Redhead Rambles #8

Hello everyone and welcome to ‘Redhead Rambles’. The series does what it says on the tin, it is a redhead (me) rambling about her week. I share what I’ve been up to each week, how I’ve been feeling and what I’ve been listening to or watching. Occasionally I will my share favourite blog posts and links I’ve found useful or interesting.

  • My Valentine’s celebrations took place late last Thursday night/last Friday. I got a very sweet card with a badge that says No. 1 Valentine. My boyfriend and I bought each other a bag of sour Skittles without the other knowing – it was hilarious. Great minds think alike!
  • On Friday night we went to play mini golf and I really enjoyed it. There were fairy lights and rather large bunnies. The game was a close one too.
  • I tried a new flavour at Subway – three pepper chicken – and it was delicious!
  • When I mowed the lawns on Sunday I hit the side of my head on a tree. It didn’t bleed but it did hurt a little.
  • I have had a productive week blog wise, taking photographs and prepping posts for the coming weeks.
  • I gave up on a book as part of my challenge to read 50 by the beginning of September. I skipped through to the end and that was just as dull as the rest of the story. Note to self: don’t persist with books if they don’t grip me within the first 100 pages.
  • I have been wearing the grey jumper from my fluffy twosie I ordered on ASOS and I love it! It’s so comfy and soft and even though it’s summer I still get cold easily.
  • THIS fitness post from Candice is worth a read! It’s inspiring and honest and real.
  • I got some Rocky Road Lattes at the supermarket and there are even mini marshmallows in the box too. The coffee taste isn’t very strong and it does taste like Rocky Road. I prefer the Nescafé sachets but when I finish the Rocky Road Lattes I won’t be getting more coffee. I’m trying to be healthier and I don’t need the extra sugar.
  • Cheese on toast for dinner on Tuesday night was delicious!
  • I painted my nails silver using an Orly 3D Colour Blast polish.

What I’ve been listening to:

Delta Goodrem – Think About You – Delta is an Australian singer-songwriter with a wonderful storytelling ability. I have listened to Delta since her first album was released in 2003. Think About You is described as a ‘raunchy banger’.

Britney Spears – Glory – When Glory was first released I wasn’t feeling it so I decided to re-listen and reacquaint myself with the tracks. There are a few good bops but not my favourite material from Britney.

Shania Twain – Now – I’m still hyped about getting concert tickets and I’ve got to learn all the words to the album by December.

How was your week?


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23 thoughts on “Redhead Rambles #8

  1. lifeofangela says:

    Sour Skittles are an amazing snack, and an even better gift! It’s funny that both you and your partner got each other them 😀
    Also, the Rocky Road coffee sachet, was it Gregg’s? Cause I think I’ve tried them before too. I found them more watery and they didn’t have as much flavour as the Nescafe ones. Maybe Nescafe will come up with a Rocky Road one to try sometime, I’d be keen 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. stashy says:

    Ha, that is the sweetest story about you and your SO both buying each other sour Skittles! ❤
    I hear you about stopping books if they aren't page turners – I think you gave it a fair shot with 100 pages! (I would have given up by page 20…)
    My week is crazy because my boss is on holidays and left me in charge of the department… 🙈 I'm always her backup but she's away for a longer stretch…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Rachael - Helpless Whilst Drying says:

    Ben and I have also bought each other matching gifts in the past – great minds to think alike.
    Your trip to mini golf did look really fun, I always love doing it when we go to the seaside if they have one!
    I have read books too many times, I think you get caught in the trap of thinking, surely in a minute it’s going to get to the point or it’s going to get better.
    my week has been manic – lots of stuff going on with work, fingers crossed after a very early start at 5am monday the rest of next week will be back to normal!

    Liked by 1 person

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