Gratitude: February 2018

February has been a cross between me being moody and picking myself back up and getting stuff done. I’m putting my moodiness down to the heat and the heat making me tired more easily. Compared to January the month has passed quickly and I’ve still found at least one positive thing in each day.

Here’s what made me smile:

February 1: Shania Twain announces NZ shows for the very first time.

February 2: Enjoyed my afternoon nap.

February 3: Toffee Nut Latte in my kitty cup.

February 4: Had a good first official Sunday at the library.

February 5: Roast pork dinner.

February 6: Wore MAC’s Silver pigment for the first time.

February 7: Bright pink lips for the second day in a row.

February 8: Made my first ASOS order for 2018.

February 9: Got tickets to see Shania Twain in December! Row 15!

February 10: Cosy, weekend rain.

February 11: Showing Sunday who’s boss with a bold lip.

February 12: Making an effort to use my Copper Spice palette from Morphe more.

February 13: Painted my nails red for Valentine’s Day.

February 14: Straightened my hair for the first time in ages. I don’t like my fringe straightened though.

February 15: Received a cute card from my valentine.

February 16: First time playing mini golf and it was fun!

February 17: Music always helps improve my mood when it’s not the best.

February 18: Anti-Flamme is a godsend for sore muscles.

February 19: Why is loungewear so comfortable?

February 20: Tried a Rocky Road Latte.

February 21: Evening sing-a-long to Vanessa White’s Chapter Two EP.

February 22: I really like how today’s Instagram turned out.

February 23: Nothing better than getting stuck into a good book.

February 24: Wearing dungarees and my Saturdays t-shirt.

February 25: Productive Sunday afternoon, getting me ready for the coming week.

February 26: Mini marshmallows are so cute!

February 27: I’ll never get tired of purple lipstick.

February 28: I like the way my work vest looks.

What were you grateful for in February?


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