Gratitude: June 2018

It’s hard to believe it is halfway through 2018 already. The year is shaping up differently to how I thought but writing down one thing everyday that makes me happy or one thing I am grateful for helps get me through difficult situations. Perhaps one day I will look back on these times and be thankful for what they taught me.

I apologise for the lack of corresponding pictures to go with highlights this month. Some weeks I haven’t been posting to Instagram much or when I have been posting it’s something different from my daily highlight.

Here’s what made me smile:

June 1: Got a few little jobs done that needed doing.

June 2: Good sleep in.

June 3: Nice to talk and laugh again.

June 4: Day off work for Queen’s birthday.

June 5: Hot chips!

June 6: Last day of work before my annual leave.

June 7: Made cheesecake this afternoon.

June 8: Phone call with my brother, first one in a while.

June 9: Ordered Indian, so good but so much food!

June 10: Bought a couple of pretty tops and a new bra.

June 11: Cleared out my clothes, been meaning to do it for ages.

June 12: Spent the day in my robe.

June 13: Dropped bracelet at the jeweller to get links removed.

June 14: Leftover fish for lunch.

June 15: Placed an order on xoBeauty, I’ve been eyeing Shaaanxo’s Remix Palette for a while now.

June 16: Apple crumble for dessert.

June 17: Bold lip for my first day back at work after time off.

June 18: My Steps DVD that I pre-ordered back in January arrived.

June 19: Got told I looked cute today.

June 20: In love with my xoBeauty bits!

June 21: Steps – Party On the Dancefloor is amazing! What a great show!

June 22: Used my xoBeauty palette for the first time.

June 23: Afternoons spent reading are some of my favourites.

June 24: Loved today’s eyeshadow look, moody and sparkly.

June 25: Used the bright pink in the Shaaanxo palette – it’s so pretty!

June 26: Sausage sandwich for morning tea.

June 27: Stood up for my rights as a customer and returned something to the supermarket that was not up to usual standard.

June 28: Chilled out days off are the best.

June 29: Really been enjoying doing my makeup lately.

June 30: Bought a facial oil from Trilogy which I’m excited to try.

What were you grateful for in June?


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