10 Things That Annoy Me

I’ve mentioned plenty of times that I like my blog to be a positive space but you can’t help but feel like a good moan sometimes. Once it’s out of your system you feel a whole lot better and it helps to share and talk about what’s on your mind. Read on if you want to learn what really ticks me off!

1. Internet Outages – It’s ironic that as I’m writing this post there is an internet outage in my region. Not having internet is not what annoys me but the fact that these days everything relies so much on digital technology and when you don’t have it everything is harder. Businesses aren’t able to go about their daily routines, people who work from home may not be able to work and job seekers can’t search for jobs and apply for them. Unless you have mobile data you often don’t know there is an outage because a connection is required to view your internet provider’s website. When the outage is fixed, I’m guessing customers aren’t compensated either.

2. Queue Jumpers – I can’t count the number of times I have been cut in front of in a queue and the majority of times it’s been by people older than me. I’ve been standing in the supermarket and had shoppers nudge their way past. Another time I was waiting in line to purchase some bakery goods and a lady off to the side (who arrived after me) was served first.

3. Texting While Driving – Mobile phones should be nowhere near the driver’s hands when they are in control of a vehicle. The amount of times I see people texting on their phones at traffic lights or talking on their phones while driving is shocking! Not only are they risking their own safety but the safety of other road users.

4. Treatment of Smokers vs. Drinkers – I don’t smoke and I never have but I hate how judgemental people are of those who smoke compared to those who drink. Smoking is definitely not seen as ‘cool’ but people shouldn’t be made to feel guilty because they choose to do it. The smell isn’t pleasant but lots of people smoke outside or out of sight of other people. Smoking is highly addictive but you don’t hear of people getting arrested for smoking cigarettes then hopping in a car and causing a crash. The effects of cigarettes are self inflicted where as alcohol has the potential to affect everyone the person drinking comes in contact with. Alcohol is allowed to be advertised (which I don’t agree with) and the price never seems to increase as regular as the price of cigarettes does. I’m not saying one is better and one is worse as I have opinions and experiences relating to both sides of the spectrum but people shouldn’t be shamed if they smoke or drink or don’t do either.

5. People Parking In Disability Spaces Without Permits – People who are capable of walking longer distances and are fit and healthy should be mindful of those that rely on parking in these spaces. I wish there was more patrolling in place to prevent this happening, people might start taking notice and looking for other parking spaces.

6. Spelling Errors – I’m not saying this because I was in a spelling bee and expect every single word to be spelt perfectly and not have a letter out of place. When words are spelt correctly, it looks more professional and it makes everything easier to read. It’s not hard to run spell check or Google how a word is spelt if you’re not sure.

7. The Price of Food At the Cinema – I have been to the cinema twice in 2017 so far and I’m appalled at how expensive snack foods are. I know they have to make a profit but surely some of that cost could be added to the ticket price and taken off food to make it more affordable. I don’t buy food at the cinema but I remember when I was a child you were allowed to take your own snacks, you didn’t have to buy food there.

8. Not Acknowledging Someone If They Say Hello – Working in customer service it’s seen as part and parcel of the job to greet people. A smile, nod, wave or simple “hello” is enough. To snub the person who greets you is rude. Even if I’m having a bad day I will still be polite because I’ve been snubbed before and people are only trying to do their job.

9. Getting Called Chantelle – This is probably my biggest annoyance on the list! Chanelle doesn’t sound like Chantelle phonetically, SHAN vs. SHON. I never get SHANtelle either, it’s always that SHON sound. I find it less insulting when people spell my name wrong.

10. The Samsung and Apple Battle – There are people who sit firmly in each camp and most people have their preference but I find it petty when people argue which is better and say the other brand is stupid. I’m an Apple girl phone wise but have a Windows PC and have owned a MacBook in the past. I personally enjoy Apple and find it easy to use, the Android system looks a little confusing but that’s because I’m used to Apple and I’m sure people who use Android think Apple is confusing. Brand is not all there is to consider when buying a product.

I want to know, what annoys you?


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18 thoughts on “10 Things That Annoy Me

  1. stashy says:

    Internet and / or power outages are so crippling in today’s society. I try to image what it was like before we had those luxuries.
    Smokers DO affect me because they just LOVE lighting one up and walking RIGHT in front of me and keeping pace with me (this a daily occurrence). I cross the street to avoid them only to be met with another smoker. I’m fine if they are stationary and smoke in their designated areas (like in Japan! They are not allowed to walk and smoke there) – I do not want to inhale their second-hand smoke. So yes, I judge! 😛
    Aww I can imagine how often you get called Chantelle! It must be so irritating!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Chanelle says:

      Power outages are less common than internet outages 😛
      I can understand how frustrating it is when people smoke when you’re walking down the street. 😔
      I see not learning people’s name or constantly getting it wrong as an insult but maybe I’m too sensitive.


    • Chanelle says:

      Haha! Yeah if I’m with someone else and there’s a queue jumper or people staring I’ll turn to the person I’m with and say loudly “don’t you think it’s rude when…” to make them feel awkward 😜


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