July Colourpop Haul!

One Saturday in July I spent hours browsing the Colourpop website and added a bunch of eye products (and one lipgloss) to my cart. I have been impressed with the quality of products since my first Colourpop haul and knew it would only be a matter of time before I did another order. A few items I’d seen and heard about before but others I bought simply because I liked the look of them!

The items took around two weeks to arrive which is pretty standard for mail from overseas. I wasn’t charged customs when the package arrived in New Zealand but there was damage to one of the Super Shock Shadows. I contacted Colourpop about the damage and was given credit but I am a little bummed because the broken shade is the one I was most looking forward to receiving. The shade has been discontinued so I can’t use the credit to repurchase another one in my next order. The product is still usable but I’ll have to be careful how I store it and I won’t be able to travel with it.

Let’s get on with the haul!

Super Shock Shadows x 3

Colourpop are known for their Super Shock Shadows and after picking one up in my previous haul and enjoying the formula I wanted to try more. I picked up the shades Bouncy (cool toned bronze with gold and violet duo chrome), Nillionaire (bronze with pink and gold ultra-glitter) and So Quiche (soft olive with violet and gold sparkles). Seeing the shades written like that makes me realise how similar they sound and whilst they do look similar in real life there are subtle differences.

Bouncy – This is the shade I was most excited for and the one that arrived damaged. On the eyes the colour comes through as equal parts bronze and pink and the duochrome is prominent.

Nillionaire – I heard Emily Noel mention this shade in her Colourpop Top 5, Bottom 5 video and Googled it instantly. It’s such a pretty everyday shade. Nillionaire has the sheerest colour payoff and is the most golden of the three I purchased.

So Quiche – The olive tones in this shade make it the coolest toned out of the three but also it’s the only shade I picked up that leans slightly towards green-violet on the colour spectrum. This reminds me of a more shimmery version of Smokey Rose by Teeez Cosmetics (both products will make a great pairing).

Left to right: Bouncy, Nillionaire and So Quiche.

Group Hug Supernova Shadow Bundle

Top: OG

I saw this bundle when Zoella’s collaboration with Colourpop was revealed at the end of February and I was always curious about it. After trying some mini Magnificent Metals from Stila and not loving them I half expected not to love these but, spoiler alert: I do! The formula is more like an eyeshadow once product has dried down and the glitter/shine is a lot more pigmented and long-lasting. The texture is smooth and unlike the Stila product these don’t flake off my eyelids and wear away throughout the day.

Looking at the two shades online, OG and Bellini look similar to each other but they are different. OG is a golden champagne with silver glitter and Bellini is a metallic rose gold. OG is more glittery (still with good pigmentation) and Bellini is comparable to a foiled eyeshadow. This kind of product is great for a quick and easy eye look and the milk carton packaging is the cutest! I knew this product wouldn’t be around forever so I wanted to grab it while I had the chance!

Snow Day Ultra Glossy Lip

I purchased this lip gloss because I thought it would make a beautiful lip topper and it does! Snow Day is described as a prismatic champagne but it’s more like a very light pink with flecks of gold glitter. The gloss does look pretty on it’s own and will be nice for simple makeup days but I wore this over MAC’s Kinda Sexy lipstick and it was super pretty! The formula isn’t overly sticky and goopy and is comfortable to wear. The one thing I don’t like is the applicator, it’s a small brush with individual hairs and isn’t the best at spreading product. The brush works well when using the gloss as a lip topper as you only need a small amount of product but if I want to wear the gloss on it’s own I have to dip the brush back in to the tube a few times to get even coverage.

It’s My Pleasure palette

Purple is a hard eyeshadow colour to get right but people I follow online have been singing this palette’s praises. Purple is a colour that suits my skintone and complexion and that’s what excites me about this palette. I get to play up my love for bold colours with the shimmers but there’s also lighter shades to compliment the shimmers and create more wearable everyday looks. Smaller palettes like this are good as I find it overwhelming when there’s lots of shades to choose from in a palette. I prefer limited combinations that work and mean I don’t have to try hard to come up with looks. It’s My Pleasure contains four mattes and five shimmers and is a nice combination of purples and pinks that lean towards purple.


