of any YouTubers but I *did try to watch Tati once & I wanted to pull my hair out– she is SO boring! Interesting to know about the CP palette, too.

    What a super fun of questions! I’m so excited you tagged me, Chanelle, thank you so much! ♡

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    • Chanelle says:

      I am surprised to hear so many people say the same about not being huge fans of the Shane and Jeffree palettes, when they were released my Instagram feed was all about them 😛 Eyeliner is definitely not a necessity for me, glasses frame my eyes enough for my liking 🙂 can’t wait to see your answers!

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  5. Rachael - Helpless Whilst Drying says:

    Oh no, I didn’t know you didn’t get on with Garnier Micellar Water – I’ve probably used up 20 bottles. I’m dreading finding something I like as much now I’ve switched to cruelty free.

    I get what you mean on the SD x JS palette – I only picked up controversy but now I’ve got it the colour story makes a lot of sense to me, I think they laid it out in a way that makes the loud colours pop out but I can create everything from really soft looks to more dramatic looks. I’m now thinking of getting the mini one when it restocks (If I can get through some palettes to review before that point!)

    .The nudes from maybelline is a great palette – I don’t have it any more I passed it onto my mum but it is great for people who don’t want really intense pigment. I’m currently reviewing some pixi palettes and whilst they aren’t my favourite formula as the pigmentation isn’t as strong as I like now I can understand why other people would love them, that easy to work with soft shade are exactly what some people want

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      • Chanelle says:

        I enjoy the rest of the palette minus those two shades. I still try an incorporate them but tend to gravitate towards others more. It is still a great little palette 💜


    • Chanelle says:

      The micelles water didn’t break me out or anything but my face felt sticky after using it and it didn’t feel like the makeup was completely off. The idea of it is great though!

      I can appreciate what Shane and Jeffree did with their palettes and full props to them on creating such hype but I personally wouldn’t pick it up. It’s not a horrible palette but just not up my street.

      I am really excited to get back into using The Nudes, I’m planning on using each of my palettes for an entire month (one palette for month) for the rest of 2020. I have less than 12 palettes so I didn’t start in January 😂

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      • Chanelle says:

        I haven’t decided yet, the palettes aren’t that old and I have talked about a couple of them in posts over the past year or so. I think it’s more a little side project for myself more than anything. I’m also pairing the palettes with highlighters and blushes in an attempt to use them more too. I’ll probably share which palette I’m using each month in an Instagram post xx


  6. chloeburford says:

    Ahhh this has been one of my absolute fave posts of yours to read, it was so interesting!! Im also not crazy about the shane and jeffree palette, the colours really aren’t my cup of tea. This was so fun to read so thanks for sharing!xx

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