Gratitude: March 2018

In March I was most grateful for the weather. New Zealand is going through the transition from summer to winter and the days have mostly been lovely. The temperatures are comfortable and there hasn’t been a lot of rain. If I’m honest, this month has been a bit up and down for my mood as well.

Here’s what made me smile:

March 1: Wearing All Fired Up by MAC always reminds me of the song by The Saturdays – tune!

March 2: Sweater weather.

March 3: Pre-ordered The F Word by Lily Pebbles.

March 4: Gifts in my pigeon hole at work.

March 5: Gold eyes and pink lips.

March 6: MAC pigments apply really well with fingers.

March 7: Berry smoothie and toast for breakfast.

March 8: Bought my first makeup in months.

March 9: Dark, vampy lip.

March 10: Pizza for lunch.

March 11: Signed Kimberley Walsh book arrived.

March 12: Busy but exciting mail day!

March 13: Treated myself to Burger King for lunch. I find it interesting how fast food places don’t put ice in drinks anymore.

March 14: L’Oreal Lash Paradise mascara has got me hooked after two uses.

March 15: Frankfurter sandwich for morning tea.

March 16: My Lily Pebbles book arrived.

March 17: Loving Calum Scott’s album at the moment.

March 18: Cuddles with Halo whilst watching The Chase.

March 19: Positive feedback at work.

March 20: Reading helped me feel better.

March 21: Homemade milkshake; strawberry flavour.

March 22: My sleep in this morning was so good.

March 23: Productive day getting jobs done at home.

March 24: Watched a movie in my new dressing gown.

March 25: Mum’s homemade vegetable soup is one of my yearly highlights.

March 26: Nailed a cryptic crossword this afternoon.

March 27: Treated myself to an iced chocolate after work.

March 28: Started my first ebook.

March 29: Got to see my boyfriend after 13 days.

March 30: Dominos for dinner. Felt like Cheesy Garlic instead of my usual.

March 31: I have done really well with my reading challenge this month.

What were you grateful for in March?


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