Products I Want To Finish In 2018

Hello! I have noticed a number of Project Pan posts and videos appearing on the internet and Dal over at Little Beauty Loves inspired me to get involved after seeing hers. I did a seasonal Project Pan in 2016 with Ingrid, Stashy and Jodi and it was a lot of fun!

I want to get my beauty collection down to products I truly love and get excited to reach for. I have chosen 18 products to try and finish by the end of 2018. I want to use up products so I can try others – some I’ve had for a while and some I just want rid of. Let’s do this!


1. Makeup Revolution Ultra Face Base Primer – 1/3 full

I’ve had this primer for 18 months or so but didn’t use it regularly until November/December 2017. It’s a decent primer and I want to finish it before it goes bad.

2. The Body Shop Vitamin C Face Mist – 1/3 full

This is my second face mist from The Body Shop and it smells really good! I don’t find face mists do a lot for me and I just want to use this up.

3. MAC Studio Moisture Cream 30ml – 1/3 full

There is quite a few MAC products in this post but not because they’re bad, this moisturiser is divine. My MAC products are some of my most loved and I want to use them up so I can put them towards Back To MAC.

4. MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NW10 – Mostly full

I’ve had this concealer a couple of months now and it works wonders on my skin. I use this concealer on days I do my makeup from home and I have a different concealer I take in my overnight makeup bag because I don’t want to break the packaging. I included this concealer purely to see how long it lasts me and how many uses I get.

5. Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation in 010 Light Porcelain – Nearly full

When the shade Fair Ivory was available this foundation was my favourite. Since the formula has changed and that shade was discontinued I haven’t felt the same. I’ve got other foundations I like more.


6. Max Factor Excess Shimmer in Copper – 1/2 full

This is one of my holy grail makeup products and in the two years I’ve owned it I’ve used it so much! My go to eye look when I need something quick and easy is a brown powder shadow all over the lid with this applied on top. The texture hasn’t set or hardened and I want to use this up before it does.

7. Rimmel Professional Brow Pencil in 002 Hazel – 1/2 left

I have had this brow pencil for two years and it is all I use to fill in my brows. The colour is perfect.


8. BYS Fuschia Surprise – Almost empty

This is the first lipstick that was properly mine and it is still my favourite! The pigmentation and colour payoff is incredible. I have already purchased a backup for when I finish it.

9. MAC – Syrup – 1/2 full

My first MAC lipstick! I have a similar shade to Syrup from Revlon and I have actually been saving Syrup and using the Revlon so I don’t use it up. The sooner I finish Syrup the sooner I get to get another one.

10. MAC – Patisserie – 1/3 full

This is pretty much the same story as Syrup. Patisserie is my go to peachy nude and the only one I need in my drawer.

11. MAC – Blankety – 2/3 full

This lipstick is one of the lightest nudes I have and it is so creamy to apply. I don’t wear this enough and I want to wear it more. I love Blankety with Revlon’s lipgloss in Super Natural applied over top.

12. Lancôme Juicy Shaker in Berry In Love – 3/4 full

This lip product is perfect for days when you’re running errands but still want to look put together. It’s not the longest lasting on the lips but the colour is lovely and it feels nice to wear.

13. Elizabeth Arden Luscious Rasperry (Sample) – 1/2 full (I’m guessing?!)

I have no idea how much I have used of this sample but the colour is bright and beautiful! I got this sample from an old work colleague. It applies like a gloss but has the colour payoff of a lipstick, it doesn’t feel sticky and lasts all day.

14. MAC Patentpolish Lip Pencil in Revved – 1/2 full

This peachy pink isn’t as nice as Patisserie and I prefer traditional lipsticks to wind up pencils. I want to use this up to add to the Back To MAC pile.


15. The Body Shop Sparkler – 2/3 full

I went crazy looking for this two years ago and I always forget about it tucked away in my beauty basket. It’s body glitter that you apply with a perfume atomiser. It has a subtle vanilla scent.

16. Bath & Body Works Waikiki Beach Coconut Fragrance Mist – 3/4 full

I won this in a giveaway. I’m not the biggest fan of coconut scents but I don’t mind this one.

17. The Body Shop White Musk Fragrance Mist – 3/4 full

Mists don’t last as long as perfume. I’d rather invest in perfumes as they do last longer and don’t need to be purchased as often.

18. The Body Shop Black Musk Fragrance Mist – 3/4 full

Black Musk is spicy and sensual and nice for work. Same reasons as product #17 for wanting to use this up.

I will do an update every few months and share progress. If I manage to finish at least half of these products I’ll be happy!

Are you doing anything similar with your beauty products this year?


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31 thoughts on “Products I Want To Finish In 2018

  1. littlebeautyloves says:

    Hurray! I’m happy I inspired you! I’ve been enjoying this challenge so far so I hope you do too!

    I love that you’ve included fragrance too. I didn’t think to do that and now wish I did. Maybe I’ll sneak them in on the side to complete.

    I think a lot of people can confuse project pans as a way to up products you don’t like. Like you, it’s not the case at all, it’s just really nice to show more love to your favourite products.

    I look forward to all your updates! GOOD LUCK!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Chanelle says:

      I tried to include products I do like and use and as you say sometimes don’t show enough love to.

      Do sneak fragrance in if you can, I’d be interested to see what you want to wear more!

      Good luck to you as well 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Mrs Strawberry Blonde says:

    More power to you!
    I’m trying to get on top of a number of part-used products as well. I’m not only a hoarder, I also love to try different products all the time. And this means that I have an insane amount of half-full stuff. But I’m trying to be better.

    So… more power to us!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. stashy says:

    Lots of project pans going around this year – I feel like 2018 is the year of panning! 😛
    I’ve had my MAC Studio concealer for a year and it shows almost no dip – it will last forever! 😮
    I hope you’ll finish at least one of your lipsticks – I’m rooting for Patisserie!
    Good luck!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. danniijane says:

    Ooh good luck. I love reading project pan posts and you have some great products to use. At least you like a lot of the products you mentioned so it shouldn’t be too difficult to finish them☺ The Max Factor Cooper eyeshadow looks lovely and I love the Bath and Body Works Waikiki spray💕 x

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Rachael - Helpless Whilst Drying says:

    Looks like you have a good array of products to try and get through! I don’t remember the last time I finished a lip product, I’m still holding onto my last little bit of MAC Brave (mainly because I haven’t gotten around to finishing my comparison of new vs old!) – I should definitely try and finish another up this year.
    I like to think I’m pretty good at using stuff up – anything other than base products for makeup I find hard though. I haven’t gotten around to separating out what I want to use up this season yet (I tend to do mine seasonally!). Look forward to your first update do see how you’re doing!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Chanelle says:

      Some of the lip products are mentioned are favourites and I can see myself finishing those. That Brave post has had me intrigued from when you first mentioned it 🙂

      I’m not good at using things up, maybe I’m just not liberal enough!

      Seasonally sounds like a good idea, different scents and products for different times of the year makes sense x


  6. Nerdy Librarian Girl says:

    I think January is definitely the time of the project pans. Everyone wants to start the New Year fresher and more organized. I’m not doing a project pan, but I did do a mini de-clutter of some of my lip products. I sanitized them and passed them along to family & friends.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Chanelle says:

      It makes sense to start at the beginning of the year to give yourself more time. I always think it’s nice when people pass products along, I would do that but I don’t have many friends or family.


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