Makeup For Glasses Wearers

I have worn glasses since I was five years old and I am so used to them that I don’t like people seeing me without glasses on. They are like a security blanket and I feel vulnerable and naked when I’m not wearing them. I prefer glasses to contacts for this reason and also because I don’t like the thought of sticking my fingers in my eyes. In all the time I’ve worn glasses they have gone from geek to chic and are now considered cool. Glasses can be an extension of a person’s style or they can be worn purely for aesthetics.

I currently have two pairs of glasses (one black and one light purple) and funnily enough every past pair of glasses I’ve had have been purple. Purple seems to suit my fair skin and hair colour and it just works. I tend to go for metallic, metal frames and violet, indigo hues. I had been thinking about getting black frames for a while because I wanted to be bolder and they go with everything. My black glasses are slightly heaver than my purple ones but I do get even amounts of wear out of both (it may not look like it from Instagram but I do!)

I always like to make an effort to do my face nicely for work and when I go out. I came up with  some tips I stick to when it comes to applying makeup, which you might find useful if you also wear glasses.

#1. Think About Your Frames

Colour, whether they’re metal or plastic, shape of lenses, how big the lenses are and most importantly the style of makeup you’re going for. If you don’t wear a lot of makeup you’ll have an easy decision but I like my glasses to work with my makeup not be the main attraction. For example, if you’ve got gold metallic frames, you could pull that metallic shimmer into an eye look by applying a gold shadow and pairing it with a red lip.

When I wear my black frames I either pair them with a shimmery, neutral eye look and bold lip or a dark, smoky eye and a lighter, glossy looking lip colour to balance everything out. With my purple frames I can’t go too light with lipstick or eyeshadow otherwise I look washed out. I love to play up the purple and bold lips and colourful eyes actually work together with these frames because they’re a neutral shade of purple.

#2. Really Get To Know Your Face and Features

Since I started my admin role towards the end of 2018 I have been doing my makeup at 6am nearly every morning so I don’t have natural light on my side and I rely on my bedroom light. I don’t wear glasses when I apply makeup or use a magnifying mirror because I am so used to my facial features and the products I wear. I know how much to apply out of practice and instinct.

#3. Decide Whether You Want Eyes or Lips To Be the Focus

Unless there’s an occasion or I’m doing a themed look I will pick either eyes or lips to be the focus. It’s all about balance and streamlining what you want to draw attention to. I usually go lighter/neutral on the eyes and bolder on the lips but that’s just personal preference. Depending on your frames, colour on the lips and eyes can work – there’s no hard and fast rule.

#4. Go Lighter With Your Brows

If you have dark, thick frames you don’t want it to look like your eyebrows have been drawn on with a Sharpie. Natural brows look less harsh and will help to break up the different areas of your face and make your glasses stand out more. If you have lighter coloured frames don’t over compensate by making your brows darker, this will only make them stand out more and make the frames look more stark.

#5. Don’t Feel Obliged To Wear Eyeliner

Again, if you have dark frames thick liner will draw attention to the eye area. If eyeliner is a must try going for a brown or a thin line to give the eyes shape. I don’t wear eyeliner, I personally don’t feel I need it. I also can’t apply it to save to my life!

#6. Don’t Put Glasses On Straight After Applying Mascara

Don’t make mascara the last product you apply and put your glasses on straight after, chances are you will get little streaks down your lenses and have to take your glasses off again to clean them. My advice is to leave the blush/highlighter/setting spray step of your routine until after you’ve applied mascara to give it that extra minute or so to dry. You can thank me later!

#7. Setting Spray/Setting Powder Is Your Friend

Don’t forget this step if you often find smudges on your glasses throughout the day from makeup. Powder around the nose where nose pads sit, near the brows and under the eyes where the rims of frames can touch your skin if they sit close to your face. Being a dry skinned gal I tend to reach for setting spray more than powder but both products do the trick.

Let me know if you enjoyed this post! Do you have any tips of your own to share?


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23 thoughts on “Makeup For Glasses Wearers

  1. Dewana 💓 says:

    This post was super helpful as a fellow glass wearer myself and so true for me not letting people see me without glasses and to think i never liked it
    Great post ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Chanelle says:

      I like to think how makeup and glasses work together, if I want a bold lipstick I’ll wear one! Setting spray is so good, there are a lot around, it’s just a matter of finding one you like and that works for you ☺️

      Liked by 1 person

  2. alwayscleia says:

    Great post! Lighter brows are a must, especially with a bolder solid frame. I had a big pair of dark purple glasses and they always made my eyebrows look super intense. My latest pair doesn’t seem to do that luckily!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Chanelle says:

      I get that bold brows are in and everything, but they can be distracting if they don’t compliment the glasses or other facial features! I also tend to go for glasses with smaller, rectangular lenses to suit my petite-ness. My black frames are probably the tallest lenses I’ve had and they’re still not very tall 😂 your red glasses look lovely on you 😊


  3. Sophia Patel says:

    Its nice having someone who relates! I’ve been wearing specs since 8 years old, so understand how makeup changes when wearing them. With the glasses i have now, the lenses are bigger, giving emphasis to my eyes, therefore I want them to stand out. Totally relate with powdering your nose too, absolute pain in the summer though!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Erica says:

    Great post! I’ve been wearing glasses since I was a teenager, but I’ve since moved onto contact lenses about seven years ago. Personally I don’t prefer to have my glasses on my face since I feel they make my makeup disappear. I used to find eyeliner and lipstick were very really important when I wore glasses more often though.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Chanelle says:

      I can imagine that would be annoying too, I have transitions lenses which means they darken when I’m outside to protect my eyes 😊 aww thank you, glad you enjoy my posts! Xx


  5. danniijane says:

    Good tips. I feel like when I wear my glasses I end up feeling like I need more makeup, like my eyes look bare if I leave them untouched. Do you find that? Your makeup always looks lovely and glasses really suit you xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Chanelle says:

      Most of the time on my days off I go bare faced but I do prefer how I look with makeup. I like to give my skin a rest too. I enjoy doing my makeup though and understand what you mean about sometimes feeling like one area gets more emphasis xx

      Liked by 1 person

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