Thoughts on MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation

Last month during my time off work I went shopping with mum and was excited to stop by the MAC counter in one of the shops we visited. There’s not a MAC counter in my city – which is probably a good thing as I’d want to visit it all the time – and the nearest one is an hour away. I wanted to pick up a 30ml tube of Studio Moisture Cream but found out MAC don’t make that size anymore. A sign advertising a free sample of the Studio Fix Fluid Foundation containing a week’s worth of product caught my eye and a few minutes later I was being colour matched by the sales assistant. I don’t know whether I use a small amount of product or have a small face but the sample has lasted me 20 uses and counting at the time of this post!


I was matched to shade NW13 which MAC describe as ‘fair beige with neutral undertones for light skin.’ I use the shade NW10 of StudioFinish Concealer so this is where I expected to sit on the colour spectrum. Personally I feel the sales assistant got my shade match spot on! I used to think I had a predominantly cool undertone but I do prefer neutral shades that have a bit of warmth as my hair and freckles warm up my complexion and I don’t get a lot of redness unless my skin is dry or I have a breakout. NW15 would have been a touch too dark but I could probably get away with wearing NW10. I haven’t been wearing bronzer with NW13 as I find the shade matches my skin nicely on it’s own. The first time I tried the foundation with bronzer it didn’t look right, perhaps if I had NW10, bronzer would be fine. Next time I’m at a MAC counter I’d like to compare NW10 and NW13 side by side out of curiosity.

For those who are unfamiliar with MAC’s shade system: C is for warmer undertones, W is for cooler undertones and NW and NC sit somewhere between either extreme. The great thing about this foundation is that it is offered in 60 shades and MAC cater to different undertones really well.


Studio Fix Fluid is billed as a medium-buildable coverage SPF foundation with a natural matte finish and an oil controlling formula made to suit all skin types. For reference I have dry, sometimes sensitive skin and this hasn’t affected my skin or made it oily. The formula is on the matte side but it’s a very comfortable finish, more like a demi-matte – it isn’t thick or heavy at all. Highlighter and blush layer nicely on top and the formula is designed so it doesn’t emphasise pores and imperfections. I find this foundation makes me look radiant and my skin appears smoother and more flawless than when I use my drugstore foundations. I have been using this sample each time I have worn foundation over the past month and it looks a lot nicer on my skin than my drugstore options.


As mentioned previously the sample of this foundation has lasted me 20+ uses so far! The product applies well with all four of my face brushes (a couple are more densely packed than others) and one layer of product is the optimum amount for me. I dot foundation around my face before buffing it in using circular motions. Product feels lightweight and silky on the skin. It is super easy to blend and gives even coverage; I don’t need to go in with more product in certain areas and there are no streaks or brush strokes left behind. The product does have a slight chemical, paint scent (could be the SPF) but it does disappear once product is on the face. I only notice it when I open the little sample pot to apply product.


Supposedly this foundation lasts for 24 hours but I don’t wear makeup for that long to test it out. Studio Fix Fluid does seem like a good everyday foundation option for me, it doesn’t break down or get oily and lasts well during a day at work. Weather is starting to warm up in New Zealand but I haven’t noticed my skin looking shiny when wearing this or product wearing away. I have tried this foundation with MAC Fix+ setting spray and face mists from The Body Shop and it stays put with both. Product doesn’t sink into lines on my face and around my nose like some other foundations which keeps it looking flawless and smooth.




Wearing the foundation:

To sum up, I really enjoy this foundation and am a big fan of how my makeup and skin looks when I wear it! The formula and shade get a huge thumbs up from me and the foundation is super easy to blend and apply. I would consider purchasing a full size bottle of Studio Fix Fluid in future once I’ve finished a few other foundations.

Have you tried this foundation?


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24 thoughts on “Thoughts on MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation

  1. danniijane says:

    I’ve never tried a Mac foundation but they do a lot of shades. You have quite a warm skin tone, I have to go for a pretty pasty shade with a slight hint of warmth. It looks lovely on you by the way, glad you enjoyed using it xx

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  2. NunziaDreams says:

    It sounds like a really fantastic foundation, Chanelle!! Your makeup looks gorgeous in both pictures 💗I like that it’s a lightweight formula too. I never wear foundation only because they always feel so heavy on the skin! This one sounds comfortable & great quality. I have oily skin too so I think the demi-matte finish would work well on my skin! x

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  3. ayrgalaxy says:

    Never tried any of their foundations, and I dont like matte foundations on my skin either. They make me look really weird. Perhaps I haven’t tried the right one. Anyway, glad that you like it and it looks great on you. Also, the shade system seems backwards to me lol. I’d remember it better if it was C for cool tones and W for warmer tones lol. Great review and thanks for sharing.

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    • Chanelle says:

      This foundation doesn’t feel matte and uncomfortable on the skin. I literally finished the sample yesterday and it ended up giving me 27 uses which is amazing! I guess the shade system could be confusing but in France the hot and cold taps are reversed, C is the hot tap as the French word for hot is chaud 😜

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  4. Hunida says:

    I would love to be color matched. It really looks beautiful on you! & how awesome it’s lasted you 20+ uses, wow! I apply foundation the exact same way as you do, too. 🙂 Awesome review, Chanelle!

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    • Chanelle says:

      The great thing about MAC and the amount of shades is you feel like you fit on their colour spectrum, I’m fair skinned but I wasn’t the lightest shade for a change because MAC cater to undertones as well and don’t just have a shade called ‘Light’ that is meant to fit everyone with fair skin. In the end the sample gave me 27 uses! Thanks for reading x

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    • Chanelle says:

      Do you remember why you went off it? This foundation blended into my skin like a dream, gone back to one of my ‘drugstore’ foundations this week and it just isn’t the same 😔 let me know if you try it again! xx


  5. Courtney says:

    I can’t believe that sample lasted you through so many uses!! That’s really impressive. It honestly does look like the perfect color for you too! It’s always hard for me to know which shade to get, haha.

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    • Chanelle says:

      Imagine how many uses a full bottle would last! The advantage with MAC is there are so many shades that cater for the different undertones. Get colour matched in store and if you get a sample and it’s the wrong shade, you’ll know 😊

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      • Courtney says:

        That foundation sounds amazing for lasting so long! And yes it definitely seems like getting color matched in the store is the way to go. That sounds a lot easier than trying to figure it out anyway!

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