Redhead Rambles #29

Hello everyone and welcome to ‘Redhead Rambles’. The series does what it says on the tin, it is a redhead (me) rambling about her week. I share what I’ve been up to each week, how I’ve been feeling and what I’ve been listening to or watching. Occasionally I will my share favourite blog posts and links I’ve found useful or interesting.

  • My practice drive last Friday panicked me. I didn’t feel as comfortable this time and couldn’t find my flow. The carpark I’ve been going to doesn’t give me a chance to drive in a straight line for very long so I can’t get up much speed and I have to turn a lot which is making me feel disjointed. Next time I’m going to try driving down and around my street.
  • I cleaned during my days off. I washed makeup brushes, changed my sheets, vacuumed half the house and also did some personal grooming; plucked my eyebrows and shaved my legs.
  • I placed my second xoBeauty order. If you didn’t know xoBeauty is New Zealand YouTuber Shaaanxo’s brand. My order shipped on Monday and arrived Tuesday, which is awesome service! Because I spent over $50 I got free shipping. I purchased an eye brush, a face brush, and three lip colours. If you want to see what I got let me know and let me know whether you’d prefer a blog post or Instagram image/Instagram story.
  • The internet has been much better this week which convinces me even more it was the bad weather that made it play up.
  • In last week’s Redhead Rambles I mentioned I had some new page ideas for my bullet journal. I have made a page for my car with important dates relating to insurance and registration and also a petrol tracker to see how often I buy petrol and how much I spend. The other page is for orders I make online. I write the date I placed the order, what the item is and there’s a column I tick when the item is sent and another column I tick when I receive the order. I decorated with a little bit of washi tape which I want to start using more in my journal. Question for other journallers out there, does the acid from washi tape leave marks on pages?
  • I made two trips back to the optician to get the earpieces on my glasses readjusted. After wearing them for a couple of days I noticed they were slipping down and I had to keep pushing them up. I’m still wearing the new pairs for half of the day and wearing my old pair at work until I’m properly used to the new lenses.
  • I tried MAC’s See Sheer and like Hug Me it applies more pigmented on me than it appears in swatches online.
  • On Wednesday it marked 8 years since I joined Twitter. One of my very first tweets was from Dannii Minogue. I tweeted her an image of that tweet and she liked the image and replied. Love her!
  • I got called into work on Thursday.
  • I researched a whole bunch of books for my to be read list. I’ve nearly crossed them all off my current list and I’m excited to add new authors to the list as well.
  • My favourite YouTube videos this week include a Zara and ASOS Haul from In the Frow and What’s In My Suitcase from Lily Pebbles.

How was your week?


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