First Impressions: MAC and More!

In my last blog post I shared the makeup products I hauled at the end of 2018! Seeing as they all arrived at similar times I thought it would be fun to try a few of them out at the same time and share my initial thoughts. I have already used some items more than once.

1. MAC – Strobe Cream – My plan for this product was to use it like a primer and apply it on top of my moisturiser prior to my foundation. The glow when the product is squeezed out of the tube is subtle and pretty but once on the face there’s no mistaking it. After trying this for two days as a primer I don’t think I will continue using the product this way. I tried this under the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation which is quite dewy but I will try it with my Max Factor one which is slightly more matte to make up my mind. I think the strobe cream will be better as a highlighter or worn on it’s own to give my skin a healthy glow on no makeup days.

2. Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation – 010 Light Porcelain – This foundation has quite a pleasant smell and the colour is a good match for me. I haven’t worn this foundation without the strobe cream underneath yet so I’m looking forward to trying it with my usual combination of everyday products I wear to work. This foundation contains Vitamin C and SPF which is beneficial for the skin. Like Match Perfection foundation (also from Rimmel), I found one pump to be sufficient.

3. MAC Prep + Prime Fix+ – I like that the mist sprays slowly and doesn’t cover the face with too much moisture. I definitely used fewer sprays of Fix+ to set my makeup as opposed to my Strawberry Face Mist from The Body Shop – that one tends to spray less product at a faster rate. I used Fix+ on one of my eyeshadow brushes before applying a MAC pigment and it intensified the shade a little. I will try the same thing with a few of my other eyeshadows but this spray will primarily be used to set makeup.

4. Little MAC – Velvet Teddy – Prior to purchasing Velvet Teddy I was aware of it’s hype as one of the most popular nude lipsticks. I would classify this as a nude lipstick but it definitely pulls a little more brown on me than what I’ve seen online and it is darker than I expected. I am glad I didn’t purchase the full size but I will definitely use up the mini. The lipstick is long lasting and pigmented and the formula for a matte is extremely comfortable. I want to try wearing Velvet Teddy with a gloss over the top and mixing it with one of my lighter lipsticks to see if that makes the shade pinker.

5. xoBeauty Liquid Lipstick – Nam Jai – I have found an absolute gem in this shade! Nam Jai is a gorgeous watermelon pink and I have worn it six times already since it arrived. (Technically three but I reapplied it at work after lunch on three occasions). This shade also reminds me what it is about bold, bright colours I love – they make me feel good when I wear them and they portray a sense of youthfulness and fun! Everyone at work always notices when I don’t wear a bold, bright lip colour.

Wearing the products over two separate days:

Velvet Teddy on the left and Nam Jai on the right. You can see my skin looks a little too glowy in the picture on the right, that is partly from the light coming in my window and partly from the strobe cream/Wake Me Up foundation combo.

Overall, I am pleased with everything and will enjoy using these items! What was the last new makeup product you tried?


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35 thoughts on “First Impressions: MAC and More!

  1. Nova says:

    I love MAC fix plus. I think it’s a really incredible spray that does a great job of hydrating the skin after powder products, but I despise the spray nozzle. And no one ever talks about it! I think it’s horrible! Maybe the mini isn’t as bad though? The full size is so bad that I have to decant it into another spray bottle lol.

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  2. Hunida says:

    With the MAC spray, did you spray it on the brush before or after you dipped it into the pigment? I love both the lippies on you. They give off two different vibes but they both suit you equally well! ♡

    Liked by 1 person

  3. littlebeautyloves says:

    Nam Jai and velvet teddy are sooooo pretty on you! I like it!

    Love the Mac fix + although I don’t use it too often. I have the regular and the hydrating version as my skin is dry. I really like it to set my makeup, especially when I’m wearing powder.

    I have mac strobe cream and like. I mostly just used it as highlight. I’d put a little over my cheekbone then put foundation to give me more of a flow from underneath. I also mix a bit in my foundation and find that it works well that way too. If you find it’s too intense you could also use it on your body. I usually will add a drop on my shoulders for a little highlight there.

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  4. NunziaDreams says:

    Omg, Chanelle, Nam Jai is soooo pretty, and looks beautiful on you!! That shade of watermelon pink is lovely and reminds me of summer! I’m the same way when it comes to lipsticks. Although nude lipsticks are nice, I just love a bold pop of color like pink, red, or plum! 💓x

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  5. stashy says:

    The MAC Strobe cream provide a really sutble highlight when worn under foundation. I like mixing a dab with foundation for an all over glow.

    That xoBeauty lipstick in Nam Jai looks amazing on you! ❤

    Last week I tried a BH Cosmetics eye shadow palette in Smokey and I was pretty impressed. I'd not tried BH Cosmetics before.

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