Gratitude Journal: December

/ noun
the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

December went by tremendously fast and looking back over some of these highlights they don’t seem like they were only a couple of weeks ago. December mainly involved shopping, eating and felt quite hectic if I’m honest. The holiday break at the end of the month was nice and it meant I could wind down and get ready for the new year.

Here’s what made me smile in December:

December 1: Rose gold nails.

December 2: Watched the Santa parade after work.

December 3: So much sleep today.

December 4: Smashed out 50 squats after not doing them in forever.

December 5: Bought OPI’s Tiramisu For Two.

December 6: Sugar Plum by Revlon is so pretty.

December 7: All caught up with I’m a Celeb, gutted Vanessa is out.

December 8: I liked the rain today.

December 9: Nachos for dinner.

December 10: Put up the Christmas tree.

December 11: Pretty Little Liars is back.

December 12: Started another Poirot book.

December 13: Purple lip!

December 14: Fun evening getting ready to go shopping.

December 15: Ate too many Celebrations chocolates but I enjoyed them.

December 16: Reunited with him.

December 17: So proud I didn’t nap this afternoon.

December 18: FaceTime chat with my brother.

December 19: Wore a sparkly cardigan.

December 20: My good vibes playlist picked me back up again.

December 21: Love my Christmas nails!

December 22: Work breakfast and Secret Santa gift exchange – I got pink makeup.

December 23: Sweetcorn for dinner.

December 24: Relaxed day involving lots of reading.

December 25: Received lovely presents and had a nice day.

December 26: Big sleep in.

December 27: Got complimented on my lipstick; Show Orchid by MAC.

December 28: Highest number of daily views on my blog since it started back in 2014!

December 29: Omelette for breakfast.

December 30: Why are leggings so comfortable?

December 31: Pizza and movie night.

What were you grateful for in December?

P.S. Please let me know if you want these posts to continue in 2018.


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9 thoughts on “Gratitude Journal: December

  1. stashy says:

    Hah, I love how you phrased Dec 4th, Smashed out 50 squats. Quite the visual! 😛
    I personally like rain… it makes my skin and hair feel so soft!
    I LOVE having nachos for dinner – some people might say it’s not a complete meal but I beg to differ!
    “Reunited with him.” Awwww mush mush! 😉
    Congrats on reaching a new milestone on your blog!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Chanelle says:

      I quite enjoy squats, they’re not just beneficial for legs!
      As I type this it’s raining right now and it’s my day off from work so I’m looking forward to a cosy day, rain makes things feel cosy in my opinion 🙂
      Nachos don’t have to be unhealthy, the mince is from the supermarket and I don’t have sour cream on them so it’s literally mince and corn chips 😛 I’m actually having nachos for dinner tonight!
      I was so happy to reach that milestone and I’m still amazed things like that happen after so long 😀


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