Gratitude: April 2018

Looking back over April it feels like a month of two halves. The last part of the month was very reflective for me in particular. I’m not going to lie I struggled to find something to make me happy during some of those days. I hope next month is better.

Here’s what made me smile:

April 1: Surprise Easter eggs from mum.

April 2: Up early to get things done.

April 3: The smell of MAC lipsticks is one of my favourites.

April 4: Wearing my favourite lipstick makes any day better.

April 5: Curled my hair.

April 6: Kylie Minogue releases her new album.

April 7: Came home to a ton of new music to listen to.

April 8: Fluffy twosie and hot chocolate kind of night.

April 9: Found a way to make Rimmel’s Match Perfection foundation work with my MAC concealer.

April 10: Why are cinnamon donuts so tasty?!

April 11: My copy of Golden arrived.

April 12: Pleased with my hair cut.

April 13: Dominos kinda Friday.

April 14: My ASOS denim jacket is very warm when layered.

April 15: Sun was out.

April 16: Nice to wear my own clothes on one of my usual work days.

April 17: Training as part of work was useful and interesting.

April 18: Managed to find my favourite Rimmel mascara online and placed an order.

April 19: Second trip to Kmart.

April 20: Finished another book.

April 21: Thankful for laughter.

April 22: Sunday’s and bold lips go well together.

April 23: I liked my hair today.

April 24: I like my hair straight lately.

April 25: Roast pork with crackling for dinner.

April 26: Burnt my Ecoya candle finally.

April 27: First time wearing makeup in almost a week.

April 28: Spent the day in my pyjamas.

April 29: First day I haven’t cried all week, go me!

April 30: I’m going to be sad when I finish Revlon’s Fire & Ice rollerball perfume, the scent is so long lasting.

What were you grateful for in April?


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20 thoughts on “Gratitude: April 2018

    • Chanelle says:

      I’m glad you enjoy these posts Claire ☺️ once you get into the habit of doing it it’s not difficult at all. Some times I miss a few days but because I write in my bullet journal everyday about what I did and how I felt I can remember what that day was like when I look back and need my daily highlight x


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