Left to right: Kittenfish, Do Or Dough, Pretty Cruel, Bare Minimum, Earthshine, Chick Lit, Mr Sandman, Fan Fiction and Sleeper.

Custom 12 Pan Eyeshadow Palette

This palette is what I was most excited for because I curated it and selected the shades myself. I was also nervous because I only had myself to blame if any of the shades ended up being similar and if I didn’t like it. My inspiration for this palette was gold. It’s hard to find nice gold shades so I ended up purchasing four for this palette and they’re all unique. From there I came up with a mix of warm toned mattes and shimmers with a hint of pink and mauve thrown in. When the shadows arrived I organised them in a specific way, the top row is classic base and transition shades, the middle row is pinks and mauves and the bottom row is golden goodness.

Top row: Hear Me Out (matte white peach), Wake Up Call (matte warm sand), Side Tracked (matte terracotta with gold flecks) and Bel Air (matte cool taupe).

Middle row: Liar Liar (metallic pale pink), Ringer (metallic champagne), Chic Happens (matte cool mauve) and Goody Two Shoes (metallic gunmetal).

Bottom row: The Game (antique gold), Baby Lights (metallic green gold), Karat Cake (metallic chartreuse) and Night Show (metallic yellow bronze).


Left to right: Hear Me Out, Wake Up Call, Side Tracked, Bel Air, Liar Liar, Ringer, Chic Happens, Goody Two Shoes, The Game, Baby Lights, Karat Cake and Night Show.

Have you tried any of these products before? Is there anything from Colourpop currently catching your eye?


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31 thoughts on “July Colourpop Haul!

  1. 50shad3s0fjay says:

    Ooh I haven’t used ColorPop before but I’ve heard good things, I totally want to try them!!!! It’s such a shame one of your eyeshadows came damaged but hey, at least it is still usable! I love the look of your custom made palette too, you picked some great shades and I just love how your organised it so perfectly! Thanks for sharing ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. laura says:

    I’ve never tried anything from ColorPop before but I always hear such good things. That Custom 12 Pan Eyeshadow Palette you’ve created is gorgeous, I love the idea of being able to pick your own shades, I’ve never really seen that anywhere else before xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Chanelle says:

      I hope you get to try Colourpop at some point, they have a great variety of shades and the prices are very reasonable! I’m so excited to experiment and use ‘my’ palette 😀 it is great being able to customise your own palette x

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Hollie George says:

    I’ve never tried anything from Colourpop, it’s so hard to get in the UK, but I really want to try their palettes! I love the look of the It’s My Pleasure palette, the swatches were beautiful and it’s so cool you got to create a custom palette! The Super Shock shadows look really pretty as well. This was a great haul! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  4. NunziaDreams says:

    I’m such a huge fan of ColourPop lol! I especially love their lipsticks, shadows, and highlighters. After reading your post, I REALLY wanna try out their Snow Day lip gloss. I was at Ulta maybe a few weeks ago and I’m pretty sure I saw that exact shade there. I’ll have to pick it up next time I’m makeup shopping hehe! Also, I’d like to eventually try their It’s My Pleasure palette. Purple eyeshadows are always so stunning! I also love your custom palette, Chanelle! Gold is my favorite eyeshadow shade, and I’m always reaching for pink too. You organized it so well and the colors go really great together! x

    Liked by 1 person

    • Chanelle says:

      I haven’t tried the lipsticks as highlighters as I don’t need any more of those currently but I’ll keep them in mind for future if I run out of my current products. Hope the gloss is there when you go back! I can’t get over how pretty Do Or Dough is from the purple palette 💜 I love how I organised my palette too, can’t wait to start playing with it x

      Liked by 1 person

  5. ayrgalaxy says:

