Beauty Joint Experience + Haul

Three weeks ago I placed an order on I haven’t been able to find my holy grail Rimmel mascara in New Zealand for about a year now. I wear and love the Extreme Black shade (003) and I have only seen Black (001) in stores. I purchased a tube of Black in September 2017 but it’s just not the same. I hunted high and low and this site was the only one I found that had Extreme Black in stock so I purchased two tubes! I browsed the rest of the site and ended up adding a few other items to my cart.

This was the first time I had ordered from Beauty Joint but the experience was a good one and I would definitely consider shopping with them again. The website has a variety of brands, mostly drugstore but there is Korean beauty as well. I really have no complaints. I received a shipping notice 1-2 days after placing my order and in total the package took two weeks to arrive from the date I ordered. That impressed me because I know packages from the US can take longer and New Zealand only gets mail three days a week. The items arrived bubble wrapped in a bubble bag, nothing arrived broken or damaged and everything I ordered I received. If I purchased all of these in New Zealand I would have paid $30-$40 more – the prices are so good! If you’re looking for some great discount drugstore makeup, check this site out!

NB: All opinions are my own. This post is not sponsored by Beauty Joint and all items were purchased by me using my own money.

1. Rimmel London Scandaleyes Lycra Flex Mascara – Extreme Black x2

Rimmel is one of my favourite brands and I have been using this mascara for almost four years. I’ve tried other brands and other mascaras from Rimmel but this is the one I always go back to. The formula is great from the get go and when it dries out it’s even better! The brush is big but I’m used to working with it and this mascara gives length AND volume.

2. Maybelline Master Chrome Metallic Highlighter – Molten Rose Gold

I love highlighters that give more of a subtle, natural glow and have less of a warm tone. I could not go as warm/golden as Becca’s Champagne Pop. This is only my fourth highlighter and honestly I feel that’s all I need. Highlighters last a long time and I’d rather have a couple that I regularly use rather than 20 that sit in my makeup drawer and get used every once in a while. I don’t wear highlighter everyday and I tend to go for blush or highlighter but I feel like this shade could double as both.

3. NYX Eye Shadow Base – Skin Tone

Eyeshadow seems to apply on one eye better than the other and I thought it was about time I tried an eye primer or an eyeshadow base. Katie from Kate’s Vanity has talked about an Essence eyshadow base before but Essence isn’t sold in my city. I needed an item to add to my order to qualify for free shipping and this was it. I chose the skin tone shade to create a good foundation to apply eyeshadow over. The base aims to intensify the impact of eyeshadow and help colour last longer.

4. Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick #12

I bought this shade of lipstick after Nadine from Ladies and Lace mentioned it was a dupe for Morange by MAC. I previously had a Revlon Lip Butter in the shade Tutti Frutti but this lipstick is everything I wanted Tutti Frutti to be and more. The lip butter was sheer which made the colour look strange on my lips – I love how opaque this Rimmel lipstick is. The formula is not drying and not patchy. Rimmel do lipstick really well in general. I tried this lipstick on when the order arrived and I’m a big fan! I’m sure you will see me wearing this soon.

5. Revlon Lip Butter – Cotton Candy

I have eight of these Revlon lip butters in total. I don’t think they are made or sold in stores anymore but as far as formula and pigmentation are concerned you can’t go wrong. I have a mixture of bright and everyday shades in my makeup drawer. Cotton Candy is such a cute name and as it suggests it’s a girly, pink shade. Cotton Candy is a light pink with golden shimmer and leans more towards the cooler side of the spectrum. This reminds me of Nivea’s Pearly Shine lipbalm which I love.

As well as showing you what I purchased I wanted to do a little first impression try on with some of the products.

  • NYX Eyeshadow Base – Skin Tone – I used this and applied MAC’s Tan pigment over the top. The pigment didn’t last longer than usual but maybe I didn’t apply enough of the eyeshadow base. Perhaps I need to let it set for a minute before applying eyeshadow over the top. I will keep experimenting.
  • Maybelline Master Chrome Metallic Highlighter – Molten Rose Gold – I applied this using a fluffy blush brush but didn’t like how little the highlighter showed up on my skin. I switched to a more densely packed tapered blush brush which worked better. The glow was very pretty and not too pink or too golden.
  • Revlon Lip Butter – Cotton Candy – I like how natural this looks on the lips. I can see myself reaching for this when I want to apply something and I’m not sure what lip colour to wear.

Have you ordered from Beauty Joint before? Have you tried any of these products?

P.S. This is my last blog post for a little while. I’m not sure when my next one will be but I still plan to share my monthly favourites and daily happiness highlights at the end of May.


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14 thoughts on “Beauty Joint Experience + Haul

  1. danniijane says:

    Aaw it’s so annoying when you can’t get a product you love anymore. At least you found the Rimmel mascara you like online. Lately I have to keep hunting down bits online too! The Becca Champagne Pop and Opal looked bad on me so warm toned it looked like gold eyeshadow, I prefer a pinky champagne shade like you. The Revlon lipstick looks pretty on you😘 x

    Liked by 1 person

    • Chanelle says:

      I’ve worn the highlighter a few times already and its not over the top which I like. I imagine it could be if you built it up though 🙂 Love that mascara so much! X


  2. Rachael - Helpless Whilst Drying says:

    I’ve heard really mixed things about those Maybelline Highlighters, they swatch so good with fingers from what I’ve seen but struggle to blend!
    Im going to have to try that mascara for myself one day (when I’ve used up my stash!) I’ve heard you talk about it for such a long time.
    Also you only receive mail 3 days a week! That’s so interesting!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Chanelle says:

      The handful of times I’ve used the highlighter so far I haven’t had any issues. I haven’t tried applying it with my fingers which I sometimes do to get a nice, subtle glow but it seems decent enough. Maybe my makeup expectations are low compared to other people’s 😂
      I wonder if you’ll be able to find the mascara, they discontinued Extreme Black and since Rimmel is a British brand I presume that shade is discontinued there as well as NZ.

      We used to get mail 6 days a week but because so many people order online and invoices can be sent via email there’s less demand for post.


  3. stashy says:

    So glad you were able to get your hands on your HG mascara! I hate it when things that I like disappear from stores… so inconvenient. At least they didn’t discontinue it on you! I had something similar with the Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara and every time I travel to a place where the brand is sold, I pick some up (yes, I bought some in Poland!)
    I eyed that Maybelline Metallic Highlighter because I found it in a bunch of them in clearance bin for some odd reason. BUT I decided that I own more highlighters than I need in a lifetime. They do look gorgeous though.
    Hope you’ll have a good break from the blog. Off to read your Redhead Rambles to catch up…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Chanelle says:

      I think the Extreme Black shade may be getting discontinued but I’m stocked up for the next little while! It’s funny how some countries still carry the products and some don’t, glad you got the mascara you like in Poland! I’m not sure I’ve heard much about the Max Factor 2000 Calorie 🤨
      The Maybelline highlighter is so pretty, I don’t think it’ll be my go to everyday shade but I like it so far 🙂


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