    Aw too bad the one you were looking forward to the most came damaged. That sucks!
    All three super shock shadows look super nice, I dont own any besides whichever one was in the sweet talk palette. I would love to get a few shades but I need to make sure they’re unique colors so I reach for them more. So Quiche is gorgeous! I’ve been loving olive tones for makeup as well but don’t own that many so maybe I’ll keep this one in mind.
    I’ll have to look up swatches of those supernova shadows to see what they look like more or less because in the tube they look gorgeous!
    Their ultra glossy lippies are so nice! And that shade looks gorgeous. Definitely perfect as a lip topper.
    The it’s my pleasure palette looks stunning!!! Whoaaa!! I cant believe I didnt look into it, also, I dont feel like I’ve seen it being used as much. Getting custom palettes is the best!! I always look at each shade carefully to make sure they’re different and also get something I havent got yet in my collection. I do love they have the option to get a palette with a lot of shadows in case you dont alreasy have one of those palettes to store them. I have Hear Me Out, out of all the ones you got and I love it for setting my primer. Have fun playing with your new makeup!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Chanelle says:

      Bouncy is still able to be used which is the main thing! So Quiche is really pretty too and the Super Shock Shadow formula is unique but long lasting and pigmented! I did have swatch pictures of the Zoella Supernova shadows but I wasn’t happy with how they turned out so I didn’t include one, I’m sure there’s others around anyway haha! The purple palette is really pretty, I don’t think I’ll love it as much as I like Sol from my first Colourpop haul but the monochromatic idea is neat and I’ll still reach for these shades 🙂 I’ve been holding off on using the custom palette until I’ve played with everything else but on first impressions I’m pleased with the colours I chose and they do look lovely together and will work together well ❤


      • ayrgalaxy says:

        Well that’s good. And yeah I’ll look up a pic of the swatches lol.
        Well as i always say, if you ever need those shades, you got them! Lol.
        Idk if I’ve already said this but I have some of their single pressed powders and they’re great quality.


  6. alwayscleia says:

    I don;t know how I missed this haul but I’m just reading it now!
    Were you able to press your broken Super Shock Shadow back together? I’ve dropped a few of them but I was luckily able to just squish the product back together in the pan.
    That Snow Day Ultra Glossy Lip is so pretty! I’ve never seen that shade before, it’s lovely.
    You’re going to have so much fun with those purple eyeshadows, and the neutrals you picked out for your BYOP are perfect for everyday! Enjoy your haul Chanelle!


  7. Hunida says:

    So many pretty products, Chanelle! Sorry about the broken eyeshadow, but at least it’s still usable & they were able to give you credit back. I wonder why the shade was discontinued!

    I’d love to see how the Zoella bundle looks. Liquid eyeshadow is so interesting & those shades are gorgeous. The lip gloss is, too! Perfect for a topper & alone.

    I keep seeing the monochromatic palettes, purple was a good choice, they have so many to choose from & I always wanted to create my own palette. You did an amazing job with yours! The shades you chose look so good together & the way you arranged them is perfect, wow!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Chanelle says:

      Maybe the shade wasn’t popular so they discontinued it. The Zoella shadows are super shimmery and pretty! The lip gloss is a great topper 😊 the monochrome palettes Colourpop do are so neat, the blue, strawberry and peach ones look fun too! I love my custom palette but I wish I got one or two darker mattes, it’s not a major as I have those in other palettes but would be great to have one that does all 👍🏻

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hunida says:

        Ah, it looks like a shade that’d be popular to me but of course, they know what’s best lol. The Zoella shadows sound lovely, shimmery & pretty is my fave! & yesss, I agree about CP’s monochromatic palettes. ❤ Maybe next time you make another palette you can add more darker mattes, hehe!

        Liked by 1 person

  8. Courtney says:

    I love all of these! What a disappointment that the shade you were looking forward to the most was damaged. I’ve seen DIY hacks about fixing broken shadows on Pinterest, but of course, that also seems like a hassle. Also, I love your custom palette! How fun that you were able to choose all your own!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Chanelle says:

      I definitely think trying to repair the shadow would be more hassle and it’s still usable as is. It was fun curating the palette though now I wish I had done a darker matte brown or something – I do have shades like this in other palettes though so it’s no drama 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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